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  2. Many of us have appreciated that the trade school, Pennsylvania College of Technology, is furthering the future of car restoration by training new restorers. This well reputed school has given an Associate's Degree in Auto Restoration Technology for the last several years. But now, is that going to continue as intended? A friend alerted me, so I checked the school's website. It said, "Applications for this major are currently not being accepted. This degree is being redesigned and will work in conjunction with the Collision Repair Technology (A.A.S.) degree with an anticipated start date of Fall 2021." Who can tell us more? The program's professors and students have worked with AACA in the past, and there was even a AACA chapter, I understand, composed of students there. Is the program now going to blend Hyundais with Hudsons, plastic with Packards? Will the course of study have less time for true antiques? It sounds so. Training younger people has been considered a big boon to the future of our hobby. Who can tell us more, and why?
  3. You may have gotten a frame from a '52 Plymouth instead of a '51. The clutch linkage (and manufacturer....'51 is Borg & Beck, '52 is Auburn) changed from year to year. The '51 has an over-center spring and the '52 has a 'lift spring' instead. I think pictures are in the factory shop manual. You need to bleed all 4 front cylinders to purge all the air. Bleeding the rears is not a bad idea while you're at it.
  4. So sad!!! How am I supposed to find the glass lense for the taillight for the hupmobile?
  5. FINALLY going to get a dry week which will let us catch up on various media blasting. Compressor is a large 600cfm unit with a John Deere diesel engine which was overdue for both fuel and oil filters plus the oil itself. Trailer was behind building on dirt/grass which is saturated so wanted to move to paved surface. Hooked my toy truck (98 Ranger) and all it did was worsen the situation by digging big ruts. Backed the old 37 Buick special with a 263 straight eight and 350 automatic up to the Ranger which was still hooked to the compressor and pulled both out without slipping a tread.
  6. I know that this topic has been covered here before but I still had another question regarding this. I scraped the top part of the front bumper along with a little bit of the black bumper guard recently. I searched the forums and found some good info. I took one guys advise and used 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper and used that to remove the scratches on the chrome part and then polished with wadding cloth. The problem is that when I masked off the lower part a lot of old peeling black paint came with it when removed. So what would had been an easy paint touch-up job became much worse. Truthfully the front bumper was peeling in numerous spots before but now there is a longish strip of that black coating gone. It is not really worth it to me to bring it to a paint shop as it is not really that important as to spend $$ on, but is there any paint that I can use to fill in a largish area that would blend well without spraying it? Maybe also some kind of tape or something that would adhere to the bumper and blend in well and become semi-permanent? Thanks for any tips tips they are much appreciated. Luke
  7. Well 3d Printed the first test molds, came out pretty nice. did some fitment tests and some alignment testing. need to tweak a few things and try again. want to make sure the molds are ready to rock before i start ordering rubber and pouring. also did a fitment /location test on the metal inset i printed earlier as well. these were printed with a think layer height of 0.3mm and an infill of 25% along with a wall/shell thickness of 0.8mm will go heavier and thinner layers on final mold prints !! Layer 1 done, Layer 2 going down on the right side bottom layers complete, now doing an infill, only doing a 25% infill for test parts. no need to waste material and time. layer one of the bottom of rubber section being laid down finished 3d printing, came out pretty good !!
  8. For Sale on Ebay 1952 Buick Super Riviera 2-door hardtop in Greensboro, North Carolina - Ebay Seller: antiqueaparts Ebay Link: Seller's Description: This is a 1952 Buick Super Riviera in EXCELLENT condition. It has NEW paint, interior, much of the chrome and many other items. It has a powerful 263 straight 8 motor and a Power Glide automatic transmission. The entire car is in exceptionally nice condition. This company was started in 1966 and has been a member of AACA since 1967 and has since sold around 8,000 automobiles. Although they sell all kinds of automobiles, they specializes in antique automobiles. In 53 years this company has produced 35 first place AACA autos. Thousands of others have found this to be the nicest antique automobiles in the Eastern United States.
  9. When I bought my 63, it had electric trailer brakes, that's why my guess in a previous thread. But the controller in my car, and the ones like it on Ebay, was installed under the dash right under the ignition switch where the driver could move the lever and control the trailer brakes without using the brake pedal. But every time you applied the car's brakes, the lever would move even if no trailer was hooked up. Why this one is under the hood is anybody's guess. Unless it's something other than a trailer brake controller
  10. Remember though, listen to all the celebrities and just stay home and be happy. If I hear that one more time or reference to follow the experts guidelines which change completely almost every day I'm going to go on a Rampage. I was so looking forward to show season for swap meets this year to find a better trunk and maybe even pair of pilots rays to replace the cyclops one on Victoria, not to mention a few trinkets for the Dodge. You know all the stuff you run across at shows but never bought before because you didn't have a car they fit.
