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  1. Oh ya got to bring Elvis! I'm looking forward to seeing him...
  2. They have two locations. The older stuff is in Casa Grande, but the name Dessert Valley is their bigger and more famous location where the 60s and newer stuff is located. They used to be two different operations, if I recall. One time I went out to the DV location at mid day in the summer and nearly passed out from the heat - dumb tourist!
  3. I believe I know that yard. Was it Arizona? Was it Casa Crande? Was it Desert Valley Salvage? All that hot, dry desert sand - good for preserving mummies and old Buicks
  4. Sorry, Mister, but we can't fix that for ya!
  5. Look up Russ Martin. He is a nailhead expert and has them in kits - brass that won't rust. Beware also the back of the heads. There is a small plug there that is impossible to change on the car. I have blocking plates laser cut to fit for the factory bolt holes. PM if interested.
  6. I have one, PM me a cell number or email, and I can send pictures.
  7. And there was a barber shop quartet walking around the Flint show in 2003 singing the song...
  8. A while back, Mr. Earl was offering a Buick CD, and it included this recording. Just think, a room full of trained musicians, all performing perfectly. No synthesizing, correcting or editing. Just how it came out of the instruments. I love big bands, and such a snappy tune!
  9. Interesting! I didn't think it would have fit...
  10. 3131177 is a 54 radiator for 50/60/70 Dynaflow cars without AC.
  11. I have seen the springs inside break apart. Between that and a good cleaning, you will want to get it all apart and gone through. I had damaged threads on mine and got a tap to fix that. If you need to borrow it, let me know. I am pretty sure the '54 manual specifies the proper torque for the threaded end plugs. Check your idler arm as well. I have found that to wear out rather quickly.
  12. Is that the bridge that blew the pieces in a bad wind storm? The two Buicks are both correct, of course. For 1954, smaller bodies had reverse lights in the trunk lid, the bigger bodis below the trunk lid.
  13. Oh, a tune comes to mind, "Good night, Irene! Good night, Irene!"