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  1. Just for comparison, my 36 Dodge has dual horns and a 30 amp fuse. Nothing else on that circuit. Everything else runs on a 10 amp fuse.
  2. I agree the mat is glued to the metal flooring. Most of my car was free of rust except at this pad where it held moisture and heavily rusted the flooring underneath. All the rest of the metal floor and carpet even were in fine shape, just not under the mat. I didn’t get any rust through, just heavy pockmarking there.
  3. This truck is parked on the deck of a decommissioned ferry boat/ party venue. Not much partying these days.
  4. Here is my favorite morning coffee stop. 1945 Ford cab mated to a 1970 Chev chassis. I know purists won’t love the marriage of the two Marques, but the way I see it, it’s been saved from the crusher. Any other working antiques out there?
  5. If it were my car and I as a young man I’d turn my attention to the Dodge which has way less wood than the Buick. Then with the success of completing that car, moving onto the Buick with the satisfaction and confidence of a finished restoration already under my belt, you probably would have connected with others with experience you can mine to undertake the wood job. (Sorry for the run-on sentence.) This hobby is the best when you can get involved in a club and be in the company of like-minded souls.
  6. I’ve owned both 1935 and 1936 Dodges and have been warned of their weak rims. I’ve always ran bias ply tires and following the advise of people who’ve learned by experience is the reason why I won’t stray to the radial side. Thanks.
  7. This pic was shot between 1905-1908 from what I’ve seen in her collection.
  8. This picture was taken in the first decade of the 20th century by my great grandmother at Plymouth Rock. Might anyone know the make and year of the car? Sorry I can’t get a better angle.
  9. Nice car! Oregon plates, Northern California sale. I’ll bet Keiser31 knows this car!
  10. You only live once. The older I get the more I realize it’s time to give back. Kinda like Scrooge, eh? Thanks to every one who shares the experience!
  11. My mother worked at Westlake Chevrolet in Seattle in the late fifties . I recall her saying what a dud the 58 Chevies were. Many issues plagued these cars. What is was I don’t know, it wasn’t important to me then or now. But anybody trashing the 55- 57’s don’t have a leg to stand on. Popular cars when new, still popular now.
  12. There are chrome plated aluminum reproduction covers available through SRPM street rods. Can anyone swear to the quality of them? Not bad at $725.00.
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