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  1. Have not forgot about the thread. Just OT out the ying yang. Going to pull the NOS coil. Check it. Might just toss in the new pertronix set up I have and see what happens. Works good in everything else I have
  2. In between holiday stuff I tested the coil wire and it shows no drop off in resistance. Taking that out of the mix now. Have a new cap to trade out and condensor. Full voltage to everything with good connections. Then if no spark I am perplexed. Not messing with points yet as it ran just perfect before I parked it 3 months ago. Just can't even get a cough. This should not be this difficult to chase down !
  3. so with 6 volt I am looking for non resistor core.
  4. I am going to grab the wire and check it out installed in the coil to start and see if readings match. Wonder how much drop I should see in ohms through the wire.
  5. Question on installing the coil wire into the screw in terminal. What is the proper installation of the wire? Stick some bare wire through and just fold it back so it make contact when screwing it in ?
  6. Extra OT this week so gave up trying to get some time in the garage. Brought home my multimeter from work and re-tested the old coil. Seems the home meter sucks. Old coil is reading 1.3 ohms. Tested a new Petronix coil and it reading 1.3 ohms. (I do have a complete spare pertronix set up that will fit the car) So now I am leaning towards a crappy coil wire. Have to see if I can make a new one up. Going to pull the NOS coil I changed and reinstall the autolite with screw terminal and make me a new coil wire as well as a new lead wire to the distributor and see what happens. After that new cond
  7. I never throw out anything. Like most old car people.
  8. electrical issues always kick my ass
  9. I am thinking the old coil was bad because it was old. Have to check for spark on the new one. The old one looks almost original to the car. Everything else on it was or is. The winter artic snap we had for 3 days did some weird things to some of the other cars in the unheated barns. This is the last one to get running for the Spring. My 31 Plymouth had all 4 wheel cylinder blow out from condensation I figure. Had one battery that was new 6 month ago in the fall not take any charge. Had a coil in my 65 Fury split. The best out of the bunch though was my 31 Franklin. Great car. Full choke and
  10. Tied up with yard work right now. Checked old coil and it runs down to zero from 3. Swapping probes back and forth gets same result. Still not getting any spark on the high voltage side of new NOS coil and will dig out an extra plug wire and try that with a sparkplug next. Have to get the other cars out of the garage first to blow out the fall winter first. but need to clean up all connections first.
  11. OK, on the old coil checking resistance with OHM set at 20 which is lowest setting it starts at 3 and counts down to one. Checking high voltage outlet it is reading a 3. I will pull the new one out in the morning and do a comparison. Maybe I am reading / setting the multimeter wrong but can't read the microscopic directions that came with it.. Setting it on 200 on the ohm scale reads the same as 20.
  12. Thanks. The job was made easy as when I pulled the wire out of the cap the end came off so I just ensured a good connection into the coil and stripped some of the bare end off to wire. Reache through the vent window and cranked while dabbing area's across the head. Only ONCE did I get anything and that was at first crank and even then just a dull orange one time shot (Did it in the dark) Think I will toss the old coil back in and see what happens there. Remembering back it did this to me one other time when I changed plugs and wires and then went away just by cleaning points and rotor and ca
  13. NOS coil is not an Autolite but an AmpCo and it doesn't have the screw in connector. Used the bolt on the thermostat housing as my ground. Working by myself here and have not checked the high voltage line into cap as you have stated. Only checking with a plug in light between cap and plugs. Let me see if I can rig up something to crank over and check coil output
  14. Factory NOS coil power connects to the rear of coil. That has 6 volts. 6 volts leaving coil. Let me go check quick. Points closed near zero. Open above 6. We can try the checks sure. Just to be clear. You want me to check the ground inside the distributor. Checked again. 6 volts into distributor. Points closed and checking at points ground is zero. Points open and checking ground is zero. Power is there probe slipped off screw and got some minor little sparking.
  15. Can't seem to find a new set of points for my 1939 Chrysler Royal. Odd things happen over the winter. Drove it, parked it in December. Bringing her out of hibernation this week wouldn't fire over. Power in and out of coil at 6 volts. 6 volts into distributor and too points. No arc when manually opening points. Traded out a spare condensor and replaced the ground wire that looked crappy. Still no arc across the points. Cleaned again and nothing. Not even a cough. Can't find points I know I have here unless someone can tell me they are the same from a 46 Dodge. If not, a lead on a nice set w
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