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  1. OK, disconnected accel pump and am seeing no difference in the amount of fuel dripping out when it was to run. It will run but can tell it is loading up by the blue cloud. I shut it down after 15 seconds but is still dripping a lot of gas when running
  2. Thinking it has to be the needle valve. Will get off a little later after yard work. Yeah, already mowing the lawn down here. near 70.
  3. OK, put in regulator. Set to 2.5 pounds and still dumping gas.
  4. OK, so this morning I did has been suggested and set the idle mixture by screwing it all the way in then backing out 3/4 of a turn. Backed off the idle screw itself so only foot throttle was controlling things. 55 degree garage. Car has sat since last saturday. No choke. Pumped gas twice and it fired instantly. Timing was fine prior to only removing and replacing the carb. Nothing was fiddled with. But oh the blue cloud of a rich running motor. I kept RPM's up some until the blue cloud of running way rich got worse, say 35-40 seconds and shut it down. Puddle of gas. So something is overloading the needle valve me thinks. Going to let cool some and install the regulator I have first before removing carb and checking float and needle valve. Already checked float once but not the needle valve. Will set at 2.5 pnds and see what happens there first. This is a rebuilt carb by a quality rebuilder. All new parts. Was a great carb before rebuild. Replaced the wrong RJH with the correct DRT-08
  5. OK, tomorrow first thing going to dig into the car as today was just too nice to work and instead exercised everyone in the 68 degree temps. I have a question When I first attempted to fire things up after the carb change I only adjusted the idle mixture as described. It seemed mighty rich in the 20 seconds it ran. Is there any other adjustment needed on the ACC pump perhaps? Or perhaps I just flooded it and it was running bad burning off? Float is set and gas is not pouring out. It just drips out if it doesn't fire over. Will see if I can get her to run with the aid of the remote starter switch and being next to the carb to work the throttle and choke. Just a simple jump over from negative battery side to starter correct ? I have a regulator here and pressure gauge just in case it I need to move forward in that department. Going to remove air cleaner prior to attempting restart.
  6. Mileage is unknown. But it is a well cared for car with no rust repair. Cold rain today but a mid 60's weekend coming up. Have a fuel pressure gauge to toss in just to see.
  7. any particular fuel regulator model I need to be looking for ?
  8. are you sure it is not staying engaged at the vac switch? Mine was. The redundant relay was done away with when the car went to 12 volt. Not my doing. Try disconnecting it and bypassing it using a remote starter switch and see if it still hangs up. In the end after 2 failed vac switches followed by a broke starter I put in a hidden bump switch under the dash and just disconnected the vac switch at the carb. Ran a new circuit leaving original wiring intact. Ignition switch still the same. Just by-pass the pedal and vac switch is all. Also installed a mini high torque starter. No more problems.
  9. Picked up the makings to install a temp pressure gauge today and will see about getting that in. Will hook up a remote starter switch. Remove air cleaner. And move the fire extinguisher closer. Do not have a compression gauge and will get one. What should I be looking at for both fuel pressure and compression numbers? Is there a recommended compression gauge that I can grab off amazon prime.? Would this fit the bill?
  10. No I do not. it is still running the same mechanical pump that had been on it and has not been altered in any manner.
  11. Car ran and drove good prior to changing the carb out with none of the issues I am seeing now. Started right up and idled down when at operating temp. Just some lack of power when climbing hills due to vacuum leaks on the acc pump connection. The drips I see are after turning over when I walk around to the side of the car. I have not tossed on a remote starter switch yet. That was the plan today BUT 60 degree's had me installing 2 new storm doors instead. Grr chores.
  12. another one of those idiots that loves the "barn find" TV shows. Hey if we can make it run lets do it and destroy it in the process ! But hey it "runs".
  13. There is a much nicer one for sale in FL right now for 8500 or BO. I had to stop looking at it. Good starting point.
  14. This was a rebuild on a NOS carb done by a person with a lot of experience (not me) in these carbs. All the parts you mention are new. I will pull carb off again and check the needle (new). It is not pouring gas out but dripping out at a good rate.
  15. OK, did as instructed and float was about 3/8th out. Supposed to be 11/16 and was about an inch. So bent the little brass tab and lowered (raised) the float till it was 11/16th off the machined (gasket ridge) area. reinstalled and it is still dripping gas at about 1 drip per second out the air inlet opening. Have not got it running but it will fire up and stumble for a few seconds before flooding out? Fuel pump is standard mechanical that was working fine with the previous carb I had on there. The RJH model. It is dripping just when turning over and not at RPM and worse when it fires over. Carb was totally rebuilt by Bob Clark.