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  1. Can we keep it about restored/original hot wheels on this forum. There are plenty of other forums to talk about modified hot wheels.😀
  2. It is a 1951 piece of sh#t.😀 Very rare to find one these days. Pieces of sh#t have been bought by collectors for years. Great find, I would jump on it. But I am dealing with bigger sh#t out here.😉
  3. I have never pulled one apart. Sorry I can not help out with information.
  4. 700r4 is a great transmission. Should be able to find one in a local salvage yard. Late 80's to early 90's would be what you would want. Before the change to the 4L60E. Not sure when the Speedo cable went to the VSS? 91-92? You can change out the VSS, and go back to the Speedo cable. To work with your stock speedometer. Trans kick down cable can be taken from donor car, as well as fill tube. Very easy to shorten fill tube and dip stick as well. Trans mount will move back a little. And a drive line mod. Shift linkage is very easy to change. You should all ready have a back up light switch,and neutral safety switch somewhere in your stock set up. The only other thing to consider is clearance on the floor/tunnel. That would be the only reason to consider the 200r4. Lots of 700r4 out there with no computer control needed. That is just what I have heard.😀
  5. That Auburn body mixed with the Franklin, popped up for sale about seven years ago.
  6. One of the best looking convertible sedans ever built, IMO. Does someone owe Matt $5.
  7. I am a member of the WTN. Just shopping in the sand box that puts up with me first.😀
  8. I was just running with the bottle thing. To not get off topic.😀 Those beer trucks kick as#. The Bradings one would make a very cool car hauler. Restored of course.😀😏
  9. Looking for a few parts for my 49 Commodore. Need a good trunk handle base, this is the one that has the two handles on it. Exterior sun visor, and a turn single switch set up that goes on the bottom of the steering column. I believe I have the correct lower dash mounting bracket that excepts the wire cover. Just need the complete turn signal switch and race way cover for the wiring. Have a lot of 46-47 parts for trade/ sale if anyone needs parts in those years.