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  1. StillOutThere

    1925 Buick parts

    Asked a friend who has been there if he got pics of the 50. This one.
  2. StillOutThere

    1925 Buick parts

    Also front bumper, 3 or 4 fenders, recall one step plate. Should have seen my exasperation when the camera died.
  3. StillOutThere

    1925 Buick parts

    Found a fairly complete '25 Buick Model 2550 parts chassis near me. Anyone need anything? Has engine, trans, wheels, axles, shocks, rad and shell. Camera died after this pic but will be going back.
  4. StillOutThere

    1946-1947 Hudson Parts for sale

    Windshield center dividers are reproduced by Paul Schuster.
  5. StillOutThere

    1934 hudson coupe value

    Terraplane owners / buy /sell/ advice on "Terraplane SEVEN" Face Book page. Come join us.
  6. StillOutThere

    1934 hudson coupe value

    For 1935 all Hudson and Terraplane closed car bodies have steel inserts in the roof and crank open windshields. Your body is a 1935 without question. You will also find that the outer "corners" of all fenders are more rounded than the somewhat "squared" corners of '34 fenders.
  7. Might check with w/s frame reproducer NC Industries to see if they have them available. Appears to be same part as used by Hudson /Terraplane. Probably others also.
  8. Yes, it is a '56 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer convert. Attached is why I'm sure.
  9. NYer Limo? Like 7 passenger limo with a division glass? Just curious as I have a '56 Crown Imperial limousine by Derham. Please post a pic of your car. Thanks.
  10. I am finishing putting a very nice '56 Crown Imperial Derham limousine back on the road. According to CCCA archives, two were built by Dereham. Anyone know the whereabouts of the identical car? Mine originally was delivered to New York and spent time in northern New Hampshire. Second car went to a Hollywood, CA producer. Any correspondence would be welcome. Thanks!
  11. WTB: 1935 Hudson grille crank hole cover at bottom of grille, like that shown on this red car. '35 Terraplane close and will work okay. I have a very nice '34 Hudson crank hole cover for TRADE if you are interested.
  12. StillOutThere

    37 hutson part wanted Come join many other Terraplane owners.
  13. StillOutThere

    Henry /J for sale

    Have a picture of which supercharger was used??
  14. StillOutThere

    1935 Hudson Grille Assy or Part wanted

    Trim pieces purchased. Thank you.
  15. StillOutThere

    1937 Chrysler Window Stamp

    Glass bugs or logos go back to the early '30s safety glass. 'mid '30s Hudsons and Terraplanes had bugs in them.