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  1. Il buy it. 5099810972. Canus19@yahoo.com is paypal email if wana send invoice. Thanks
  2. Hi, id like to buy the seats front and rear, rear cans etc. 5099810972 canus19@yahoo.com
  3. looking for a complete engine or long block, preferably running. Washington state area or delivery to Washington state. 5099810972 leave message or text. Zwarg19@gmail.com
  4. Hi. Are fenders same as a century? Im doing a 1938. Side mounts? 5099810972 or canus19@yahoo.com
  5. Hello, i am looking for,,,,, rear bumper, tail lights, 4 spd console, drivers front fender,,wheel well chrome,, rocker molding chrome that goes under door. rally center caps,, dark green upholstery plastics,, 12 bolt 3.73 or 3.90 gears,, carrier. ****no aftermarket parts****** shane 509-981-0972, canus19@yahoo.com .
  6. 38 century 66s. Mid 60s on odometer. Holds great oil pressure. Belive original miles. Parked in 1976.Very low production number body #19. Botticelli blue. No side mounts. Optional, radio with opt speaker. Deluxe heater, with defrosts. Very nice parts and body. Little rust. Very little. A easy restoration.
  7. Missing a lot of parts, chome etc. I'd love the front seat out out it.. seems priced high to me. I would say $4-5?k project. I have a 38 century 66s coupe driver in wa. Id take 20-25k. Twice as nice as that special
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