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  1. Yea the additional $1,500 buyers premium seems high. However I am the high bidder at the moment. Thanks George Albright
  2. I bid on it. Thanks for the tip. Almost bought one in the 1980s. Cheers George Albright
  3. Junk will always be junk. Look at the quality of 1980s cars even in like new condition. Like new junk.
  4. Please please start a new thread on your mystery car as well!! I noticed on the car being discussed it has a jack shaft and pulleys on it. The 1895-1900 Benz Velo cars and copies has a similar transmission setup with a horizontal engine rather than a vertical like a De Dedion Bouton engine or knockoff. Please send photos of your car to Austin Parkinson in the UK for his opinion. He reproduces De Dion parts in the UK. Just google him for his email. George Albright,Florida. Email
  5. Please join the veteran car club of Great Britain and ask them to run an article on it looking for info from our VCCGB members! Sincerely George Albright,Ocala Florida