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  1. Or Blue Bird which has been building school buses since they installed their first body on a Model T in 1927. That vehicle is in the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. Look here. https://www.thehenryford.org/collections-and-research/digital-collections/artifact/357533 At the factory in Fort Valley, Georgia, south of Atlanta, they have a reproduction.
  2. Living in Birmingham, Alabama, we also referred LA to Lower Alabama. About anything south of Montgomery.
  3. Can you turn the motor over by hand? If not, it might be too tight of a rebuild. Just a thought.
  4. I too use heavy cables for the 6 volt systems. I use 000 welding cable because it is flexible and I crimp and solder the ends. If you do this, you should not have a wiring problem. Just be sure that the attachment points that the cables connect to are clean and electrically conductive. A dirty contact point will not fix a new good cable electrically..
  5. Well Joyce and I took the '13 out for another drive today. We drove from our home in Rochester Hills to the Sloan Museum Golden Oldies car show in Flint today. When we left this morning it was 42deg F outside. With warm clothes(winter coats), it was a nice day for a drive. When we got close to home, we stopped at our favorite Sunday stop for a banana split. Here is the total for the day. Only ended up with a tire with a leak that needs to be fixed before the Gilmore Museum tour in a couple of weeks.
  6. Peter, There used to be above the "next unread topic" the name of the next topic that you would be going to. It disappeared some time ago. Is it possible to have it put back in?
  7. When Joyce and I got married 42 years ago, we had a Corvette as our wedding car. We still have the car after all of these years.
  8. Well, with the summer fading away, We needed to go out for another drive today with friends. This time out in the country. Put another 34 miles on the car. Great Labor Day weekend.
  9. Well, Joyce and I took the 1913 Buick out for a drive today and deliver some parts to the Ford Piquette plant, where the Model T was designed and initial production was started. To start the day we drove to the GM world headquarters, the Renaissance Center and took a picture of our car in front of the GM building. Our next stop was the Ford Piquette St plant in Detroit to drop off some engine jugs for 1904-1907 Ford letter cars. The jugs are sitting on the running board of our car. We had a great visit with the curator Steve Shotwell and Da
  10. Appears to have been used as a stationary power plant with that large pulley on the output side of the transmission.
  11. Take a picture from the front
  12. I have listed this heater in the for sale section. Can any one confirm that the years are correct for this dealer installed accessory heater pt#994881? Thanks,
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