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  1. Would like to see more of that 1956 issue.
  2. Thanks for bringing that thread up Al. It explains why that factory has so much extra space.
  3. It's still Friday , so at the prodding of @dship...
  4. With that type of drama it must be General Hospital!
  5. Not even sure that is a good idea. Not unless I can still get gasoline and drive the Super.
  6. Not being in the construction trade, but having helped several work on various structures, I can see you have put a lot of thought into what to do and how you wanted it done. It wasn't my intent to cause you further heartache. Looking forward to the pics of how it all turns out. It is already Buickful and I'm anxious to see the finished product.
  7. to each his/her own. Looks like a fun driver. I always wonder what hot rodders do about the wood framing in a body like this? Just ignore it, repair it, or replace with metal? How about starting a thread about your work in the modified section here?
  8. This is something that is very rare and I doubt there will be anything on video. But your own short video gives some clues. To me it looks like the original weld is a 1/4 inch away from the end of the tube. It looks like the tube fits inside the flange attached to the trans and then was welded. To test this theory I would recommend cleaning the area as much as possible to ensure the weld really is back from the edge of the tube and if it is i would consider loosening the flange bolts and see if the flange slips over the end of the tube while the rear axle assembly is still in
  9. It will be beautiful. Hope you can get that wood clean!
  10. I don't question how beautiful that garage will be with those pine boards but how fire resistant are they? Is it a good idea to use them in a working garage?
  11. Thanks for bringing this thread back to the top @John Donlan. I rember thinking I should reply to this. Still haven't recorded my list however. Soon...soon.
  12. Might be worth importing. What is the Chinese symbol for 60 mph?
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