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  1. I didn't see any guards. Were you out on work release or was it a break?
  2. As long as you have a good set of air cleaners. Nice ones can command a premium. Mine are full of dents. The rest is pretty cheap off the shelf parts.
  3. I think someone cleaned it up as well if it's the same one I saw on ebay the other day.
  4. So 111. I hadn't figured in the sales tax in my 103 so I wasn't far off. Usually You don't get the sales tax hit until you go to DMV. Part of the purchase price for sure, but not usually figured in auction sales. The 8 might be more fun to own and repair as it probably isn't as costly as a 12 for parts.
  5. Actually one posted here on the forums last summer, the summer of 2018, sold at an estate auction that was well advertised and if memory serves me was right around 100. Maybe 103G. That number sticks in my head. Pretty good car but again paint issues. Might have been blue? The Auction was in NY state. I would take resale red over that white. Taylormade; Thanks for checking.
  6. Boy if those two went head to head at auction I would have to say if the maroon one hit 70? then this one seems like it would stop under the 60 G range. I love the colors on the maroon one.
  7. It's definitely not the eye candy the Maroon one was.
  8. Wonder how the fees work on this one? That is the one good thing with ebay. Your bid is your bid, you don't have to figure in the extra 10 or so Percent. Almost seems foolish to sell it that way if that is the margin. The seller gets 20 percent less for the car than an outright sale which at 50G is 10G. That's a pretty big hit for an online only auction.
  9. Of course we know this is an auction as well so things could fall flat or set a record and there is no rhyme or reason why. Seems not the best choice of auction companies for this type of car as they sell farm equipment and real estate. I would have probably never found it if you guys hadn't posted it, though I do random auburn searches occasionally.
  10. There was also a very similar one, though I think it was a 32 for sale on ebay about 7 or so years ago that sold, but I'm sure this is a different car. That was 65G and in better shape. The colors were quite similar. Though maybe tans and browns rather than whites. One of the dealers ended up with it and marked it up 20G. They were asking I think 85G. I contacted the owner but again, was short on money at the time. I think it was a year before I bought my Cord.
  11. I appreciate the offer. Let me know if / when they get back to you.
  12. The few I have seen come up for sale reasonable (meaning those under 100G, there is a gorgeous green one in Germany in that range) don't seem to come up all that often. When you do a search of even google images for 1931-1933 Auburn Convertible sedans or Auburns for that fact of that era, there are usually only a few listed for sale a year. Thinking the V12 Cabriolet , a 1933 which seem to be a little more desirable, Sold for right around 100 in probably a little better shape, Different tier car as well with the V12 power, the Maroon conv't sedan that sold at Auburn this fall, probably the closest most recent gauge, which seems like the place you would get the most for one, at 80G. A slightly worse Cabriolet that was suppose to be all original that I think was even on this site that was offered at I think 65G. I think Hyman even had a few for sale over the years that were in the 80 ish range in better shape. So few come up that the images seem to remain on google for years. Xander's Speedster project still comes up. A speedster that was a project that sold I think over 10 years ago. A 33 cabriolet Maroon and Silver, I was strongly considering, but we had just bought a new house so the planets weren't properly aligned that had been for sale for over a year at 65G. All new chrome, presentable paint, but needing a new interior as it was poorly redone and never installed. Seems average market on these falls 60 -80 G. Now the wrong upholstery, bad paint that you can't puff up and will need a full repaint all drag it down. I'm thinking that the 50 to 60 range is not unrealistic. The current drop in alot of old cars, not factored in as maybe Auburns are somewhat resistant to the drop. There is a Speedster rebodied in Aluminum by one of Harrah's guys in the 70's on ebay with a freshly rebuilt engine but paint issues , which falls into a different category, but has run the ebay Gauntlet twice and stopped at the 30G mark last time. Hard to use it as a comp, but it is a comp to some degree. I know they are asking around 100G for that or were when it first hit hemmings a month or so ago. I would even be interested in that car in say the 50 ish range, but surprisingly I like the convertible sedan a tad more. Cabriolet comes in 3rd. Then i'm not interested in a closed car. The reason I was able to walk from that very nice 32 Plymouth Coupe at Hershey.
  13. Anyone in the area somewhat versed on Auburns or atleast early cars with lots of wood? I still have to make something happen with my Cord, though with some stretching and it would be uncomfortable but could come up with some money on top of what I got for my Ford in the meantime if the deal was right. I can not spare the time to go look at it myself. I have to try to get my garage done before snow flies which is going to be tight but possible. The few days to check this out, could be just the number of days I need to get it done. Living in the Northeast, sucks this time of year as it seems we are always trying to cram to get work done before the (6 months last year) winter sets in. Of course the days get shorter by a few minutes every day as well. I've finished with a flash light more than once.
  14. I Guess by original they mean not modified. Definitely restored at some point with those finishes. Still could be fun and interesting. Any thoughts on actual value? Runs is a bit subjective can it be driven today or is runs just good enough to get it on and off the trailer? I wonder how the wood is? I think these are loaded with wood if I'm not mistaken. With some of the plating being skipped during the restoration, I wonder what else didn't get gone through? Runs and drives well, would be a bit better.
  15. It will most likely become a rod if not a parts car. Crazy bottom less pit to restoring that one. It's a shame but it is what it is.