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  1. Or maybe you’re the mechanic in the family?
  2. Nice workmanship, but IMHO, a swing and a miss.
  3. Brooklyn, Have you seen the 1930 Dodge sedan on
  4. That’s a great pre war Buick! They’re only original once. Buy it and drive it.
  5. I’ve owned a 35 &. 36 Dodge so my short answer will include 1) Dodge cars have no wood. 2) Chrysler cars of this era have superior engineering. I also love the fact that the cars of Chrysler Corp outsold those of Ford Motor Company in 1936. Buick cars of this era are beautiful machines and I’ve seen more early Buick’s than Dodges, so availability may be a factor. All in all, both cars I believe are solid choices.
  6. I hope we don’t lose Matt from the forum. His writing is well crafted and his opinions are spot on.
  7. That’s a great family treasure. Thanks for sharing.
  8. This car is ripe for a recreation project of another famous early 1920’s Oldsmobile......
  9. Kimberly, I would suggest to put up a few photos of each. That will make it easier on you.
  10. Two good things to say about this. 1) It keeps the water out and 2) Most people aren’t tall enough to check your work! Enjoy your car!
  11. Sweet ride. You’re having way to much fun with it.
  12. I had a pinhole leak in the fuel line that runs underneath the radiator. Give that area a look too. The brake line runs parallel with it.
  13. I like the wine barrels in the background. Yakima Valley is good wine country! Great car, good luck with the sale.
  14. I didn’t know there was a plural of “Cutlass”? Joe, you must be a Latin scholar!