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  1. Steve9

    1936 Dodge Clock

    Well, I guess I blew it. The clock is supposed to be in the glove box door. Apologies to the Mopar gods.
  2. Nice car Matt! I believe you made a good choice for restoration because Buick is probably the most popular marque on this forum. So based strictly on that, virtually any Buick is a solid bet. Especially a convertible.
  3. I’ll be in LA for a week at Christmas. If he gets down to his restaurants at all, I will find out.
  4. I saw it too! I gotta meet him. We’ve got something to talk about!
  5. I lived in Oregon in the 80’s and bought a restored set of plates at the Portland swap meet. Used them on my car too. Did they change they law? I remember the guys name; A. Wayne Andrus. Perfection in workmanship. What’s to gain by going backwards?
  6. That gas pedal looks like it was excavated from the tar pits!
  7. From your photo it looks like the seal is upside down. If the seal is tight against the floorboard, it comes to rest underneath, right? Alternative fix, move to a warmer climate!
  8. Steve9

    1936 Dodge Clock

    I installed my clock on the drivers side because of the size and weight of the unit.Its pretty bulky.
  9. Fenders and Fins, Woodinville Wa. Jon Carson. Excellent work turned out here.
  10. I can give you a recommendation of a shop if you live in Washington State, otherwise any shop specializing in restoration work should be able. The shop that did mine did an outstanding job and was affordable too. Most shops bill by the hour so the uglier the wheel, the more it’ll cost.
  11. Hagens auto parts of Puyallup, Wa will rebuild your wheel cylinders and master cylinder too. Don't trust anything else called new. I even had my clutch and pressure plate rebuilt too. Who’s to say these parts weren’t switched somewhere along the line? My car runs about 2500 rpms at 60 mph and that’s as fast as I’m gonna go. I too was considering an overdrive but I’m satisfied with status quo. Any speed higher I believe is unsafe, especially since your talking 80 year old technology. Thats a beautiful car you’ve got! Enjoy!
  12. I’ll bet it’s the maintenance manual.
  13. Woodinville is a nice area, many wineries for tasting if you’re into that. It’s also home to the Puget Sound Region of the WPChrysler Club, a very active group of mostly 1950’s Mopar people. Population density is an issue, but when you’re retired you can time your trips to avoid most of the commute crush. The best part of life in this area is ANYTHING you need is close by. I would start reading The Seattle Times daily to get a real feel for what’s happening in the area. “Area vibes”gives information regarding crime etc on each city.