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  2. You don't need it if you won't pay the cost of shipping.
  3. Two pics of other dash knobs on the '35 Dodge DU convertible. Appreciate all y'all.
  4. Both of Keiser's post have correct info. Thanks uptown but that isn't it. I'll need to take a close-up photo.
  5. Needing element and knob. The socket is in the dash. I'd have to take a close-up of some other knob. Maybe this pic helps? Thanks.
  6. Needing a lighter element and very good original knob for a 1935 Dodge model DU. I have a very original car and the lighter got lost over the decades. Thanks!
  7. '36 and up Hudson 8. Pre '36 the pipe exited the bottom instead of the top.
  8. Its awaiting pickup by my transporter who had to fit it into his busy schedule.
  9. If that is directed at me, I just bought the car and DON'T HAVE the book. So I asked. Okay?
  10. What model of '39 Hudson? Multiple types used.
  11. There were utility coupes in all years '37-40 from Hudson (Terraplane).