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  1. Here’s a few pictures of a 54. The wire runs through the steering shaft and comes out through an opening about halfway down and connects onto this contact. It’s soldered on. The outer casing has to be removed to access it. Hope this helps
  2. Did all 1954 models with power brakes use an electric vacuum pump. It looks like buick re-designed the power brake cylinder in 1955 and added a vacuum canister from the information I could find. I couldn't find information if any redesign was done on the 54 units to avoid using the electric vacuum pump. Thanks, Brian
  3. Thanks for all the help. I was able to tear it down and get it running. I’m going to contact a local electric shop about rebuilding the electric motor
  4. I was looking on the Lares Corporation website about purchasing a rebuilt power steering box for a model 100. I saw they have one listed for roadmaster/super (picture with number 8350) and one listed for century/special (picture with number 8397). Is there a difference? Is the shaft a different length? They don’t list one for a skylark, but I assume it would be the same as the century/special. Thanks Brian
  5. Thank you. Any pictures you have would be helpful. Brian
  6. I called the number and it's no longer in service. They have no website or alternative number. The search continues
  7. I’m hoping some of the knowledgeable folks here may have recommendations on who can rebuild a 54 power brake electric vacuum pump. I have the moraine morvac pump. They also used a trico unit in some cars in 54. Thanks , Brian
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