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  1. If you go with a used wheel, choose one from 1955 or later. These will have the safety ridge in the bead area to keep the bead on the rim in case of a blow-out or even if the tire goes flat.
  2. Stockton Wheel can build new wheels using the center section of Buick wheels.
  3. Assembling clean parts is where you clean your hands before you start working not after.
  4. Instant overheating? Consider the presence of an air lock in the system. A common problem in nailheads solved by drilling a 1/8" hole in the flange of the thermostat. Another way do it is to pull a vacuum on the system and use that to pull coolant in.
  5. (Mabey start a new thread on this) Anyhow get out your infrared heat gun and demonstrate adequate temperature drop from the thermostat housing and water pump attachment at the lower hose. Use same heat gun to check the exhaust manifold runners. Hot engine at 2000 rpm. And demonstrate that the vacuum advance is functioning.
  6. For 1955 in addition to black and white, blue green and tan were available.
  7. The original drums are hubcentric. And replacement drum should be hubcentric also. The big problem is keeping everything aligned while mounting the tire. Just make some temporary studs to screw in while mounting the tire. I use these even when mounting original setups.
  8. White or black would be safe choices.
  9. The relay and circuit breaker for the windows and seat is behind the driver side kick panel.
  10. In addition to the impact tool take a punch and a BFH and punch the flats outside the phillips crosses...all 4. This breaks the countersunk attachment and somewhat restores the buggered crosses from previous attempts.
  11. A switch sticking in the applied position will cause the circuit breaker to open up and disable all your windows.
  12. Probably plenty of serviceable used one out there. It looks like it has been "messed with" before...
  13. Vapor lock occurs on the suction side of the fuel pump. Any pump will push fuel and any vapor in the line.
  14. Nothing special about the engine, just a stock rebuild with quality parts like Sealed Power moly rings running Castrol 20-50 oil. That rate of oil consumption has not changed in 110 000 miles. I had the cylinder heads off at 85,000miles and there were still hone marks in the cylinders and the cam and lifters were pristine. Tranny was out for front seals 3 years ago and does not leak driven locally less than 100 miles, but will leak on extended road trips. With modern lubricants I don't think you can wear out a Buick.
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