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  1. It is not only how many shims, but how thick are the shims in thousands of an inch. Need to know the total thickness on each side. Shims come in many different thicknesses from .001" and up.
  2. I do not know what is in the jug for the picture, but the jug looks just like the brown glass bottle that Clorox bleach came in during '50's.
  3. No, but that seems to be a knock of of the "Little Engine that Could". Very optimistic for a Model T Ford. By the way Lamar, did you see that I just bought a Model T ?
  4. If I was to guess, I would say that it probably was enamel. Most of the "old paints" are of limited availability or no longer made. If you are going to repaint your car, just use the new base coat/clear coat because if it is properly done, you will have a much better and longer lasting paint job. Just IMO.
  5. Here is the building today. Looks well preserved. Now looks like it is the Institute of Buddhist Studies.,-122.2657626,3a,52.6y,218.04h,95.88t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sltOW-LWBHWO9rFxC8K3VMQ!2e0!!7i16384!8i8192
  6. If this is the car you are talking about It has been identified as a Hudson.
  7. I received this today from the leaders of the Buick Town Chapter / Buicks on the Bricks which is tied to Flint's Back to the Bricks event Volunteers for Buicks on the Bricks, Looking at today's Back to the Bricks' web site, the details for main event week have not yet changed. However, a Plan B is mentioned as a possibility depending upon the situation caused by the COVID-19 virus. We must wait and look to the Brick's web site for event updates as posted over the coming weeks. Our plans for Buicks on the Bricks are cancelled. We know that Factory One and the Durant-Dort building will be closed. We also know there would not be "large social gatherings" such as the Saturday car show on Saginaw Street. Further, the Woodward Dream Cruise, the Sloan Auto Fair and Crossroads are cancelled/closed. The trend is clear for this years major car events. All related Buick car organizations will be notified of cancellation for Buicks on the Bricks 2020. Roger, Dave and Al
  8. Kyle, Good to see you are still among us. Hope all is well
  9. When I worked in the Buick Detroit Zone, the file for Krajenke went back like 80 years. If I remember correctly, the original papers signing the dealership were signed by Billy Durant. A lot of history at that location. They sold Yugo cars at one time. In 1978, I almost bought a Bricklin from them. They were also a Bricklin dealer in the day. Joyce and I bought a Corvette instead which we still have.
  10. Could someone possibly know the application for this distributor. It appears to be for a Studebaker but not sure. I couldn't find this number for the distributor in any of my Hollanders or Auto Lite catalogs. But the rotor number is IGS-1016 and is ONLY for 1942-50 Studebaker cars and 1946-50 trucks. That cap, IGC-1107, has MANY different applications for makes, years and models, but the Studebaker applications are exactly the same as for that rotor. This is an Auto-Lite Distributor that has a new-old-stock cap & rotor & points too. (see photos) On the bottom of the box is the Studebaker number presumably for this distributor. #905127 Thanks for your help.
  11. Sitting here watching Rainman tonight as I am looking at posts.
  12. IMO, One of the best "tools" for a good tour is a great and accurate tour book where every vehicle has one and can go at a pace that matches their vehicle. From my experience, you will usually get a group of maybe three to five vehicles that can drive comfortably together. We have always had fun with this set up. I fortunately not been with groups that have to go single line from the first to the last car, but I have heard of them.
  13. Remember that there is nothing that TIME & MONEY can not conquer.