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  1. They are usually rebuilt, with a new seal at the shaft input. Look up such services with Hemmings Motor News website, or ask farther down in the Buick Club of America.
  2. Reminds me of the song, "Well I met her accidently, in St. Paul, Minnesota..."
  3. You would be better off putting this on the Buick forums rather than this general one. Hey, Mr. Earl, ya listening? Also look up Steve Rostam who is active in the Los Angeles chapter of the Buick Club. His contact should be there on the chapter website. A busy guy with the projects, work and little ones, but patience will pay off. And I have a few odds and ends for '54, but I'm in SoCal. What ya need?
  4. So glad you were having fun, and enjoying the grandbaby - otherwise I would be telling you that you stole somebody's baby and had to give it back! Enjoy that see-gar!
  5. I have seen the wheel center on the continental spare tire before. It was sold at the recent Buick nationals in the swap area. A guy was walking around with it, and I asked what it was. He explained, and admitted that he had no '58 to put it on, but thought it would look good on the wall. I had to agree. I assumed it was factory, but have I never seen a continental kit done like this one. But it would be a lot less weight and space than the whole rear bumber extended way back... Car will get a lot of smiles and attention!
  6. Have you thought of removing freeze plugs to poke out and flush the sediment at the bottom and back of the block? If you do, be sure to run a Tefba coolant filter to keep any remainder of schmutz out of the radiator. Cool car, and I like your work!
  7. The rounded ones, FSB-578 from Bob's just arrived and happy to report they are correct for '54 - at least for my Super hardtop and the old Special 2-dr sedan I had way back. Thanks to all!
  8. Hah, the news chopper couldn't keep up!! Them Impalas have loooong legs. I got stopped in my 96 late one night, but I was only doing 90 - on a freeway that was empty, smooth and straight. But I had my collar on, and it really was an emergency. I was just exiting the freeway for the hospital when I saw the lights. After some awkward first moments, I got a gentle chewing out and an offer to escort me the remaining blocks to the hospital. I politely declined. There were no witnesses, but I'll swear to this one... BTW, it was a kid with concussion and lapsing into a coma, and a family I knew well. Kid pulled through, and knows the story. The little turd almost got me thrown into the clink.
  9. It went in the mail this morning, thanks Dwight!
  10. Sounds interesting, so long as you are not trying to use the torq-tube behind it... The GM cars that used the Hydro had a leaf-sprung rear end that allowed for absorbing some of the jolt from the Hydro shifting. A Buick would transmit that jolt right into the engine and frame. But for racing, sounds like an interesting experiment...
  11. To add the bigger Roadmaster brakes, you will need drums, shoes AND backing plates.
  12. Looks like we are good. I am pretty sure they are correct for my 54.
  13. Thanks a million, Joe, the second one looks correct.
  14. Put the trans in park. Use the guide pins as pictured above. Have a friend jack up the rear end under the pumpkin, otherwise the long tube will bind in the frame X member. With you at the transmission to guide and direct, have your friend push the assembly forward, rocking the assembly and turning the wheels, all the while laughing at you until it all falls into place.
  15. I imagine this applies to '55 Buicks as well. A friend is looking, and I can't find it either - a source for new rubber disks that the folding front seat rests on when in the upright position. I think they are the same across all series on two-door cars About the size of a quarter, angled, mounted with a machine screw recessed in the center. Any help is appreciated.
  16. Good job, Tank! Only I might add that you could swap Roadmaster front brake assemblies, 52-55 for wider drums and shoes.
  17. I have a complete manual unit from a super - so I believe you would have to shorten the shaft by a cut and weld... Regardless, I am in Newport Beach with plenty of 54 parts, so give me a PM with a phone, and I would be happy to chat and see the car.
  18. I might have something for you. Let me look, and in the meantime, give me a private message with your phone number. I will be out to the shop for a look at my parts tomorrow...
  19. Don't tell nobody, but I have some R-12 and would be happy to help. PM me... Good Lord, is that really 115 - as in degrees? We should air condition Texas.
  20. According to my books, any 52 to 56 Roadmaster will do you. The center hole will be rectangular, as you said, to fit more of the spindle support. You will be happier with the bigger brakes... Just be sure to keep them adjusted. I do mine every thousand or two miles.
  21. Congrats on your first outing!! I assume Rita is feeling well, and Elvis looks happy too!
  22. I've got your 2018 catalogue, but not finding it. Can you give me a page or part number, please?
  23. If you find a source, I would love to know as well...
  24. Looks like it might be a 55...