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  2. Re this truck, the local experts have decided it is a Maxwell. The photo location has been determined as well - as Birdlings Flat corner. On Google maps it is where Bayleys Road meets the Christchurch Akaroa Road.
  3. I recall that in 1996, at our big International rally (1500 cars) here in NZ, there was a big National - supposedly an ex Indianapolis race car - visiting from Canada that was on 26" wheels. The owner said he was about to convert it to 27' as at that time 26" tyres were near impossible to get. There were several cars of the era there running on 27s.
  4. It is not a DeSoto - they didn't appear until 1928 - with quite different styling to the mystery car. It dates from a few years earlier - 1924-25-26.
  5. I assume this photo was taken in NZ. This was posted on a local facebook page. The driver is supposedly someone's grandfather during their WW1 military service, although there is no evidence there are of any military connection. The licence plate tells me it was issued in the Christchurch area. As we both know there were many different makes of truck in that era, and it could be any one of several makes..
  6. I note the Mercedes style radiator and quite small wheels. Looks to be some text on the radiator.
  7. Looks to have a shield shaped radiator badge.
  8. Four cars here. I think from left they are a Saxon, an Overland 4 and on the right a Studebaker. Anyone have an idea what the car third from left is? The photo date may be a little earlier than 1925, but certainly not later because of the licence plates.
  9. Looks like Jeffrey might be a good id. There is an article here with some good photos. The line around the side valance is discernible there.
  10. Another one from TheOldMotor which may be the same model - a 50 hp Model S 1906-07 Note the protruding hubs.
  11. Going by the distinctive radiator badge it is a Stevens-Duryea. That style of car with the radiator well forward was built around 1906-07. Here is one similar - but maybe not as big - on TheOldMotor.
  12. A local source has suggested the photo was taken on the College opening day which was in 1912.
  13. The two cars on far left and far right look to be circa 1912 Cadillacs. Does anyone have any ideas on what any of the other vehicles may be.
  14. A photo taken in Onehunga, Auckland about 1918. I think the cars are all Studebakers. Can anyone be specific on the models.