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  1. Anyone know who was looking for a 1971 full-size convertible top switch? The guy had been advertising that he wanted one for several years. I just found one, but now I can't find his ad nor remember who it was. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338
  2. I found an early Buick parts book. Looks like valve lifter assembly is the same for 1922-1923 6-cylinder and the 1922-1924 4-cylinder uses the same lifter assembly. Different part # after 1923 sixes. Same parts book says the push rod is 14-19/32" long. I will check my push rod stock as soon as I can find the time. Pete Phillips
  3. In the original GM parts box, part #10.185 -- 20186176. New old stock remote control passenger side rearview mirror in chrome housing. No rust, no pits, no scratches. Box is a bit torn up but contents is fine. For 1982 and 1983 GM E-body cars (Riviera, Eldorado, Toronado). $150 plus $15 domestic postage; foreign postage $30. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, TX.
  4. Probably ought to ask this on the Pontiac forum. Just a suggestion....
  5. Three stripes; center one is about 2/3rds wider than the other two.
  6. I have a lot of old push rods. Send me the length from tip to tip and I will check mine. Also have the roller lifters in pairs of 2 for 1932 50-series. If we knew how far back the same ones are used.... Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, TX
  7. I have one, NOS in the Buick parts box. Also fits 1950. Pete Phillips
  8. I am getting a quick education on mid-1950s Buick outer door handles. Not only are the Special/Century ones completely different from the Super/Roadmaster ones, but the 4-dr. Supers and Roadmasters have different handles and different body contours from the 2-door handles. Am in need of left and right outer door handles for a '56 Super convertible. I"m going to assume they are the same as the 2-dr. hardtop Super & Roadmaster ones. Have plenty of wrong ones to trade! Have NOS 4-dr. front and rear door handles; have NOS 2-dr. Special/Century door handles, but no 2-dr. Super door handles. Can anyone help or want to trade? Will buy outright if need be. These have the keyhole in the plunger, not down separately below. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, TX
  9. This is the car that Bob Coker used to own and had restored. I remember seeing it at the BCA national meet in Charlotte, NC in 2012.
  10. "Those side moldings are extremely important and extremely hard to find. Good luck." I have the sweep spear die-cast side moldings, but they are quite pitted and in need of replating. I did get the right rear (the long one) replated and it's beautiful, but will be expensive if anyone wants it. Sold the left rear one. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338
  11. Wow, that's a rare one! About 10 years ago I sold a '38 Buick that was equipped with that Self-Shifter transmission. A true piece of automotive history! I hope someone who has one of those cars sees this. There are only about a dozen of them left, according to research the previous owner had done 20 years ago.
  12. All of these had bucket seats, T-Type or not.
  13. Give-away price. Manifolds alone are worth more than that, if not cracked. But that's a big if...!
  14. There ought to be an oval tag riveted to the frame rail somewhere, with the serial # on it. Usually 6-12 inches from the end of the frame, facing outwards; sometimes on the rear of the frame but more often near the front end of the frame. Your engine # isn't very helpful because I can see a couple of different styles and sizes of numbers. Pete Phillips