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  1. What gives? I can never find anything with the search feature on this forum and new members find all kinds of old stuff.
  2. It has happened more than once... To paraphrase one friend: "I still have my Buicks"
  3. Is this uncommon for these engines? Some 55's had the tray, some did not. I cannot tell any difference in performance.
  4. Same conclusion! Many of these parts were too inferior to put on new cars, but were "good enough" for getting a beater back on the road years later. Maybe NOS mechanical parts to exclude anything to do with seals or rubber parts (age). And too many times parts that are defective were put back into original packaging and now years later become NOS.
  5. This site will not let you use PDF files. Sent me a PM for my email so you can attach . THEN I can put it on my server and you can link to it for use here or elsewhere.
  6. Did you check HERE. They should be able to pull a dynaflow and send it to someone who does bench work (most transmission shops or general mechanics will not touch it due to tying up space).
  7. Aw, come'on Roberta. All members who have served on the board have had suggestions ignored. And as just a lowly member offering my suggestions to board members, I have been ignored (even by you)...but hey, we are all still friends (right?).
  8. "Too soon old, too late smart"..I've been in the senior category for awhile and that describes me...
  9. ...sorta describes the author of this drivel. And I hate posts with larger, bold or colored fonts (that's why I did not respond to your badgering me on another thread).
  10. Sounds like a good plan. If you have some old bearings check to see what will fit the both pinion and the housing After driving the rivets out of the case, you may be able to tap for bolts..
  11. Look in the service manual again where it says to use " a shaft shim washer" between the gear and lower thrust washer. It may not make any difference, but the gear mesh with the cam would change if you move the gear on the shaft. I put a cast gear on mine 120K miles ago. Made some shims and installed the gear with a roll pin. I pull the distributor about every 30K miles to change the points/condenser and everything is still tight.
  12. Just common old bondo along with high build primer worked for me and has lasted many years and miles. The metallic filler is too difficult to sand and would be harder than the brass causing a sand through.