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  1. I am looking for wheel well trim for my 1960 Buick. Looking for all four . Any out there?
  2. I think I am going to "Wrap" the black area only to pink. She's a good car so far, put about 50 miles on it on different trips. It puts me in mind of the head cheerleader in high school. You know the one, dated the quarterback. This would be her showing up at the class reunion. Not quite what she once was but still attractive enough.
  3. Thanks to NC -car-guy for posting it and getting info to me, my buddy Brad down in NC for putting eyes on it and Lenny for hauling it. This thing will be in PA turning heads soon. Some in awe and probably some in wonder.. It's not going to be an AACA show car. It is going to be enjoyed.
  4. Got a chance to look at it and I don't think it is something that you could use.
  5. I have one. I need to check on the condition. I bought a complete dash that was converted into a wall hanging
  6. Don't hate me. I was younger then, we all were. I drove a 1960 Cadillac ambulance in a demo derby. Yea I did that. At first they were not going to let me in but the rules stated " any American made car or station wagon" the title said station wagon. I ran it less than ten minutes and the officials black flagged me for no apparent reason. I guess to give the others a chance to win. It was a monster on the track.
  7. I often wondered what the fee schedule was for BAT. Now I and others know. Thank you.
  8. My cousins brother stopped by and made an offer so it has been sold as one unit. It will remain alive as it should.
  9. Just picked up a 1965 Buick Special four door sedan. The car is in primer and a day or two away from paint. ( opinion from my cousin who has 40 years in body and paint work} Much work has been done including frame off, all new suspension with front disc brakes added, new bushings, springs, shocks. New chrome reverse wheels with chrome centers. New 15" wide white radials, new custom interior. White with black pinstriping. Custom console built into the front bench seat. New matching door panels and sun visors. New black dash pad. Re-chromed bumpers. rebuilt 310 motor. All body panels are straight and etched in ( black) The car needs all weather stripping gas and brake lines run gas tank, complete wiring. Glass installed ( comes with the car) and of course painted. Exhaust work, carpet and headliner. If I start parting it out it will be parted out or do I sell as is. The frame will fit 1964- 67 A bodies and I am sure some of the parts will work on some two doors as well. I am not going to restore this car myself so it will be sold one way or another. I will post pictures soon.
  10. Got most of the loose stuff off. My cousin, body and paint man, is going to put some paint on a rag and use it similar to staining. He said he would then clear it. We will see if that works.
  11. Pictures. And yes I have exterior vinyl siding on the inside of my garage.
  12. The clear is peeling off the rear tailgate top trim piece. Any suggestions how to refinish? It is just the top molding not the whole panel. Thanks
  13. 1965 black GS for sale at "Hanksters" He is a guy that buys and sells hotrods and muscle cars. His PA shop is about an hour northeast of Pittsburgh PA
  14. I will be in the car corral hoping to sell an original low miles, 12,300, Ford Ranch Wagon