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  1. nzcarnerd


    Photo from here - Note the rear wheel of a Packard Twin Six behind the sedan.
  2. I am fairly sure it is an Overland. But which model?
  3. Found while researching Steve Hagy's circa 1910 fire chief's car.
  4. The toy tonneau style body had me thinking perhaps it might be an early Stutz. I haven't proven that one way or the other yet but among the photos in my search was this one, which I am very sure is NOT a Stutz. I should probably post it as a separate thread.
  5. Found this one for comparison - looks fairly close to it.
  6. Another Shorpy one. Interesting for the cars - and the kids cart. The car being hustled around the corner is a 1905(??) Cadillac. The one with just the radiator and lights visible might also be identifiable.
  7. A Shorpy photo. Added the link to the story. There is quite a sad story regarding the woman in the photo. The car looks to have square hubcaps which might be a clue.
  8. A Shorpy photo. In the first crop the two cars might be the same make. The truck looks to have enormous hubs. Whether it is electric or gas it is hard to say. In the second photo one car is obscured by a pedestrian. Could be any one of several makes. Note someone has parked their bike against it. The other car seen from behind might be an Olds Curved Dash?? Or is it something smaller?
  9. 1955 plate - is that the photo date? I guess the ACD Club might have a clue about the car.
  10. It is the Calcott Light Car, the early 1913-14 variant.
  11. Needs some research but possibly either a Calcott or a Calthorpe from around 1910.
  12. The car in Keiser's photo is a Standard. The OP is a Master.
  13. There is huge file of International info on the Wisconsin Historical Society website -
  14. A family gathering in Nelson, New Zealand. Any thoughts on what the car might be? The rounded windows and vee windshield suggest 1936 GM - but... Apologies for the picture quality.