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  1. Does the car come with it for that price?
  2. That runout could mess up your Dynaflow. Get it measured, per the shop manual in the engine section.
  3. One hell of a hydraulic suspension in the rear, I suppose, to lift high enough for a tire change!
  4. It is set up to delay the end of the auction if bidding keeps going. Don't know by how much time, but it prevents vulchers from swooping in at the last second. Quite a car!
  5. Hey, thanks for thinking of me. Judging by the cowl vent, it is stuff from a smaller car. Looks like the inside of a bunch of my file drawers - though more organized. A recent move helped me - er, forced me - to organize better and realize it's time to start drawing down my own extra parts... Lots of fun swap meets and salvage yards over the years, so no regrets! So hey, folks, PM me what you need out there.
  6. You just need the little vapor bulb that rides in the engine head, or the whole unit? If the whole unit, go for NOS on EBay. I'll look on my parts engines, I my have a bulb, otherwise.
  7. No, it just always struck me as a funny title to request - a dumb joke I pull every time I pass by my organist at choir rehersal. I try to put on my best Foster Brooks impersonation, and it usually works.
  8. Good job, I had a fun time playing with the old AC. Enjoy! And a parts car NEVER hurts...
  9. I remember that red 54 and the cool AC unit. It will be hard to find another. I vote for getting that car on CL for the unit, and sell off or part out.
  10. And the fist class car gets 4 holes in the side.
  11. Congrats, is that the pumpkin out of my 54 Special? Glad you are going down the road so nicely!
  12. I didn't know Buick built railroad stock!!
  13. If anyone needs, I have factory brackets for '54. PM me...
  14. You will enjoy the 56 6-way power seat. I put one on my '54 Buick. It was an easy adapation, and with my bad back, a nice feature wit the adjustable tilt.
  15. Sorry, no. Gone to Texas some years ago. Best to put this request on the Buick Club forum which is farther down the main page. 54 and 55 will both work for you.
  16. Fr. Buick


    About an hour east of Casper, WY on the US hwy 20/26, is an old store and gas station. Out back were a couple of 54 Century cars I got some good parts from years ago, and may still be there.
  17. From dry Wyoming and in my garage for 20 years, very solid. Out of a 54 Century. Hopefully someone local in SoCal can use it, but I would be open to ideas on how to ship. $50, please.
  18. Hey, Lamar, congrats on the wires. I love mine, though they are the repos, but that lets me use aluminum drums on the front end, which the OEMs won't let me do. Rubber tape has worked for me. Be prepared to service them now and again for broken or loose spokes. I call them my around town wheels, as in I don't go far past an easy tow home in case of a problem. And thats on a much heavier Super that weighs past 5k with two aboard. You may have better luck with originals on a lighter car. And the best way to get them clean is off the car and on 2 saw horses with access above and below. Lots of spray polish and microfibers and hand work. Enjoy!!
  19. Sorry to see it leaving your stable, but good luck with the sale!
  20. Seems the dealership is still in business, but in a modern building...