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  1. Thanks. One make I hadn't considered.
  2. Not much to go on but I was thinking it was something more upmarket than an Essex. Maybe someone recognises the photo.
  3. Hadn't noticed the windshield til now. The wheels suggest a date of 1928 or so, although I can't see whether they are well base or the lock ring type that my '29 Studebaker uses.
  4. A 'modern' photo - from the 1960s?? - what is the roadster behind the T-bird?
  5. A mid 1920s photo from Hawke's Bay in New Zealand. 1924 Buick 4 on the right, 1925-26 Dodge on the left.
  6. This one was posted on a facebook page recently. As usual no information supplied. I was intrigued by the wire wheel hub on the trailer.
  7. Everything you ever wanted to know about I-H is available here - McCormick-International Harvester Collection | Wisconsin Historical Society (wisconsinhistory.org)
  8. Of course there is no guarantee the mystery chassis is American. Whether there are any clues to the location in either the architecture of the building, or in the clothes of the men I don't know.
  9. A mid 1920s photo from Hawke's Bay in New Zealand. 1924 Buick 4 on the right, 1925026 Dodge on the left.
  10. Posted on a facebook page as a Studebaker President - which it is not. The moulding done the side of the cowl suggests something GM but nothing matches. Looks to have five lug wheels which limits the field. Hints of LaSalle - but no. Maybe one of the more obscure US makes? - Hupmobile, Graham, Jordan, Gardner or similar - There must be one I have missed.
  11. Suggestions it is a Durant but the drum lamps and six bolt rims make me think not. I reckon the radiator is also wrong for Durant.
  12. nzcarnerd


    A photo posted on a facebook page with absolutely no information -
  13. A very small photo taken in the 1930s. How do you tell a 612 from a 615. I don't think it is one of the bigger models.
  14. Photo taken in New Zealand in the 1930s. Dodge on the right but what is that on the left?
  15. A story with a tragic ending. In 1917 Cecil Hill was brought to New Zealand from England to be chief flying instructor at the new Sockburn aerodrome on the outskirts of Christchurch. It late became Wigram airbase - later home of the well-known annual Lady Wigram Trophy car race from 1949 - and was closed in the 1990s. It was basically swallowed up by the city and is now a housing development. Cecil Hill brought his own car with him, a 1912 (French) Vermorel. The tragic end came in February 1919 when he was demonstrating a locally built aircraft. Christchurch crowd's hor
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