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  1. I have some paint drying that I need to keep an eye on.😀
  2. Have always liked Hudson's. Just took the 49 out today for the first test drive. Will be a daily driver. Our roads are clear out here. No snow in the valley.
  3. And a story about a famous person walking past the car at some point.
  4. The value goes up with more dust and poop. You can not have a clean barn find. I bet the owner is feeding those birds.
  5. Packard looks good. A lot of sedans end up looking a little funky when chopped. Owner did a nice job on the chop. I know people here do not like this done to a car. But I do not think anyone would have spent the money restoring this Packard. I am looking forward to chopping another old car, just need to move and lease a building. Tired of dealing with this issue out here. Still waiting Idaho.
  6. If things were different out here I would jump on it. And would not change a thing. You will find a buyer/trade. Tough to beat the looks of an open Cord. I had your Auburn, timing is everything.
  7. Both US Senators offices told me "it sounds like a State issue". The State Attorney Generals office told me "the State Attorney General only looks into elected County officials". I was asked to step down from a council in the Chamber of Commerce. After one of the meetings I was speaking with a person, and I expressed concern that you could have people incarcerated. That are wrapped up in a legal structure, that really is just a funnel to move money through. I can show how it could happen. That person said to me "but that is not you is it". I can explain to all of you, and to the Police/media how a person can be walked down a road of entrapment. People tried to do it to me. It did get exposed, and from that all of the other possibilities then become possible. This is just one part of this story. It was just chance that I got on an annexation committee. The State police told me "there are no coincidences in a criminal investigation". I got a call from a US District Attorney, and explained this stuff to him. He said the DEQ well reports sound like an environmental crime. The 49 Hudson is getting closer to being on the road, looking at different places to live. It does not go away Idaho.
  8. Take one clapped out rag top, one solid coupe, some tools/ability/beer, a very ugly story and a dream/courtesy car is born. (one free ride to a hand full of people out here) Ugly story aside, do love the car. Tough to beat a 47 Hudson convertible, great styling.
  9. From dream cars to love shack. Two,too,to funny. I will try and get us back, and maybe someone can give some details on the car/builder, Waterhouse? I really liked the styling on this car.
  10. I think the interest is still there in all of these automotive areas that the magazines cover. It just has to do with the rise of the internet and access to online information. You can post a question or ask for information on this site. And with in 24 hours have your questions answered. (with in 2 minutes if Keiser31 is online) Interest is not going away in restored cars, hot rods or customs. Show me the 30's-50's project coupes selling for 500 bucks because no body wants them?