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  1. Hence why I moved to TX after growing up on Long Island after leaving the military. Don't miss the snow at all.
  2. The grill medallion what is that ? White stuff looks scarey. Right now in N- Texas is all about the battle of the dust.
  3. Could not ask for a better 4 day weekend so far. Upper 60's and low 70's with plenty of sunshine. Every day has been a day to just go no place in particular at a slow pace in the 49 Roadmaster.
  4. Little early or late. Traditional "load up the friends and head off to potluck Thanksgivings" at the ale house. Friends were in town from Denver so the old 49 Buick was loaded up and can really fit 6 in comfort ! Funny the reaction from people who have never had a nice 20 mile drive in an old car. Weather was really nice this year. 75 and perfect.
  5. Yesterday was the near perfect fall day for North TX. 78 degree's just enough breeze to start the leaves falling after a good week of great color. And the pups got to enjoy the ride to the park.
  6. Know this G model well. We used to do WW2 hanger dances with it when it was in Fort Worth during the start of the restoration. I have a long history of working with the WW2 history like this back to the Patton muesum in early 91 when we began restoring a Tiger II with help of some surving German mechanic's. Think restoring a car is hard trying doing a tank or airplane !
  7. So say a shop was given this job to do. price estimate being it looks time intensive ?
  8. Can someone tell me if changing the gears in the rear end of a 40-41 Buick is any different then any other year? A car was presented to me in a trade offer and the car was delivered new to a very , VERY, hilly and mountainous area. It seems the owner had the gearing changed for that hilly area in order to get up and down the inclines better. Car has 15 inch tire right now and combined with the gears, it is really turning some higher then normal RPMS for sure. It is pretty flat here so going back to factory specs (or even a little more highway friendly ratio) would be on the ticket for sure.
  9. I just can't seem to find the time to get out and down to the car barn. Today I am hoping. Everyone at work seemed to come down with the covid at once so extra hours for me. I already had it back in late December so guess who gets the OT. I had a "Why don't I kick myself in the head" moment a couple days ago regarding my starter. I have a nice rebuilt correct starter here. I thought it was the wrong year but nope, it is the MAX4020. Just no solenoid on it. I am guessing these are transistion type starters from foot switch to solenoid for these 2 years. I looked at the casing close and sur
  10. I often wondered how Buick got by with putting in 455's while the Chevelle was limited to the 396/402 till 1970?
  11. Right now it has been so dry the leaves are just starting to fall without any color change. NW of Fort Worth. 98 was the high yesterday. Had the big girl out early.
  12. It was this time of year where Dad and I would pack up for a few days and head into the catskills, following back roads and turn off's looking for old farm dumps to dig bottles. It was really just an excuse I think to go look at my grandfathers old farm in Boukes Falls and drive down memory lane.
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