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  1. Not mine, but I have bought a car from this guy in the past and he is a straight shooter, decent guy to deal with. I talked to him on the phone tonight; it is his uncle's car, runs very well, 63,000 miles but as you can see it needs just about everything. They are asking $3200 but will take a bit less. Located in Salisbury, Mass., which is on the coast about 7 miles south of New Hampshire border; 45 miles or so north of Boston. FYI, this is a late '39 with the 10 mph increment speedometer, the hood brace halfway down the center hinge, and the wider spacing between the grille teeth. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338
  2. When a new floor was welded in, apparently the body was not braced well enough. This causes the left front fender and driver's door to not align properly--not enough space between the two. Also, there is a transmission tunnel clearance issue between floor pan and top of the four-speed transmission. It's a very rare car; one of six or one of 55, depending on whose figures you use. Started out, we think, as a Buick executive car in Flint, then went to second owner in Connecticut who drove it every day, which really rusted out the body. I bought a rust-free parts car and had new floors welded in, rust-free doors, rust-free front fenders, rust-free trunk lid. I am done spending money and time on it.
  3. Sorry about that. Try this link. It is almost as good:
  4. Long story--putting my 4-speed Wildcat conv up for sale now--floor replacement was not done properly when body was taken off of the frame--wish I had known that before spending $10,000 on the finishing body work and the paint job; have over $30,000 in it; willing to sell for half that, and if I can't get close to that, will probably part it out. Factory 425, 4-speed, bucket seats, no console; new dual exhaust system, new tires, virtually all chrome has been replated, have not done anything with top or interior; has not run in about 10 years but has always been indoors; everything under the hood is correctly detailed; entire chassis was powder-coated black; something over 80,000 actual miles on the car and the original drive train; probably needs a new body to start over correctly; trunk lid and doors came from a desert parts car; car is complete; would like to get $15,000 or something close to that now, or will part out. Located in Leonard, Texas 75452. Having a bad day; bad week; bad month...this car was to be my creme-de-la-creme. Pete Phillips
  5. I've been told that starting in the late 1930s (1937 and up), there were two different styles of air cleaners, depending on where the car was sold new. The heavy duty air cleaner came with cars sold in locations west of the Mississippi River; and the standard or smaller air cleaner came on cars sold east of the Mississippi. The thinking was that west of the Mississippi the climate is drier and therefore has dustier roads than those in the eastern part of the country. I got that information from David Corbin. Pete Phillips Leonard, Texas
  6. Aerial view of Bud's Salvage (Thursday's optional bus tour). They have 4,500 cars, back to 1948. C:\Users\Pete\Pictures\bud's salvage aerial photo.htm
  7. Someone contacted me wanting exterior windshield trim and also the hood hinges for a 1949 Buick. I get so many messages from so many different forums, that I lose track and cannot keep up. In addition, they come by fax, by email, by texting, and by phone. If that person will contact me, I have the parts pulled and ready to go. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, TX
  8. Ben Garland from Farmington, NM in the tan t-shirt next to Barbara Wiegand. Ben's wife Inez, who was attending a swap meet in Phoenix this same day, will be our head judge for the BCA National Meet in Oklahoma in June.
  9. I see the power steering reservoir under the hood. That is a huge plus for this car--first year for power steering in a Buick.
  10. I have one, a 56-S, but it is not up and running yet. It does have its original paint and pin-striping and is mostly unrestored. I was hoping to get it up and running before the Buick Club's national meet in Oklahoma in June, but not sure if there is enough time for that. Photos are from the day I bought it in Dallas, Texas. Georg, you need to join the Buick Club and get the monthly magazine. I also have a lot of extra parts for the 1932 50-series Buicks, if there is anything you need. I have generators, starters, water pumps, manifolds, distributor parts, bumpers, headlights, parking lights, transmissions, engine blocks, cylinder heads, etc. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, Texas
  11. Are we talking about the same car?? I see a '55 Century V8 wagon at the start of this post.
  12. Tachometer was an option, but would have been hanging from upper lip of the dashboard on left side. Looks like 1965 Riviera speedometer. "Stage 1" label on the grille. What a mess this is!!
  13. Yes, it has the rumble seat; door and window handle escutucheons are missing. (sorry, I can't spell escuteons)
  14. See anybody you know? This is the annual group photo of Pre-War Buick afficianados at the Pre-War Swap Meet in Chickasha, Oklahoma. It was a windy and chilly day, but dry and sunny. Also, this rare 1933 Sport Coupe model 56-S was there, for sale.