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  1. He didn't put a whole lot of effort in cleaning it up. A good rub and wax would make the paint look alot better than the chalked out white it currently is now. A blue carpet would really help as well. The owner must have got a hell of a deal on a red one.
  2. Probably. Unfortunately not original paint as they painted everything in the door jambs, but left the firewall the original blue. Interior looks good for original but it is a 40's Mopar 4 door. You have a choice of lots of Mopars in the 40's to early 50's, some in much better shape for under 10G, especially sedans with a little looking.
  3. Boy that does look like a pretty nice example. Hopefully he doesn't get discouraged and turn it into a hot rod.
  4. Sure the casting number is 1311805. Sorry. I thought I put it in the ad. Thanks for looking.
  5. Those are some great photos. I would be willing to part with the 60's and 70's Photos. Just PM me your mailing address and I'll send them to you. It might take a few days as I have to remember where I put them.
  6. Actually there is tons of NOS trim out there. Especially side moldings. The problem is much of it the wrappers have been lost from being handled, part numbers are often hard to find the application for with part number changes. (even owning a crazy collection of parts books I accumulated in 3-4 year intervals) On cast pieces the casting numbers don't really do much to help ID, so it boils down to how does one want to spend their time. Identifying something that won't or might not sell, or on the few items they know should sell. When I finally stopped selling parts on ebay actively I h
  7. I just wanted to mention both the engines were running in the last 3 years in my Father's garage and not just bought on the word that they would run.
  8. My Dad Bought this project a number of years ago, and though it actually didn't need alot, was just never able to get to it. (He's 80 in a month and still works 60 hours a week) It was a nice turn key car that the owner said developed a noise in the lower end, so he pulled the original engine out and was going to put a 350 Chevy in. Fortunately he decided to move from NJ to FL and not take the car so he didn't get that far and the car went up for sale, that's when my Father bought it. The man also had a 38 Cadillac I bought and drove for a little while then sold to my uncle th
  9. Now the question everyone asks is when am I available to do theirs. Some more yardwork comes first, and when the snow hits, hopefully not too soon, but any day now, I get to move inside and back to my cars. I don't think I have been bored since I was a teenager. Seems there is always some project to finish or worse yet start.
  10. Finally finished the walkway/ stairs. The wife thought i was nuts. That was alot of bricks to cut. Surprisingly I only had about a wheelbarrow of scrap when I was done. There are probably about 1700-1800 bricks total as well as a dump truck and a half of stone and dust. I ran into a few nice nuggets at the bottom and a pile of roots. I hand dug it to that point but then cheated the last 20 feet and used the excavator to till it up and remove the rocks. I'm not crazy about the last step. The way the driveway angles to the garage didn't really let me finish it the way I wanted. I prob
  11. I appreciate the offer. I'll see if the first guy gets back to me then go from there. I gave him the casting number as well so maybe that will help him if he doesn't have one id'd.
  12. You can't bring aged shine. It usually eats through the bottle before it has time to mature.
  13. Still looking for one. If you have a good clean one not needing any work other than cleaning and paint, I would be happy top pay $150 for it. Will consider a broken stud or two if there is meat left on them to get them out if it's a nice clean manifold otherwise.
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