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  1. That Dodge truck does look like a fun solid project. Like with your Chrysler, looks like it will need some serious reconditioning but a very worthy one to get up and going just like it is. I agree the Keiser does look to be in very good shape as well. How does one go about inquiring into something like the Dodge truck?
  2. I remember Wagon , looked good paint wise but rough interior and a 4 speed as well as it being a Pontiac so it has to be the same car.
  3. I owe him atleast one drink. Might even have to be one from behind the bar where we keep the good stuff.
  4. I would hook the lines up to "bench Bleed" it in the car. That will cause the problems you are having. You need to get all the air out of the master. Sometimes just when you think you got it, you find you weren't quite there with the next pump. Dot 3 Won't Foam so you don't have to worry about that. I would have completely rebuilt the master and gone dot 5 so you never have to worry about moisture again. Every car I touch I just go through everything and use Dot 5. It's nice knowing you will never have a problem again, plus if you spill anything, it won't ruin the paint. Even the paint on the cylinders. Nothing worse than looking at a 2 year old restoration or brake job and seeing rusty looking cylinders,
  5. Was that car listed here at one point by a member? Something seems real familiar about it.
  6. I was just thinking I even have a mud hole and a tractor. We could relive Hershey's past towing the vendors through.
  7. Ed I'm just out of town in the sticks, Everything qualifies as the Bathroom. Just preferably use the North, west or east Field, not like my Dad who uses the south field, facing the lady neighbors house off in the distance.
  8. Here are a few from my home town of a couple of large hotels. The first, the Sagamore is long gone, the second is still in operation, largely unchanged. The first little gas station was on rte 9 coming out of Lake George, it's gone but I believe the garage may still be there, but repurposed for a marina. The second gas station was taken downtown Glens Falls NY I believe. The gas station is still a gas station but the entire thing has been torn down and rebuilt into a more modern convenience store. The last photos is of my Dad as a Kid sitting on the hood of his uncle George's IH. That's Uncle George beside him.
  9. I figured it was only a matter of time. We just got them trained to go to the swamp and swim whenever they felt like it to keep cool. Now they are spooked and need a life guard to Watch over them. Life goes on. We figured it was going to happen the first week we put them out. It's been 3 I think.
  10. We could do a mini Hershey around the garage with indoor spots for "preferred" vendors.
  11. Some good news and slow forward progress. I had my final inspection today and the building is "officially" completed. They are going to mail me my CO next week once they file it. Lots more to do down the road but no more permit fees. Most of the pressing homesteading tasks are taken care of (there is always a long list that will never be finished) Cleared more swamp out but with no rain in 2 weeks and a steady dry wind it's getting shallow. Lost one of our ducks the other day as well. I think it was the night before when my wife put them in after dark, she thinks it was during the day when she went swimming with the kids at a friends pool. I was here but never heard a commotion during the day and something had them spooked the night before. I'm pretty sure it's a fox as mine son thought he saw one the same day. I asked her if she counted them when she put them in, but hadn't. I usually count them every time I see them. Now that something has been here once, I imagine it will return.
  12. All good advice on Matt's part. Did you bench bleed the master really well? I have even had to bleed it again in the car after. Also if you are using Silicone you have to pump it very slow and let it sit as it will foam up the fluid. If it does, you just have to let it sit a while then go back later and do it again nice and slow. I have also had brakes shoes that weren't properly adjusted. You need to pump them a few times just to get them to square everything up then readjust them. Pulled my hair out figuring that one out as it had never happened on other jobs I did.
  13. Remember though, listen to all the celebrities and just stay home and be happy. If I hear that one more time or reference to follow the experts guidelines which change completely almost every day I'm going to go on a Rampage. I was so looking forward to show season for swap meets this year to find a better trunk and maybe even pair of pilots rays to replace the cyclops one on Victoria, not to mention a few trinkets for the Dodge. You know all the stuff you run across at shows but never bought before because you didn't have a car they fit.
  14. Sad enough to see the show cancelled, but equally or even sadder for the residents that work at all the businesses, motels, restaurants etc. that look forward to that and all the other weeks they are already losing of employment. Especially the business owners as they don't get unemployment and still have expenses. They are going to see the ripple affect to the economy of this virus with shutdown measures is much wider than most can comprehend and won't be seen for almost 6 months when the crap really hits the fan. I live in a tourist town and my wife works in that industry. We were talking about this long before the first official shutdown of our area.