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  1. I don't understand. Did you take this out of your car? Or did someone advertise this as an original 55 Century seat. I do not believe it is the 55 seat. I say that because the picture of the seat from the front shows that the drivers side and passengers side have a bit of a concave to them. I believe the 55 would be flat all the way across. Also the pictures of the underside show a blue foam as the bottom layer. I believe the bottom layer would have been a waxed burlap material. So at best this seat has been re upholstered. But that does not mean it isn't a 55 Buick seat. Just that it is not an original seat upholstery. It might help if you can take a picture of the backs of the seat tops. I can't help on the fitment question. From my perspective that is something you'd have to try out. I would recommend removing the seat track portion and test fitting it to the floorboards .
  2. This is my drivers side horn with the cover removed. This one horn has never been heard by me and I am wondering if anyone can help repair it? According to the manual there is only an adjustment performed at the nut and locknut on the top. Also with an ampmeter connected in series, this horn should draw 9.6 amps minimum. When I ran test leads the best it would draw was 2.66 amps and there was just a little momentary bleep out of it. But it doesnt appear there are any moving parts other than those two nuts. Is that correct? Is there any point in pursuing any lubrication in here? I appreciate any help. Thanks John D
  3. Can you better describe what is considered " bouncy"? Did you previously replace the rear shock absorbers?
  4. Are you referring to the bar that attaches to the frame on the one side, and then the rear axle housing on the other side of the car?
  5. Did the 30's use pressure radiator caps? I thought they didn't . If not it looks like a good fix .
  6. A update on the vibration issue: Last Fall we had purchased 2 Hankook tires to replace the 2 older Toyo tires. These were placed on the rear axles. I still had a vibration above 55 which seemed to smooth out at greater speeds. This spring the vibration seemed to be worse, coming on at 50 mph. And tire inspection showed a ridge just at the letter "I" in the tire model name which you may be able to see in this picture. a few short weeks ago the remaining two Toyo's were swapped for 2 more new Hankook's. The garage where I go usually lets me into the service bays while working on my cars but due to the Novel Corona-virus they asked me not to this time. So after what seemed to be a long time to swap two tires the CSR tells me that the mechanic made sure the new tires were on the best rims up front, and the two bent rims were on the back. Last Friday I had a good chance to get it on the highway for an extended trip and the vibration is completely gone. I still think it was the tires more than the bent rims, and I have no real idea of how bent the rear rims are, but I am now pursuing two more straight rims for my own peace of mind.
  7. Adding 243 (270 - 10% for incorrect odometer) more miles to my 365. Total so far 608 miles. Much easier when one adds the mileage from multiple cars! 😁 Among the places visited were the National Cemetery in Saratoga NY And The '56 is running fantastic! Probably due to that steering wheel replacement last year., the horn that works, and of course, the repair of that inadvertent vacuum leak...
  8. Followed in @Brian_Heil footsteps. Paid my respects at the Gerald BH Solomon National Cemetery in Saratoga, NY. Many thanks to those who gave all! Note: the pictures are deceptive. The cemetery was packed with people!
  9. Not for much but unless one managed to wood grain around the engraved lettering I would think it would look sloppy to see wood graining going through them.
  10. Whoa! Thats rediculous! How else would you test them to see if they were okay? I am going to assume these were bought online. And then say; This is one good reason to deal with local vendors.
  11. Which model Skylark do you have? I believe a GM Body Service Manual will show the location of the various trim for each model. Unfortunately I only have a 1969 Manual.
  12. There is a liquid insulation which can be bought at the hardware store. That can be painted on any cracked or bare wires to repair the insulation. I have no idea how long it will last. I have also used blue silicone gasket maker on some mouse nibbled wires on my little station wagon. These were the fuel injection wires. Been running like that since I bought it.
  13. Sounds like a vacuum leak. Is the hose going to the booster flexible and not cracked at the connection points? First thought is that the rough running and this issue are not related. Just coincidental that they are happening at the same time. May I ask if you are getting heat out of the heater? If not may be an air bubble in there compromising water flow. Also could be the temp light switch has a compromised wire insulation problem at or near the switch. I understand those two light switches are hard to come by so I would be careful with the one you have. I would think any type of coil or condenser failure would feel like an engine stall, not a tranny slip. However, this may also be a vacuum leak situation at the vacuum modulator valve on the trans. Good luck Doug. It's especially tough when several things are happening at the same moment.
  14. Are you able to share your procedure for checking your trans fluid? Because it sounds like you are still low on fluid. With my Dynaflow I don't hear a big change in engine speed since the idle is so slow to begin with. More prevalent is the lunge into the gear selected. But if you are never getting into gear, and the trans is not warming up, I don't think you can get an accurate trans fluid level reading. If my '56 Dynaflow is down by more than two quarts it will feel very sluggish getting into gear and feel like the engine is working harder to move the car. So it sounds like you may still be 3 quarts or more low on fluid.
  15. Good question. Can't say I've seen that here in this forum.