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  1. Finally able to scratch that itch! Only 20 miles today, but she started right up and quieted down from lifter tick within a minute...then ran like a Buick!
  2. @Jack Welch Kinda like the Titanic!
  3. Jeeze @ted sweet, you got to move out of those hills! We had those flurries after you sent them our way yesterday, but no additional salt. There's enough out there still from the last storm! Actually I cannot even believe that I have not started the Super or the GS all winter! Not even this past Friday when it hit 70* around here. Of course yesterday and today it's back to the mid 30's with strong winds making it feel like it's in the 20's. I've had just a little too much of winter this year. Come-on Spring!
  4. Welcome in Ben! And that's a tough challenge, but wish you success!
  5. Anticipating a performance report! Hope it's all you expected and then some more!
  6. I do not know for a fact that they are incorrect but I would ask how the back carb could even be hooked up to the fuel line? Looks like the inlet is resting on the front carb?
  7. Sweet Biscuits, that parts car has no engine or front tires and it's still going 100 mph!!! But besides that, it's a factory air car too! With most AC parts still on it. Even the J bars look salvageable! Those Texas guys have all the luck!
  8. Also note, if you changed the oil filter but did not refill the canister before replacing it on it's mount, then the first supply of oil must refill the canister before any oil can get to the rockers. And I have not looked at a manual, but does your engine get oil to the lifters through the pushrods like the 49? Or is it supplied from the main galley like the following v8's?
  9. On later V8's it is common to have lifter noise, after an extended period of inoperation, till the engine runs a few minutes. If you still have the valve cover off, you can put some oil over the top of the rocker arms and valves plus dribble some down each pushrod towards the lifters, then re start and let it run for a minute and a half at least, and possibly longer if in that time frame the noise sounds like it is going away.
  10. What the? New Airstream? What happened to the Shasta? But seriously, you did a great job here, and with your other online involvements, and hope you will come back to post when you can. Take lots of pictures of your travels...and post a few if you think of us. You will be missed!
  11. I looked at your past activity on this site going back to September 2018. Other then three comments that may apply to the lots of other issues and, many other people comments, I found nothing regarding specificity of what those issues were. Since the indication is you received these notices via phone and e mail, neither of which would be recorded on this site, I am not going to invest more of my remaining time looking for something that does not exist. I still question the veracity of the statements regarding lots of other issues and many other people. If you don't want to share that then perhaps Willie's statements about conspiracy theories is correct, since inclusion of those comments in the vacuum of the details merely serves to paint a picture of enormity for readers.
  12. Way to go Graham! And way to go Dad, too! It looks like a neat daily driver!
  13. Oh yeah! now that is making me smile too! Safe travels to Cyprus, and within Cyprus too!
  14. Getting a check from the insurance company may be the worst part of this ordeal, or may I say getting an appropriate check. With regular car insurance I am afraid they will likely consider the car a total loss as they will not want to consider the cars value as a collector vehicle regardless of the fact that it is a solid western car, as evidenced by the limited damage. Is the hood really unsalvageable? The key here may be to reduce the list of parts needed and to have a price range for those absolutely needed, in order to get better than salvage value. All this assumes you have regular car insurance, and not collectors insurance like Hagerty for instance. Wish I had some of those parts to give to you!