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  1. Like houses, the bigger the rig, the more possible issues. My wife and I have been camping for over 40 years and our sweet spot for a "motor home" is a VW Westfalia camper. At one time our family of five all slept in the camper and traveled across the country on vacations. Keeps us off the ground as in tenting, and has the basic amenities like sink, stove, frig, etc. Best thing is it fits in a standard garage. We've had ours for about 35 years. We are getting ready to do the Route 66 tour west next year with the Lincoln Highway for the return route.
  2. I have been reading a lot about the power jacks because I have been wanting to get one for my car trailer. From what I have read, they are very prone to failure, all brands, etc. I have read the reviews for a lot of them and that is the one single theme of all of them. I am going to stay with a manual jack on my trailer.
  3. I will be in the area on a VMCCA Nickel tour. We will be staying at the Liberty Mountain Resort. If you are in the area look us up.
  4. Why wash it. We have a work truck. We haul all kinds of stuff in it including moving desks, chairs, etc.. for friends around the neighborhood. We drive it in the rain to clean the dirt and mud off.
  5. Depends on if you plan on driving the car. If you are going to look at the car, then put it together. If you plan on driving/touring with the car, get all the mains and rods rebabbited. Old babbit will get brittle and break up. Ask me how I know. Been there, done that. Just had the rods in my truck redone last week because of an oil line failure.
  6. I have one that I bought over 40 years that is similar that I have in my shop in Flint.
  7. Lamar, Let me tell you about a 1915 Buick Truck and the challenges of the last two weeks. I had the engine rebuilt last winter and only had 125 miles on that new rebuild of the engine. We had only went on one 85 mile tour and some around town driving on that new engine. Then an oil line failure which puked 4 quarts of oil on the ground and that took out the rod bearings. I could not turn off the engine fast enough. Fortunately only the rod bearings were hurt. Off comes the pan, out comes the rods & pistons, fixed the rods, put it all together and then started it up and now a wiring problem with a wire that shorted to ground. Hopefully I will get it sorted out so I can bring it to OKC. If not, the fall back plan is to bring the 1913 Model 31.
  8. Roger, It will be good to see you and your Dad again. I will show you some pictures of the F.
  9. Need to start by going to your secretary of state office ( or what ever it is called in PA) or look on line to see what the current procedure is to get a new title. That will give you a start for acquiring a title.
  10. Not if you have enough debris in the system. It becomes a blockage and the a/c does not work.
  11. We called them the "pancake" or "sausage" style filters. I think part of the difference would be the size of tubing that goes in each end of the filter. It has been a long time since I used one.
  12. Are you talking about a hot vulcanizing? If so, where can you get the new valve stems that can be vulcanized into the tube? I have a couple of tubes that had the stems break, but the tubes are still good. I know glued stems can be purchased.