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  1. They list an assembly for $400. I would need to verify car and truck are the same so my exhaust hooks up. Not much is going to happen over the weekend so I'll see if anything local turns up, or if my lead works out first. Now see if a non car guy got this, that couldn't wrench he would be in for a $1000 repair probably from a garage. Shows you how even a good looking "restored " car can still end up problematic and cause someone just getting into the hobby to get discouraged in short order. Figure that repair bill, new brakes, tires, an exhaust manifold, fuel p
  2. I've been pretty good at keeping on just this project as Victoria has been patiently waiting in the wings for Her turn which just got shoved back a few more days. I don't think she wants to wait much longer though.
  3. Yup went with the 670 x 15 Firestones, brand new. Had to clean and paint the back of the back wheels as leaky wheel cylinders had eaten the paint off and they were rusting. I dismounted the old ones , mounted these by hand and balanced them on an old bubble balancer my Dad found me a few years ago. With DMV still closed around here and by an impossible to get appointment only, I might not even be able to get it registered this year. If I'm really lucky the DMV in the next county about an hour away, might sneak me in as they do very little volume this time of year.
  4. From what I could find they don't make a a new one, probably because there are so many of these engines still out there. A member is checking on one for me that they think they have. Of course a 1950 Desoto won't fit, as I have one of those at my Dad's. I've never seen one crack there. It was very noticable when I started it. I wished the guy I had look at it would have caught it. I didn't catch it when it showed up because it showed up late fall and all I did was back it from the trailer to the garage and never had it running with the hood up. It was a quick in and shut it off as the
  5. Finally the day came to get her out. Well actually I have been working on getting it going for a week. Drove right in, should fire right up and drive out. Well yes should ,but. Seems while sitting over the winter the new fuel pump according to the box pretty new (within last 5-10 years) Napa pump crapped out. The rubber fuel line to the engine was also very rough as in how did it not leak with it crumbling in my hand. So a week later the new pump came in and I replaced that and the line as well as blew the line back through to the tank to make sure there were no obstructions. I a
  6. The problem is not matter what we do, Mother nature will do what she wants and all our efforts will be in vain. The carbon footprint of the fires right now is bigger than I'll bet the citizens of this country will be for the next several years. Be good stewards of the environment but maintain a balance between decimating our economy to become green and making the country prosper enough to compete against countries that couldn't care less, or one day you will wake up to find out they just surpassed you and are now in control. It's like waging a war. If you play on a more civilized playing fie
  7. It's been reported by many sources that he settled out of court I don't have the exact links at this moment. You can't tell me he just dropped the case. This goes back to the common sense thing i was talking about. Ray Charles could clearly see he was slandered by the media. He even had death threats made against him. Busy sourcing parts for my Dodge right now as I tackle another hurdle in a restored car that was all ready to go to chase down the exact source. That's why we have the net.
  8. Some places don't allow floor drains unless you put in a full septic system for them. That's the case here. They are afraid I'm going to pollute the lake. I'm about 5 miles from the lake on the other side of a granite mountain and I'm on the bottom back side of that mountain.
  9. You are making good progress. I have never seen stone done that way, but boy it sure is quicker than dropping it in a pile and spreading it around with a machine. I spent atleast a day with my laser and tractor and excavator spreading mine. Wish I had been able to do it that way.
  10. So he brags and brags about how rare it is because of the Hemi, but then never shows a picture of the engine? People rare so lazy with photos. 3 photos? Facebook gives you a pile and 98% of the population own a better camera than some of the best photographers from years ago on their phone. The pictures are free. I listed a basically brand new Fancy Golf cart for my friend last night, that's a couple of years old and never used , stored in a heated garage with probably 10 miles on it. I have 4 times as many photos as this.
  11. As has been said. It's not so much what it is or isn't, it's simple economics of what you can buy for the same money. I guess no one is in love with it enough to pull the trigger, especially after a year. Take that stack of 25,000. if you could buy any one of the cars on the market in the last year with that stack of greenbacks, would you have spent it on this or something else considering everything you have seen in the last year. The reason I didn't buy it. I had the cash and the car is within a 2 hour drive. I talked with the owner a few times. Just too much other candy at the Buff
  12. I think we know why that case never went to court. If they really thought they were in the right, they would have used every resource to nail that kid to the wall and ruin his life like they righteously thought they were in the beginning. Seems they were completely wrong about that kid and the events that led up to that point, including the motive of the savior they were holding in high esteem. Seems to be a common case we see over and over again. We know that kid had nowhere near the resources of that news network. When I see the media reporting on a peaceful protest while st
  13. I can appreciate 70's and newer cars in beautiful well kept condition just for surviving and being well cared for, especially being from the Northeast where the life span of most is under 10 years before they dissolve back to the earth. But that's where my interest in them ends. I don't see a place in my garage for any of the 70's or 80's cars, and I drove my Dad's 79 Camaro to school which was 14 years old at the time. No desire to own one again and there was nothing wrong with it as it was only driven in the summer.
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