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  1. mikewest


    Update, I found this Hudson. Its happy in the windy city with a Chicago police man. It has a good home and maybe someday if he tires of it, I may get a chance to get it back.
  2. mikewest

    1930 Crank main bearings

    Martin I have a good supply of the Pontiac insert bearings that were used in the con rods if you need them.I think there is a Toyota application as well.
  3. Look into these pictures and you will see a Truffault Hartford wrench plus others . Some of these are from Pierce Arrow cars. If any of these early wrench's interest you., email me Mike 585 738 1541
  4. mikewest

    Wanted Metz 22 metal seat back

    I have a friend in NY that will make it for you, he has the bead roller and rolls , a expert man. Call Ray Hedger at 315 684 9007
  5. My intentions were not to upset anyone. The point I as trying to make is this guy has a once in a lifetime hoard of very interesting prewar cars and we are all lucky to see them in where they have set 6 0r 7 decades. We wants to sell them, is putting a asking price on them and is inviting offers. Im sure some of these cars can be bought for much less than the posted price. What I don't see is to publically beat him with a ugly stick for his offerings. I look at cars on line everyday and a lot of them I think to my self "Good luck" or "He is nuts" but I don't jump on the machine and beat him publically.. I just forget.. Im sure Im wrong and your ideas are right. Just my opinion.... Have a great day . Mike
  6. Put them on a street rod site and get them sold. I'm sure this upset someone , but who really cares? If you read between the lines, the seller is saying ...."Hey come take a look and make me a offer" I've sold a lot of cars that need complete restoration and I don't believe I've ever sold one to one of the armchair quarterbacks that sit on there ass all day at a keyboard chopping at almost every post like a butcher with a clever! I really don't get it what enjoyment these responders get out of knocking almost every post they read. I sold a scarce Franklin Town sedan that I dragged out of a barn in Ohio that all the self proclaimed experts said was beyond restoration , to far gone to fix and all that BS. I put the car on EBAY at no reserve and guess what?, It had 10 bidders and went overseas to a guy that as thrilled to get it! I think the price was around $6500. I was happy and he was happy and all the armchair quarterbacks sat there rubbing their heads wondering what they didn't see....
  7. Yes I saw that as well. Ive already bought a box - still looking for original fenders. Thanks Mike
  8. I want a decent pair of rear fenders , old black paint would be a plus. Im near Rochester, NY . Mike 585 738 1541
  9. Model A Ford Fenders needed. I live near Rochester NY , so on the east coast is best. Old black paint would be a plus. Mike 585 738 1541
  10. mikewest

    Tupelo Museum Closing, Selling Off Cars

    I dont know. Ive never seen another in the flesh.
  11. Follow 0 1928 Chrysler Model 72 Rear end repairs By mikewest, Yesterday at 08:36 PM in Chrysler & DeSoto Airflow Add Tag Loading... Rate this topic 1 2 3 4 5 <button type="submit">Submit</button> Reply to this topic Start new topic Moderation Actions Delete Recommended Posts mikewest 179 mikewest 179 Senior Member Members 179 1,674 posts Report post Posted yesterday at 08:36 PM I going to be working on my friends Model 72 Chrysler . The pinion bearing needs to be replaced (at least) and most likely Ill replace the carrier bearings as well. Im reaching out to the Chrysler group to see if these bearings are off the shelf sizes or am I going to have to find bearings specific to the car. Any comments welcomed. Thank You Mike West Quote Edit Share this post Link to post Share on other sites keiser31 2,173 keiser31 2,173 AACA Member Members 2,173 29,715 posts Location: Phoenix, OREGON Report post Posted yesterday at 08:46 PM (edited) First, I would move this thread to the regular Chrysler section and out of the Airflow section. Next, I would go to Olcar Bearing Company and ask them if they have what you need. Olcar Bearing Co (910) 693-3324 135 James Creek Rd Southern Pines NC 28387-6833 Edited yesterday at 08:48 PM by keiser31 (see edit history) Thanks Haha Confused Sad Like × Quote Hide keiser31's signature Hide all signatures 1931 Dodge Brothers DH6 business coupe w/ wire wheels 1931 Dodge Brothers DH6 business coupe w/ wood wheels (my 1st car and still have it) and visions of my past old cars.... Share this post Link to post Share on other sites mikewest 179 mikewest 179 Senior Member Members 179 1,674 posts Report post Posted 10 hours ago Thanks for the info. Mike
  12. I brought home some model A parts this week and mixed in was 2 Zenith carburetors that I have identified as Model B. One is assembled and looks good and the second has been separated from the top and bottom . The venturi is good. Ill post pictures if Antoine wants them. They could be rebuilt and run on a Model A as well. $100.00 each or $175.00 for the pair. mike 585 738 1541
  13. mikewest

    Tupelo Museum Closing, Selling Off Cars

    I saw a model a IRON WHEELED doodlebug. I believe it was Emanuel I met with. They are the most wonderful people to deal with...
  14. mikewest

    Tupelo Museum Closing, Selling Off Cars

    Mr King has a Model A hidden in the barn at Cattail....
  15. mikewest

    Tupelo Museum Closing, Selling Off Cars

    I have a 1933 in my shop now making some repairs for Walter Miller, Syracuse NY .Its the big and a super looking car. Very close quarters in the back, lots of leg room in the front.