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  1. This is me in 1970-71 flying a kite in Culver City, Ca. The Buick at the curb is my Dad's Skylark that he owned for a few years. He had me convinced that the radio was controlled by me blowing on it. Little did I know he was controlling it from the floor switch. I recently was able to buy a 54 Buick Skylark and so the tradition will continue with my kids and grand kids.
  2. Did you find your side emblems? I have a pair for sale.
  3. I just saw a pair of tail light housings for sale at the Woodland, CA swap meet. The owner is from Rosburg, OR. His name is Joe Strupp 510-876-6722 One was rechromed but the other was not.
  4. I too am looking for a dodge route van. Let me know, rkldesign@sbcglobal.net, or 707-260-5327. Call me, thanks, Richard Kramer, Napa, Ca
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