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  1. Lastly a Franklin Service Station with a 1928 on the oil rack. Neat picture....
  2. This is a 1932 Franklin convertible I bought about 20 or so years ago and still own. The car was at one of the first Treks if not the first. It was owned by a past Franklin employee secretary and employee of Air Cooled Motors. Hank Manwell told me when he was a young man walking to school he would see the car parked in front of the ladys home. Its most interesting owner was Pat Ballard . He was a song writer and composer , a promotional man ..... His uncle said Pat was a gambler , drinker and a womanizer, His daddy owned 2 jewelry stores in Penn. Pat would use the car with the lady si
  3. My dad bought this Franklin in 1958 at the Watkins Glen Concurs D Elegance during the Grand Prix race week for $350.00 with 6 good tires and a new Duco Black Cherry paint job. He sold the car in 1968 to a local electrician in our home town. I was always after him to buy the car back but it was always NFS. I opened a beer joint in 1981 in Livonia and Buck was a good customer. Still not for sale even though the ca=r sat in a warehouse with flat tires and dirty. In March of 1983 he walked in , ordered a Bud and said "Michael- today is the day!" We agreed quickly on the price and it was all his
  4. Selling this complete chassis. Has all the goodies to make a great speed car! Located on Washington state Canada border. $ 5000.00 firm . Mawest729@gmail.com
  5. If anyone can venture a guess to the chassis make Id like to know. Crosley??
  6. When I was a kid a neighbor was always working on a project. One winter he stripped the body off a rusted out car that he drove and had replaced . He built a plywood body that had no doors and a rumble seat. The dash had toggle switches for everything and no speedometer. It was painted bright red. Marty Brennan - Livonia NY (the owner) gave anyone that wanted a ride around the neighborhood in his new creation. I just found a picture of the car and thought someone might like to see it. I dont remember what the chassis make was but sure the tailights might be a clew.
  7. Here is a old invoice I came across in my roll top desk. This location is 30 miles from my home. I wish it was still there...
  8. I should of been more clear and less specific..... If that makes any sense . I need springs from any early Dodge Brothers as I need the 3/4 elliptic style rears like used maybe up into the early 1920s. I should of done more homework before I posted . So I would say all years should work as long as they are the style I mentioned. They are not going on a DB car. If you have some contact me.Thank you, Mike
  9. Im looking for a complete set of DB springs from the teens. The rear set must be 3/4 elliptic style. I want the shackles and any clamps . Thank you, Mike 585 738 1541 mawest729@gmail.com
  10. Who has a set of springs front and rear for a early style Dodge Brothers? I also want the shackles and clamps. Please respond to mawest729@gmail.com 585 738 1541 Mike . Thank you!
  11. Mike, you should mate the axles and housing with the center section in your other ad and ask $3500!
  12. If you are selling a 1931 Hudson , please reply to this message. Mike 585 738 1541
  13. Hats OFF to everyone involved in the new FRANKLIN SERVICE STATION. Im going to make a wager that this publication really takes off and will be a "Cant wait to get the next one " publication. I received 2 hits today alone for Franklin parts needed . Great job guys!
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