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  1. Either the filter is defective or the source is upstream from the filter in the fluid flow.
  2. Today's fuel is more volatile (too volatile!) than in the past. Leaving it open or removed will not affect driveability unless you regularly drive in cold damp weather.
  3. went out this weekend as I understand it. And they are sending post card to those without email. Only gonna cost $1700....what a deal!
  4. Probably should let everyone in the club know that the meets were cancelled. The only clue in the Bugle is the lack of the meets in the upcoming events and the lack of a registration form. The message from the BOD/ President says they are "working on it". I know about dead lines, but since the schedule/registration got changed, some note could have been included. This was called to my attention by some friends that do not do internet or email. Sad.
  5. Not what I have found. Roller replacements were available when the cars were contemporary, but are rare now. Inner 909062R, Outer 909065R.... those are the numbers to look for (note the "R" suffix)
  6. Doug, I drove the hell out of those old flatheads for over 40 years in my 51 F-1 truck. One engine was severely worn like the one above. Being frugal, I cut the ridges, regrooved the pistons, installed spacers, new rings, honed the cylinders (dingle berry) and drove it 50,000 miles before retiring because of a crack an exhaust valve seat. I did a proper rebuild on a replacement engine and installed adjustable lifters, but even with those and due to valve seat recession I ran out of adjustment (90,00 miles). The "cure" for that was to replace the engine with a 264 nailhead!
  7. That looks like a neat system. If you go that direction let us know how it works.
  8. They used sperm whale oil as an additive for locking differentials back then and along with the lead soap base, you had a big stink.
  9. Make some studs (2) to help even with pins...absolutely necessary with wire wheels.
  10. The arms and diaphragms are different flat top vs dome top pumps... the dome top parts are compatible with the T-bird pump.
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