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  1. I bought a 1963 Rambler wagon at an estate auction. Was in a garage, not a lot of light. Got it home and found an old Texaco sign under the front floor mat on the passenger side.
  2. These were in a barn. I purchased one of the 1932 Buicks a few years ago. Bobcat had less than 6,000 original miles. I bought it as well. Different time and place. Have since sold both of them
  3. Seller says, "has some rust in floors, not bad tho. Needs rear body mount" I believe these guys do a lot of buying out west for trucks and truck parts. Probably picked up the Buick locally at is has a PA inspection.
  4. Just spoke with the owner. She is to send me more photo's. She stated that there was a hole in the trunk. She said it needed painted and a new interior. I am still interested though.
  5. I talked to the owner. He has health issues. The one wheel you see on it is from a Cadillac with a Packard center installed. He has four. He has owned the car about 5 years. He said he bought it out of the state of Indiana
  6. 1948 Packard Coupe on facebook marketplace Imperial PA. Outside of Pittsburgh I don't know how to link it here
  7. Thanks for all of the responses. My thought was to keep them uncovered. The only way I found covers to work properly was to first cover the cars with sheets or blankets and put the cover on. I don't do any dusty work in the garage but I am thinking of buying a couple of pedestal fans in to keep some air flowing.
  8. I am blessed enough to have my cars stored in a heated garage with radiant heat. I have free gas so no heating bill. Should I cover them?
  9. I am thinking this came out of a small town somewhere in PA I don't know how fancy they got with all of the gadgets used by the big city taxi's.
  10. Finally got this project "wrapped" up. Came to me with black on the bottom. I prefer the pink. This car left the factory brown. And yes I have an extended family ride to Walmart with me.......
  11. I am looking for wheel well trim for my 1960 Buick. Looking for all four . Any out there?
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