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  1. By the info you fine folks toss out in a blink that I would never see there is absolutely no way I am ever buying a Franklin till I run it past everyone here.
  2. I decided to just reline the band myself and remove the headache. The weather turned sucko this weekend so nothing lost waiting on the material to arrive,
  3. Ha, I drive back up every year from TX after moving from the South shore about halfway out. Smithtown was on the other side of the Island. I use to drive on and off with a 30 ft trailer down through NJ. You should try the NJ turnpike heading out to PA if you thought getting on and off the Island was bad ! What you did is not for the faint of heart!
  4. Have a 1949 model 70 four door with a boogered up trunk handle and lock. Looks like someone lost the key and removed it with a dent puller. Then hammered it back in. Hard to say what else might be damaged behind the lock tumbler. It doesn't stay closed properly and will wiggle open over time. Handle is very loose. So looking for a replacement handle with key and tumbler.
  5. I'm rooting for some climate change and sail cars
  6. Pulling remaining hair due to frustration and wasted nice weather weekends. 1946 Dodge deluxe hand brake, parking brake , emergency brake band. It is the 2 1/2 inch band and larger in diameter then standard shift due to fluid drive. Standard shift is not the same. that is 2 inch. Was sent wrong part AGAIN from a well known supplier to go with the wrong input bearing and pilot bushings. Getting no answer this time on the complaint from them and can't find the emergency brake band anywhere else. 3 weeks now trying to get trans back in car and fighting it up hill with wrong parts delivered.
  7. Scraping the planes was one thing. Some money was at least attempted to be recouped. But doing this was entirely something else bordering on madness.
  8. 250 in tires and hub caps. I am actually close enough (50 miles) to drag this home
  9. I often wonder just what someone is expecting to accomplish when they start tailgating me in my 49 Roadmaster while I am doing 45 in a 45 MPH posted zone. Then pass on the shoulder FLOORING it (I think they want a roaring sound?) to only drop back to 45 a 1/4 mile in front of me and getting stuck at a stop sign with me right behind. Speed can be fun but enjoying the journey at a leisure is just flat out satisfying.
  10. cement and carpet. We are always doing remodels on hospitals and outside normal excess building materials like lumber and roofing I get interior items too. Like carpet. Rubber backed. Great to keep the moisture out. Makes easier to heat in winter. Contact any demo company and you can get the same.
  11. Good job on the shop. Looking at the cold your dealing with in building is part of the reason why I left NY for TX. Plus out here no permitting. No zoning. You just build anything you want. My property had a dairy barn built in the late 30's on it which I turned the milking room into my brewery, the cow stalls into my metal and wood shop, and the office into my gun shop. Have been steadily adding garage space onto the back as money and time permits. Up to 5 cars now. The house I live in I also built myself and the saloon for the antique brewery advertising as well. Don't give up! Anything worth having is worth double doing it yourself. Mine has been a 22 year project and still going most likely until I am taking a dirt nap.
  12. This is the small "C shaped" snap ring that sits in front of the slotted washer that holds the main front pinion bearing in place on the 3 speed transmission. Car is fluid drive if that means anything. Mine snapped on removal. Books lists 3 sizes. Mine mic'd out at .090 in thickness
  13. So while we are mentioning it, what is your opinion of that car on the website? Does anyone know this car? October 23, 2018 For Sale: 1931 Frankin 1931 Franklin 4 door Older restoration The following was done on September 1st: Starter has been replaced Wheels and drums have been cleaned Front wheel cylinder was removed and repaired Front brake shoes were realigned New battery installed Price: $25,000.
  14. Yes, I was looking it and was curious to the workings I was looking at