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  1. I am sorry for your troubles. But can you post a picture of the tag and the master cylinder? I vaguely recall discussion on this year small Buick having a unique master cylinder. But I am curious as to why doesnt the Kanter master cylinder work?
  2. I thought the on line Bugles had been set up with a search function but I can't find it. Meanwhile I looked at numerous magazines and can't find the article either.
  3. I had that Buick key here someplace! .
  4. Thanks @Ben Bruce aka First Born. Appreciate the info.
  5. Hi all. I have asked this question in the GS pages here Fan to radiator clearance. But it seem to me that the answer is common to any car that does not have a fan shroud. If your car does not have a shroud would you report the year and clearance measurement between your fan and radiator. At this point it looks like a spacer will have to be fabricated for this particular application. Thanks for any help
  6. Writing for a friend who bought a 67 GS 400. This car is non AC and as such uses an 17 inch fan without a shroud. It does have a small fan guard but no shroud. It appears to be missing a spacer between the fan and water pump as the fan blade to radiator clearance is a bit over 3 inches. Also a factory service manual shows a spacer. The question is how vlose should the fan be to the radiator so we can start looking for spacers or alternatives. Can't find this measurement in the manual and hoping anyone with such a set up in their car can provide some guidance Thank you John D
  7. Had the Electra out last night. Lots of horses around what with the start of the racing meet at Saratoga Springs. Had the Super out tonite. Heavy humidity and clouds turned the setting sun into a bright orange ball And a short while later I stopped at one of the locks on the Mohawk River High water levels this year due to a soggy July weather pattern.
  8. Welcome to this Forum. Looks like a beauty! Glad you shared it here. Look forward to more pictures of your travels.
  9. Was finally able to take the car cover and padding off the Regal for the first time in two weeks. So theres at least a chance of getting to the car thats in the garage in front of it. Sure wish we could transport some of these storms out West.
  10. Moving forward is worth a like. The straight 8 though, sheesh! Good luck!
  11. Should only be one, but also what about running too lean?
  12. Any current shock absorbers that are available will work if yours need to be replaced. The thing I've noticed is that unless yours are already bad, you won't really see a difference in the car's driving charistics.
  13. Yes, a lot of the highways around Rochester are not accounted for. There is 490 which looks into Rochester from Fairport on the East and Batavia on the West. Rt 390 which travels South to Corning and the southern tier. And Rt 88 which travels from Albany to Binghamton at a minimum. Just a neat period time piece. Here is the lower Hudson Valley portion.
  14. Found a 1956-57 NYS roadmap for the glovebox. At this point the NYS thruway did not traverse the entire State. It ended in Fredonia which is south of Buffalo but not quite to the Pennsylvania line. Also other missing notables are Rt 84 which cuts across the Orange county and Putnam County landscape with the Beacon Newburgh Bridge. There was a Ferry at the bridge location back then, or drivers had to traverse north to Poughkeepsie or south to the Bear Mtn Bridge to get across the Hudson River. Also missing is the Bay Bridge over Irondequoit Bay in the Rochester Area. I hope the pictures stick.
  15. With all due respect... The Hot Rod in the video is, in my opinion, merely a 55 Buick because convention dictates that there has to be some name and age on a recognized government document to prove ownership.😇 I see that car as a work of art, on the canvass of a 55 Buick. A work of art is the perception of the person creating it. It may depict reality, or fantasy, or some combination of both. And, as a work of art it is up to the viewer's perception for it's value and appropriateness to themselves. And while It is a nice looking car, it is , unfortunately, hardly original. It may have taken a lot of work to create this vehicle. It may have taken a lot of money to create this vehicle. But it has an engine and transmission and likely a rear axle that was not even conceptualized in 1955, yet is commonly used today in many other hot rods. It has a set of gauges that, regardless of the narrator's nomenclature, are no where's near the original, but are also used in many other hot rods. It doesn't even have a very unique color of paint. And in fact, the owner of the car indicated that he has many times capitalized on someone else's vision and hard work to repair or finish a vehicle after they spent gobs of $$$, so how much of this was even his original ideas? It has upholstery that didn't exist in 1955, and sports tires and rims that were created decades after the car was built. It even has dual exhaust with 4 exhaust tips, and a braking system that didn't exist in '55. Is it a good looking car? Yes! But for me, as it exists, it is no longer a '55 Buick. 😄
  16. One more suggestion. The vent hose for the gas tank, assuming there is one, should have some sort of filter to block dirt . My 69 GS used to have strong gas fumes around it while my former 69 Electra never had any detectible gasoline smell. The Electra had a plastic end that brought both gas tank vents to a single outlet and that plastic end was filled with some sort of foam or other material. When the GS's vent was examined there wasn't any thing in the open end. I got one of the generic aircleaner breathercelements and trimmed off a piece of the mesh materialn and stuffed it into the open end of the vent line. That has cured the problem for over 6 years now.
  17. Have you considered an allergy to the gas and oil? Like Tom T above, I will leave the car outside the garage and open the hood when I return from a run. Usually within 20 minutes I can then pull the car inside and have no issue with fumes from the carb vent. In addition, I also pull my cars backwards so the exhaust outlets are outside the building before starting them. But in your case, since this was a problem while you were young and just riding in it, it sounds like two things, an allergy and a hole in the trunk floor where the exhaust gases can get sucked into the car.
  18. It may be that this car started life as a 55 Buick, but that is hardly a 55 Buick anymore. And I am not quite sure it's was enhanced in the transformation.
  19. 78 or 79? Either way that is a great Buick. Did you have to upgrade the front springs to accomodate the 455? What about the rear axle? I image you had to change the gears at least?
  20. Thats a great report Lance! If possible can you post a picture of the modified caliper bolt - now punch? Again, great post!
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