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  1. What was the other one that looked like the Revere but had a French name?
  2. Possibly Dario Resta in the Peugeot he drove to second place in the 1915 Indianapolis 500.
  3. UI agree Buick is a strong possibility because of the position of the cowl lamps. Also the car doesn't look big enough to be a Cadillac or Packard. I think the drawing of the Cadillac above makes it look smaller than it really is.
  4. An interesting story posted today on a facebook page - The Jazz Age Vehicle Archive - . I reckon the car will turn up as a 'what is it' sometime and people will be confused. From Mary Ellen Marcy "My grandfather, Stanley Dean Miller "Pop", built this touring car. He took a 1911 Cadillac chassis and converted it from RH to LH drive. He built the body from sheet metal and the roof from wood with stretched canvas. It was yellow. When the depression hit it was too expensive to buy tires for it, so it went to the scrapyard. What a shame. We consider this the foun
  5. Thanks for the update. Apparently the car was owned in New Zealand by one Dr Frederick Rayner who operated the American Dental Parlour in Auckland. What happened to the car has not been recorded as far as I know.
  6. Photo source unknown. Long hood suggests an eight cylinder model?
  7. Studebaker Light Six, about 1924. There should be a casting date on it. Letter code for the year.
  8. I didn't research it but the forward mounted radiator and two straps made me think Chadwick. Just lucky that I was on the right track.
  9. Are these hints to another project? I don't know much about Case cars but maybe they approach White for quality build??
  10. Thanks, I thought that might be the case.
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