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  1. On the driver side manifold is the valve that passes exhaust gasses across the intake manifold. Mine, low miles at 68K or so was loose and caused an small noise. I tore it out and plugged the holes with tapered pins.
  2. I think only the Special had a jetback body in 1950. Beautiful cars, both years...
  3. I just love the name of that color - you have to say it with a heavy Italian accent, "Bota-CHE-li" and a wave of both hands! And that desert sun makes her just gleam...
  4. Oh, now I watch the video and see you are referring to the torque tube and not the drive shaft. Since there is plenty of give at the torque ball, you do not need to be absolutely straight in welding it back on, but you do need it to be strong, as all the drive and rear brake force and rear articulation of suspension happen at that magic little spot. Once taken apart, you will see a seal in there that is important and will need to be replaced. Where it sits should be protected from the weld material. There is also a thing sleeve that spins on the seal as the drive shaft turns.
  5. A tube with tight tolerances and no easy way to balance it like a conventional driveshaft that I could find in SoCal... Just a warning. I had my rear end rebuilt and the shop was a disaster. They cut the shaft in order to pull it off the pinion. Welding it back together put it off balance and gave me a noticeable vibration. I could not get it fixed or balanced, so had to find a replacement...
  6. Welding would be easy. The trick will be to get it straight and balanced... That thing spins fast going down the road.
  7. Looks very bad. A typical rust spot for the '54. Between the letters and that big, beautiful hood ornament, a lot of water gets into the seams and rusts sets in.
  8. Yes, they damage the wheel. A metal clamp on plastic.
  9. I figured they went to recent Buick buyers. Seems a bunch went out in 1954, as I have been able to collect all 12 for my '54 collection. A mix of Buick promotion, travel and tourism articles. Fun stuff.
  10. I haven't used them in a while, but White Post Restoration did a nice job to resleave a master cylinder for me years ago.
  11. It's the Speedo worm gear, group 4.343, part #1340450, and the part carries across 1948-1952, all models with DF; and the 1953 Special with DF. Good luck! You need to ask somebody with a spare DF laying around.
  12. Douse it with BP Blaster daily for a few days, then hit it with steam from a steam cleaner with a long wand. Wipe down, repeat as needed.
  13. Did you join the Buick Club? They publish a member roster with listings by model and year. You can use that to contact others with the same car. Keep looking!
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