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  1. The screw wedges the ornament in place when tightened down. Works very well. I used a hex head screw for a painless, non slip screw job. I filed the end down like a pencil point as seen in keiser31’s post.
  2. Great car DecoDog! Welcome to the family. Make sure to keep us in the loop on your journey.
  3. This would be a great first classic for someone. I’ll bet somebody else got in over their head. Overall looks real solid and don’t forget the best part… no structural wood to rot out!
  4. Beautiful car! I love seeing 32-34 cars here and an 8 cylinder all the better. Take this to a show and guaranteed nobody’s ever seen one, right? Good luck with the sale.
  5. An island is a place where it can go either way,depending on their acceptance of you. My brother was hired as a store manager up there and was fully embraced by the community even became President of the country club. Being an old car guy would probably help break the ice with locals too.
  6. What I like about this car even though it’s a nice 80 year old car the owner takes it out and drives around like it’s a 20 year old car. No Felix Unger fussy thing going on, just get in and go. Like maybe Oscar Madison.
  7. Sitting at the auto electric shop this morning an all original 41 Mercury sedan. 76k miles, very straight, radial tires and a added 3 stop light. I’ve seen it on the road but now had an opportunity to shoot it.
  8. Hagen’s was the best but just like the rest of us, people age out of the hobby and sadly suppliers do too.
  9. Nice clean engine there. My 36 has the filter at the fuel pump, I’m not too keen about the filter I see in the pics over the exhaust manifold. Might become an issue in that hot environment especially if it’s plastic. Just my 2cents worth. Peace.
  10. 1968 Fairlane 500 2 door hardtop. In 1975 $150. Front end damage and 2 dead cylinders from burned exhaust valves. Fixed it up drove it 4 years and sold it. Good car, good times. Learned a lot. Manual drum brakes all around which were weak and coulda been the reason for the crash. Pretty common car in the day, try to find one now.
  11. Congratulations on your new old truck. You are miles and years ahead by buying a rig from out west. One should consider a trip out this way when looking for any old car. Airfare is WAY cheaper than bodywork, right? We took a road trip to Montana one summer on Hwy 2 near Libby and was amazed at all the nice old cars people had for sale right there on the highway.
  12. Did somebody say “mud flaps”?. Here’s a pair I’ve been kicking around the garage for almost 40 years. Paid a whole $2.14 a pair! Sorry NFS. Bought for my 69 Cougar XR7 convertible, never put em on.
  13. Absolutely! Forty some years ago I bought a 35 Dodge, my first old car. I called it “eternal combustion “.
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