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  1. Standard shift, original trunk mat and cardboard panels in good shape, original rubber floor mat in good shape, Chris bought a new 6-volt battery for it and got it running and driving around the national meet parking lot this afternoon. Engine sounds very good, no smoke, good oil pressure, oil change sticker from 20 years ago shows 45,000 miles, has 48,000 today and I am absolutely convinced it is the original mileage.
  2. Thank you to my friend Jake Moran who got the word out about this wonderful Special. It will be in a very good home.
  3. Chris, who works for me, picked it up today. He is thrilled with it--his first old Buick. Looks like 48,000 actual miles. We have it at the Buick National Meet in Midwest City today; might even enter it for judging--it is that nice. I did my good deed. I helped a young, 30-something guy get started in the old Buick hobby. Pete Phillips
  4. Driving tour #1 has arrived in Guthrie, OK, at the original capitol building, now a Masonic Hall. Weather today is fabulous---just could not be any nicer!
  5. 4 a.m., thunderstorm and rain at Midwest City; can't sleep!
  6. Can't take the chance of reducing the size of my photos, when I need them as large as possible for the Bugle later on. Two at a time is the maximum @_*%&@$#_(*!!!
  7. Something strange going on here: The Rte. 66 tour is 66 miles long and there are now 66 cars signed up to take part in it on Friday!