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  1. I used button-headed allen bolts and a nut on the back with thread sealer. For the guide pins, I have new stainless ones with a longer threaded shaft to allow a nut on the back, then trim to size. This lets you keep your guide pins. PM me if you want the last pair I have
  2. Thanks very much, out in the mail tomorrow... One set left, boys and girls!!
  3. Leno's car - supposedly he slept in it for some days when he arrived in LA and was finding work and a place to live. Now it has a custom drivetrain that sounds awesome. He parked this next to my 54 at a local show once, so I can attest.
  4. Yes, I have two sets left. $25 shipped, please. You can Paypal me at msgr.dcook@rcbo.org Or you can mail me a check at Douglas Cook, 1441 West Balboa Blvd, Newport beach, CA 92661 Please include your mailing address when you use Paypal, and thanks!
  5. Go to your auto parts store and buy flexible fuel hose and clamps to fit. Fuel is not under any pressure at that point.
  6. Could somebody please explain to me why in the world there is an Interstate 99 that is west of the I 95, somewhere in the heart of PA? According to ol' Ike Eisenhower's system, this makes no sense.
  7. Since it won't be seen, perhaps you can make something of reasonable proximity. Likely two pieces would be easier, and welded up by a local shop?
  8. A fine fellow, God rest him!
  9. Looks very clean and unmolested, which is how you want to buy an old car.
  10. I got in over my head as a novice with a 54 special in high school (1985), and have learned and grown in the hobby ever since, smiling all the way. Buy the Buick and a super cheap econo car. Have fun with the Buick a day or two each week, and save your pennies for repairs down the road. When you are hunting for parts, or taking your time to fix the 53, you can drive the beater and not feel rushed.
  11. "I do believe this is appropriate!" Hahh!
  12. Best to try the Buick forums farther down the page. Looks up Bob's Automobilia, I believe he can help you.
  13. And at least save all wiring connectors and terminals...
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