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  1. I am very grateful for the education on this ‘Stang. I spoke to my wife and we will not just walk away from involvement, we will run!! The last thing I need is to flesh out that her departed brother was a flim-flam man or worse a sucker for buying a counterfeit car! Thanks to all for the input and Happy Holidays to you.
  2. I apologize for biting back on the statement in the original post. I am a victim of poor wording on the post. The very thing I was trying to avoid.
  3. Thanks for weighing in Matt. I was hoping to get your opinion. Thank you sir!
  4. Please reread my description. Nothing says it is in top shape. I only posed a question.Thanks for your input.
  5. My sister in law is in need of selling her deceased brothers car. It has only 8900 miles on it and has been parked in the garage for over twenty years. It’s not a fire sale situation either. What would the value of this car be in top shape? Any ideas on the best way to go?
  6. I don’t know if I want to get caught sneaking into the Judges place, if caught it’d be too easy to be sent away to San Quentin!
  7. It’s a line from the “Beverly hillbillies” movie.
  8. Parked at the docks, probably a ship worker. This car looks as if it was locked away for 40 years. Factory 4 speed, Crager mags, Highjacker shocks, fresh from the time capsule.
  9. Looks like a pretty nice car for the money! The grille is perfect and the horn grilles look good too.
  10. C’mon you guys, the flying cigar is one of the coolest hood ornaments ever! At least IMHO. Also the location of the speedo is unique.
  11. What a great find!! Love those orphan brands. Looks like your son is an old car guy already!
  12. I like the Highway Patrol connection to 10-4 a lot better than the 70’s version of “10-4 rubber duck“ during the CB radio craze!
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