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  1. Here is a barn find 37 Pontiac Business coupe for 6500 Listed 3 hours ago in MA https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/765021802066252/?ref=browse_tab&referral_code=marketplace_top_picks&referral_story_type=top_picks
  2. Maybe you just have low expectations. Just kidding. Any more stories of collections like you posted?
  3. Ride around in Trailer park sometime. There is always atleast one old car guy it seems, though now that may be a 60's -70's car but always seems to be some treasure stashed out back.
  4. Just look at all those real survivors that were then most likely fully restored. That's probably the real shame. I knew of a 31 Packard Roadster that was local. Tree over a foot in Diameter in front of the door. I tried to get it along with everyone else, then one day a guy swings by my shop and says you are never going to guess what I just bought, ARGH!!! So much for that one. There is nothing I know of now. Especially nothing rare or prewar. I imagine there may be a few around but they are really hidden. I was suppose to go look at a bunch with my Grandfather in the early 2000's but he never got around to taking me and he's now long gone. He wasn't a car guy so it was low on his priority list. With all the publicity behind barn finds I'm sure whatever they were and where I think they might have been, I'm sure they are ling gone or not for sale, Whatever they were.
  5. I would have been thrilled to find that Packard. Most cars I knew of were market plus priced cars that needed an undiscolsed amount of work to get on the road. After having to rebuild a few engines and brakes on everything as well as tires for cars that just needed a tune up, I started realizing you really need to buy non running cars at atleast some kind of a discount to absorb some of the cost of the repairs and the unknowns. Seems even the ready to go cars I have bought all needed mechanical work. Even my latest A needs the brakes going through. Pedal feels fine and it stops well, but I see one brake looks like it dragged and when I put the new Park brake lever in, Even with the cables backed all the way off, something is dragging in that wheel. My guess is a stuck or sticky piston as it's been converted to hydraulic. One of the reasons I wanted an A in the first place was so I didn't have to worry about doing a brake job on it if it had been sitting because of contaminated fluid.
  6. The barn finds that were around in the 1950's must have been insane.
  7. The last Barn Find I had was this 39 Buick convertible. First shot is of it in the garage it had been parked for the last 10 years. Last pic was in my shop after I had it delivered, Original upholstery, most paint and floor mat. Someone replaced the steering wheel years ago.
  8. That's pretty darn cheap when crusty ones go for almost as much. It's neat but alot of neat cars out there. Good thing it doesn't really speak to me as it's only 30-40 minutes from me. Figures. Everything that does speak to me seems to be states or another coast away.
  9. The internet has greatly reduced ones chance of running across a truly great car that is ridiculously under priced. It has however greatly increased the price of dirty old nothing special cars that have been poorly stored for decades. Yes there are still a few cars out there you might stumble across and get a deal (often related to the much more valuable property being sold , so the value of the car is an insignificant factor, when they are selling an old run down building with land worth over a million dollars to a developer. ) As I tell most people that think this or that is a smoking deal, often a close friend of the owner or someone that has done work for the owner ends up with it, or an immediate friend before it ever gets to market. The last barn find I bought 10 years ago, was relayed to me through a friend. Never hit the market and even when I sold it, it never hit the market. With values of 99% of cars just a few clicks away it's just not happening with much frequency like I'm sure it did, pre internet days. I remember a guy walking up to me at a gas station and offering me his mom's 53 Buick ragtop as I was driving my old convertible at the time. Today I doubt that happens much. (oh I did buy it) It was a barn find. Well had been in the barn once until it fell down. But pretty much all original.
  10. We have those here as well. More crap we didn't need from China.
  11. Maybe there in lies the real reason behind getting rid of all the old Dirty cars we drive. Whoever thought Mad Max would be a window into the real future. Anyone want to see a new series with lots of old junked cars should watch Fallout on Amazon. Lots of neat 50's Music as well. Very twisted and strange with lots of twists and turns. One scen takes place in a junkyard full of 30's cars. I wasn't looking too hard but everything is suppose to be maybe pre 1960, or very early 60's, but I saw a few glaring errors. Including the 80's IH truck at the movie studio and the 65 or 66 Taxi. I tried to not look too hard. The first episode has a 50's red Dream car in the back ground at the birthday party and in later episodes (of the flashbacks) one of the lead characters is driving a Kaiser Darrin in a few different scenes.
  12. It looks in good shape, but what is the deal with the seat. Looks like the springs were cut in half or they did away with them and just used foam?
  13. 3 tanks of gas through the chainsaw yesterday. Ton of stuff down or bent over that won't recover. I really wished I burned firewood as I generate a pile of it. If it rains I'll work on the A today, if not, out to clean up the brush and piles of wood I generated.
  14. Actually it's seated where it belongs. No way to move it.
  15. 10 G more and one state away , you could buy that AMC convertible. This does appear to be in good shape atleast.
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