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  1. Best to get a factory service book for your year, and go from there. It is an invaluable investment. Beautiful car, good luck!
  2. Not sure of interchange between series, but if a Special will do you, there is one, and another 53(I don't remember what series) at Dessert Valley Salvage in Arizona.
  3. For sale, parts or whole. Very nice bezels. 50 each complete, please.
  4. If the same as a 54, I have one that runs. PM me if interested, and I will tty to look it up in my books as well.
  5. "But, Dad, it will be fun!!" But heads up, Caddi parts are more expensive and harder to find.
  6. Looks like you got a car!! Pictures, please? I have both your parts, and will send a private message with pics.
  7. Hi ho there, Kermit the frog! And I like the color. That's a collectible year, so maybe getting it to an older local mechanic to just get it running and stopping and a little roadtested might get you money ahead or at least a more easy sell.
  8. Isn't it an inch of mercury for every thousand feet of elevation? Then that sounds like good vacuum.
  9. As I understand it, the ground or sending unit in the tank is often what goes bad. Check that first. As for a new one try ebay, but don't get hung up on a NOS one being tested. That sort of ruins the "new" in NOS, and is beyond the average seller's electrical ability.
  10. Yeah, good luck. 54 AC is tough for Buick, even more rare for Olds. But you've done a Pontiac, so I'll say no more!!
  11. That does seem a little fast, and I would give it a good tuning and slow it down. Gear shift, or more precisely engaging reverse, will be much smoother with new engine and trans mounting pads and thrust pad.
  12. There is a guy on Ebay selling off AC stuff for 54 Olds. If not for sale at the moment, he may well have them for you if you ask.
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