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7 minutes ago, wayne sheldon said:

 An hour go, billorn said "a few guys will get this."


I think it took me about one eighth of a second. It had only scrolled about halfway up from the bottom before I started laughing!

I think a LOT of people here will get that one!


Except that the "tires" were the same color as everything else on the sprue.




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Hmmm, 170mm Flank Drive!

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14 minutes ago, auburnseeker said:

And you were all wondering what that socket was used for.  Probably lug nuts on the truck. 

 We use those for the nut on the inside of hydraulic cylinders for payloaders.

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7 hours ago, Jim Bollman said:





At an iron ore mine workshop that I was visiting in Western Australia, there were three crushed Toyota Landcruisers in the rubbish tip. The foreman told us that once one mechanic had reversed out of a service bay over a Landcruiser, they all wanted to try it. The boss came down and put a stop to it after three vehicles were crushed. 'Accidents happen, boss'. OK, OK, you've had your fun, no more squashing of vehicles! Incidentally, there was a brand new Lancruiser deisel engine in that tip, as well. They had needed an injector pump, so took it off the spare engine in the store, and dumped the rest of the engine. Apparently that sort of waste is not uncommon in the mining industry here.

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Think the biggest socket I have is 38mm and is plenty. Biggest one I've needed was 36mm for the front axle nut on a Reatta. Largest wrench is a 1 5/16" I like 2 seaters.


Back in the '60s AF had a habit of dumping surplus stuff in the ocean off Ascension island (AFETR tracking site). Keep the blackfish happy. Wonder if the deuce and a half is still on top of Green Mountain ?

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1 hour ago, Matt Harwood said:


This is not funny. In 1969 the Toyota dealer I was working for sent out post cards (remember those) to former customers reminding them to bring their car in to get the oil and filter changed. Two sisters brought in their Corona. I'm unable to remember the mileage but I literally had to pry the cartridge out of the filter housing. They said that no one had told them the oil needed to be changed.  It's amazing that the motor hadn't been damage and a testament to Toyotas quality at that time.  

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