  11. Sounds like the solenoid is not working or the starter is cooked. It could also be the starter button, the wiring, the ignition switch, or the battery. I would guess the solenoid is bad since it's the cheapest part. Start there. Sadly, you're pretty far down the conversion road and diagnostics are going to be a lot more difficult. Is there a specific reason you're converting to 12 volts? It complicates things considerably when things don't work because it doubles the number of things that could go wrong. Instead of making things easier, it often makes things more challenging when trying to maintain a vintage car. Anyway, if power is going to the solenoid, your battery is fully charged and load tested, and the wiring is good, then somehow it's not kicking power to the starter. That's the solenoid's job, and it doesn't sound like it's getting done. I would also wager that if you put all the 6V parts back in, it would start...
  12. Search for Vintage Kelsey Hayes Electric Brake Controller Tow Car Kit 56943 on eBay. Looks like what you have
  13. Yes definitely pre WWII , think the mid 1930s. I have seen photos in Packard literature, will look and put a date on it for you. Walt
  14. No, not fans of automobilia - automobilia fans! I've collected them for a long time. Moneypit posted a photo of one from his collection and it's a wonderful fan illustrated by famed automotive artist Montaut. His works were done with a process known as "pochoir" where stone lithographs were produced with simple black outlines. Color was applied by artists using stencils and individual colors, usually water color. The process was created to enable rapid production assembly-line style. Each artist would apply an individual color, then move the print along to the next artist who would use their individual stencil and color. The process continued until the print was completed. Montauts early racing scene prints became famous and are sought by collectors of automobilia today. Quite a number survived thanks to the discovery of unsold editions at the original studio in France many years ago. Montaut also produced the prints later turned into fans, and several varieties are know to exist. The same image that you have shows up as advertising for several different hotels and restaurants, most notably Hotel Knickerbocker, Hotel lriquois, and Care Martin. There were other artists who produced similar work as you can see from items pictured in my collection. The earliest fan I've got is the one for "Chalet Touring" which advertises an early French tourist chalet. There are a lot of other great fans out there too and they are collected by not only automobilia enthusiasts, but also by people who collect illustrated fans, and also advertising items. Here are a few from my collection: Terry
  15. Seller also posted an auction on Ebay:
  16. For Sale on Craigslist 1964 Buick Wildcat 2-door hardtop in Milford, Massachusetts - $12,900 - Contact: Jeff (508) 498-5789 Seller's Description: 1964 Buick Wildcat coupe. 35,000 miles from new. 2 owner car, same family. extremely well preserved, original car. One repaint years ago that has recently been color sanded and buffed to a high gloss. This car had all chrome removed for paint at the time. Gorgeous three color red interior in great condition. Wildcat 445 engine which is a 401 nailhead V8 with four barrel carb. 325 Horsepower. First year Turbo 400 trans. Buick called it the Super Turbine 400. Power steering and power brakes. Super clean under the hood. That is the original green paint on the motor. Clean, solid trunk floor. The body is rust free. clean, solid under. Floors and frame are solid and nice. Chrome and bumpers are original and nice. The car has been recently serviced and is ready to enjoy now. Jump in it and go. The best color combination. This is a non titled vehicle out of R.I. and is being sold with a previous R.I. registration. They don't title older than 2000 in that state. Come see it today.
  17. Does anyone have any idea what the 'Whirlpool Green' stripe color for the '36 Dodge looked like? It was used on the Avon Green Poly painted wheels. Any help will be appreciated. I've never seen any color charts for stripe colors.
  18. Which are the four generation lifters that can be used ?
  19. I am currently switching my 40 Buick to 12 volts. I have removed the generator and put in an alternator with a self contained voltage regulator, thus eliminating the car's original. I put in the required ignition coil. Also replaced the starter solenoid. Of course replaced the battery to a 12 volt. Made all the wiring changes according to the info sent to me by vintage auto garage, where I purchased the kit. My 40 Buick method of starting the vehicle has been switched to a push button start. Now is where I am stuck. When I push the button, I am getting a clicking sound as if its trying to send power thru, but nothing is turning over on the engine. Am I missing a wire to some place, sounds electrical problem to me, but I don't have a clue. Any help would greatly be appreciated.
  20. Good idea. I’ll take a selfie in my space and then spend the rest of the day at the AACA Museum.
  21. Disappointing news just received the email. with 56 continuous years of attending, I believe I will go any way, take a selfie and have 57 years in a row at HERSHEY during Hershey week. Neve give up !!!
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