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  1. Except that the early hauler is an International -
  2. So many advertised as 'rear' models. Some seem to need to specify rear tail lamps to distinguish them from I don't know what other type.
  3. A 1942 photo from Pittsburgh that was posted on a facebook page. Looks to be something interesting half buried in the heap on the right -
  4. The EYU series of plates were issued in the London, England, area beginning in July `1938.
  5. Possibly circa 1914 Overland.
  6. Circa 1923-24 Chevrolet I think.
  7. Hood too long for Cadillac. I also think it is earlier than 1913. Maybe Matheson?? Just a guess. The curved wooden base to the windshield is distinctive but may not be factory standard.
  8. Can anyone be specific as to which model this is?
  9. A photo from New Zealand - taken in the early 1920s. No other info.
  10. This is a 1920s photo of the only Ford K that was ever imported to NZ. The dumb iron issue doesn't appear here. The car was turned into this speedster circa the WW1 era and was supposed to compete in a race at Muriwai beach in 1921 or 1922 but broke its crank on the way. The engine survived into the 1960s when it was on display at a local Auto Parts store but seems to have disappeared.
  11. I have passed quite a few photos on to that site over the years. Bozi, who runs the SVVS is an interesting character. My partner and I have stayed with Julie and him a couple of times when visiting the UK. They live in an historic house adjacent to an equally historic church not too far from Gatwick airport.