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  1. Does that mean speedster prices are coming down.....way down.
  2. Do you think that has to do with custom cars and street rods? And that seeing a wild over the top flashy car, like the Auburn/Cord. Has been watered down by flashy street rods. The first thought that comes to mind when you see a 35-36 Speedster is kit car.
  3. How was that car viewed, or looked at back then by others? Just an old car? Why would you want it? Or did it still get attention for being a speedster? It would be viewed by a lot of people as being an out of date old car.
  4. Clean up cut edges on both pieces, grind away paint/primer. Clamp in place, and tack weld roof section back on to the rear half of the top.
  5. Scribe a line on the bottom of the roof piece. Trim off up to the line, finish grinding to the edge of the line. I was able to run the roof skin through the english wheel. To deal with a past roof cave in.
  6. An amount of 1 3/4 is taken out. This is not an 1 3/4 drop in height. Because of the angle of the roof line/back half, it is about 1 inch in vertical drop, plus or minus. With an 1 1/4 taken out of the front. This is about the same amount in height removed in the back.
  7. Here the piece is moved up. Getting better. By playing with the roof piece up and down. It allows a person to stand back and see the profile that is created. (And drink a beer)
  8. The two front edges, are not matching cuts. And the back half of the roof is just still clamped on the body, not tacked in place. Also the curve/crown in the back, does not match up well. This is to much drop. Placement of the back half on the body only matters when you are going to tie the back to the front. As long as the you leave yourself enough material to cut off.
  9. Placing the roof skin over the back half, a person can see what change you can make with any amount of drop. More drop, less length. This is all of it, and would be a bad choice for a few reasons.
  10. Once the cut is made. The roof skin can be moved back. Ether under the back half, or over the back half. Going under, you can only drop it back until you hit the window frame/opening. In order to see what drop you can get. The roof skin needs to go over the back half. You can see the loss of length in the roof, just by moving the piece down. It has to go backwards as it goes down.
  11. With both the front and back half marked and ready to be cut. I will first cut off the front half. And then place the roof skin from the back half, on top of the front half. This way I can watch how much length I have in the back half of the roof, as I cut out some height in the back. The more height that is cut out, the more length you lose.
  12. What is funny about this whole thing. Is how the roof has turned out. The shape is not really what I thought it would be. I knew what shape quarter windows I wanted. The Ford windows had that shape. And it is the same shape as the stock quarter windows. Door glass is stock height, windshield on the convertibles is 2 1/4 inches lower than the other 47 Hudson cars/trucks. So this whole window opening, is the same as the convertible. Minus the fence post in between the windows. New quarter window fits the same opening, and picking up length because of the pillar not being there. So it makes it lo
  13. Here you can see a couple of things. Knowing that I am going to cut off the front half. I cut out the sides first. This was just done to see what kind of flex I could get in the roof skin. Not much. If you know how much you are going to cut off. It is a good idea to just cut off a little bit first, and see what you can get from it. You will also see a string that is taped down to the roof. I have seen a lot of ways that people make a mark/line across a roof. This is the best way that I have found to do it. Measure out a point on both sides, tape down a string on one side. Pull it tight across
  14. The shape of the front half is going the wrong way. So the bulk of the length to be cut out, will come from the front. Both of these cuts will be done at the same time. Cutting down the back half, will pull back the roof skin. You do not want to cut away to much material.
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