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  1. That is the Hudson out of Porky's. A little bit different from driving Miss Daisy.😆
  2. I remember reading in a WTN magazine years ago that the factory stopped two tones below the belt line in 49 I think? Would not want to bet much on this memory. Any factory photos of 51-53 cars with a two tone on them? Auburnseeker might have a factory broucher. Not picking apart the car, just curious.
  3. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/cto/d/minneapolis-1953-chevrolet-delivery/7181669373.html
  4. I have known of a few over the years. Have pictures of some of them. That stuff is boxed up right now. Jim Harmon had a unrestored 32-33 Essex/Terraplane roadster in the corner of his shop. Not sure what happened to that one? You could contact the Hudson club in OR. And get a hold of Dick Riggs, he would know what happened to the car. A place to start. https://www.facebook.com/213784541987969/posts/richard-riggs-vp-nw-chapter-het8549-nw-skyline-blvdportland-or-97231home-503-286/511238402242580/
  5. That body is a pretty big gusset that bolts down on that frame. Those welds are only original once!
  6. http://www.bellinghamautosales.com/hudson.htm
  7. My 47 convertible is all stock, Just has the 354 Hemi. It clears the stock steering column/box.
  8. Very easy to restore. It is just a Hudson sedan cut off behind the door, with a truck cab placed on the back. The one for sale would be a good one to start with. Parts are out there. Very easy to make a new bed for them, if the original one is in bad condition. Can dress them out with all of the passenger car trim as well. One of the best looking vintage pickups. Straight up restoration would be easy with this one listed for sale. Trucks were very plain from the factory. A sedan parts car can still be bought for $1,200-2,000. Well worth the extra money if you want to finish it out with the pa
  9. If you have the missing big items, hood, and fenders. Customize the rest, can not hurt the finished value. Still a lot of work to do on that car. Late owner might have added up what the body shop charged him over the years. And it was to much. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stdi-1tIUhM
  10. For sale, bombed out van. Very rare, one owner, low miles, original paint, with only one respray, ran when parked. Clear title, just need to find it. Cash only, no phone calls. JF
  11. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/pts/d/big-bend-hudson-hornet-parts/7173576315.html
  12. They open up automatically with heavy braking. To help slow the car down. A lot like the wings on an air plane. Just a fast car.
  13. Nice truck. Would be a fun project. Can look like this one when you come back from commercial.
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