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  1. Im cleaning out some stuff that came from Harry Ward Chrysler Plymouth from here in town, Livonia NY. He started out as a Maxwell dealer and took on Chrysler when it absorbed Maxwell. I have this neat NADA book. It covers ALL cars from about 1929 to 1939. Auburns, Franklins, Packards, Kissels ... well you get the picture. Price is $30.00 I pay the postage. It says V16 Cadillac's in 1938 were worth $200.00 or less. Lots of information on all cars. Location of serial numbers, factory prices all models ect. Cheap reference for all the great years in your pocket. Mike 585 738 1541
  2. Sunny I might add to the above statement. It wasn't the cars fault it broke, it sounds like you made a poor shift and buggered it up. The Franklin is perfectly suited for your roads . Just go a little easy on the old girl. If you want a car to beat up get a Ford or Chevy and use the Franklin for a going to church car! I have at least 6 good sidedraft engines , transmissions (4 of the T -77s) axles ,shocks, springs, many steering boxes (Ross and Gemmers) and more. Keep your car!
  3. Ill bet the car has been sitting outside for a while. See the telltale signs of rust on the raid gutters and core support. Otherwise a handsome old sedan.
  4. I sold my 1932 Auburn 8-100A years ago. Today in a drawer I found a nice chrome plated headlight rim . It has the notch in it where the divider bar rides. Price is $40.00 Mike West 585 738 1541
  5. What is the green truck body in the background?
  6. Sunny, Keep your Franklin. I have enough parts here to rebuild your entire car 3 time over. Send me a few pictures of the leather moccasins you make. Happy Memorial day.
  7. Sunny , I didn't find a loose shifting fork. The only thing I can offer is to rob one off a good transmission or sell you a complete cover exchange .( me get your old cover and broken fork ) Why don't you see how much the shop wants to make one. also why not take the broken one to a good welder and have it tig welded ?
  8. I looked today for the one you want with the Old English F . I didn't find one. But have a few of the 29 series that are in very good condition. I can take a picture if you need one. Mike
  9. A friend had a Packard sedan sent to my house by a broker trucker outfit. When the truck showed up it was the worst looking old dirty, smoking K-Wapper you ever saw. The name on the side was "Three Amigo Trucking" Only 2 boys go out of the cab and I smartly said - " Where is the third amigo? " They said he is sleeping. I didn't think anything of it again until the car was let down from the TOP with a long rope with three wraps around a cross member to control the speed of decent and sure enough the third boy got out of the back of the Packard scratching his ass and rubbing his eyes with his standing on end!!! I was shocked as he was on the top of the trailer. I asked him why he chose my car and he replied" It has the best interior of all the others" He didn't hurt it any so no harm done.
  10. Im sure I would of been bored to death....
  11. Im not the expert. Please check and you decide if they are correct or not. Or compare to your cars tags??
  12. What is out there for sale in 1931 Hudson (not Essex). All cars considered. Thank you, Mike 585 738 1541
  13. Yes , its the same generator. The spacing on the mounting holes is 2 inches