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  1. I went small time and put on fog lights and an exhaust deflector....then pulled them off. I’ll go with the “just off the assembly line” look.
  2. What a beauty!! Will we see your car in Puget Sound country?
  3. If that won’t impress your friends, nuthin will!
  4. Very sorry to hear the news. He was always there on the Dodge forum. He will be missed indeed. Rest In Peace dear friend.
  5. Nice looking coupe. Notice the Plymouth wheels. Not a bad thing, those rims are stronger than the Dodge item.
  6. What if it’s a GS or GSX? Then even if it’s a little rough, you’re not gonna loose on that deal.
  7. Indeed he has. I’m siding with Padgett on it being a studio prop. Maybe something left from a Doris Day or Elvis movie on a Hollywood backlot.
  8. Alright, where’s Keiser? He seems to nail all these what’s the car questions.
  9. Steve9

    1936 Dodge Clock

    Well, I guess I blew it. The clock is supposed to be in the glove box door. Apologies to the Mopar gods.
  10. Nice car Matt! I believe you made a good choice for restoration because Buick is probably the most popular marque on this forum. So based strictly on that, virtually any Buick is a solid bet. Especially a convertible.
  11. I’ll be in LA for a week at Christmas. If he gets down to his restaurants at all, I will find out.
  12. I saw it too! I gotta meet him. We’ve got something to talk about!
  13. I lived in Oregon in the 80’s and bought a restored set of plates at the Portland swap meet. Used them on my car too. Did they change they law? I remember the guys name; A. Wayne Andrus. Perfection in workmanship. What’s to gain by going backwards?
  14. That gas pedal looks like it was excavated from the tar pits!