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  1. I don't know about other people but for some reason when I am out for a cruise the road always either leads to the beer store or here...
  2. Need the over drive kick down switch that bolts to the head and works off the carb linkage.
  3. Mine is missing the spring and none functioning and just flops back and forth. Until I can find the spring what is the correct position of it closed to stop heat transfer for the summer? Lever up or lever down ? With good gas today I doubt I even need it
  4. Thank you. Being I cannot find the correct jet tube for my DRT-08 I am going to look at swapping out for a BB1.
  5. You would not happen to have the same spec sheet for a BB1 updraft would you? I am looking at changing out my finnicky DRT-08 209s
  6. Continuing onward. Like to replace the shocks on the 39 Chrysler Royal. Sadly all I find on line are 200 dollar PLUS sets of 4. Mighty steep me thinks. Well same year plymouth and Dodge shocks are half that. Can anyone tell me if they are interchangeable ?
  7. Just replaced the lines in my 63 Dodge. the rubber lines will swell in and causing hanging brakes. My rear lead was so rusted inside I was able to pull a vacuum on it for 5 minutes
  8. As I continue to sort through things I am now looking at the sloppy shifter linkage at the column connection. It will literally fall out of reverse and when going into reverse the shift handle touches the steering wheel. You can go out side at the connection and shift the car from there almost. Just how hard of a job is it to refurb this area and are parts available to do it? It looks like someone days past tried to tighten it at the linkage connection but never took it apart to get inside it. And does anyone know if this repair is detailed in the Motors repair manual for this year ? On a bright now I have the over drive figured out and working. Just missing the solenoid switch. Wow what a difference in RPMs when in O/D as opposed to straight up 3rd.
  9. Well went for a 15 mile stop and go drive and things started getting warm again. Not hot but not as cool as the front brakes either. At this point I am about to go back to the single punch bowl master. The only place not checked out was the new distribution tee at the front
  10. The entire run to the back was that factory "spring" type covered line and it was very soft even after 60 years. Defiantly not stainless. I figure this harder steel line should last at least that long with limited driving now. On danger spots I slid over some rubber vac line I had laying around.