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  1. A 1912 Stearns-Knight apparently - credit to Varun Coutinho -
  2. This photo was posted on a facebook page by Heather Shoal. In the main group photo are her grandparents holding their children. She asks what is the big car? My first thought was circa 1917 Buick wearing a 'Detroit Weatherproof' top. There is a photo of a very similar car in the book 70 Years of Buick. BUT - I think it might actually be a Studebaker. Radiator shape - rear hubs - etc. I think the other car is a Ford. Found this regarding Detroit Weatherproof. - Detroit Weatherproof Body Co., Weatherproof Body Corp., Model T Truck Body, Ford Cab, All-weather truck cab, Corunna Michigan, Owosso Michigan - CoachBuilt.com
  3. The thermal region of New Zealand's central North Island has been a tourist destination since the middle of the 19th century. Here is a 1906 postcard. I doubt the car is identifiable but I have an idea I have seen another photo of what might be the same vehicle somewhere. I just have to find it.
  4. To me 'artillery wheels' are spoked, usually but not always wooden. These looks like Disteel disc wheels. That fender mirror looks to be in such a place that the only thing you will see in it is the spotlight - 😉
  5. Hopefully someone might know where this car is today, and have the opportunity to have a look at its deck lid. You can just see the handle in the 1980 photo and it is not easy to be sure just where it is in relation to the lid.
  6. Five photos of a 1929 Chrysler Imperial Locke body roadster from the early 1960s, through several owners, to the last one, a photo I took at the International vintage car rally in Rotorua New Zealand in 1980. The car's history prior to the 1950s is unknown. I believe the car has gone overseas but its whereabouts is unknown. 1961 late 1960s 1980.
  7. Another one from facebook. Rhyolite, Nevada, August 1907. From left to right - maybe - White steamer, Locomobile, Pope-Hartford?? An EDIT to this one - Seems the from left to right it is circa 1906 Thomas, circa 1906-07 Apperson and circa 1906 Pope-Toledo. And another Apperson in the background.
  8. From a facebook page. Only info is what is on the photo -
  9. From the AACA facebook page. Posted by Bob Westiniky. His dad behind the wheel and his uncle holding the rear door. The car - a 1931 Chrysler??
  10. And apparently the car is a Jowett. I did think it a little small to be an Alvis.
  11. There was a suggestion on the facebook page the photo came form that it might be a Car-Nation.
  12. 1925 Standard Six Model ER. The sequence went from 1202000 to 1284000. It was probably built July/August 1924.
  13. One from the UK. The plate on the Triumph bike dates it to early April 1928. I think the car might be an Alvis.
  14. I should recognise the one. I think we have seen something similar here recently, but it hasn't come to me yet. Photo supposedly Michigan 1914. .
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