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  1. You are in the right climate to find good ones. Around here after 20 years outside they tend to become a bit drafty and once they hit 30 they are usually collapsed in pieces in the yard.
  2. I've grown rather fond of Pickups and trucks in general over the last few years. I bought the 49 3100 Chevy from a friend and drove it for a few years but being the guy that likes odd stuff, started looking for something different so I ended up with the Hudson. Would still like to get a Studebaker Coupe Express and a Diamond T at some point. I was even looking at a White Super Power road tractor last year. Still would like to get a 60's Jeep Galdiator as well, like my Grandfather had, though he had no love for it, as it disintegrated out from under him.
  3. That's a cool T pickup. When I went to look at the 40 Ford Coupe I bought the seller had one in his big garage, I didn't pay much attention to. When I went back to pick up the 40, he told me oh I sold the T the other day as well, About the same condition as your Dad's for 6500 and it ran great. I kicked myself, It was a much better deal than the 40 ford and alot less money. If he told me that was for sale as well, I would have taken a look, but he never mentioned it. Might have even bought both to get a better deal.
  4. I didn't mind my 57 Tbird and got rid of it to buy the 60 Vette More to change things up than because I didn't like the Tbird. Tbird was an Automatic and vette was a 4 speed. It was also a 4 BBL car when the VEtte was fuel injected so hard to compare performance as they weren't the same, the tbird was a boulevard cruiser with a little pep. Cockpit wise it would blow you out of the seat driving it. The Vette actually had less wind disruption but had a firmer ride, Cornered better and performance was much better, but one can easily see why. Each is it's own car as they all are. I enjoyed each one for what it is. I'm not the type of guy that buys a car for comfort. I don't mind the rough ride and crankiness of old cars and actually needing to pilot them. That's why I mess with them. If i wanted a new car feel and ride, I would buy a new car.
  5. Curious how the Jag stacked up against the fuel injected Vette in the late 50's. I think that was it's real direct competition as far as American iron goes. I had no problem driving mine though I'm 165 at 6 foot and fairly agile. It was a 290HP 4 speed car with 3:73 gears. Couldn't drive it in Fourth gear unless you were above 60 or it would start fouling plugs. One of the best memories I had driving it was pulling on the interstate and instantly jumping it up to 70 passing a mini van full of probably 5 to 10 year old kids and their jaws kind of hung there as I blew by. Made me feel like a rock star. I imagine at that age I would have looked just like them. It sure was fun running it in third at 55 or so through the corners on the back road as you got to keep getting on and off it. It had factory off road exhaust on it so it sounded like an inboard ski boat on the lake. A friend heard me go by one day and later told me it was just the way a 60 Vette should sound and did in the day when he was growing up. I'll probably end up with another some day. I do know where there is a 62 with a 65 365HP vette engine in it, otherwise very stock stuffed in a garage in very good shape. I'll keep my fingers crossed if it ever comes up that timing will be right.
  6. Well they don't want it gone too bad if they are trying to get 7500 still. 3500 and it would probably be gone.
  7. Someone wanted one of these. Does anyone remember who it was and if they wanted only a finished car or a project.
  8. Probably my favorite as well. 60 Fuelie I had to part ways with 5 years ago due to a house and fire. Wish I still had it and didn't want to sell it.
  9. I also found out the day after this load arrived, two other lots I have been working on came through so another 1000 pieces headed in for another $3000. It's funny I had a guy email me through a craigslist ad I had and offer me a well worn 55 Lincoln owner's manual. He said if I wasn't interested he would probably just put it on ebay. So I politely responded, that I buy to resell on ebay so he would probably get a better price just selling it himself as I wouldn't be able to pay him much for it. It's a 5 to 10.00 item at best. He wrote me back and asked why I even had my ad on Craigslist if I'm not buying stuff like his and I must not buy much literature or pay much money for it. This was right after I made the other two deals and would have spent $15,000 buying literature for the Month. I politely set him straight after that and told him to sell the darn thing on ebay, because I wasn't even interested in buying it. I don't burn bridges as the same guy with something crappy might just come across something nice some day. You do get a bit irritated sometimes though.
