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  1. Very similar to this one which turned up on a facebook page a few days ago. I think the car in the fb pic is a few years old as I reckon it dates from 1902-03 but it has a registration plate, and appears to have had its wheels changed.
  2. About twenty years ago an acquaintance ran his Bugatti Type 35B in a local flying quarter mile event on a narrow bumpy country road. It recorded 128 mph. Not bad for a car of that age with only 2.3 litres, supercharged of course. At the same event he also had his Jaguar D-type - a car which was sold just recently. On the same piece of road the Jag went 144 mph.
  3. There are several thing about the mystery car that say - 'not Chevrolet'. One - compare the space between the top of the hood louvres and side hinge. Two - the visor is completely different. Three - the mystery car has drum head lamps - check the are around the left elbow of the guy on the left. There are more.
  4. 'Car with girl' is an Auburn. The white car with two ladies - actually three - is a '35 LaSalle. Counting the first photo - V16 and three guys - as the first photo, the third car is an Auburn.
  5. Any thoughts what the three cars on the right might be? I think c 1916 Overland for the middle one. The photo date is not later than mid 1925, by the 'county' licence plate on the Ford T on the left.
  6. Knox (Knocks) is such an unfortunate name for a vehicle.
  7. nzcarnerd


    Something very similar looking posted on a facebook page today. This one has been identified as a 1917-18 Jones 6 Five Passenger Practical Roadster - built in Wichita, Kansas. It is not the same as the mystery car here - note different hubs and front wheels, and bonnet louvres. Just illustrates there were quite a few makers that used that body style.
  8. Yes I think it is a Buick - 1920-22 era.
  9. I think it is a 1934-35 Chevrolet truck. The four vertical hood louvres are the clue. The wheels look more like the style used on GMC trucks.
  10. Having another look at this - I notice the wheels have threaded spokes with nuts. I think the K-H wire on Studebakers have welded spokes. The best pic I can find at short notice of the wheel on a GL Dictator -
  11. nzcarnerd


    It has a 'chummy roadster' style body, and also has ten spoke front wheels. That will limit the possible makes. Not Dodge but I am not sure yet just what it is. The date of the car is most likely late teens.
  12. nzcarnerd


    Looks to be an oval badge on the radiator which would suggest possibly Dennis.
  13. I have looked at electrics cars a couple of time sand found that the shape of the coach lamps - and the mounting method - can be a clue to their make. I agree with TerryB that this one is from a later period - probably mid teens. Going by the models listed in my copy of Floyd Clymer's Catalog of 1914 Cars, I think this one is a Detroit.
  14. Maybe Dad's dad was tall? My ex-wife's father was only about 5' 8' but his two sons are both 6' 6" plus. Their grandfather, born 1907, was very tall - about 6 3".
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