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  1. Came across this advertisement from the January 1918 "The Oldsmobile Pacemaker" magazine that you might enjoy
  2. I agree with what Matt says. Besides Miller & Lincoln, I would add Hobart. I have a Hobart MIG welder that will run on both 120 & 240 volts. So far I have been happy with it and it works well. I bought mine at Tractor Supply. The MOST IMPORTANT statement made by Matt is be sure you buy a welder that you can get parts for. If not, the welder will only be as good as the first part to wear out. The three brand names stated in this discussion should have parts availability for the long future. All other non name brand welders, ??? Just IMO
  3. Here is the completed chassis. I hope to get the engine and transmission installed in the next month or so. Then to get all of the control rods installed and then the body.
  4. Nothing is forever "dead in the water" if you want to make it run & drive. Just takes time and money to get them back on the road. Here is how my 1908 started out when I bought it.
  5. I have been using a jump box for our GPS when touring. I have never had it go dead and we have had it on for maybe 10 hours. Easy to take to the room at night and recharge. Do not know about the CB radio. Depends on current draw and how many times you key the mike.
  6. Pre 1915 Buick literature, not ads Thanks.
  7. I am looking for a jug/engine. Can you point me in the direction of this engine? Thanks.
  8. 1918 Buick E-49 Advertisement
  9. Take LOTS OF PICTURES!! They will come in handy during reassembly. Also this is a great place to get help.
  10. 1917 Advertisement. 1918 E-35 Model
  11. An ad from 1915. A C-45 Model advertisement.
  12. The 1910 Buick 2A truck had an engine under the seat. Also the 1908 Buick "delivery car" had the engine under the seat. Both of those vehicles were built off the Buick Model F chassis.
  13. A lot of Buick engines had the distributor in front. I do not remember the particulars of all of the engines, but might be. Also the steering column is a standard GM Saginaw tilt steering column. Only the length was different for the different models. I am guessing the age of the column could be anywhere from maybe 1968- 1990 +-. The column was also used by Chrysler including many Jeep models.