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  1. Larry Schramm

    Want to buy passenger side door mirror for 70 Buick

    Passenger door mirrors were an option at the time, not standard equipment. In GM speak, an RPO like DD4. Most of the mirror options on cars are in the D_ _ section of the GM RPO code book.
  2. Larry Schramm

    Something old found in the desert...

    True, but the market for them is limited. probably less than a dozen persons that could use them, maybe. Only true value would be in a speedster of the like where Mark Shaw used some on his car.
  3. For those of us that lived then, experience is a great teacher.
  4. Larry Schramm

    70 Estate Wagon

    What brand & model of car? Possible picture of what you need?
  5. Larry Schramm

    Something old found in the desert...

    Probably worth about maybe $10.00. A pair of two good ones sold for about $50 a year ago.
  6. They did not have any woodgrain on the car. When my Dad ordered it he got about every option except that one because the "woodgrain" would look shabby after a couple of years and the paint was fine. I think the car had the trim, but I am not sure. If I find a picture I will post it. That has been 50 years ago.
  7. Larry Schramm

    Something old found in the desert...

    The step is from a 1915 Buick C-4 truck or a 1916 Buick D-4 truck. Passenger side. Same as drivers side, except the part of the fender indicates that it is passenger side. Typical of the passenger side, not worn very much. Also note that someone used a blue flame wrench to the step and cut the vertical support off.
  8. My parents had one of those. Exactly like it except it was blue and a '68.
  9. Larry Schramm

    Reo Truck Parts

    The American Truck Historical Society is a great bunch of truck guys. The meet they had last year in Lexington, KY had over 1,000 vehicles in attendance. Look here.
  10. Larry Schramm

    1918 Oeverland 90 Front Spindles

    I do not have the spindles, but I have a couple of front wheels if you are interested around that era.
  11. Larry Schramm

    More Australian Cars

    I agree that the "possibly Buick" is not a Buick
  12. Larry Schramm

    Not Always A Good Day For A Buick

    I inspected a Reatta years ago that hit a horse. Had a horse shoe imprint on the roof.
  13. Larry Schramm

    What did you get for Christmas this year?

    No wife in the list? I would think she is #1 and everything else is after her.
  14. Larry Schramm

    1958 Caballero

    This is a stunning vehicle. It will be at Autorama in Detroit this spring and at the Buick meet in OKC in June if all goes as planned.
  15. Here is a picture of one of the cars that I had in the early 80's.