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  1. Just a displaced redneck.
  2. Ideas without action are useless. Step up and do something.
  3. Two fill-ups 39 cents difference. 365 miles to Wichita falls 7.8 hours. Had some beers and a meal with Ben Bruce and a nice visit. 3 hours to OKC.
  4. Dig the "innards" out of the bulb, then use tap that will engage the inside. Remove the head.
  5. Yep, up to 4 garage stalls...or more.
  6. But I'm betting the driver's nose, jaw, a leg, and a few ribs were broken. Passenger side appears broken...
  7. And if you think that one is too expensive, check the second best car to see how much it will cost to get it to the level of the best car.
  8. Wash it after you get there...after you help me with mine.
  9. Yikes! You should have lifted the radiator cap and driven a new vehicle underneath.
  10. Just a few more days before we leave. We took the car out for a short 40 mile run as a "stress test": temps in the upper 90's and full sun...cool and comfortable inside; engine temp 190. Should be cool and pleasant driving up to Midwest City, but we will see upper 90's on the way back. I'm driving a Buick, so don't ask about my gas mileage or tell me how many polar bears I kicked off their ice cubes.