  10. I've sorted it all out, though alot was somewhat categorized, so I didn't have to dig through everything. I'm now resorting it into boxes by make and years to make it most manageable. Here are some close ups of the better finds. Yes there is a little muscle car stuff as well, but I really like the older brochures better. Lots of truck stuff I'm currently listing on ebay, from about 1930 and up, Reo White Mack Federal some other lesser known makes. Of course I also got a pile of GMC Ford Dodge IH and Chevy truck stuff from about 1930 right up through the 80's Which I culled off everything after about 80 to 83. Car stuff except maybe a little firebird Camaro Viper etc. all got pulled post 74. I just found out I have a chance at another lot for even more money but suppose to be much rarer and more desirable stuff. That looks like around 1500 pieces. I'm still waiting on details but need to do some serious selling to work my way back up. Not as much Packard or Cadillac stuff as I had hoped or expected. Barely any early independent stuff either pre 30. Surprising the amount of single pieces I got though. Some duplicates but lots of one of pieces. I was happy there was quite a bit of pre 60 stuff. I'm still not sure how many pieces I have that I didn't cut. Maybe 5000 or more. Atleast I hope. Now remember these teaser photos show some of the best. Lots of regular cheap pieces as well. These will all be available at an opening bid on 99% at 2.99 and no reserve. They all sell no matter how much I cry when nice pieces only get the opening 2.99 bid. Also I do combined shipping and do ship media mail. So buy 50 brochures and it's about 9.00 anywhere in the country shipped in a nice literature mailer. You can even run that tab for a few weeks to help fill the box.
  11. I was thinking a little higher maybe mid to upper teens, but it's all relevant on how good the work is that's done. Upholstery will still run you atleast 5 grand with the top. What's a pretty nice finished one bring? I think there was a really nice one for around 30K on here and that was a 32? very nice restoration in out and underneath. It didn't sell here or on ebay when they ran it through. Though it may have sold after the fact, for what I'm not sure , but probably the 30 or most likely a tad less. As mentioned, seems projects are really dropping in value fast. If you or the seller decides to sell it, please post it here with more/ better pictures and a location.
  12. You are probably right. I wasn't thinking about the decklid line like on a conventional car compared to the Skyliner.
  13. Over here no one wants to pay anything for the parts unless they are pristine unless they are crazy rare and desirable. When I started ebay over 10 years ago, I sold tons of decent used parts for good money, then moved to NOS parts as the used ones were near impossible to find in good shape then even buyers didn't want to pay anything for Nice NOS parts which I had to pay good money to buy wholesale, then identify clean list and ship everything, so I got out of parts. I also got tired of buying every bodies junk just to skin a few good parts out of the lot because I invested probably atleast $20,000 in parts books so I could find that bit of gold in the pile of coal. Felt really good to sell it all off for $1000 a truck load when I sold my shop and that's a Uhaul not a pickup. Besides you need to have the place to put 55 cars (Many of which probably have flat tires and stuck brakes) Most towns won't let you have more than 2 without a special (impossible to get) license. Even on the better cars, what do you do with 90% of the car no one wants? Once that first 10% is gone, there is no more profit to be made. I'm with Matt run fast and hard to get away.
  14. OK, 55 cars and the only photo they post is of two clapped out 59 retractables (those must be the best there)? The rest must be really terrible. Florida is good for 20 year old cars with no undercarriage rust but I wonder how great any of that chrome is, much less other rot from the damp climate.
  15. It's better than many of the craigslist hacks I see. As someone said alot of money spent and they stepped back atleast once to gauge the overall look before continuing (unlike many of the jobs I see) . Looks like something I would have drawn in Highschool as a fantasy car, though most of mine were open with split windshields unless I was drawing 3 window Ford coupes.