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  1. In addition, i feel compelled to point out that while it may not be illegal in some states, the rule was not changed at the Federal level, as far as I know. If anyone knows more I'd be interested to hear about that.
  2. That is one uncooperative Buick! What did the prior owner do to that to cause it to act up so much? 😁 But now that you point it out, if the Catylitic Converter is still in there I wonder if that is partially plugged and causing the overheating situation? Miore likely it would cause a loss of power when exhaust gases got backed up but there is a chance that it is contributing to the higher engine temps. However, I can relate a story to you about a 69 Olds Cutlass without AC which used to run hot enough to light the light after a one or two hour highway run. It was observed when we got caught in traffic and it was remediated by increasing the engine idle and putting the heater on. But it was eye opening alright. And only to point out it may be the nature of the beast, so to speak.
  3. @MrEarlDid the radiator core fins get flushed? With garden hose nozzele, from the fan side to the front end ought to do it.
  4. But unlike the crafty solution in the picture posted, be sure to include the drip trays for the Buick parts, which seem to leak even if there is no fluid in them to leak! 🙄
  5. I don't know for a fact but the earlier BOP trans are different bell housing bolt patterns than the Chevy engine. What you need is a 70 Olds 455. I'd say Buick 455 but then you'd be in another whole world of changes to logistics under the hood.
  6. Agree with Dei's last comments... And although it's nothing like driving to the National Meet, I did get the '56 out for a 30 mile round trip to the Wednesday Night Cruise in. First one I've made so far this year, and it was yet another great Buick ride. I have found a route that takes me round about and adds a few miles to the drive. But it avoids numerous traffic lights and heavy commuter traffic. And there I got the chance to park next to my friend Frank, who has taken steps to refurbish and slightly modify his 1960 Invicta. Refurbishment includes a new paint job outside and engine bay detailing. Also a new gas tank and all new fuel and brake lines. And he did the brakes with off the shelf rear shoes but relined front shoes, so as to maintain the correct shoe width that is no longer available on the shelf. Modifications include an Edelbrock carb, some new fangled ribbed valve covers with the word "Nailhead" cast in. Plus what appears to be a GM HEI distributor with a built in coil, and one of those alternators that looks like a generator. He also added dual exhaust. I did not get a picture of the engine bay. but will try to do so at this weekends event. He also put on Coker Classic wide whites in place of the bias ply wide whites he got with ownership of the car several years ago. On the outside the car looks original, while he is very satisfied with the modifications. I must admit that I have a real weakness for the intriguing chrome trim on the '59/60 Buicks
  7. I don't think it is just a "repair the tube" issue. Isn't there a gas inside the bulb and tube which is what causes the needle to move?
  8. Just ask any woman how much extra support is appreciated for those large dagmars! 😁
  9. I thought so. I know the 65 Electra had a cold and hot temp light. I have heard that currently it is hard to find a temp sensor with both ranges. But I do not know if that is accurate.
  10. Does your Riviera have separate hot and cold temperature lights?
  11. @MrEarl If you pull off the connector wire, and ground the connector with a test wire, then the bulb should light. If it does, then unless the connection on the sensor is just in need of cleaning, I would replace it. Have you ever pulled a wire out of a plastic connector on this age vehicle? It's very simple. I would pull it out and clean it with some 600 or so sandpaper, or even just scrub it with some fine steel wool. Advise if you need to know how to remove the wire from the connector.
  12. Was a nice evening this past Saturday. Headed out to no where with the '56 but I got out so late it got too dark for most of the ride to catch any pictures. Except this one I'll title: Into The Sunset... Sunday I got the Electra out for the day's travels. If this were hockey that would make it a Hat Trick weekend...
  13. Thanks for the posts Pete. The forum picture capabilities are definitely a challenge. When I have a lot to post I reduce the resolution to 1600 x 1600, and often back out of the thread and then re-enter to post the next batch. The quality suffers some but I think they are acceptable and for those of us who couldn't be there, very much appreciated. Besides, it gives us a chance to anticipate the better photos in the Bugle while wishing we could be there now. At any rate, thanks for posting, and glad the 46 performed well. Good luck with the rest of the Meet!