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  1. $100 plus postage. Includes speaker, wiring, and mounting hardware all in the original box.
  2. I have a new old stock AM Sonomatic radio for a full-size 1973 Buick. I believe the dashboards & radio spaces are the same, 1971-1973. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, TX.
  3. Will look, but I don't think I have an oil pump for a '33.
  4. Well, first of all, it's NOT a Roadmaster and secondly, it doesnt' have a 377 cu. in. engine because Buick never made one of those. Very uninformed seller with dollar signs blocking his eyesight! Might be a $5,000 car on a good day, with all the missing and broken parts.
  5. Marvel carburetor & breather, exhaust manifold sections incl. N.O.S. center section. This is all for the 50-series engine.
  6. Fans & fan hub & pulley, dashboard gauges w/ temperature capillary tube intact
  7. I picked up a truck load of good, used, 1933 Buick 50-series parts this weekend, from a street-rodder who didn't want them. It cost me some $$$$ so I'm not giving this stuff away, but prices will be reasonable: Good radiator, camshaft, crankshaft w/ balancer, wire wheels, hub caps, Marvel carburetor with air breather, engine compartment splash pans, generators, distributors, steering column & wheel & steering box, leaf springs, cylinder head bolts, rocker arm assemblies w/ shaft, valve cover, engine side covers, and a cylinder head with a repairable crack. I'm in Leonard, Texas and willing to ship all but the steering wheel/column/gear box.
  8. I didn't pay a lot for the car when I got it, so I passed that savings along to the buyer. I did have to spend some bucks for parts, body repair, and paint and I am getting that back in the purchase price. Just don't have room for another car, and this one is too nice to let sit out in the weather. Pete
  9. The car is considered sold as of this evening, since I have received a substantial deposit on it. Good buys don't sit around and wait! Pete
  10. This is the '37 Roadmaster that fell out of the barn in New Hampshire two years ago, and was subsequently driven from N.H. to Texas (2,000 miles) with the only incident being a dirty fuel filter. I have now completed the repairs to the front of the car, tuned it up, adjusted the valves, rebuilt the mechanical fuel pump, installed a new battery, painted the engine the proper color, replaced the grille and nose piece, replated the front bumper, gotten the front fenders repainted, straightened the bumper braces, and it runs and drives very, very well. Loves to cruise at 55 to 60 mph. Has an exhaust manifold crack that quiets down as soon as it gets up to operating temperature. All gauges work, clutch and transmission are smooth, engine does not smoke at all and is very clean under the valve cover. Tires are good, brakes so-so (I may get time to rebuild the master cylinder), and the engine is very dependable. Previous owner removed the windshield wipers, interior sun visors, heater & defrost ducts. Believe me, you do not need a heater in this black car with the heat that the 320 engine puts out! Odometer shows 42,000 and I think it could be correct because so much of the car is original and unrestored. Back seat upholstery, all interior door panels, dashboard finish, and headliner are all original. There is no rust that I can find and little if any body filler. Wood framework is solid. No holes in the trunk floor nor even the lip just inside the trunk. Wiring is newer and looks good. I have more photos for those who are seriously interested. $10,995 or close offer. Located in Leonard, TX. 75452 which is 75 miles northeast of Dallas. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338
  11. The Riviera muffler has a 2" diameter inlet and outlet on both ends. The others have a 2" and a 1-3/4" on each end. As you can see from the first photo, one stub is curved and one is straight on each end. They are all like this. Someone tells me the Riviera muffler should have straight stubs all the way around. I don't know whom to believe any more, I just know that these are new old stock mufflers with the part numbers on them, and one has wider diameter than the other four. Try finding some of these at your local muffler shop. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, TX.
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