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  1. OOPS, sorry... Look up Lamar Wilkins in Palmdale, CA. He had a 53 parts car, IIRC. 661-478-0690
  2. Sometimes ya see an NOS on EBay, but a generic will do. Put a short piece of sliced heater hose on the center curved piece with zip ties to keep it from banging around as you drive rough roads.
  3. Ah, yes, the Alysian Fields of Athens - er Georgia, that is. Aka Buick Gardens. Happy memories of good parts and even better hospitality!
  4. The car has been on and off C-list for a little while... Looks like a very original car. If anyone here is serious, I would be able to go look it over...
  5. I believe they are being reproduced. Check out CARS or Bob's Automobilia. A good hardware store should have the proper tool. Or find a piece of pipe that fits around it and drill a hole for a punch or dowl that fits the hole on the part.
  6. Thanks, that makes sense. Are you selling cable, please? I have a rechromed unit I would like to upgrade before it goes on the car.
  7. I have never pulled on apart. It looks like the plastic gear is pressed onto the metal shaft and groved wheel. So, can we hear how to solder a stainless cable??
  8. The picture above shows the three short screws that will remove the the antenna housing from the motor at the base of the outer galvanized tube.
  9. I forgot to mention the two small bolts and nuts that mount the whole unit to the fender. Access is not easy, but let your hands feel around and "see" for you.
  10. Hey, Charlie, good to hear. I have some spare parts for these if you need anything...
  11. Not much chance of getting it apart in the fender, but you might be able to unbolt it from the fender, drop it to the floor or at least lower down, and take things apart from there. Tape up your mast to avoid marring it. Remove the black antenna cable from the antenna housing. Undo the antenna fittings on top of the fender. Pull the left kick panel to access the wiring. Undo the wiring at the switch and the power lead. There is also a ground wire screwed in near where the wiring passes through the cowl, and that needs to be freed up. All the wiring then can bass through the rubber grommet. The motor housing is topped off by a cap with three screws. Undo that and you should be able to remove the mast assembly from the motor and retract the mast by hand. Or you can undo the mast housing at the top motor to free it up. I think it is two screws there. Keep us posted...
  12. Not on the 1950. Refers to a longer wheelbase, extra trim and a smoother rear roofline and side window treatment. And a heap of extra room in the back seat.
  13. Only do one side at a time, so you can check your reassembly is correct... Or, take a cell phone picture.