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  1. Just took the 1950 Chrysler on a 35 mile run after getting it. No guts no glory right? Will give the update tomorrow. I will say i am especially happy after figuring out why I have no first gear
  2. My girl friends are never happy in that I add more cars and move on to different women when they complain I have too many cars ! ha
  3. My father who was a big time collector of rare pre-prohibition brewery advertising always said "The regret of buying something good for a little extra will soon pass once it is in your hands but the regret of passing on it and then never seeing something so good again will always stay with you." Yeah now I have to sell the Z28 but now that I look at it I was just looking for a good enough reason to sell it anyway. There are two more cars on the list I would like to get. A 47 Plymouth and a 39-40 Dodge. Sedan or coupe.
  4. Delivery Delay ! Blown hose on his semi outside Dallas so looking like sometime this afternoon. I needed an early day off on a friday anyway.
  5. The 1950 Chrysler Windsor Newport that had so many of us tied up in knots trying to figure out if selling a kidney would be enough, is due for delivery tonight. Spent much time on the phone with the owner who had inherited his grandfathers collection. Really looking forward to seeing this car for sure.
  6. Trust me, we know how you feel about the pipelines. I think I just some Alberta crude just went past house as the keystone pipeline is about 150 yards across the street. What we had before this about killed the economy and had the GDP just above negative for 8 years.
  7. Oh I am sure I could if I could get something near the correct length. Evapo-Rust is great on everything rusty. It only dissolves rust and is not an acid. Won't affect anything else. This cranbrook had sat for 10 years and is scaled up with rust inside the jackets. Water pump was froze with scale as was thermostat and radiator. Right now and for the next 4-5 weeks it is running almost straight evapo-rust as coolant. Have to watch the weather late in the year as it has a freeze point close to water. When it is done I am pretty sure the overheating issue will be gone along with the scale. You can run this straight all summer and have an engine so clean inside it will look new. It works even better when at 180 degree's. BUT remember that if you have any rust that is stopping a leak you will get a leak after evapo has done it's job. It will not cause one only expose one
  8. Looking for a repop really. These cables all seem to rust inside. Might remove it and toss in a bucket of evapo-rust and see what happens.
  9. The longer control cable from the "summer winter" control that goes through the firewall to the front damper door. Mine is rusted solid inside and won't move.
  10. Found this thread and plan on using evapo-rust in the hopes of getting a 1953 Cranbrook to stop running hot from scale. Got the car for a song because previous owner could not. He put in a new radiator, water pump and thermostat and looking at these parts I can only imagine the scale in the motor. One question. The 53 has a couple coils for heat and defrost. Going to be hard to get all the anti-freeze 100% out. Won't affect the evapo-rust too much will it? Figure I have 6-8 weeks of not worrying about any possibility of a freeze so will drive it every day keeping an eye on the weather. And panty hose as a filter? This old survivor needs saved. Runs, drives and stops great but lived a long life on a county gravel road.
  11. The spacing is off by the drawing it looks to me and placement. But I could be wrong. Never seen it in person. I have heard good things of the reverse spring method over high tension cable.
  12. Got my survivor Cranbrook home yesterday and before she goes on the road need to address a couple things like tires, suspensions, etc. First I need a source for not "over the top in price" front shocks. 150 for a pair seems steep. Second is a clutch question. It engages REALLY high up on the pedal. Shifts fine though. Am I looking at needing to do a clutch soon or is this a rod adjustment? Two owner car and not driven much in the past 8 years.
  13. Neighbors kid has a Shart pipe car. Think a blown head gasket. Makes a mess.
  14. Seems like his must go to show for what he collects.