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  1. I'm working on a 49 Special Deluxe woodie wagon and need door parts, strikers, dovetails, etc... Is anyone selling reproductions of these parts?
  2. Very nice! Hard to see the wood from that angle though............
  3. Thanks Tom! The veneer is Sapele. I like to use it because it looks nice and I can get it in 1/16" thickness. Mahogany veneered plywood is typically about 1/42". I get it from a place called Certainly Wood. I cut the plywood close on the saw and finish fitting it into the openings by hand, then glue the veneer on. The panels in the window openings are glass patterns. The finish will be an automotive clear and will be sprayed, I am going to stain the wood first. Still working up a color.
  4. Getting very close to pulling it apart for the finish work. Still have two panels to veneer and some final fitting, next month or two will be much chaos and not many pictures.
  5. He gave this to you as a thanks for clearing the yard, right??
  6. The only parts I have used from the original body were the window regulators. The door latches are mini bear claw latches that I had to modify to fit in the door rails and work with the original inside and outside handles. The liftgate handles are modified Model A Ford parts from Ecklers, the latches I found on the internet and the catches I made from stainless and will be polished. The tailgate hardware is not done yet but will be a combination of internet sourced and home made hardware. I had to make all of the interior brackets. The back door is hung on a set of NOS front door hinges that w
  7. Tailgate and liftgate are mostly done. Have been finishing up the interior as well, inside panels for the quarters, brackets, door jambs etc..Wont be too much longer before it's time to start taking it back apart.
  8. Very nice, the last picture in particular, the grain didn't line up that way by accident. Gross mismatches in grain and color stick out like a sore thumb to me. Gaps look nice too, although I hope you're going to open them up some.
  9. I've built a couple Spotsmans and have pictures of the process. Here are some of the body without the wood. I have more, be glad to talk to you too if that would help.
  10. The back door is done and the spare tire mount is finished. Moving on to the tailgate.
  11. The glass should not fit tight in the frame, on the other hand you don't want it to leak or rattle, so something has to take up the space. If you have any of the original wood left and can determine how big the original channel was, that would give you an idea of what was used. If you don't want to use a rubber channel you could glaze it in with something like silicone.
  12. Please post pictures when you get the truck, the Hemmings ad is gone. To each his own, I say. It's your truck, it's your time and money going into it, and when it's done it's you that has to be happy with it. Good luck with your project which ever way you decide to go with it.
  13. Both front doors are done, at least as far as I am going to go with them for now. Next will be to fill in the space behind the drivers door where the spare tire will mount. This space originally had a sliding window, I had an extra regulator so decided to use it there. The spare tire mount will have to be worked out since it originally hung off the C pillar but since I moved that back that will no longer work.
  14. Correct. This one. Might have found something, will know for sure in a day or two.
  15. The door I need these for is on the right. The pictures I posted are from a left side door but in this case they are the same side to side.
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