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  1. That is one of the best looking cars I have ever seen. Looks like it is going fast just sitting there.
  2. If this car is found, please return it to me.
  3. I keep looking for one of these, no luck so far.
  4. Are there no one off custom bodied Chrysler/Imperials missing?
  5. Companies like Griffin will build you a new aluminium radiator. Just send them your original, they build it just like your original, just with modern cores/tanks. Also with any hose configuration and correct mounting brackets/tabs. Tell them you want the original back. Keep it to sell with the car, a new owner can put it back in the car if they wish. This Packard is a street rod, but you can see the fit of the radiator. Lots of options, a lot of radiators are reproduced for your common cars. That fit right in your stock grill shell. For just a driver, a good way to go, having your car judged is a different story. http://www.griffinrad.com/
  6. Xander Wildeisen


    That is Doug's Hudson. I have known him for about 29 years. We were about the only two people interested in Hudson's around this area. I bought the coupe and convertible from him to make my courtesy car. The coupe was sitting in one of his buildings nick named "death Row" it is where nice original cars were park. And sentenced to death, to die a slow death by the hands of time, and the mice. Open on one end, about 6-7 cars can be parked under this shelter of death. It took both cars to repair the convertible. The 47 Hudson convertible, and the 54 convertible came out of the Portland area. One day Doug had to have them, so while going to the Portland swap meet, he bought three cars, and we hauled them back. I was hauling the convertible, following Doug, who was hauling a 47 Commodore coupe parts cars.(not pictured) That coupe was a real Portland special. Mother nature had a bone to pick with that car. The rust was so bad in the coupe, while driving behind Doug on the freeway. You could see that the frame/suspension was strapped to the trailer. And with every bump/dip in the road, the body would bounce /flex and lean in the corners. I really thought he would get back to Idaho, with just a strapped down frame. Doug has sold his old prison labor farm house, and is letting a few cars go. He bought a house in the same subdivision where I used to live. That hopefully you will see on the news. What a story out here. I was asked to speak to the new HOA out there in Star, fill them in on what information has been lost over time. Or shall we say? I seem to be the unlucky one who remembers what happened. Won't they be surprised to find out that they have really been lied to. If only someone would have said something, wait, I did. I will tell you what that got me later. Sh#t is going to hit the fan. It is going to pit a bunch of people against each other. Maybe when this story is told, people can put to rest this little game of wrapping people up into events through entrapment. Very sad, the damage that has been done to peoples lives and businesses. Maybe others have tried to say something, and have run into the same problems, in trying to let the people in charge, know what is going on. The targeting of people and businesses in Idaho is very real, and needs to be talked about. Doug is a good guy, I am sure he will read this post, and I know others will be reading it as well. The word interesting is used a lot out here, it will be interesting to see what people say. Sorry to get off track with this post, your question was about the 54 convertible. It is a nice solid project, if a person was looking for a 54 Hornet convertible. PS, PB, PW and PT. Twin-H 308 engine. A person might be able to get it running and drive it the way you see it. No rust in the rear frame area. Rust in Hudson step downs, is not fun to fix. About the Cord Auburnseeker just posted a picture of. I think that car could be fixed pretty easy. I would not be afraid to get a car like that, would want to really look it over before buying it. I will get a Cord one day, one of the best looking cars built in the 30's
  7. I think the Cord is still alive. Hidden away.
  8. Is the Cord LaGrande speedster no more? Or sitting in a bunker with other missing items from that time period?
  9. Xander Wildeisen

    Alfa Romeo

    Nice video, if a person wanted one of those cars, buy one with a good trunk lid.
  10. Xander Wildeisen

    Alfa Romeo

  11. Xander Wildeisen


    Your car will find a home, or you will get it back on the road. Great cars, the Auburn's are a good looking car as well. I can see why you are looking for one.
  12. Xander Wildeisen


    HEY, I offered two push brooms, milk crate, metal bar stool, extension cord, With a drop light. My deal on the airport tug fell through, lost another chicken to the bird flu.
  13. Xander Wildeisen


    Going into winter, the two snow shovels have to much value. And one of my chickens passed away last night. I am out of the hunt for your Cord. I did find this in the barter section out here. Seller says he is willing to deal on this airport tug. It is not a Cord, but it does have a warning light. https://boise.craigslist.org/bar/d/clark-airport-tug/6765920170.html
  14. Xander Wildeisen


    I will see your Studebaker, and raise you a chopper. And three egg laying chickens, to make Auburnseeker happy. But that is it!!
  15. Xander Wildeisen


    I am trying to figure out why you do not have that car in driving condition? Well... I guess I have a couple that are not road worthy. But that car just needs your other Cad motor installed. A long weekend, and you are driving down the road. Since it is on the barter section on craigslist, I have an old drop light, extension cord, wooden creeper, two push brooms, a milk crate and a metal bar stool that I will trade you for the Cord.