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  1. I can only imagine what that will look once it's restored. Awesome!
  2. As my wife says.. "The view is larger in the windshield than the one in the rear view mirror." I'm with trimacar on this one.
  3. Cabnut How did you learn of this? I went to their web site, nothing shows of this yet.
  4. From Detroit. It was taken in 1964. From my collection of Red Border Kodachrome Slides.
  5. I don't mind rod, customs. etc. but they should be placed in the proper classes. Your 49 is beautiful.
  6. This past Saturday, I took my 1938 Buick Special to the last auto show for the year in my area. My car won Best In Show For The Pre War Division. The photo posted was taken by a professional photographer. It shows the detail of the horn ring and button of my Buick. It was downloaded to his web site showing photos of the car show.
  7. I had the opportunity to say hello and meet for the first time MrEarl We talked Buick of course in front of a 1958 Buick Caballero. Spoke of the late Bob Coker and his Buick Landau amongst other things. It was good to meet "Mr. Earl".
  8. WOW and WOW again. Absolutely stunning. Great job on the Buick. It will win awards; especially at Buick meets were it will be much more appreciated.