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  2. Hello all. Here are pictures of the car. It does have a 108" WB and it does have the 201ci engine from I have seen. Here are pics so maybe I can get some more help. Thank you
  3. PFitz


    Negative ground up until 1929 all Series 13. From '29 on all were positive ground. Back pages of the owner's manuals have a wiring diagram wth the plus and minus shown on the battery and where the cables from each terminal go. The club website has copies of all the owner's manuals and parts books, for club members to download for free or buy a reprint to keep in the car. Paul
  4. FedEx ground by far has been the best for me shipping and receiving. Their people are helpful. Never lost anything to or from me. A+ UPS and USPS give them a C. Haven't used UPS for years. Not that they care. Wouldn't abandon FedEx but hopefully Amazon will grow their delivery business and accept outside packages for delivery. Charley
  5. Hi Guys; , I can say this Imp has been messed with in a major way, being a long time Mopar man and owner of Imperials. The entire factory heater core, A/C unit has been removed. Notice the aftermarket A/C Compressor, would have been an RV2 originally. now has an underdash unit. Fine for Sunny climates, I guess, but no help when you need a defrost or heater! Better hope it sells to someone in Arizona!
  6. Whether or not you inform the seller of your knowledge, you have a strong negotiating point. Often, however, when a car is overpriced, it will take patience for the seller to realize that his asking price is too high. Just ponder for a minute, though, John: Hundreds of people at the auction saw the car, and thought it wasn't worth more than X. Those would include dealers who would likely eagerly buy any bargain for their inventory. So don't be inclined to pay much more than X. There will be many other interesting cars that come along with
  7. Hudsy, I will always do it, as other forum-goers do it, since the ad is only helpful if there's contact information. However, your reminder is good: The numbers can be codified, and I'll edit it to do that.
  8. Today I mounted the wheels on the car and then scrubbed off the blue protective film from the sidewalls. To my surprise, on three of four tires I found indelible, ugly blemishes. See attached pics. Tomorrow I'll be discussing this with Lucas Tires. Infuriating.
  9. $1200.00 paid for it.. I will ask more for it.. Same car in my avatar..
  10. certainly worth selling and there will be plenty of interested people. The Brush is a fine little car, although not particularly valuable, enough were made and still exist for there to be a following with some knowledgeable people. I seem to recall there being some part of them that tends to not hold up (rear end or transmission... something)... creating a situation of there being a lot of running but not roadable Brush cars in existence. Wooden wheels, wooden axles, woodnt run. If you want some armchair appraisals, post some images and more thorough description.
  11. Amen, what difference does it make what he paid for it? Only thing that matters is what you have to pay.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Clearing, moving things around I managed to get the organ outside today and will load it into the trailer tomorrow for it's last song so to speak. Then I had to secure more wood to the tarp out back as the wind was allowing it to flap and was going to tear it off. It is temporary but like how it has kept water & snow from the new garage door. As you can see the temperature got up enough to melt a lot of the last snowfall. Wait a day and it will change again.
  14. The car is worth what you are willing to pay for it, this isn't rocket science. Bob
  15. Agreed MrEarl. While I like black cars of this era, yours makes the car look refined and sporty. Congrats.
  16. I just had a package returned from the USPS. Connecticut to Utah, stamped "vacant" Buyer was home all week. Googled his address, nice neighborhood, with other housed close by, NOT on a 10 mile dead end in Moab. Round two in underway, mystery to both of us. Bob
  17. Up here in Canada we’re self isolating mainly. Most are on-line shopping for Christmas. Canada post is breaking daily delivery records each passing day. Much of our packages originate in the USA. We’re probably adding some strain to USPS too. Sadly our small stores are dying fast. Amazon is full out this xmas shopping season. I’d wager, more business than ever in their past. The delivery companies are trying to keep up. USPS is surely struggling.
  18. I was staring at the hood ornament on my '41 today and realized, for the first time, that it's not just a blob of chrome, but was clearly inspired by the streamline steam locomotives of the '30's. I thought this was interesting because it's an indication that, as of 1941, the locomotive was still regarded as the pinnacle of power. Remember, Superman was "more powerful than a locomotive!" After the war, of course, automotive design imagery shifted to the airplane and the rocket ship, with the P-38 inspired '48 Cadillac and the '49 Oldsmobile Rocket 88.
  19. Very nice Matt, love the color, congratulations!!!
  20. We have one of them but there is no chance I could draw it on a computer and then get it to cut it out. That stuff is beyond my brain capacity.
  21. I tried everything under the sun and never got this area totally leak free. Several pages on my Daphne restoration thread dealing with this problem and the frustration involved. Now it seeps slightly, but once I’m driving around - who knows? Aside from machining groves in the case to take o-rings, I couldn’t figure any other way to stop leaks. I took my tranny out three times trying to fix it.
  22. They work great for gaskets. I posted the process on my restoration thread. The only problem you might have with cork is getting it off the sticky pad without damaging it.
  23. I buy and sell a lot of stuff online. I've used the Post Office, UPS, and FedEx... Guess what? They all suck. They lose stuff, they break stuff, or they just don't bother with delivering it. They also lie their faces off about it. I shipped a guitar to Denver once - 3 day delivery. Took 10 days, and it arrived damaged. The box was literally torn in two pieces, and then taped back together. No excuse, no explanation, no apology. I could have driven the box out there and back for the money the Post Office charged, and had money left over for pizza and gas. They ALL suck.
  24. With each member the number of post is listed, as it has been, but now the number of (positive reaction +'s) under the posters moniker have been removed? Just wondering?
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