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  1. auburnseeker


    I would still go the parts car route. lots of bits crazy Cord guys have been fed a line are worth near unobtanium when there is still a good stock of them are had on a parts car and by parts car, I mean decent partially restored stalled restoration or the like, not some carcass that hasn't turned a wheel left to the elements for 50 years. The one on this forum last year would have been a very good choice/ candidate. When the known engines have a price tag of 20G They are just waiting for some restoration shop to come along with someone's blank check and write in the appropriate zeros. Not my kind of purchase. I don't have the funds so I have to buy somewhat on the cheap, but in cheap I mean value for the dollar not just cheapest price. I have already bought many parts for less than the cost to restore them. Replated bumper guards cheaper than the cost of plating, etc. Lots of other stuff the same way. I wait for something priced right then buy it. The parts car would be the same.
  2. auburnseeker


    Well atleast I don't have this mess to deal with. interesting article in Hemmings on this Cord? It was for sale on Craigslist for a while in MA or CT. for 30K I believe.
  3. auburnseeker

    NC pole barn

    Welcome to the fun. We have been dealing with this since the beginning of November. The kids built snow men from the first storm and they are still standing, so that tells you how nice it has been since that first storm, with 2 more following it. Hopefully you have a good shovel, or better yet a snow blower. When you find some warm weather, send it my way. I try to plan my days around which ones are near freezing so my lift will start.
  4. auburnseeker

    Static Collector - Do these actually do anything?

    They sometimes sell well on ebay. Not crazy but with the Buick bags, maybe 30 bucks or so. There are two sizes so you need to list that.
  5. auburnseeker

    1937 Packard Sedan to Roadster Conversion

    The sedan to Pickup conversion, especially with the earlier squarer sedans is quite natural and even in crude form comes across better than 90 plus percent of the sedan to roadster creations. it's hard to make a box into a complex curve. Very nice job on the Franklin by the way.
  6. auburnseeker

    1937 Packard Sedan to Roadster Conversion

    As usual the rear sheetmetal doesn't properly flow like almost every 4 door to 2 door conversion I have ever seen. Somewhere , maybe even the Hamb, I saw a Cadillac business coupe (1930's) someone was making from a 4 door and though not finished the proportions looked very good. There was alot of stretching of the front doors though to make the openings look right.
  7. auburnseeker


    The problem with hanging onto this and getting the next is we are talking 60K cars or more. up to 100K for what I'm looking for. I can say I make more of a beer paycheck than a champagne one. From this I still have a 30K floor to buy, 10K minimum in Electric, Probably another 25K in insulation before I even get to another 10K for a heating system. Then I still have to come up with an interior wall finish. There will be no spare money for an Auburn in the conceivable future. Figure in the inflation curve and the price will continue to go up as well. I wish it were as easy. The only other possiblity for advancement on the old car curve would be to sell my all original 50's 32 roadster hot rod, built in the 50's and still wearing that original finish in very good shape. My guess is that would probably stall in the 40K range at best riding the current curve in value of original vintage hot rods. I have weighed this option a tad but haven't gotten around to persuing it as I have too much on the plate and the car is in a heated garage 60 miles from here.
  8. auburnseeker


    This being a 36 wouldn't have been supercharged, someone added the pipes before it was painted black from it's original Cigarette cream. Probably when it was converted, so you don't need the expensive supercharger set up, so only the manifolds are needed to make the pipes functional. It was a shame because that car last winter was the perfect match.
  9. auburnseeker


    There actually was a perfect parts car on here last year, complete with pipes for 10G. It was partially apart/ restored in the dead of the winter 1/2 way across the country, being buried in my garage project I wasn't able to persue it. Another one came up for sale and sold for 7500 on ebay with an original drivetrain in CA that wasn't roached out. Though I had no idea what shape the drivetrain was in. You can find a drivetrain for around 10G with some patience in a project/ parts car. The way to go instead of buying a block / case and going from there. That way I will guarantee you will bury yourself. One thing you will find is that every guy with a cord has a ton of spare parts and few mechanical parts ever seem to have been scrapped.
  10. I figured I would drag this out of the basement. Here is a good way to generate a little Christmas cash if you have any literature you haven't looked at in years.
  11. auburnseeker

    christmas cards

    We used to get our Christmas tree a couple of miles up the road, but since we moved to a house with a Cathedral Ceiling the wife likes a 9 foot plus tree so we have to go alot further to get one, so I probably won't be using any of the old cars to go get one. That and the fact we often have snow in November along with road salt.
  12. auburnseeker

    Getting the perfect shot ain't easy

    I think it looks great with the wreath. Someday I need to actually take some shots of one of my cars. It's been too darn cold to take the covers off the garage doors. Besides all i have for backdrops now are snow banks full of all the grass and gravel I dug up trying to plow the yard the last two times the rain turned to wet snow. Now everything is frozen solid and icy.
  13. auburnseeker


    Well since you bent my arm, what about I throw in a kid and the car? Sound like a deal. I will say the kid is a bit "spirited" to put it mildly.
  14. auburnseeker


    Well I can't pay you to come take it off my hands. That would be like a double negative or something in the barter world.
  15. auburnseeker


    Thus the reason it's sitting there in the corner not running. How much do I devote to get it running as is, as opposed to how much of that money could be put toward sourcing the parts to make it correctly powered. Lets not forget I'm waist deep in a huge shop building project that consumes all my free time and money.