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  1. nzcarnerd

    Whippet truck?

    I came back to this one while searching for some info re Willys. Re the last question. The photo of the truck was taken in Hamilton - a long way from Christchurch. I am not aware of any connection to Hamilton. I know there is a Pomeroy's coffee shop in Nelson which was started by a late acquaintance of mine. Again I am unaware of the origins of the name.
  2. nzcarnerd

    What is this sleek relic?

    Lincoln Zephyr.
  3. nzcarnerd

    What is the circa 1930 sedan in the middle.

    In NZ just about anything that was available served as a taxi at one time or other.
  4. nzcarnerd

    1926 Big Six Clock Pic Wanted

    I have one of those. It is the only surviving piece from my grandparents' 1924 Big Six.
  5. nzcarnerd

    Church Picnic circa 1933-37, what car?

    Most 21st century cars don't have anywhere to sit.
  6. nzcarnerd

    Need help on Banjo steering Wheel ID

    You could try trawling through this lot.
  7. nzcarnerd

    Need help on Banjo steering Wheel ID

    I don't know what it is from but it is unusual in having a different number of pins in one spoke. Most have the same in all. The style, with the spokes forming a T, is something seen on Rootes group vehicles. Most other makes have the spoke more evenly spaced. The Sunbeam Talbot wheel is similar but has four pins in each spoke.
  8. nzcarnerd

    What is the circa 1930 sedan in the middle.

    I think the convertible is a Singer. In front of it is an English Ford 8, also called an Anglia.
  9. nzcarnerd

    What is the circa 1930 sedan in the middle.

    I looked at those, and a few others, but most look to have an 'arch' shape to the moulding across the back of the car. On our mystery car it looks almost straight.
  10. nzcarnerd

    1930s car identification please

    I found another one of these Stars amongst this lot. Lots of inexpensive projects there.
  11. This was taken in downtown Auckland, New Zealand. Even though all of the cars are pre WW2 models, the registration (licence) plates tell us the date is somewhere in the period 1946 to 1951. I think that because there appear to be no post war cars there at all I think date is more like 1946 than 1951 because by 1951 there would have been some newer cars on the street, particularly as this is NZ's biggest city and not a rural small town. Due to the onset of WW2 in September 1939 all car imports ceased immediately, and after the end of the war it took a long time before many new cars became available, as much due to severe import restrictions as to model availability.
  12. nzcarnerd

    1926 Chrysler F58 identification

    Somewhere in that era, as well, there was a change from Fisher bodies - with a Fisher cowl plate - to 'Chrysler' bodies with no cowl plate. I think just due to a change of ownership of the body factory.
  13. nzcarnerd

    Does anyone know this one?

    From this angle I don't think there is enough evidence as to whether it is a Standard or Master. The three piece bumper is probably an accessory item. Buick did use a similar bumper for 1929. The car also has a 'winter front' on the radiator.
  14. nzcarnerd

    1929 President block?

    And the casting date.
  15. nzcarnerd

    1930s car identification please

    It is not a Studebaker. With that round badge it is a Durant Star - circa 1925. A much smaller car that the Stude. From the apparent length of the hood it might be a six cylinder one. They were sold in this part of the world as a Rugby. Something similar in Australia back in the day.