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  1. That car could be cleaned and detailed, rolled out for better pictures. And find a buyer. Those pictures are not helping the sale.
  2. If you are faced with high costs that make the car not worth it. Finish the pieces in a way that brings no harm to them, and helps protect them from further corrosion. A painting/coating process will do it. Skipping the paint and plating steps, and rebuilding the engine/transmission/suspension. Will get the car on the road driving. Throw the body in primer/sealer and put old chrome and trim back on. Going broke over a few years and never getting to enjoy driving the vintage car you picked to have a love hate relationship with. Will result in a negative view of a hobby/industry. A rat rod, if t
  3. Chrome is chrome. If something was better, cheeper and more durable. Automotive manufactures would have used it. The restoration side ties your hands. This is how it was. That is how it needs to be. That will result in a lot of cars never getting back on the road. I am not criticizing the restoration side, it has to stay true for what it stands for and represents. Coating, painting, shaving and plating. Are all options on the custom side. Plating is all you got on the restoration side. It is very expensive to build/restore cars anymore. Being able to work on and service your cars is a must, if
  4. I have sold cars through Hemmings. I would list a car with them and others, when bringing a car to market. One of many places to advertise something for sale.
  5. Pay very close attention to what you are talking about. If scheduling problems are there because of issues on your end, that is one thing. If you are having problems with other trades, and those problems put you in a bind. That can be used to set your business up. Some of that is done intentionally to businesses and people. Really pay attention to it. And also watch for problems with components.
  6. There are a lot of different coatings that can be done in place of chrome. Yes it is not correct, but can make for a nice presentable car when finished. And can help avoid the high cost of chroming. Some of these cars can have a second life, if fixed up in a different way. Still can be original, just finished out with different products. None of them look like as nice as show chrome, but will have a nice finished look.
  7. https://oregoncoast.craigslist.org/pts/d/yachats-1920-cadillac-phaeton-type-59/7292640199.html
  8. Wonder if the other side window was an option, or just a different model year? Would make a neat sedan delivery for a business. A one man ghost busters. It's ambulance days are probably over.
  9. https://seattle.craigslist.org/oly/cto/d/lakebay-1952-packard-ambulance/7299834299.html
  10. Here is a picture of #75 zero chance event. Will trade straight across anytime.😆
  11. I would fall in the circus clown category. So a lot of me will fit.😆
  12. In my opinion, a Cord is a special interest vehicle. It is not a car that comes up in conversation in many car circles. Very historically significant, but the main following for them is in the ACD, restored original side of the car world. That puts the car in an odd place in the market. What is the value? It is modified, but it is still a open Cord. The restoration side frowns on it. And looks at the cost to make it right. That is a lot, and it will never be right by the numbers. So people into these cars are turned off for a few reasons. People who are into customs/hot rods/street rods do not
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