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  1. I have an entire set of 1949 model 76-R exterior trim coming in about 8-10 days, so I can probably help then. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, TX
  2. Sounds like a seized bearing inside the generator. Does it still turn? There are a couple of oiling cups, one on each end of the generator. Supposed to give them a couple drops of oil every time you do an oil change. The previous owner may not have been very diligent about that. Wonderful, rare little wagon. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, Texas
  3. Two new old stock front fender side moldings for 1946-48 Super and Roadmaster, one still in the original wrapper with part # on it, and a new torque ball bushing (hard to find and almost all of them need it), $60 for all three. I flew up to Pennsylvania, so I was limited in what I could bring back! Came back with a suitcase full of parts and literature. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338
  4. How many holes and what is the diameter of the center hole? I have several unlabelled ones and not sure what they fit. And I'll be out of town this week, so no rush. PEte Phillips, BCA #7338
  5. I will be there, Tuesday evening through Saturday mid-day, just walking around, taking photos of Buicks, and shopping. Hope to run across some of you, especially some whom I've never met in person--pray for good weather! Wednesday is usually the best day for the swap meet; Friday afternoon can be disappointing when many of the vendors start packing up; Saturday a.m. is the best day for the car show, to answer one of the questions above. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, Texas
  6. Does anyone have these curved pieces that fill the space on the lower ends of the 1956 grille, between it and the bumper bullets? This is for a Special; I'm not sure if all series are the same for these. Also need the long, thin, grille ornament that looks like a bird in flight and attaches to the center of the grille. (Photo is from another grille assembly that does not belong to me) Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, Texas 75418
  7. I believe a model 46 is the business coupe.
  8. On the '35, if it needs everything as you say, and that includes the wood needing replacement in the body, then it isn't worth very much because of the extreme amount of work involved in peeling away the sheet metal and replacing all of the wood framework. If all of the wood is good, then that's a different situation and the car is worth restoring.
  9. Found it. Not perfect, but go find another one for a '49 2-dr.
  10. Does he need the stainless steel gravel guards or the nearly 7'-long side moldings, or all of the above? I may have one of the gravel guards, but would have to spend time looking.