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  1. Found one for you, send me a private message and we'll discuss. Sorry, no spedomoter.
  2. Look up Russ Martin at Centerville Auto Repair in CA.
  3. I may have one, but can't look until I get home Friday. Meantime, go to the Buick Club forums down below and please tell us about yourself and the car...
  4. Try Russ Martin at Centerville Auto Repair in CA.
  5. Go to a local car show, and ask around.
  6. Could well be. I have not tried buying roller bearings since about 1997.
  7. New Departure originals is what I use, you can still find them on Ebay. Inner 909062. Outer 909065. I have squireled away a few new and used over the years. Drums may be useless, but good used bearings can be tapped out carefully. Buick ran those numbers from about 1942 to 1956. If not, take drum and bearings to a good bearing shop, and they can match up modern rollers with no issues.
  8. Yes, it is a viable swap, I did this on a '54 Super, and I'm happy with it. I did it with original suspension, spindles and hubs, but added Roadmaster brake plates and shoes for the wider 2.5 inch brake surface. WMS to WMN - and I guess that means "wheel-mount surface" - less a half inch difference from stock. Only caution you might check, you will need longer front lug bolts from 1958 and later to accommodate the thicker aluminum drum face. They are marked "F" for "front." I imagine they did something similar on your car.
  9. Might have been... but hopefully a help to other projects. Pete, was it factory AC?
  10. No cup holder, but there is a cigar lighter in the back seat! Different ages, different priorities... Moving along nicely, Al!
  11. Just saw this in HMN. States power steering, brakes, seat and windows, plus factory AC!! Might be worth a call - Eldon at 801-489-8101.
  12. It motors pretty quietly. Pull the cover off next to the distributer to watch. Also, once the engine is running, you can check to see that the armature is spinning and thus the clutch is holding like it should.
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