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  1. For a left hand drive car, when a single sidemount is employed, it is always on the right fender. Opposite in right hand drive countries. The reasoning is that if you are going to exchange a flat tire for the spare, you will be working out of traffic.
  2. Contact Eric through the site. I have sold and bought cars with his help.
  3. Dan Tofflemire or Doug Walters, please PM your email to me. Need assistance re. a '35 DB. Thank you.
  4. Just this week looked at this DB remains in a Texas salvage. So are we saying this was a disc wheel car from about 1926? Yard owner, of course, believes it is a Model T Ford. There is a Dodge 4 in the bush in the engine bay.
  5. Back out today. Camera was charged. Made an offer. Refused. Would not tell me what it takes !
  6. 1905-1908 Hudson chassis are, very literally, hen's teeth. First Hudson arrived 1909.
  7. Asked a friend who has been there if he got pics of the 50. This one.
  8. Also front bumper, 3 or 4 fenders, recall one step plate. Should have seen my exasperation when the camera died.
  9. Found a fairly complete '25 Buick Model 2550 parts chassis near me. Anyone need anything? Has engine, trans, wheels, axles, shocks, rad and shell. Camera died after this pic but will be going back.
  10. Windshield center dividers are reproduced by Paul Schuster.
  11. Terraplane owners / buy /sell/ advice on "Terraplane SEVEN" Face Book page. Come join us.
  12. For 1935 all Hudson and Terraplane closed car bodies have steel inserts in the roof and crank open windshields. Your body is a 1935 without question. You will also find that the outer "corners" of all fenders are more rounded than the somewhat "squared" corners of '34 fenders.