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  1. Finally found the time to get the old girl back together after finding a cracked transmission among other things. So while the trans was out I did a clutch replacement. Bernbaums supplied the disc and pressure plate and the new bearing and sleeve were same length from another supplier as the old one that destructed to start the whole mess. Now I have a couple of problems and the first being the clutch which I am hoping is just a rod adjustment. The floor pan is out. When I step on the pedal it goes over center and stays to the floor. The over center spring is attached still. I notice now that with the pedal up there is an easy 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch of gap between the rod fitting in the socket of the fork when I have the bearing touch the pressure plate. When depressing the pedal with return spring attached it doesn't feel like much pressure is being applied to the pressure plate and the pedal just goes over center and to the floor and will not return. I notice a little "pop" as well from the torque tube as it goes over center. The torque tube has some movement to it and I am wondering if something broke with the bracket and torque tube that is now causing the length differences in what is required to get the release bearing to make contact after clutch replacement. Is the torque tube supposed to be rigid? The clutch pedal pull back spring is not a factory part at this time but it is the one that was in the car and functioning before the release bearing sleeve destructed. That is function to pull fork away from the pressure plate. The second one will deal with the trans not going into first but will go into that once I get the clutch issue worked out as I think it is related. I had the shift lever cover off to inspect and I might not have the the gears inside set correctly after inspecting. But it does go into reverse, second, and third easy. When trying to get into first it sounds as if it is clunking against something in the trans.
  2. Try French Lake. They got me my front bearing retainer for my 46 Dodge.
  3. In the service station bulletin there is a 1930 series 145 Delux sedan posted for sale by club member Jan Grogan in Wyckoff, NJ. Does anyone know anything about this car? Fully restored, new engine..
  4. A truly nice car for someone looking to get into the hobby. I would be willing to garage this car until the right person came along if need be.
  5. So what year model T gives the best bang for the buck ? After struggling all morning and succeeding in getting a new fluid drive unit into my 46 Dodge, and doing it solo, I am sure there is nothing I can't do with a T !
  6. Thank You ! About 30 miles NW of Fort Worth and 5 miles outside Springtown.
  7. Needed an "excuse" to get out at 6 am and make a drive in the wonderful 67 degree morning. So went and got a donut. Not many mornings this cool left for us in Texas till late September. Turned into a question and answer session at the donut shop but by far the best one was "So you drove 8 miles one way in your old car just to get a donut?" I am guessing not many people these days get too enjoy an early morning drive with the windows down and the sounds and smells you get to experience in an old car. You either get it or you don't.
  8. Will do. What are the odds another Franklin is 26 miles from my house in fort worth ? ha
  9. Will do. I just contacted both the webmaster and the Service Station. I started going back into the old editions and it seemed that in the previous years many Franklins fitting my want have popped up. Starting out with the right car is very important to me as it will be a learning experience. Thanks for everyone's help !
  10. Thank you. I will remove the cover and find out what position that is. Do you have any idea how close to or if this position is correct I am showing a picture of? I got the little ball free'd up and it is shifting good right now. Just need to find out if I have it positioned correct. No big deal as I have to remove cover again and replace the gasket. Just what does the other lever do that doesn't shift anything and is quite loose?
  11. OK, Had some time this afternoon and removed the the gear shift housing. Seems the one gear shift ball is just pretty snug in it's housing. With the spring removed it allows shifting in a much easier way. The gears inside look great and clean. No chips. Nothing grinding at all. Not a stitch of rust and everything slides and functions as it should. One thing I notice in the housing cover is that The mechanism for the shifter lever is on a spring and for lack of a better term, crooked. It has a spring with it too. It seems complete and functions and as all I did was unbolt it I doubt I hurt it any as it came off with no effort. But I made one mistake. I did not take a picture and record the positions of the gears before moving them around. I am pretty sure the cover can only go back on one way but I could be wrong. Does this look correct ? I am thinking the gear shift lever has to go in between this rectangular leave out. FYI. It is the top ball that seems tight. Is there a proper procedure to remove and clean it or just a little marvel mystery oil on it and call it good?
  12. For a 1928-32 Franklin... A mechanically sound and driving car.