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  2. I think it is an aftermarket switch for a Model T Ford. The key number is visible on the switch.
  3. What Chuck has suggested is a good place to start. I had the exact same problem when I first got my car. Nothing I did would get them to work and then someone suggested checking the firewall plug. I pulled the firewall plug out and there was a significant amount of grime on the connectors. I cleaned the connectors up good and my parking lights worked. Bill
  4. Well after some miles on the car, my felt seal has given up. So with my thinking cap on, I have made up a seal plate that has a small amount of adjustment to keep it central to the maggy cog. I used a high strength glue to hold the seal in place on the plate.
  5. I don't know what the 1931 CM6 uses, but these are the instructions for a 1930 Dodge Brothers Eight - Gemmer worm and sector - which may be similar.
  6. You should run for president ! Trump wouldn't have a chance..
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  8. Try setting the points to .018. You may not be getting enough dwell time at .022 to get a healthy spark. Some ignition systems are fussy that way. Are you sure the breaker points plate is well grounded ? Use a volt/ohm meter on the ohms seting to see if there is any resistance to ground. Try another condenser, especially if you can swap one out of a working engine just to test. I always buy new condensers in twos because for the past 20 years I've had quite a few new ones be DOA out of the box. Paul
  9. Lens still clear after 56 years. Why are so many newer cars fogged just after 4-5 years.
  10. Gas seems to be coming out of vent hose. I am Using original gas cap. I recently had tank down. All connection have been checked.
  11. Sorry I was traveling here is a link to a series of pictures of the lights
  12. Try wiggling firewall plug :(lower one) May have to clean terminal.
  13. I think in South Bend I was still the Brian in charge of driven, but SHHHH!!!'ll get me in trouble...they will have to audit judging next...
  14. I have attached a wiring diagram for the car, but basically everything you say is correct. I did set the points are you thinking they are still closed? .
  15. Zimm, thank you. Barbara keeps me going. The AC on my car has been a real challenge. Bob
  16. Mr. Konga Man, Thank you for the heads up. I know what a stopcock is and I use it daily. Never thought about rust just wanted to protect my pneumatic tools. Never thought about the thing blowing up. Safety first. Thanks again. I got the “how” on this one. Turbinator
  17. Mugger, "Your money or your life!" (Silent pause) Mugger, "Well? What is taking so long?" Jack Benny, "I AM THINKING IT OVER!" Beautiful Maxwell! A good friend many years ago had a '22 Maxwell touring car. He loved it, and drove it on many tours for years.
  18. 1939 Packard, Black with 14,000 miles On Ebay
  19. Do you have a Photo of the wheels you need ?
  20. My phone number is in the add .. text or call both manifolds are for the smaller short engine
  21. It might pay to be really careful with something that pushes UP like an old Coats 4040A. Modern rim clamp machines are fairly nice to the wheels. The part that could conceivably bend a rim would be breaking the bead loose. It probably wont be stuck that bad on an old tube type drop-center wheel, but if it is, how are you going get it loose with just tire irons?
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