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  1. if you can provide the carb # from the small triangle brass tag, that would also help to narrow down engine year... I also agree around 53-54.....
  2. #2 .... issue I see is no fan shroud... boil over also from over filling..
  3. now that's Patina... interior style !!... hey, they sell new jeans with holes in them... just sayin......
  4. sounds like you made the right decision. keep with the pontiac !!
  5. you will figure it out Phil..... if anyone can, it's you...we're rooting for ya... I've got a manual.. sorry,no help. John
  6. yep... third wife is a keeper.... seriously though, most of us have done something that required a redo.. glad to hear you kept at it.. Had the body off the frame of my 53 5 times before finally bolting it down...
  7. thanks Oldtech... car is a US built one. I know the Canadian built are chevy based.... and share more parts... (both gm, I know) don't beat me up here.... I will be ordering one and if all goes well, I'll post results...
  8. I have a question for the chevy forum experts... will a presewn 4dr windlace kit for a 53 54 chevy bl or 210 be the same for a 53 54 pontiac 4 dr sedan.... doors will fit both so I'm thinking windlace kits would also. can anyone confirm? pontiac member asking the chevy gurus.. thanks, John
  9. the presewn kit has the cardboard pieces sewn in place.. one for A pillar and one for divider post between front and back door. national chevy has them, I'm just trying to verify the dimensions are the same.... I would think so, being that doors are one of the few things that will fit both cars of same year... these 53 54 pontiacs are somewhat unique....!!!.
  10. can someone confirm if a 53 54 Chevy 4 door windlace kit will interchange with a 53 54 Pontiac 4 door......... I cant find much info on this area (windlace) so I'm here to ask the experts...!! thanks John
  11. up !!!...... probably somewhere in west virginia.......... looks like a real blast.....
  12. my door panels aren't on yet...... hmm...!!
  13. I am in need of both left side vent wings and frame. (front and rear) for my 53 4 door... preferably in useable condition.. rubber mostly has disintegrated on the ones I have. I have front rubber seals from Steele Rubber. rear rubber seals are not available.. Soooooo, if anyone has a useable set for the left side.. I would be interested in purchase... my right side ones are ok and installed.. looking to have something by September for a trip... thanks,John
  14. gooseneck trailer will eliminate swaying.... open or closed hauling... you are hauling valuable eguipment/vehicles.... you will need a 3/4 ton p/u at minimum.. I would not haul more than 5000 gvw on a bumper hitch trailer.... just me sayin!
  15. slow down.!!!! .... enjoy the ride !. works for me... 53 pontiac, bias tires, tubes, original wheels and hubcaps..... only thing I did was reset the sawtooth edge on the tabs on the caps so they would bite into the powder coated wheels...
  16. It's like wearing a belt with suspenders !!
  17. Keep them samiches in the trunk..! that will keep out of the glove box..
  18. Old age causes havoc on many things when not used regularly (cars and people).... my 53 pontiac had issues for awhile when first brought back to life after 37 years.... most of my electrical issues were a result of bad grounds, dirty contacts, paint on some repaired parts not making contact.... like yours, it was sporadic charging with no consistency.... here in SE PA when the weather cycles with snow on the ground (cold nights, warm damp days) everything sweats...... this resulted in the brushes sticking in my generator... not much, but just to give the same symptoms you are describing.... cleaned them with air, wd40 and alot of wiggling and all has been fine these past two months...... drive often, it's good for both.. (car and driver)..... John
  19. Open voltage reg and clean contact points with a matchbook cardboard soaked on carb cleaner... cheap, easy starting point...
  20. Idle up slightly.. pull off neg battery cable... if it stays running, at least you will know it won't let you stranded....
  21. 53 pontiac l8 3 speed.... first "long" trip last week... 145 miles... city, flat, some mountain climbing... ( rt 30 east of McConnelsburg Pa).... no issues... happy with that.... about 13.2 on this trip... need new plug wires and a tune up with vac guage.. John
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