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  1. Nothing exciting but it is a great memory. Dad and Mom scrimped enough away by 1973 to take the family to FL and go to Disney World and see my grandfather in West Palm. ( I later found out they had been saving for 2 years and doing every odd job possible to make it happen) So loaded up the 68 Travelall (that would die in the rain) and the travel trailer and away we went with my older brother, 6 month old sister, an old one eye'd German pointer named Lady, and no AC. Quite an adventure for me from Long Island. I mean going to PA to see grandma at the time was like going to another country. The oil embargo had just started but that wasn't stopping Dad! I spent a good portion of the trip under the CRIB in the back roasting as I remember and watched when dad stopped for gas he was taking notes of prices and gallons with no clue why. (I found all his journals after his death tucked away) Had a great 2 weeks and then started back. Only this time we had to stop for gas every 2 hours and wait in line for another 2. Looking at his journals for the trip much later I saw we could only get 4-5 gallons at a time. By this time he was really doing math at every stop. At every stop lines got longer and sometimes we got only 2 gallons. Finally made it into NJ which seemed like it took a week and it was there he was told no gas unless your plate started with some letter. Mom thought we would be stuck in NJ for 3-4 days. This adventure was getting boring to say the least. Vividly remember that peanut jar we used for the bathroom wasn't fun anymore. Then out of the blue some guy approached dad and asked "Are you from Blue Point?", pointing at the BPFD sticker Dad had on the back window. (This was before the A-rabs ran the pumps and could speak English) Dad said YES. Pump attendant said "Well my brother is a firemen in Sayville(one town over) where he then pointed at the travelall and said "FILL IT UP". Well Dad was happy as can be for the fill up but for some reason we started the rest of the trip at 40 MPH. I do remember wondering why we were going so slow. There was no thought of stopping now. When we hit the bridge he dropped to 35 MPH and then on the LIE down to 30. He was worried about running out of gas. (all documented in his journal). 30 MPH all the way to exit 62. Into Blue Point, down Madison Street where he got the trailer backed in 3/4's of the way into the back and ran out of gas. Next morning had to go get 5 gallons to unhook. Never realized the stress he was under at the time. Money was getting slim. (What was a credit card?) Thankfully for posterity he documented it all.
  2. He gives me 300 I'll drive over and remove it from his yard. I have a hankering to rebuild a flat 6 as it is something I have never done before. This might be a good starting point and I do have a 46 Dodge. Should say "Fluid Drive" in the rear bumper if it's a dodge.
  3. so they spent 300K to make a car that basically will now become a statue some place once any "coolness" wears off. I doubt even Jay Leno would touch it.
  4. I am guessing quality control issues. My all original 50 Chrysler has a wonky trunk lid that you can't adjust to be aligned because the clearances on the one side running top to bottom get wider while the drivers side top to bottom, across the top and bottom, are near perfect. The original paint on my 53 Plymouth has so much orange peel in it it looks like it was painted in shop class.
  5. Thanks Larry. Gotcha. Have a couple cars in the barn already and have appreciated the help from the boards on here on many occasions.
  6. 6 cyl E-45. Like the open valve train. Bigger motor. Seen a few for sale on Hemmings, etc. rather a known car if at all possible.
  7. Love those fire maker plastic fuel filters on the tops of motors and this one looks pretty dry. It might be the lighting but do the bottoms of the doors look wavy ?
  8. Was looking at a 1922 Maxwell on Hemmings. The seller gave a good history of the company and even said that post 1921 cars were of not good quality and that when Chrysler bought the company and sold the remaining cars with a full warranty to fix any quality issues. Didn't you have some Maxwell's as well Kevin ?
  9. Yeah, those props are just as bad as the same 3 people who park and sit together at every car show and complain constantly about wind blowing dust on their cars or what other people are doing they don't like
  10. I have a driver 46 model which this is basically a copy of. There are 2 area's of these cars that get some major rust issues and I am seeing one right away. Lower corners of the truck seal. Second I can't tell but it is behind the lower rocker trim that runs the length of the car. If that large trim piece is held on with aftermarket screws then it is a good chance the metal behind it is rotted away or bondo'd. Simple and reliable rock solid motor and trans with the fluid coupler. Really like the fact you can remove the entire front floor to work on things
  11. This motor looks like it might have been gone through some years back. Quick compression test would show it. I like the challenge this car offers if the history is true. All the parts a plus. But he needs to be able to work on the price if he wants it restored.
  12. Floor shift 61 ? Just too many good cars coming up these days. Perfect daily as it already has the parking lot ding
  13. I am sure folks have come up with great gadgets to clean their wire wheels. I realized tonight just how much I hate the task of doing it by hand on my 31 PA, Lets see what ya got !
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