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  1. From what I have seen in the last year it's hard to lighten up. I just trudge on. They took my car shows away and lots of other personal freedoms. Every day I turn on the news to see what new right someone is trying to strip away. Then, I watch what seem like issues with simple solutions get mishandled and so distorted that you need some good Acid from woodstock to make sense of what's going on. I try to buy land advertised for sale with signs all over from my neighbor and he plays crazy games about pricing. Had to have 3 meetings and make a couple of offers before he finally ga
  2. I just heard from a friend that followed up on this Cord and the owner said he would take $75,000 for it. Puts it in a weird area. Not much more or actually real close money with some shopping and you can get a running original phaeton.
  3. Applies in most applications I think except a few. The 6.0 Liter Ford is one of those. So much that Ford and Navistar had quite a spat over it. My diesel Friend has done a couple hundred 6.0 litres and only one came back. With a 6.0 it's not if , but when you will have to do the heads.
  4. As far as I know it's still down state but if you revert to the other posts, once they get an inch they will take a mile, so expect at some point it will spread. That's why I speak up when I hear something in CA that I wouldn't want to see happen here, because it's often too late to do anything once it has taken hold elsewhere.
  5. Well unfortunately without 80G or more for a new tow truck (chose to invest that in my new 4320 square foot shop, which I built for close to that) some of us have to make do with what we have, including me with my paid off '06, 6 liter, that travelled a whopping 1200 miles total last year. My mods are minor in comparison to many and my tail pipe doesn't spew a big black cloud on takeoff. Of course could be same thing said for why do we need to put OD in an old car or even disc brakes or a dual master as many tout. Not for the 99.9 % of the time you are driving (well all except
  6. Well it pertains to more than just tow vehicles. I view threads by unread not by categories, so I could care less where it goes, but why bury it for few to see that read the forums in a more conventional manner?
  7. Well Not every one of our cars is 100 percent stock. Plus the mention of tow vehicles applies as alot of members own them and use them to transport their vehicles. (there is a whole section on that if I'm not mistaken) As I mentioned before every thread doesn't have to be 100 percent old car all the time in entirely stock formation to be worthy of discussion on a site full of old car guys that it very likely will affect something in their automotive world at some point.
  8. Looks like top bid was 24,100 with reserve not met. That one really tanked. I have a few thoughts about why. A reserve auction always seems to really dampen the bidding spirit. Though with cars it's really tough because no reserve means a high opening bid and that doesn't invite bidders either. I sell stuff consistently higher than others even with those with cheaper buy it nows because of stupid cheap opening bids and no reserve. You have to get the base excited and believe they are going to win it. Secondly I agree those photos, mainly the lead photo, was not
  9. Seems in today's climate, courts would seem to find for the Gov't first, then the Corporation second with the individual last.
  10. Hell that's on a Dodge. Ask me how I know. On an Auburn it could be more.
  11. Once you give them an inch they take a mile. Don't be surprised the day when they can remotely access the data and send you a ticket for the stretch your car recorded you speeding in. After last year I will never say there are things they won't do.
  12. It's a pain as you have to leave it at alot of facilities. I really don't like leaving my cars anywhere. Fortunately I know the guy, so IU schedule a time and he's pretty good about me just rolling right in. My stuff is all good before I go though so he knows there won't be any issues. I bet it's nothing to do with safety and everything to do with revenue. It's really a pain as if your inspection lapses, you can't renew the plates. So a car you may be working on or just not using then is out of registration when you go to get it registered. Look at my Dodge I started o
  13. Geeze that seems very personal. I hope he atleast bought it dinner first.
  14. Neat but seems overpriced to me. If I had a set like this I would figure $20-30 for the lot. now if you had original sketches or something along those lines or artwork for the advertising then you would really have something special. Now that I have my Dodge back together with just a few minor adjustments to make after it's initial test run, I'll be marketing that this week, but you are correct it will be more expensive than this collection. Thanks for sharing though.
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