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  1. There's one of those two-door, dark brown, Electra coupes around here, still in the hands of the original, now elderly owner. Same colors, same body, same year. Probably similar low mileage, too, if I had to guess.
  2. I guess the radiator tank holds pineapple chunks? (laughing). I have never seen a radiator cap with that brand name on it!
  3. Jake, That same photo could have been taken here in northeast Texas yesterday! We got a blast of cold weather with some rain and at the end of the day, the sky looked exactly like that here---gray clouds, weak sun, and a slight sunset at the horizon. Amazing.
  4. That's a MPH speedometer. As someone said above, if it was kilometers, 100km. (the top indicated speed) is around 60 MPH, and that would not make sense. That's not a bad price for what looks like a genuine 36,000 mile car. If it were a southern car, the dashboard would be cracked, tops of door panels faded, and driver's seat will be split at the seams. I don't care for the black top with the copper-colored paint, though. Car screams out for a tan or white top with that paint color. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, TX
  5. I would tell people where this is located, so they know how far they have to go to get it. This forum goes all over the world, you know.
  6. Matt, You have just described why I no longer buy new vehicles, in fact, the newest vehicle I own is a year 2000 Tundra pickup truck that I bought used 12 years ago. The newest Buick I own is a 1970 Wildcat, and the newest daily driver I own is a 1992 Chrysler LeBaron convertible. I refuse to buy or own or work on any GM vehicle later than 1981 because they are a technological nightmare and full of plastic that breaks after a few years in our Texas heat and sun, the first time you take it apart. I cannot diagnose any vehicle's problem if it is later than a 1981 model because of the electr
  7. About 25 years ago I bought an unrestored, 1957 Special model 41. It had approximately 19,000 actual miles on it, but came from Wisconsin so it had rust. It had the rubber flap on it that you describe and that's the only '57 Buick I ever saw with that still attached. It attached to the lower rear edge of the cowl flange or channel behind the rear of the hood opening. I traded the car a few years later for a low-mileage '64 Dodge Polara 500 so I don't have it now (don't have the Polara 500 either, doggone it!). The rubber flap was approximately 4 by 6 inches but that's just from my hazy memory.
  8. There was one (not Teal Mist) at the Mecum auction in Dallas, Texas on Saturday. It was a no-sale. Not sure you would want it, though. Check the mecum.com auction site for unsold cars.
  9. Kosage, No, I don't recall seeing factory A/C on any of the Buicks. There are only 3 1954 and 1955 Buicks. One is a '55 Century 4-dr. sedan nearly complete car; one is a very cut up '55 Century 2-dr. hardtop, and one is a '54 Roadmaster 2-dr. hardtop.
  10. Definitely a model 69, Century Caballero. Look at the chrome strips on the roof. No other wagon has those. The Specials in 1958 do not have those. Good luck finding the tailgate glass.
  11. 273 could be a reference to the 272 cu. in. engine that is in the 60-series in 1934 (?)
  12. There's a '55 Century 4-dr. sedan, a '55 Century 2-dr. hardtop (not much left but the interior and engine, 1954 Roadmaster 2-dr. hardtop, 1954 Super 2-dr. hardtop, 1953 Super 4dr. sedan, 1953 Special 2-dr. hardtop, parts of a 1953 Super 2=dr. hardtop, lots of Cadillacs from 1950 to 1964.
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