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  1. Just like Nash-Kelvinator in the US Kelvinator was a United States home appliance manufacturer and a line of domestic refrigerators that was the namesake of the company. Although as a company it is now defunct, the name still exists as a brand name owned by Electrolux AB.
  2. I just did that a couple of weeks ago. I was the friend that went as a second opinion. The two of make a good tag team as each of us look at the vehicle from a different perspective. We both contribute the pluses & minuses to get the best "picture".
  3. I lived the nightmare working for GM during those years. He did not know the car business when he came to GM and did not learn a thing while at GM. He never understood brand management in the car business. It is almost a miracle that GM can even sell cars from his damage. The corp started to really go down hill with the ascension of the bean counter in 1980 and their(his) lack of product knowledge. Finance people only know how to count beans, not supply a product to the customer that the customer is willing to pay for. A business can only coast on it's reputation for so long before it co
  4. The tires look great. When I wear out the tires for my '15 Buick truck, I plan on putting on the BF Goodrich tires on. I think they look good on a large car and I have been told that they wear well.
  5. I am looking for a driveshaft for a Buick Model 45 from 1916-1918. It needs to be a 10 spline driveshaft. I do not need the torque tube or any thing else from the axle or drivetrain. If you might have one, please send me a PM with what you have and how much you want for it. Also where it is located. Thanks Larry
  6. My guess is it would be a one off made by a an individual.
  7. This is so true. Every car that I have bought I plan on spending usually about 10% of the purchase price to "fix" items that just happen after taking ownership of the vehicle and start driving. I am usually fairly accurate with this estimate. That is unless I already know a bunch of work that need to be done which is factored into the purchase price.
  8. Must have been about 1972. I believe that is the year that Disney opened Disney World in Orlando.
  9. There is a guy here in the Rochester Hills, MI area that has a Princess car and brings it to one of the car shows in the Rochester park every year. I don't remember which show.
  10. Now I've seen a lot, but that is a new one.
  11. The contact lens guy got caught after he went back to that company (where he came from) when they found out that he DID NOT have an MBA. Just some classes. They penalized him one year of no bonus. What would happen to you or me if we lied on an employment application. This is the same company that was putting the same contact lenses in three different boxes and charging three different prices. The soap guy was from a different company in southern Ohio.
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