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  2. This looks like it would be a nice driver-quality and very comfortable and dependable cruiser. Our 1952 and 1954 Cadillacs have proven to be so, and this one seems to be a solid example.
  3. It's common to hear that the internet has hurt the printed medium; but interestingly, F & W said that its jump into electronic media was what ACCELERATED its demise. They spent too much, and unwisely, it was said, on a full-bore move to get away from the printed page. And of the car magazines lost in recent years, they didn't merely move to electronic versions. Instead, they disappeared entirely. Automobile Quarterly is gone (I'm not sure why); Cars and Parts got involved in modified cars and lost their antique-car subscriber base, eventually changing their focus entirely and ceasing to exist as an antique-car publication. Thankfully, Collectible Automobile is still very good. Maybe the lesson is: Hobbyists want to read and relax with a printed page. They want true hobby-focused articles that are well researched and give good insights. And the writers need to be knowledgeable on the subjects!
  4. Decided to take a break from a new bathroom installation we are doing so grabbed the Special and headed out to my local Car Club and Heritage Village. With the gas gauge showing 3/4 full took some back country roads and stepped her up to clean out some city cobwebs. Truthfully I wasn't going quite that fast... I found having my GPS that it is out of gauge by 9 miles per hour faster that actual speed. I doesn't surprise me with the odometer stuck at the mileage showing and having put on radial tires... so that will be next winters project when the driving season is over. I decided to drive back inside the Village and take a shot in front of the Olinda (A not very big "Village") General Store. I had a hand in measuring it up when at it's original location before it was dismantled brick by brick and rebuilt here many years ago. The other reason I wanted this shot was that someone in the Club had given me a picture they had taken back in 1985 when the Store was just opened. The Museum was open today with a Flea market so browsed inside to see they had changed the displays some. One of the main reasons this 25,000 square foot Museum building exists is due to a very generous Member donating the money and his personal 1930 Auburn which he had a body off restoration completed before the donation. To honour his generosity she sits proudly at the entrance to the cars! Sadly his health is deteriorating and likely will not be able to come out and see his pride and joy again... It was a good day to meet and greet and stretch the Special's legs. Got home and just about to get out when my friend pulled in behind me! Things went fine and hopefully will continue that way. Managed another 52.3 miles on the challenge if I can trust the trip odometer but that is my story and I sticking to it! LOL
  5. I want the Cord and the White- can anyone give me a loan?
  6. might be able to use a diff year tailgate. rear fenders are made for chevies, because they were often destroyed while working. maybe see if there are aftermkt fenders being made- though they might be fiberglass.
  7. Thanks for your comments, Pat! However, as you can read below, I'm not sure if I choose always the better solution! Anyway, as you stated, i was busy most of my life! What was I thinking when I began this model in the sixties? I found notes about brake light and I remember doing a functional directional signal lever. The fact is that I installed tiny bulbs at the back together with larger ones. I did also a strange electrical circuit with a 6V wire connected to a derivation box and from that box, a wire going into the trunk. For what purpose? Brake lights? It could be. Anyway, there is no brake switch at the brake pedal and I have no intention to do one. I removed that wire and the black wires which were connected to the large bulbs are now cut because I have no idea where they are ending towards the front of the model. And, of course, there is no documentation. I rewired the small tail bulbs as I explained previously and did a functional test. 2 bulbs were hardly lit when current was applied. If all bulbs would be connected in parallel, there would hardly be a difference. But with 2 bulbs in serie, if the internal resistance is not near the same, the brightness of each bulb is considerably different. I had to match at least two bulbs to have an acceptable result. If I remember well, some bulbs have a resistance of 8 Ohm and other near 10 Ohms. Now, the back is ready, I can go to the front and find how the system should be functioning. As you can see, the end panel was made with brass, like the gutter for the trunk. The license plate is of course installed on hinges.
  8. Yes, though the cigar should be lit if he's also spraying clear coat at the same time.
  10. Nice Sunday drive out and back to my Car Club Museum and Heritage Village. Grounds were a little wet so will have to clean up the tires but it was worth the trip! Membership has it's privileges so drove inside the Village for some shots. This is one of the last few two storey log cabins moved here and slowly being restored for public viewing. It is a big hit with the kids that come through for the Education Program. Went on further to stop at the 1800's General Store and found a group of camera bugs taking pictures. To my surprise one of the ladies was from my neighbourhood whose boys went to school with mine. Naturally they just had to take pictures of the Special and said they would forward me some of their work. Looking to see what a more professional camera might do versus my Canon point and shoot... Just as I pulled into my driveway doesn't two friends pull in behind me in Joe's '55 Cadillac! It was a NICE Sunday for a ride! 😎
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  12. From what others have told me it’s personal preference however it’s seems majority of people go with a plastic (NITROPHY) float. i just ordered a NITROPHYLFloat for my rebuild as well due to the recommendation from Hugh_25_25 and a few others who have been very very helpful
  13. Some Volkswagen Vehicles command high dollsrs .... 1960 VW Double Cab Bus Used as a farm truck in Texas Outfited with heavy duty bumpers Spotlight - Gun Rack - Grab Bar Jim
  14. Apologies for the multiple issues at this end. John
  15. I have a chance to buy a 39 Plymouth pickup are parts hard to find ? it needs a tailgate and rear fenders and also a lot of TLC thanks Bob B
  16. I heard the guy driving that A hit the lottery. When he wears it out, he'll just buy another................ we all get to make our own choices.
  17. Hello Al, Pleased to hear that you have found a couple of pressure cookers. It is a shame you don't live 'just round the corner' as you could have borrowed my steam bending equipment! Today, Robert is coming down to shape the ends of bows.
  18. Seen that white one on craiglist and it would of been great without the rust holes on the inner & outer sills .. needs a complete restoration unfortunately.. these specific cars were very thin in the sheetmetal in some areas..
  19. Peter, Reliable requires pre-payment in full with a credit card. Never pre-pay for services in advance. There are also forum members here that don’t like other forum members and will go out of their way to trash them. For someone to have “ customer feedback “ ...... There has to be an actual transaction that occurred. Disinformation is an unfortunate reality on the interweb. Jim
  20. Hi Charley, bought car in NM 12 yrs ago, so thinking the limited pertains here................. I am in NJ. Think they are individually owned franchises.............. would like a new tank, but it is a 51 tin woody.
  21. Ed, do a search and look it up. Looks like a pretty straight car............... they do happen if you take your time.
  22. Car & Light Truck tanks which are coated inside and outside with our patented process have a limited lifetime warranty — All other tanks are 1 – 2 year warranty. Can't hurt to call as Matt suggests. charley
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