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  1. old-tank

    1969 Electra, reference engine paint

    You might notice small differences in shades with the engine out of the car, but installed in the shade of a hood no one can tell.
  2. Only when moving and on AM stations. This is the first time for me to see a new one...most are mangled.
  3. old-tank

    56 engine questions..for those who know LMK

    In 1956 all dynaflow transmissions were the same for all models...the earlier cars (54-55) had different lengths depending on the model.
  4. old-tank

    The Grinch

    Exactly the same situation...and that made me a bitter old fart. Never will buy another GM vehicle outside the mid 50's.
  5. old-tank

    Power brake upgrade ideas needed

    I have 3 55's, two with power brake and one with manual brakes. The braking to me is the same except for the higher pedal on the manual brake car. The biggest problem with braking efficiency is using over the counter shoes that are too hard, requiring more pedal pressure. If new shoes are needed have them relined at a brake/clutch shop using softer more aggressive material. Thanks, good to know that they work. Some of the replacement power masters do not match the original bore, requiring a change in the fulcrum from 1:1 to as much as 6:1.
  6. old-tank

    How would you fix this car?

    Do what I did and show the pictures to an experienced body man...but don't show this thread unless you want him to have a good laugh! My 76 Olds took a hit like that a few years ago and I was already scrounging for a quarter panel, trunk lid and bumper when Mr. Experience fixed it. The tail light and bezel were the only replacement parts needed. The repair is undetectable except for the bumper where the chrome shop neglected to get enough chrome deposited.
  7. old-tank

    How would you fix this car?

    Sent these guys some photos and see what they say.
  8. old-tank

    Cross fire ignition wires

    Not an issue if wires are new, gap is no more than 0.035" (with the stock 7 mm wires), wires do not touch when parallel (ok if right angle), and are correctly attached to plugs and distributor.
  9. old-tank

    Find the Buick

    Notice the prominent center of lane oil streak.
  10. old-tank

    1949 Buick Road Master model 70 starter issue?

    Get the new mini starter and enjoy your Buick!
  11. old-tank

    Yet another 57 Roadmaster

    Now that we know that you have time on your hands: clay bar it.
  12. old-tank

    1949 Buick Road Master model 70 starter issue?

    There was no ballast resistor on that original 6v system. It has been changed to 12v long ago and recently? Starter run-on or hanging is usually due to contacts in the solenoid sticking due to a low voltage condition (usually the starter relay). If still using 6v components with 12v then that should not be an issue. Best to contact whoever cobbled it.
  13. old-tank

    1949 Buick Road Master model 70 starter issue?

    So, why was the ballast changed? They either work or don't. (Has nothing to do with starter issues.)
  14. old-tank

    Yet another 57 Roadmaster

    Clean up a small representative area and match to some acrylic enamel rattle can paint. Use your blast cabinet (glass beads, low pressure) and strip it right.
  15. old-tank

    1949 Buick Road Master model 70 starter issue?

    Converted to 12v? Was the starter, solenoid and starter relay converted??