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  1. I believe it’s a tire company advertising sign from 1910-20. George Albright. Great piece!
  2. Congrats to the new owner. He got a great car! Sincerely George Albright
  3. My offer of $8,000 still stands. The car is definitely worth more but my three children in college are bankrupting me! Thanks George Albright
  4. It’s the Harris steam car built in Detroit. I sold around 2010 to Jeff Lane of Lanes Motor Museum. He still has it. Originally powered by a mid 1920 Stanley Steamer engine that I believe the Buck Bodenman Estate still owns. Super cool piece. Thanks George Albright
  5. I have that book. Unfortunately my car is not in it. Thanks George
  6. Here is a photo of my former 1929 Duesenberg Judkins limo. I restored from scratch. Showed Amelia island on 2008. Now owned by author Clive Cussler. Notice it has the same type green glass sun visor . Mine was missing. I located a loose one like the one for sale here. Enjoy George Albright
  7. Personally I have never seen a pierce arrow with one on it. My former 1929 Duesenberg judkins limo had one and mine was missing. That is why I researched them. Used the most on 1929-30 Lincolns. I never saw one on a Packard either. However it was a factory add on or customer add on depending on the car. Hope this helps. George
  8. The phone number I posted above for the owner is incorrect. The correct number is 315 769 2910. Thanks George
  9. Please note the phone number above for the owner of the Metz is incorrect. The correct number is 315 769 2910. Thanks George
  10. Lincoln used also. It is for a 1927-31 larger car. George Albright
  11. I am a buyer at $8,000 and I will take it as is paper work wise. I can straighten out any issues if any. Thanks George Albright,Ocala Florida. Cell 352 843 1624. Email
  12. Sorry forgot here are two styles of Conrad. One with spindle seat and one with closed side seat. Both correct. George