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  1. Fr. Buick

    57 Dynaflow Issue

    No park? Replace your motor and trans mounts/thrust pad, and if that does not resolve the issue, adjust linkage as needed.
  2. Fr. Buick

    55 Buick window Flipper repair

    Looking at my 54 Super hardtop, which is a similar construction, I see no way without undoing the rivets in order to get to the felt and the staples that hold the felt on. No easy job to duplicate that exactly. I've been lucky - and patient - to find good used and NOS. Maybe grind the old felt out, with or without the backing and staples, and use some fancy adhesive to replace it?
  3. Fr. Buick

    Find the Buick

    Great pic of the GM hardtops all in a row! Hey Al, any history or source on this picture? There were about a dozen big auto shows that year, and I have a cool newspaper add, a full page with a Super hardtop wearing wire wheels for the Chicago show, and would love to find a photo to go with it...
  4. Fr. Buick

    Sad News, Jim C Perkins

    Condolences as well. So he was the guy I can thank for my 96 Impala!!
  5. Fr. Buick

    Mounted tires on 1922 Buick Rims today

    That's a LOT of work! I have been told, do it out in the sun, where the tires can get warm and a little more pliable...
  6. Stations must have always been happy to see a Buick pull up - good customers, driving thirsty cars!
  7. Agreed on the thermostat. My nailheads run better with a 180 rather than the 160. Smoother and quieter. Keep up the good work!
  8. Fr. Buick

    57 caballero project brakes

    Something in the front suspension? Or is one drum thinner than the other and therefor more prone to heat-fade?
  9. Fr. Buick

    head/manifold gasket replacement questions

    Try to torque down the head bolts per factory instruction, and seeing if that solves the problem. Keep an eye on the oil. If there is a sign of water contamination, it needs a new head gasket for sure...
  10. Fr. Buick

    How would you fix this car?

    Pull the frame to spec, then the body panels. The body depends on the frame, and is heavier-duty.
  11. Fr. Buick

    Power brake upgrade ideas needed

    The power brakes do not give you better brakes, just an easier "toe". I would upgrade to Roadmaster drums, shoes and brake plates on the front and rear for more braking surface. Beyond that, you can adapt '1958 and later aluminum drums on the front hubs for less fade. If you want to keep the wheel pins, I have special ones made for this, so PM me if interested. That and keeping them well adjusted makes a huge difference.
  12. Fr. Buick

    Yet another 57 Roadmaster

    Simple Green and a tooth brush.
  13. Fr. Buick

    55 Century 66R Project

    My mom was a busy lady. I would ask her, "Mom, you need any help?" She would often reply, "Can you give me more hours in the day?" Good luck with the Buick!
  14. Fr. Buick

    52 Buick build (first build)

    You would be surprised at what the old straight Eight will do... A nice running engine, very different from a more modern experience. If you can get the old mill running without too much work, I would recommend you drive her as is before you make big changes. That long wheel base and a big heavy engine up front give you a wonderful ridding car.
  15. Fr. Buick

    1955 Buick Century

    I kinda thought that was the right one...