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  1. I usually make sure I have the funds or access to before I get anyone's hopes up, car or property. When we started looking for our new place we had a budget figured out that we knew was attainable. Of course the owner financing for the first few years with a large down payment didn't hurt. Hopefully you get a new one on the line soon.
  2. The only problem I found is with right it means slow and expensive. With a pay as you go so I don't owe for anything it means even slower. Enjoy the new digs.
  3. I have I believe over 100 in my building and it's years and atleast another 100G (so figure another 50G on top of that with the way my estimates come out) from being complete and that's with me doing the work with the right equipment. Well ahead to buy built if possible. My exception Is I wanted it to be on the property not somewhere else and there was nothing available house wise when we were looking in our budget that had a house the wife liked and a shop I could make work and that was looking in a very large area including lots of fixer uppers.
  4. I'm starting to put together two sets of tools and my shops are only 100 feet apart. That alone is a pain. I was thinking i should just get one of those pit boxes and tow it between the two. Seems everything I need is always in the other garage.
  5. That's some crazy routing Buick Used for the exhaust. Glad I didn't have to bend that. Especially if i didn't have a pattern to follow.
  6. Nice when you can buy something already up. Though I'm sure everything isn't exactly the way you would have built it, you will be in it using it, long before you have approval to build your dream building, much less actually get the thing built. I bet it was also alot cheaper to buy than build. I was pulling my hair out when I sold my old shop at the other end of town for 100G. Over an Acre of land with 400 foot of road frontage All cement 40 by 40 building with 20 foot ceiling in one bay and 12 foot in the other and paved parking with awesome road frontage knowing I couldn't build the building let alone buy the property bring in power or drill a well for that kind of money, but no one else could see the potential I guess. I even had a nice big circular drive with lots of parking. Tractor trailers used to use it to turn around because it was such an easy in and out. Great looking set up and it even has a little character that you can make a neat facade out of.
  7. See you are already ahead of me. I bought one case of LED lights for mine and they are still int he corner in the box. Of course I only have an extension Cord for power right now so I wasn't in a big rush to get them up. Looking good. You'll be sweeping your cement floor before i even get power run to mine, much less a cement floor.
  8. I think sidemount. The ring stops pretty high for a rear mount. They may have used the same face plate for both but the outer ring and clamps don't look right for a full rear spare. The coupe shown seems they go further down.
  9. Tempting, but I'll stick with Auburnseeker for now. Eventually I'll find one. Has to be one out there somewhere with my name on it.
  10. I think just the steel was up for the new building which wasn't much as it was just some beams. Now that it's a building you can't help but notice it.
  11. The logo looks right That's probably the right year but definitely as you can see sidemount covers. Hope someone comes along that can use them.
  12. It's hard to photograph. I'm trying to decide if it looks better or worse than it is in the photos. Would be great if you were around the corner and could just come over and look at it yourself so you could judge if it would suffice. I have seen people be happy with really crappy parts because they can't get one and other people pick out minute flaws that existed on every brand new part on an NOS piece so it's hard to gauge people's expectations. It would be easier on the shipping end as well. This is going to be a pain to ship but it is possible.
  13. If they would have been expensive I wouldn't have listed them, but at that price, they are really just trying to find them a home and make a couple of bucks for their effort. I have seen emblems for other cars sell for more than that alone in similar shape.
  14. I have the garage and no money. You either have one or the other or neither it seems. I looked at one of these in Hemmings now 10 years ago that was nearby I was contemplating at 17500, but it hadn't run in decades and once i really looked it over had a few holes in it the owner forgot were there. The chrome was Ok. Shows you how the market changed. If this had been then it would have been following me home. Less than Ford money for a Lincoln.
  15. I saw these on facebook in Keene NH, looks like a pair of them, really cheap. No idea of the year but you should be able to nail it down pretty easily. Seem really cheap especially with the logos on them at $65. Wish I could find the ones for something other than a Buick I need at this price.