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  1. Larry Schramm

    Cool Opel ad

    Cool ads
  2. Larry Schramm

    AC 46 vs. 46X spark plugs

    A boot large enough to cover all of the terminal is NOT REQUIRED. Boots were put over all of the terminal to help stop arcing, especially when wet. Think of all of the pre '20 cars that did not have boots or lawn mowers that do not have boots. Just need a good connection from the spark plug wire to the spark plug.
  3. Larry Schramm

    What might this be ?

    They look more like a spring and turnbuckle.
  4. Larry Schramm

    1958 Buick Registry

    Not a convertible, but if you want to see a stunning '58 Caballero station wagon, come to the Buick Nationals in OKC this year. Should be at AutoRama in Detroit this spring. I was over at Joe's today with him. Look here for the story. It's an over the top redo.
  5. Larry Schramm

    AC 46 vs. 46X spark plugs

    X stands for the extended terminal at the top of the plug. The rest of the sparkplug is the same as any 46 sparkplug. In the terminology of the business, the long top with the shaft that goes into the insulator is called the screw. Made millions of them.
  6. Larry Schramm

    1928 Buick spark control question

    With an electric starter, retarding the timing is not that big of a deal. But if you hand crank it and have the timing advanced the engine can back fire and the crank can come around and break your arm. Also known as the "Ford Fracture" Ford Fracture: A common injury caused by cranking a Model T Ford to start it. The engine could backfire, causing the crank to spin the opposite way, causing injury to arms and wrists.
  7. Larry Schramm

    1928 Buick spark control question

    That's what I do.
  8. Click on the link below. It is in the Pre-War heading.
  9. Larry Schramm

    Brian Heil Official Announcement

    Well it is official. Brian Heil is retiring from General Motors after 39 years and 1 month of service. I attended his mass retirement party last Friday at the GM Propulsion Headquarters in Pontiac, MI. Great engineer that had a number of patents to his name especially for his work on the 3800 V6 engine. Now he can come on more tours with the group!! PS: In the picture he is standing real TALL for his contributions to GM.
  10. Larry Schramm

    Big find in the south of France

    Unfortunate so many were left with the windows down and not better protected.
  11. Larry Schramm

    Engine Analyzer for 6 volt systems...

    I have an portable Sears oscilloscope that works fine, power it needs to be attached to a 12 volt power supply. I just hook the +&- leads to a 12 volt battery and it works fine. I can also see all of the spark traces for the engine on the scope.
  12. Larry Schramm

    The Grinch

    Let me tell you those were anything but "Free". They were work related vehicles. I usually drove about 1,000 miles a week contacting dealers, talking to customers, and a myriad of other assorted tasks. I was also responsible to report quality issues. Usually spent a couple of days a week in a hotel while being gone from home for work. Being a rep in those days was anything but a 40 hour week.
  13. Larry Schramm

    Charging the breakaway battery?

    Here is one that does both 6V & 12V.
  14. Completely different engines. Only similarity is they are both two cylinders.
  15. Larry Schramm

    The Grinch

    Lost count of the number of those cars that I drove. I drove probably 12-15 of those cars a year for over a dozen years in the 80's and into the 90's. At that time we would drive them a little over 3,000 miles, turn them in and get a new one.