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  1. Not at all Marty. And you'd be surprised how much it is a babe magnet!
  2. Wow! I am very excited for you. Soon you will be finished. And it will be Buickful!
  3. Went for a ride in the 56 this afternoon and saw the local fire company was having a Chicken BBQ dinner sale. So pulled in line and crept through the half hour wait to get the dinners. This is the same place where I had the wagon in the fall and they had their restored 37 Chevy fire truck on display. Anyway, it was a similar set up. Snake through the driveway, enter the truck bay from the back, get your purchase, and exit the front doors to the road. As I got into the building the ladies at the table actually started a round of applause for the Buick. Not knowing better I tooted the horn and
  4. Used the GS for a few errands the last couple of days. The Happy Car just continues to be...Happy... Along the way I ran into the "Old Car Guy's" future
  5. Ohh,, this is just screaming for a raunchy comeback Doug... But I will bypass the opportunity. lol... That is a weird circumstance for your speedometer however. My GS used to be good up to 70-75 or so, and then it would wobble and sometimes peg at 120 while I was maybe doing 80-85. I think the trip to South Bend in 2013 cured it as it hasn't happened since. Not really sure what was happening there
  6. Thanks for the gentle kick Marty. It was obvious the turn the picture took was in no way due any respect...😀
  7. I totally forgot to even look at the background Neil. Believe you are in the right age bracket for the 41 but it could be any of the GM sisters.
  8. Can't help but wonder if this is related to what is commonly called the Mile High Club?
  9. to me this sounds like a problem in the horn relay switch.
  10. May I ask, Is this a shock that occurs all the time? And does the horn blow if you are not touching any metal?
  11. This belongs to one of the partners in a local body shop. Not quite sure what the actual color is, but appeared to have a blue tint to it. Take a look at the option that can be seen in the interior photo. The combo seems a bit odd to me, but I would not mind having it.
  12. Ran a few errands today. And saw a prime sign of Spring in this area
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