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  1. Pete Phillips

    1958 Buick Registry

    Al Eichelberger, a long-time BCA member in Tucson, Arizona, has a metallic blue '58 Roadmaster convertible. So that's another one.
  2. Pete Phillips

    1958 Special model 49D almost done!

    Caballeros have some chrome panels on the dashboard; they have the name script "Caballero" on the rear doors, and they have some chrome trim on the roof.
  3. Pete Phillips

    1958 Special model 49D almost done!

    OK, so now the photos work (??)
  4. Finishing up the 1958 Special 4-dr hardtop station wagon this week. Gave it a good bath--some of the dust on it was from three or four years ago, I think. Took it for a drive around the block and the joint at top of timing cover where the water manifold attaches began to leak. The timing cover is pitted in this area and we tried a few months ago to repair it with epoxy but it's not going to work. I have another timing cover off of a 364, so we will take this one off and replace it--easier said than done--many hours of work yet, but getting close to being done with this one--hooray! This is not a Caballero wagon (Century series); it is a Special model 49-D--actually rarer than a Caballero, with only 3,420 ever made. Yes, it is a 4-dr. hardtop, no post. This one has been a long time coming. Paul Meyer and I bought it, not running, needing everything, 11 years ago. Had to overcome many, many obstacles, including a cracked block (replaced the whole engine), impossible to work with fiberboard headliner; unobtainable molding clips, two broken tailgate chrome ornaments (the big cross), rusty floors, hard-to-find station wagon-only parts, broken rear seat pivots, station wagon windshield replacement that is two inches taller than a normal 4-dr. hardtop windshield, heater core replacement after the R.F. fender was painted and in place (it's not easy, but it can be done), etc., etc. I have many battle scars from this one!! Can't get the rest of my photos to load--don't know what is wrong, so only one photo to share.
  5. Pete Phillips

    1958 Roadmaster $19,500 77,000 miles

    It's a difficult time of year to sell a car--snow storms, Christmas expenses, and in many places annual property taxes are due.
  6. Pete Phillips

    1997 LeSabre--what is this electric motor for?

    That's what I thought it was, too, but he says the car doesn't have air ride. THey did put that on LeSabres in 1997, didn't they?
  7. Friend came by this morning, asked what this electric motor is for and what it is called? 1997 LeSabre, at the right rear corner underneath the car. Motor is warm to the touch and he says it won't idle properly.
  8. Here's the office directory inside the Buick Building. It changes to a different Buick image every 10-15 seconds!
  9. Buick Building in Automobile Alley historic district, Oklahoma City. This is where the Automobile Alley/National Memorial bus tour will stop for lunch during the meet. There is a very nice restaurant inside.
  10. This will be the show field on Saturday morning when the judging takes place. Approx. 500 parking spaces; we might use it for trailer parking, too. Is about two blocks from all of the hotels--walkable or there will also be shuttle vans.
  11. Inside the 1927 Buick Building lobby today in Oklahoma City...that's a 1935 convertible coupe on display.
  12. Pete Phillips

    1946 76-C

    Mark was correct. The car was calling to me and I couldn't resist. I talked to the seller, we reached an agreement, and I bought the car. Guess I will be heading to Tennessee soon to haul it home for my next project. Pete Phillips
  13. Pete Phillips

    1946 76-C

    Not mine, never even seen one in my 40+ years in the BCA. Buick Club roster shows ZERO of these owned by any current member. Rare would be an understatement.
  14. Pete Phillips

    1952 brake lines to Hill-holder?

    Tom, thank you SO MUCH. I think you may be right. There are two unconnected wires hanging just off to the left of the photo, and they may go to a brake light switch that might screw in here. So maybe the big bolt that attaches the hill-holder to the back of the master cylinder is one of those hollow bolts that has a channel letting the brake fluid pressure into the hill-holder. Thanks for that suggestion. I'll check it out! Pete Phillips
  15. Pete Phillips

    425 V8 in 1963 Buicks--here's proof

    And here is the dealer advisory letter on the engine color for the 425s in 1963. 4600 series is Wildcat; 4700 series is Riviera. Red air cleaner; silver engine, even in a Wildcat if it has the 425. Pete