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  1. Correct. This one. Might have found something, will know for sure in a day or two.
  2. The door I need these for is on the right. The pictures I posted are from a left side door but in this case they are the same side to side.
  3. Set of hinges resembling these, need to be about 2-1/2 inches tall. Need set for one door.
  4. Moving on to the front doors. I am going to keep the styling as close to what Campbell did as I can. We wanted a wider door so the B pillar has been moved back, the fixed wing window was eliminated and decided on bear claw latches. The next two should go a little faster now that the engineering has been done. The passenger side gets a back door but not the drivers. That panel will have a roll up window though.
  5. What would be involved in a restoration will depend on the present condition of the wood and what kind of finished product you have in mind. Assembly is pretty much self explanatory, every part will only fit in one place. Start with the larger more obvious pieces and through the process of elimination they will eventually all fall into place.
  6. A whole new wood body on a Power Wagon chassis. Posted it over in the National Woodie Club section but thought maybe some outside the woodie world might be interested as well.
  7. You know that Power Wagon over in the Woodie Club section? That's what this came from. You could still be right though because I'm pretty sure the regulators are not original and could have come from anything. I'm thinking i'll probably get some pinned cranks and either drill the regulator posts out or use set screws.
  8. Anyone know what this might have been used on? I need a set of them or something similar. Screws on to a 3/8" square shaft. Can find lots of pinned handles but can't find any that screw on.
  9. The roof is going to be similar to the Campbell piece but I wanted to dress up the inside corners a bit. A rather odd shaped piece, in cases like this I make a scrap wood pattern just to get the shape then copy it to get the finished piece. The rear corners were simpler, carved them out by hand.
  10. Cantrell and Campbell bodies. Pretty easy to tell apart.
  11. Thanks. Cantrell and Campbell were both coachbuilders. Not sure what else Cantrell built, but Campbell built a lot of bodies for Dodge (aside from Power Wagons), and quite a few for General Motors.
  12. 1950 Power Wagon, records show that Campbell built the original wood body for it. None of the original wood was on the truck when it came to me. The owner wants to use it so I am going to build a body that resembles the original but with a few changes to improve functionality. The door openings were made wider, and the shape of the door pillars was carried back to the rear corners. Originally the rear corner posts were angled in but the outside was a straight line. I like the look of this better.
  13. While you're in there, maybe pull a bearing cap or two and have a look? That much gunk in the pan would make me curious.
  14. If you're still looking for someone to make panels for you I might be able to help. I've done quite a bit of it.
  15. The woodwork has been done for a while now. I started packing up the shop as soon as I finished, so the move has kept me pretty busy. Will be a while before the rest of the work is finished, but this is what it looked like when it left me.