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  1. If you have that many concerns then don't buy it. You'll never be comfortable in that car regardless of how reliable it really is. Look for something from '64 forward. '63 was the last Dynaflow.
  2. Thanks Matt. I haven't started to look yet. Just trying to figure out what to look for. Bead consistency is likely very important. But I imagine a novice welder doesn't have enough experience to know if the weld is marginal or was it just their own skills that resulted in a bad bead.
  3. As a novice regarding welders, what attributes should be looked for in a used welder? What would make one better than the next one? It seems to me that folks would generally keep a good one and likely only sell one they didn't like. So how would a novice know if the one they are looking at is any good?
  4. Oye Dei! Glad you didn't break anything. Those damn raccoons!
  5. Thanks for posting this Bill. I have a distributor that I want to rebuild too so your post is very informative.
  6. You guys better be careful if blending these hobbies takes effect during the driving season πŸ™„
  7. By the way, I just want to point out that the Buick Club of America ( BCA) will be having their 2021 National Meet in Charlotte NC. You may want to attend even if your car is just running, or not even together. The BCA is about all Buicks, and National Meets often have swap meets where the preponderance of parts are Buick oriented. I recommend joining the club at the link above.
  8. Wow! I used to work with a fellow named Sinatra. And his father's name was Frank. However no one would ever think the two Frank's were one and the same. With nothing else besides that registration I would be highly skeptical. And for that car I'd suggest the decimal point in the price is placed two positions too far to the right.
  9. Daniel, Do you have a vacuum gauge for testing the engines vacuum system?
  10. Wow! That's amazing! In the photo it looks like dirt, almost as if the unit was living in a dusty environment for all it's life.
  11. A "like" might be in order except it is sad to think such a nice car needs a ride, or worse that it is trailered rather than driven. πŸ˜ͺ
  12. What for? If it fell off the truck it could be an enhancement to the style by crash concept already employed. πŸ˜™
  13. I have never seen it in person. And I do not know the owner either. Plus it says to CALL ONLY for details and I don't see a phone number to call. But it does show nicely in these pictures. I am pretty certain the interior may have the correct seat pattern , but the wrong material. I am sure someone in our chapter may be able to look it over if it is worth exploring.
  14. Been for sale for a while now.