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  1. PM me your phone number, I may have what you need.
  2. Wohoo, one more vote for the LT1 - if that is your decision.
  3. Go to, their catalogue is on line. Page 199 for what you need, though in stainless... For the right size and pitch, take one to an industrial hardware store. They can measure, and/or sell you the simple tools to measure. It is worth having your own.
  4. They will be the same for 1955 across all models with Dynaflow. Better to put this on the Buick-specific forums farther down the page. Send me a private message with a picture, though, I might have one...
  5. I had one fabricated at a brake shop out of stainless to replicate an original I still have. If you want another done, I will be happy to facilitate... PM me.
  6. Hey, Matt, a lot of people - myself included - love your posts and what you do for the hobby. Back up a bit, count your blessings, and wrench on what you can.
  7. Try on the Buick Club forums below here for better results. I believe the '54 and '56 larger Buick 2-dr hardtops will also work...
  8. The nylon mast cord, which is pinch-held into a socket at the end of the inner mast. Don't try repairing the cord with glue, it won't hold. If the cord is long enough (these things go up about five feet, which you never use!) remove the broken shorter end with a lighter under the socket at the end of the mast, melting it enough to pull it out. The longer end can be reinstalled in the same way. Worked for me! If you need a new cord, look up Tucson Packard. If you can get somebody, they make new nylon cords and can re-chrome your mast.
  9. Don't glue your antenna cable. If it is long enough, use the good long end and press it into the antenna light a lighter to melt it into place....
  10. For the rear speaker switch, I used Lamar's template to get in the ball-park, but adjusted it slightly... I measured and eye-ball confirmed to where it is even in height with the wiper control, and the same distance as is spaced between the headlight switch and wiper control. Basically, balancing the three controls. That worked visually for me, and is easy to see behind the wheel. I had to grit my teeth while putting a drill to the dash, but more chrome and luxury is always good!!
  11. I love that cigar box purse!!
  12. I may have a correct used one, PM me. Do not rely on these, though. With an old gas tank, it will plug up in no time. Run a more modern filter in-line somewhere along the fuel line under the car, and this one for looks.
  13. I have had good luck with YNZ, both for a '50 Super harness and odds and ends for my '54. Very helpful people.