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  1. Tom is the starter switch the style you pull up on the horn button? I restored a 1932 Master 8 and had a master 8 parts car I sold locally .The body was made into a street rod ,but it had its original steering gear in place when I sold it. I will check and see if the steering column has the switch.
  2. Hi Layden , So you have 2 of the 37x4.5 smoothies?? (No tread round head) Mike
  3. These are good 8 cyl drop center rims . Ill box up and ship. You pay $50.00 for the pair plus shipping Mike West 585 738 1541
  4. This is a apron lite in good condition Its a Franklin piece not a Packard that is similar. Price $150.00 shipping included. Mike West 585 738 1541
  5. Excellent all original Treslite with original glass panels . It has the correct piece that backs up the fender and the chrome loom that goes over the wires. I have more pictures if interested. Mike West 585 738 1541 $1000.00 includes shipping . I have a building full of Franklin parts 1929-1934. Nothing earlier except a full set of series 10 or 11 doors with handles . Excellent condition doors with glass - cheap....
  6. I drive old cars in the crap because I figure the car will outlast me so what is the difference? Granted they aren't show cars.
  7. Matt Im curious what is a comfortable road speed for your CD8? Will it run 65 without to much labor? I always wanted one.
  8. A ggod argument to accept the CD-8 as a Classic Car of America is a Auburn 8 that is a classic. Auburns are great cars but I dont think on the level of the Chrysler in quality. If Chrysler had made a boatail speedster , they would of been on the CCCA list. (Just my opinion)
  9. All looks gd! Ive been in Florida 5 weeks so tonight was the shocker getting back to NY.
  10. Al, It doesn't look like its large enough capacity for your engine. That came off a Whippet or some other baby car.
  11. mikewest

    Stutz 1906 Gauge

    I would ask $300.00 for it and you will never have to worry you asked to little!
  12. Wouldn't that be a treat if you owned the car...
  13. When I was a kid , I was always looking over the Hemmings Motor news and Old cars weekly swap sheets ect ect. for rare and affordable cars. I remember telling my dad "Its a RARE CAR" he alsmost always would respond "So are DODO BIRDS, But who cares" Ive had a few really rare cars . One was the only one known.. It was a 1913 Walh touring. It had a Rochester NY made Hazard motor and the car was built in Detroit. Yes it was rare but not very valuable.
  14. Johnny - Are you looking for post or pre 1916?