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  1. With general admission ticket prices of $150.00 each, I'll pass.
  2. The problem with driving on a nude beach is practically all of the people you see there you would never in your life want to see naked. There's things in the world that you can't unsee no matter how hard you try
  3. Haven't seen any of this in central FL, where our gas prices are still hovering around the $2.80 p. gal for regular ethanol, and $2.99 for e-free.
  4. The Colonial Pipeline runs from TX to NJ.
  5. I was thinking the same thing. I'll try to remember to ask when I see Lana again. I am a co-coordinator for the November FL Region CCCA meeting/mini-tour, and the OAM is a very strong contender for one of the venues. Now, having said that, there is a very good looking (and scantily clad,) blonde mannequin in my living room, which will eventually be used as a passenger in my 100 year-anniversary Harley sidecar. I'm thinking about how I can motorize her so her head will turn and her and arms will move. (I wanted to go with a huge gorilla, but got out-voted by the wife, so we settled on the
  6. Most of the figures appeared to be store mannequins, although I guess some could have been wax figures. There were several planes in the James Bond room, including one which had to be cut into 7 pieces to get through the door, then reassembled.
  7. Here’s a link to their website. http://dezerlandpark.com/orlando/the-auto-experience/ This is the personal collection of Mr. Dezer, which moved from Miami a couple of years ago and is now finally open to the public. It is a part of Dezerland Park, which is housed in what appears to be a renovated shopping mall. Although OAM is a major part of the indoor park, the overall tourist attraction includes a separate bowling alley, cart racing track, arcade, axe throwing area, miniature golf, theater, bouncing room, several small themed stores, fast-food style restaurant (bur
  8. Maannn! You don't need no stinkin' EV charging infrastructure. Just mandate that every new house, condo, apartment, etc., built be required to install one of these. Charging problems solved!
  9. Yes, my wife and I got both Pfizer shots. Slight headache and tired for one day after the second one. Several friends and younger relatives (daughter & granddaughters both got the WuFlu. They were all extremely sick for almost 2 weeks, but recovered. With our advancing age and other potentially complicating medical conditions, getting the shots was a no-brainer. No, we don't eat hot dogs or McNuggets either. And we still wear masks most everywhere we go to lessen the chance of spreading the disease as even though we now believe we are protected, we realize others around u
  10. Not the new ones. Electronics are a nightmare...much of it doesn't work the way it's supposed to and the dealerships can't repair it. I've been putting up with the same electronic problems now for over 2 years. No to mention that it takes 2 people to operate...one to drive and another to manage the touch screen. Something as simple as changing the AC settings can't safely be done by the driver.
  11. This is precisely why several months ago I stopped posting images here and on the 'Period Images...' thread.
  12. A little over a year ago I purchased my 1920 Cole touring car through a HMN listing. The seller didn't advertise it anywhere else. Thank you HMN. I'll keep renewing my technophobia paper subscription.
  13. Just showing respect and acknowledgement for your responding to my thread. My apologies if you felt that was offensive.
  14. I just added some more info and additional pictures. Agree that the owner is extremely optimistic.
  15. Saw this at the Daytona Turkey Run on Saturday, 27 March. The car was still there today, Sunday. Owner wasn't there, but a friend of his was watching it for him. He said the owner/car resides in Edgewater, FL. He said the car was in Palm Beach for a few years prior to the present owner buying it.
  16. I have a very nice set of 23 inch rims. I'm not sure about the detachable rings. Picture attached. Is this what you're looking for? If so, I can send pictures of the other 3. Right now the other 3 have tires mounted on them, which I need to remove and put on Firestone rims. Regards, George
  17. Malcolm and I have been in touch, even though he's halfway around the world. The engine overheated with resulting damage. inspection revealed cracked connecting rods, among other problems. He's having new ones machined.
  18. Sadly, they are all now most likely in their 80s or close to it. I'll bet they didn't retain their looks as well as the 9 remaining cars did.
  19. A little over 30 minutes to go and still only $5500.
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