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  1. I dont think any of them are correct. I have handles that are. I'll send pictures. Mike
  2. Nothing rare here.... Parts cars . They both need complete restorations at a cost of 5 times you can drive a good running driving car . If I get them , they will be available in parts and make lots of Franklin owners happy. The 31 does look like the plum in the crowd.
  3. Laura, It looks like a great start and good workmanship! I hope you find it a new home. Mike
  4. Jeff Thanks for the picture . I have not contacted that man yet. I will in the next week. I think this car is as sharp looking as a any I have fixed. The colors just seem to work together. When Im picking 2 tone colors I always try to pick two in the same color plain. Just to clarify, the dark cherry on the body and the wine color are both the same color , just one darker than the other. I have a automotive paint color fan from a high end paint store and I use 2 colors on the same spectrum from light to dark.
  5. Thanks Jeff for the picture of my 1932 Peerless Master 8 I restored around 1990. The body color looked almost black in low light. When I bought the car it was all black. Back in the day... I painted everything 2 shades of red or maroon.
  6. Interesting.... How much was he asking for my car?? Im curious. So you dont have the currect owners address? The first buyer bought the Continental 12K that came from the 1931 I parted out.
  7. Someone in SC bought what? My 32 that went to Calf? or the restorod from my area?
  8. Ive owned 2 - 1932 Auburns , both had a kick shackle ... no problems noted.
  9. Jeff, I dont remember if I every sent you a picture of the 32 I restored. I painted the car Studebaker Black cherry. This car sat in a barn with a 27 Peerless 6 cyl sedan also thats now in the Norwich NY museum. When I restored the 32 , I went to Sanford Florida and bought a 31 Master 8 sedan for the fenders. They were cherry and mine were hammered. The remains of the 31 is still here in town rebuilt as a rest-o-rod.
  10. Amazing how the gas has gone up since the new administration....
  11. Here is a Autocar I I bought for $600.00 , a 1919 2 cyl model. It was part of a fleet of trucks at Dispatch Coal and Produce Co Rochester NY . Tis truck serviced the furnaces in East Rochester at the "Car Shops" where rail road cars were built and repaired. If you look close the name on the side can still be seen. It had a high lift coal body on it that 2 compartments. I rebuilt it to good running and driving condition before I was 20 years old. (Im 63 today) The body was power up and gravity down with a hand brake on a drum. It was 3 speeds forward . It had a real jack rabbit clutch that
  12. I took a Franklin for a drive tonight. Hoping its going to be warm threw the weekend.
  13. Hi everyone, curious if there is a Kelsey Motorette group or a person that keeps a roster of cars known. There was one here in Livonia where I live until the 1940s. I recently ran across a article of where it went to. I have a video of it being driven around town in a parade. Mike West
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