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  1. 1965 black GS for sale at "Hanksters" He is a guy that buys and sells hotrods and muscle cars. His PA shop is about an hour northeast of Pittsburgh PA
  2. I will be in the car corral hoping to sell an original low miles, 12,300, Ford Ranch Wagon
  3. Thanks, Looks to me like a great driver candidate the way it is from what I see. Has he had any offers?
  4. Have them give you a starting number. If they don't want to or won't, ask them what they think is fair and start with $500,. $5,000, $10,000, more? You will get a response or reaction. Asking why they are selling it now after 30 years of storage. Do they have a personal history with the car? If it was their aunt Margaret's and they used to ride in it when they were little it will be more money than if it were "something my uncle bought years ago and never did anything with it" What would your plans be for it? Complete restoration, survivor, or resale? I have been wrong as many times as right, especially in todays world, I base a purchase on what a fair price would be for a car running and driving down the road. " Your car is not more valuable than the next just because it's your car" What would it cost to get it to that point and negotiate from there. A more modern car, 50's and up, is going to cost more to get it going after long term storage due to the breaking system and other mechanics. I recently bought a 1968 Ford Custom 500 Ranch Wagon with 12,206 original miles. Still has the original tires on it. Gas tank was bad and I could not find a replacement. I had to have the original redone, new master cylinder. It's a 3 on the tree so the transmission was not an issue. I am hoping to have it in Hershey for sale in the car corral. Do some homework and be fair and respectful when dealing with folks and be prepared to walk away if you think the selling party is being unreasonable.
  5. A friend of mine is moving and wanting to sell his 1971 442 Convertible. It is triple black and is a four speed with factory air. Very nice car. He is asking $46.000 for it. I don't if that is out of line or in the ballpark. I can get his information if you are interested
  6. I looked last evening for the radio and all I have is the front face plate and buttons? I purchased a 1958 Dash several years ago that was mounted on a garage wall. The radio "innerards" are not there. Sorry about that
  7. I have one as I purchased a complete dash several years ago. I will have to see where it is, the radio that is. Give me a day or two
  8. I used to let my kids take them to the school library.
  9. Posted on Denver Craigslist, not mine But wow!
  10. I have a 1955 Pontiac two door sedan for sale. Green and white. Good paint, chrome and interior. Runs and drives good. I don't have pictures yet. Hoping for $9500
  11. I purchased a 1993 Roadmaster four years ago and the woman I bought it from said then coolant light would come on once in a while and that it had been doing that for as long as she could remember. When it came on for me I assumed it was just part of the deal. The car never overheated or had indications of being hot. I just drive it sometimes in the summer as I have other vehicles. Last year I drove it to the Mecum auction in Harrisburg for a ride out and back. No issues out but on the way back the temp gauge was maxed. I put a little coolant in the overflow and babied her back home. Changed the thermostat and it was fine until about a week later and it got hot again. I took it back to the shop and they found the remains of a mouse in the hose between the radiator and the overflow tank. I guess it had been in there for several years.
  12. In 1977 I bought a new Buick Century and did not want to drive it in the winter. My grandfather would take his travel trailer to Florida and I was lucky enough to be able to park my car in his basement garage. I needed something to drive and would buy a cheap " winter beater". The cars I abused were a 1962 Buick LeSabre four door sedan, a 1966 Chrysler Newport, also a four door sedan and a 1969 Pontiac Lemans four door sedan. All the cars were pretty much used up when I bought them but I remember none of them ever let me down and took more abuse than they should have.
  13. Winter is coming and I have been taping some of the old Perry Mason TV shows. A 1961 Buick convertible has been used in many episodes with different characters driving it. The show is in black and white so I am not sure of the color. An episode I watched last night also had a 1956 Buick Special convertible. I am sure other old programs have Buicks in as well
  14. Interior is wet already. If it's raining outside wear a raincoat when you are driving it!
  15. Looked the old girl over this morning. It has been in the same family since new. His Moms. That is the positive...... car show 29K probably turned over, The air conditioning unit is in the trunk, Trunk is solid with some rust around the passenger side wheel house. The car was painted years ago. ( original color) and needs done again. Last State inspection was 1984. Interior should clean up. The car (455 ) starts up and is quiet. All weather stripping is bad and the back window is taped in. Chrome trim is in need of replating. There is a hole rusted thru the front passenger side inner fender where the brace goes. There is water setting on the drivers side rear floor. I did not climb under the car. It was at his auction last year and did not meet his reserve price. He is hoping to get $2,000 for the car as it sits now. I was afraid to offer him $1500 so I didn't. If you just want an old drop top to drive around in it wouldn't be a bad car. If you wanted one for restoration I would have to think long and hard