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  1. JohnD1956

    1949 Buick Road Master model 70 starter issue?

    The yellow paint has probably exited the vehicle. Recommend making a white chalk mark on the distributor base below the #1 spark plug wire port. Then removing the distributor cap. Rotate the engine till the rotor is near the #1 sparkplug wire port. Then manually rotate the engine a small bit while checking for the timing mark in your window. This would be easier to do if you loosen all the plugs first. When you find the timing mark, repaint the line. White or yellow paint inside the groove will work.
  2. I was hoping for a 56R, a 2 dr Super. Oh well...
  3. Interesting that they do not show a Century in the tri tone. @Centurion do you know which series they plan to build because each model line has its own unique interior pattern
  4. Here are some in the 56 sales catalog.
  5. JohnD1956

    Garnet Red 57 Roadmaster 75

    Regarding my post last night, The section of the manual that I am referring to is 5-23, Assembly of Dynaflow Transmission From Major Parts and Units , sub section "g". It is page 209 in the 56 manual. It deals with the control valve which is on the bottom of the Valve and Servo body. This adjustment is made after the parking pawl is in, and two things are mentioned that may be relevant. In the few paragraphs before section "g" it is mentioned that there are two sized bolts for the valve body. 1/4 " with a final torque of 11-15 ft, and 5/16th bolts with a final torque of 15-20ft. In addition, there is one copper washer which goes on a specific bolt (#10) in the sequence. Incorrect assembly may result in binding of the control valve. I imagine the gear clicking you hear is the parking pawl just a tad out of adjustment. And a stuck control valve in drive may be why the trans was turning when you started the car.
  6. JohnD1956

    Garnet Red 57 Roadmaster 75

    If it's like the 56 there is a second adjustment of the linkage inside the transmission pan. I have never done it myself. But if I read it right, there are two levers that sit side by side, with a bolt at one end that allows them to be spread apart for a fine adjustment. IT sounds to me like maybe that bolt came undone if it's the same as the '56. This is on the side of the valve body so it may be accessible with just the cost of a trans pan gasket. However the speedometer moving with out the car going does sound like a second problem. Maybe someone pulled the drive shaft out of the housing to allow it to be moved around?
  7. But I would not put the grease since the pin makes intermittent contact. The thick grease may have the effect of preventing contact.
  8. In most cases I dont think its needed. Another option might be to use some small eyeglass screwdrivers to try and close the gap of the receptacles in the wiring portion of the switch so that the pins will be a tighter fit.
  9. JohnD1956

    Steering Wheel Repair

    When you say "paint" are you meaning color infused plastic like the original? Or a topcoat of colored paint?
  10. There is a cap that goes on the long pin of the switch. The long pin is the only one that should protrude through the plate with the wires. I don't have a picture of this cap but it is a flat cap in light blue color and it twists onto the exposed end of that long pin, holding the two pieces together and protecting the long pin from possibly shorting out on the metal inside door panel. This cap was used for at least a decade, and you should be able to find one on just about any GM car from the late 60's and I even found them on the back door window switchs of my '92 Wagon.
  11. JohnD1956

    BOD Candidates

    Thank you.
  12. JohnD1956

    BOD Candidates

    Chuck, you make some astute observations in your post of 1/15/2019. However, here is a different take on the BOD members responsibilities. You (and Willis) have indicated that the BOD members should take the time to learn the nuances of the problems before the BOD, be it the financial issues or contracts with vendors and/or whatever else comes before the Board. You also have indicated that the basic job of the BCA is to fund the magazine, the national meet, and to listen to the members. In my opinion the reason the BCA has been successful with the Bugle and the National Meet is because there is a disconnect between the BOD and the function. Pete and Cindy do an excellent job on the Bugle, and the National Meet Committee has done good job of assisting local committees to run well organized and fun National Meets. It is directly because the BOD allowed a committee to focus on the problem at hand, rather than trying to manage every aspect of the issue, that these two elements of the Club have been consistently excellent. If the BOD would stop trying to micro manage every aspect of whatever issue is before them, and instead, authorize committees to make learned recommendations, it wouldn't be necessary for every member of the board to be experts on every issue before them. As I am sure you are aware, the tendency on the BOD is for everyone to make their point and recommendation, but regardless of all good intentions, not everyone has the proper background to make the best recommendations and, in fact, given that there are 9 BOD members, the BOD can often run off topic and miss important nuances of whatever they are working on. So, if the BOD would consider reaching out to the members, and establish some committees with people who are trained in the aspects of the problem they are working on, then perhaps there would be some forward progress on the issues that seem to have stymied the Club. I also want to agree with your observation that the BOD should not expect others to do what they won’t. Also, that the BOD should be more responsive to the member’s requests. When 100 people vote for an action, and 5 members of the BOD vote against that action, with no explanation, then that is a BOD consisting of people who have their own agenda, regardless of what is right for the Club. We can see in the latest minutes that were posted, that there are two voting blocs currently. What is missing is what Willis suggested, the ability to compromise. So, I am hoping there are at least two BOD candidates who show the ability to work across the aisle for the betterment of the Club.
  13. JohnD1956

    Garnet Red 57 Roadmaster 75

    Sweet biscuits!!! You sold the 70?!? 😃
  14. A bit off topic, as it does not involve a Buick Launching the motor home
  15. JohnD1956

    322 ci Engine Question

    In prior threads it was discussed that there was an early and late 55 engine. The early ones had the oil filler in the valley cover, similar to the 53 and 54's. The later had the oil fillers in the valve covers, similar to the 56.