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  1. Just put a bolt through the impeller with an nylock nut on the other side. Simple and if you ever want to remove it for any reason, simple.
  2. I will try. From the left in first row Pete Phillips on knees, Sandy Rose just over Pete's left shoulder, Me behind Sandy, Marty Roth standing next in the dark blue shirt, Ben Bruce on Marty's left, Joann Dyresen in beige coat, Don Dyresen in red shirt behind her left shoulder, Barb Wiegand at far right and Terry Wietgand in orange shirt to her right. Sorry for the individuals that I do not remember their name.
  3. Lamar, Thanks for all of your work and insight to keep the conversations going. If you can plan a trip up north, the two best times would be Fathers day weekend to go to the Motor Muster at Greenfield Village/Henry Ford Museum or Back to the Bricks & Woodward Dream Cruise in August. You and Rite would go as our guests at Motor Muster, and the Back to the Bricks last year had almost 300 Buicks on the informal drive-in to GM Factory 1 & the Durant Dort Carriage Office building. You could also see the Flint Wagon Works wagon the Dandy Dave Brennen found in NY. Larry
  4. One of the three scheduled pre-war meetings that have been going on every year for many years. Fun time and good meet for prewar parts. Sorry to see that next year is the last year.
  5. I will be going from Detroit this week to the swap meet in Chickasha and back this week. If anyone needs something moved either way, let me know. I will be driving my truck.
  6. My grandson and I play with a Lionel train set up that I have in our basement. We have four lines going at the same time with lots of cars to change out for him to run.
  7. Neat cars of the era. I had a bunch of Opels in college and shortly after. The last one that we had, my wife had a '75 sedan with fuel injection. That was also a fun car to drive. It had a 4 speed manual and would get right out there for the size of the engine.
  8. Do you have a VIN# that you could PM me? I kind of keep track of the old Buick trucks. Thanks,
  9. I ( my machinist friend) have the pump and will try to post some pictures of the rebuild.
  10. Hugh, The shaft is .750" the whole length. If you are measuring an old shaft, ?? The impeller is retained by the pin that goes through the impeller and shaft. From a manufacturing standpoint, it does not make sense to have a different diameter as that adds cost and at those tolerances, a LOT of cost unless there is a specifically reason. I do not see any reason for that around the impeller area. Both of the bushings are for a .750" shaft. I am just a KISS guy, keep it simple and that is how we / machinist are refurbing the pump. Larry
  11. My reading and experience notes that that to charge the new AGM/ optima batteries you should have an updated battery charger. I have also transitioned to Optima batteries in my '15 truck. Here is what I have. It can charge 6 & 12 volt batteries, Gel, AMG, & regular batteries, and 2amp, 10 amp, and 20 amp charging. Has ability to check state of charge of the battery along with voltage. Clore Automotive SOLAR Pro-Logix PL2520 6/12V Battery Charger/Maintainer with Boost - 20 Amp List Price: $119.99 Price: $104.64 Free Shipping for Prime Members You Save: $15.35 (13%)
  12. I am currently helping my machinist rebuild a 1922 pump like yours for Mark Kikta. I will be posting some pictures. To dis-assemble the pump we did need to cut the shaft behind the impeller on the front engine side because the impeller was frozen on the shaft. He then drilled out the shaft from the impeller on the lathe. After cleaning the impeller bore out, it fit perfectly on a 3/4" shaft. Waiting for the seals, new bushings, and stainless steel bar stock to make the shaft. Glass beaded all of the pump body & impeller parts.