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  2. I've got $900.00 for an engineless XK120 Fixed head Coupe if someone runs across one. Good luck with this project, they don't look like this on the East Coast. Bob
  3. I bought my tenth anniv. T/A in similar but worst condition. Similar in that it had been all taken apart, worst in that none of the small parts had been restored and who knows where all of the misc fasteners are. I got about 3 cars worth of parts though. Like MMan said about the edsel, I pretty much know most of the stuff on a firebird by touch by now so that helps. All of the parts 'were there' when I bought it. Only the carb was wrong (long and expensive search to find the right one), brackets for motor gone, wrong this wrong that, misc things to track down to make things 'numbers correct'. I do all of my own work, motor notwithstanding. I have been at it for about 3 years now and hope to finish this spring enough to get it on the road. And a T/A is a pretty simple car, especially compared to this Lincoln.
  4. What trini said. Almost assuredly a ground problem. If I am wrong, lunch is on me next time you are through Wichita Falls. Remove the Neg cable from the battery and clean cable and battery post to a HINEY condition. Same where the Neg cable connects to the engine. Ben
  5. Same engine. Same car except for trim pkgs.
  6. I enjoy looking at maps and advertising from rest stops and those books you get at the turnpike stops that have small stores and gas stations.
  7. I agree with @trini. An excellent tool for checking grounds, especially on a 6V system, is a good length (6 ft or so) of 10 gauge wire with an alligator clip on each end. For example, one at a time, ground the gauge base to some part of the body structure, ground the body to the frame. If the problem disappears from the temporary, add a permanent ground.
  8. Hey Junior, run on down to Dollar General and bring back half-a-dozen Rattle-Cans, and a six-pack of Long-Necks
  9. For sale on Facebook: 1972 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible in Westwood, NJ - $12,000 - Must be a member of Facebook in order to access Seller's contact information. Link: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/418532836533679/1972-Cadillac-Eldorado-Convertible Seller's Description: 1972 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible Driven 100,000 miles Automatic transmission Exterior color: Brown · Interior color: Tan 1972 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible New Top, Mechanically Sound Paint is in good shape Needs some interior work, small exhaust leak. From an estate. 12k located in Westwood NJ.
  10. oh yea, thanks in advance for any information !!! my bad... John
  11. I really do not understand why nobody pays attention to the date of this posting:)
  12. I wonder if the holes are for the original oil filter. My 31 60 series also has the holes but the original filter has been replaced with a cannister filter. They are in the right general area. Dave
  13. Maybe they should have , and back in the day, I was a fan of the Turnpike Cruiser Skirts By the way, I always liked the Coral and White color combination on a '56 Roadmaster convertible, but Red and White would be just fine, thank you Santa Claus.
  14. hello all. I'm here from the pontiac forum seeking information on a driveshaft dilema I am having. I had a new driveshaft made locally. series 1310 slip yoke and ujoints to be able to use current off the shelf ujoints. problem is output shaft and yoke splines don't match. I was told a yoke from Olds may work. (49-56) If anyone has measurements available that would be great. This will save some skinned knuckles at a junkyard if I knew what to look for !!!! My 53 Pontiac output shaft measures 1.172" yoke OD is 1.5" bearing caps are 1.062" 16 spline I will attach pictures to help explain.
  15. I have seen a car that had some fake patina that made a lot of sense. A fellow on the west coast had found a totally original early touring car, an Oakland I believe. Mechanically it was all there and driveable. The paint was there but cracked and crazed, the upholstery was the original leather - a true, beautiful survivor. But it was totally missing one fender, and one wooden-spoke wheel was essentially rotted away. He wanted to preserve, not restore, the car. But you can't drive a car with three wheels and three fenders. So he had a wheel and a fender made and had them distressed so they looked like the rest of the car. No subterfuge - he told people what he had done and why. I rode in it, and it was really neat. At the other extreme, I once saw a Stanley at Hershey that had been given a ground-up restoration and artificially aged to look like a survivor. What a travesty!
  16. I'd put the Lincoln money in the Studebaker. Not that it matters but how fast is one of these Lincolns? Bob
  17. As Bernie said "Leaving the old metal lines in could cost two bumpers, yours and his. Maybe a fender or two as well." As well as a busted nose and some broken teeth. No crush in the front end or frame, no air bags, no collapsible steering column, no shoulder restraint, and lots of hard plastic and steel. You'll be money ahead to replace ALL the items in the brake system, kits are available for the return springs, new wheel cylinders, EVERYTHING. Much cheaper than hospital and dental bills. Plus you might not have to pay for the other guy's injuries and your insurance premiums won't go up. Don't take time to think about it - just do it.
  18. a problem i had was the fuel pump relay went bad.the car would still run badly.if it starts running badly again swap the relay with one of the other two.free test.
  19. I thought some of you might be interested in a recent project I undertook to improve the look of the white leather rear seats in my 1963 Riv, part of the uplevel trim option 748. The original hides naturally yellowed over time, and the previous owner used some awful bright white vinyl paint, which had to be removed with reducer. Rub N Restore https://rubnrestore.com/ in Colorado helped me blend a matching color after sending me sample swatches. Their product is an acrylic finish (not a dye) but different from thicker urethane aerosolized paints, which is why one can get an even result with lighter coats. Attached are some before and after pictures. (The little triangular piece at the top of the seat backs cover some sun damage near at the center seams that couldn't be repaired easily.) It sure looks a lot better than before for a 58 year-old Riv!
  20. Yesterday
  21. That's the way it should be. Look at the grill area on the car.
  22. I have several switches that are only good for parts. Let me check.
  23. For those of you who have trouble removing the clock from the dash, the old ROA trick is to put the plastic lid of an aerosol paint can over the clock. It will give you something to really hold on to.
  24. Yup, from an Angora Goat. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mohair#:~:text=Mohair (pronounced %2Fˈmoʊ,these qualities to a textile. It in my 29 Cad Town Sedan. You said 7 passenger, sometimes divided limousines used wool in the back. It is a little smoother on the surface but not as long lasting.
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