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  1. I can live on beer 90% of the time. Steak and fried mushrooms with onions the other 10%
  2. With our weather finally cooling down in the mornings the pups are able to get back to our weekend drives to the hardware and beer stores. 48 to start is pretty chilly when it has been lower 90's all week !
  3. I am working that bug out on 46 Dodge right now. Except I found a pin hole in the metal line and when cutting it out it crumbled. I think ethanol exposes a lot of issues in fuels systems these days.
  4. I have yet to Bug Tussle. My buddy has a farm in Honey Grove. It is always just so freaken HOT.
  5. Mine is shot and can't find the parts to rebuild. Only wants to actuate once in a while and sounds horrible when it does. More then one thing wrong with it as bendix wants to rattle when driving. Jumping it with a screw driver won't get it to jump out at all.. It just spins. Anyone help a guy out? What other years might fit? I do have a good older rebuilt starter out of a 37-38 but it is a floor switch type for trade.
  6. Off to the hardware store before we hit 100+ plus today. Needed some tubing to rework part of the home brewery. As usual for some odd reason the needle on the Buick compass always points to "beer" regardless where i end up. Today it was beer and cigars. What is the old saying? "Let the horse have the reins and it will find you water"? My Buick always seems to find beer.
  7. Things were tough during the Korean war so he bolted on a lawnmower blade.
  8. Installing new fuel tank and sending unit in my 46 Dodge. 2 wire unit, 2 wires there going to the sender. Both wires broken and not connected. How do I determine which wire goes where. I am guessing post to left is ground. Right is powered. Turning on key I should only get some juice from one wire. Yes?
  9. And people think the wood in a 20's car can be tough ! Hope your brother saves the crapper. They are actually pretty rare especially a two holer.. Where is the house located ?
  10. The pine sap over 40 years created a nice protective coating
  11. Very nice. I wonder if the rear gravel guards are an owner added option ? Without running boards I can see how they might be needed
  12. Wish I could find the linkage switch but so far that part is unobtanium. The relay was easy. Have a new wiring harness ready to go come fall. But that stupid switch ! I do like how the O/D is about automatic. Lower speed when shifting to third it is in third. Higher speed shift into third it is O/D. That is without kickdown hooked up. Been really driving mine a lot since getting it now with new tires on it. Starter rebuild is next and to try and found out why the genny needle bounces all over for the first 10 minutes. Rear diff needs a new gasket. I know the sync's are worn in the trans
  13. I never thought about something you said. Just what do young people collect these days? What do they have a nostalgia for? I offered to put my 19 year old nephew as sole heir to my estate and his response was "What would I do with all your old stuff?" Sad considering so much came from his great grandfather and grandfather. Of course if I sold it all he would gladly take the cash.
  14. Can anyone steer me in the direction to properly set up the dash pot adjustment on a 46 Dodge BXVD-3 stromberg? I just rebuilt it. Car starts easily and quickly. Idles nicely. Just not sure how to check on and adjust the dash pot screw. How do I know it is working correctly?
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