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  2. You can buy a real good Model A for $15K or less. (However they offer a pretty primative ride quality) You won't find a good 35 Ford Phaeton in that price range. Remember the old saying, "If the top goes down, the price goes up." Applies to all makes.
  3. ... Front Splash Pan I.D. help needed. There was a 1917 Dodge and a 1911 EMF body’s still in the field where this Splash Pan was, is there any connection? Note the 1930 CAL Lic-Plate was still attached. Thank you for your input
  4. most people don't understand the benefits of dual points, because the 1st point does the opening and the 2nd point does the closing, a better spark is made from the coil, and with the dual points, the point gap setting will last longer. it has nothing to do with how high or not so high an engine can reach in rpms.
  5. ply33

    1936 Pedal seals

    On the '33 the pedals and shafts are one piece forgings. Even when things were all the way apart I couldn't get the draft pads over the big end pivot points much less the pedal. Ended up slicing them and then using contact cement to join the slice after installation. I've often wondered how the factory installed the draft pads. Can't imagine them cutting and then gluing them back together on the assembly line. Did they mold/vulcanize them directly on the shafts?
  6. Was a wonderful event. It is habit forming. I wont repeat what everyone else said, I agree with it all, and the event gets better every year. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you to everyone involved!
  7. I hung out my shingle, casually, to do upholstery when I retired from my "real" career. I've found out that, if people like your work, you're busy "for the rest of your life" and then some!
  8. Thanks, Lamar. It was great seeing you again. Hope you used or found someone for those Banquet tickets. Will be bringing the car to the BCA National in Ohio this year, God willing. Hotel reservations are made. I am looking forward to it and seeing you there.
  9. Stick with the companies that specialize in antique car insurance. You will find the coverage to be better and cost less. Hagerty, J.C. Taylor, American Collectors, and others who advertise in the club magazines. Most of them get good reviews here whenever anybody asks a question like yours. Remember all 50 states control policies requirements in their state. Shop around and talk to their agents. Retired Agent
  10. It stinks Jerry. I took the olds out for a longer ride a day ago and sure enough, after about 10-12miles, it heated right back up and was bubbling. So the hood will come off, then the distributor, then the head and anything else I need. Might have some good news though. I found two head bolts that will not tighten and possibly there's a chance they are the culprit as one is right at #6 where my leak has been coming from. I ordered two head gaskets from Olsons so they should be here soon. I will get it fixed and will be checking things very carefully. With an 87 year old motor, the metal simply could have fatigued with the torque of the head bolts once it heated up so that the remaining threads just pulled free. I will use thread inserts of course and will look at every single hole to evaluate to see if I might put thread inserts in all of them. It's a pain but it's more of a pain to have to do it again. Other than this issue, the Olds drives really good and I look forward to driving it around like I do my 31' Chevy. The show in Charlotte does look interesting and that possibly might be where I go to try and get my Sr. It's closer to FL and possibly my son could come up to see me. He loves car shows and it will be great to hang out with him some. Russ at Paul's is great to work with and he is fast. If your mains do need to be done, I believe they are inserts so you can pull them and send them to him. If your local shop can line bore you'll be golden. I'll be keeping watch on your thread for your progress and any help you might need, just let me know. Just a thought, I was able to locate some oversize rods when I did my 31' engine over for cheap money and that is sometimes another way to go. Paul's is cheap enough though and uses modern materials so that has to be considered too.
  11. Now This is Free Wheeling! L.A. and the Hollywood hills sure have changed. The Little Rascals Free Wheeling 1932 - YouTube › watch
  12. I have been coming since 1970 at age 12. Missed a few years in High School and College but none since 1982. This year's had the best weather I can remember with 5 straight days without rain and mild temps. Our area in the Red Field was much fuller than recent years and bigger crowds. Hats off to Hershey Region for all the work. I heard the Hershey Hanover Tour had good weather too. Hope to have my 12 McLaughlin on it next year.
  13. All except the first car, to new for me. But nice pictures.
  14. Mars

    1930 cf fuse size

    Not blowing fuses, but no power.
  15. Are the Chiefton SD 6 cyl or 8 cyl? Anyone have any pricing on rough unrestored long storage SD's?
  16. Mars

    1930 cf fuse size

    Still blowing fuses. Replaced a few wires that looked real bad. I feel like a pretzel from being under the dash. Is a new harness difficult to install? I'm not getting power to the clum switch. How do you tell if the harness is toast?
  17. Buick. It's a piece of artwork inside and out.
  18. locate the C shaped clip on the end of the axle, have someone push the brakedrum/hub on that side toward the center, pull that C shaped clip out an you can then pull the axle by tugging on the brakedrum/hub.
  19. I had an accident a number of years back. Ended up doing nearly 20k in damage to my car. Hagerty had it settled and a check in my hand in less than two weeks. Needless to say I have been thrilled with Hagerty.
  20. I think the 36 Super Packard Phaeton that sold at Hershey went too low and I am guessing this was due to it being an original car with upgrades verses fully restored - which is a shame is I would rather have a car in this condition 100 times over a restored car - and basically have always been willing to pay more too. The Standard 8 Phaeton that did not sell was sort of an anomaly like the non-supercharged Auburn Speedster that recently sold (when you hit certain price ranges you tend to want the best of the best example in the Marque verses ...). I disagree with the Millennial argument of Matt's - what I believe is that lots of cars soared up in value and it is difficult to find buyers for so many over 100K priced cars - regardless of peoples age or ... Running a Concours d'Elegance, I will tell you that people love the early stuff, though the problem is they just plain cannot afford it or they can afford one "it" and get something more drive-able/usable. I also I see noticeable numbers of younger people at Horseless Carriage Club events matched to younger people at Auburn Cord Duesenberg Events. And, in Europe younger people are commonplace with older cars.
  21. Parts are for model 50 although some may fit other models. They are mostly used; some new or reconditioned. - Hubcaps (23 in a range of condition) - Lever shocks (5) 42346/42347/41104/41103 - Intake manifold 1240120-3 (Black powder coated) - Transmission 552021 - Shift lever (2) 552915/552923 - Generator - Water pump 1248876-5 - Bell housing for Right Hand drive - Steering columns (2) 259241 (LHD) 259511 (RHD) - Tie Rods - Hand Brake 552036 - Radiator Surround (needs rechromed) and shutters - Bearings (new): clutch release; clutch pilot; differential (2); Front/rear wheel bearings 909023/1307-sl - Kingpins (new) - Fitzgerald Gasket 84008 - Various guages: Weter temp w/sensor; metric speedometer; Amp/oil guages - clutch plates and other misc items. All offers will be considered........for more info Tom Kasper
  22. hmmm, could have sworn I saw you there
  23. Joe Kelley was an avid enthusiast, collector and restorer of 1958 Cadillacs and Chevrolets. His cars were award winners, featured in movies and brought joy to many people throughout the years. Joe was well known within collector car circles and Cadillac clubs. He often used his vehicles during the Christmas season as Santa Claus in his visits to nursing homes and hospitals. This auction provides you with the opportunity to purchase these rare and sought after automobiles.
  24. yea I tried to talk him out of them overalls, only vintage ones I can ever find, the legs come up to my knees and sleeve s to my elbows. he was mighty appreciative of the forum and all the great help the prewar crowd had given him with the ‘17
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  26. Same pistons, longer rods.
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