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  1. So your selling reproduction cases and faces right?
  2. I have this stained glass window which has "1976/003" in the bottom right corner. I was under the impression that this was a 10yr anniversary item the Buick Club had come out with to celebrate their anniversary (1966-1976) and only 200 were made at a cost of $199 each. Well I just ran across another one (#31) and the seller is claiming it was a promotional item exclusive to Buick dealerships to promote the 1976 Models coming out and they only made 500 for the 500 Dealerships. This makes no sense to me since 1976 wasn't a anniversary date for Buick and that year would have no significant meaning for Buick. The 10yr anniversary by the Buick club makes more sense. Does anyone know the back story on these stained glass windows? Or does anyone have any past 1976 issues of the Bugle that mention the window or advertise the promotion of it? Just want to know the real story. Thanks in advance.
  3. I need several for the cars I have. (Three 1924s and a 1923) If Roger reads this post I'd like his contact info. Thanks in advance.
  4. The scammers steal someone else's photos from a prior sale ad or just off any website or FB page and create a for sale ad to get you to send them a deposit or money to ship it to you and you can pay them the balance when it arrives, looking for gullible fools who will fall for the their trap. As an example, ironically just yesterday a person who had created a fake Facebook profile tried to join and post a car for sale ad to an Antique Studebaker Owners group I'm the Admin for. The car in question just happened to be one I preciously owned, sold to a good friend, and he restored. The individual who made the fake profile and was trying to pass himself off as the seller of the car was not from America but in fact from the African nation of Cameroon. Besides the fact that I recognized the car, he was trying to sell it to me for $3,000 which is obviously far under market value for a 100pt body off restoration. I played with him a while back and forth in the conversation and until he agreed to sell me the car for $1,500 (but all I had to do was initially pay for the cost of shipping) anyway, I played with him some more, then eventually told him I had traced his location through his I.P. address back to the African Nation of Cameroon and that I would be turning the conversation and his contact info over to the Interpol and FBI's CyberCrimes units and he'd probably get his grass hut raided and be arrested by the end of the week ....lol. So like the old saying goes, if it's too good to be true then it is, and in this instance, the scammer picked the wrong guys best friend to try to use his photos to sell a car to. Attached are just a few screen shots of my conversation with the scammer.
  5. I have a 1924 Brougham Model 51a which has the oval rear windows. I do not know if they kept the same style of lights on the interior of your car as they did in 1924, but mine are the same as the above photo of the 1925 Model. When looking for the lights you need, if you are going to look for the same style, pay particular attention to the detail of the corner and points on the lights trim border to make sure it's an exact match as I have seen some before that were close but not the same so you have to be careful. I'm posting a pic of one of my rear interior accent lights and the dome light which you can see matches the rear quarter or accent lights. Again, mine are 1924, which looks the same as the 1925 coupe above, but I cannot guarantee 1926 trim lights were the same also.
  6. Is that a 4 door Sedan? Or a 2 door Sedan? If it is the 2 door Sedan I have both front seats and the bottom rear seat from a 27/28, just don't have the back of the rear seat.
  7. You have great taste, and I agree with you. I am fortunate enough to have one of these. Buick referred to their Brougham with the oval Window as an "Opera" windowed Brougham. In 1924 the Brougham that Buick originally manufactured in the beginning of the 1924 production year had the regular "D" shaped rear window which they called the "Model 51". At the very end of the production year, they added the "Opera Window" on an additional Brougham to the line up and called it a "Model 51a". They also added to the line up a Limousine and a town car which all featured the "Opera Window" ... all had a very limited production number. The "Opera Window" was so popular with it's styling, they completely dropped the rear D" Window look in 1925 and just went with the Opera Window for 1925, 26 and 27 models calling them just the Model 51. In 1928 they dropped the oval Window on the Brougham and went back with the rear "D" shaped window, then in 1929 completely dropped the Brougham entirely from the 1929 line. The only surviving 1924 "Model 51a" that I know of, is one thats about a 2hr drive into the Jungle outside Manila in the Philippines shipped there by an Ex-Patriot, and the one in my collection.
  8. The company noted above is going out of business and its a shame, another resource dying for the old car hobby, I am very surprised over the past 40yrs they thought the demand for a re-cast body on the UU2 was not cost effective as I believe there always has been a big demand for replacement of the pot metal body. This carb was used by the Studebaker President, Pierce Arrows, Marmons and even the Dusenberg which to the dismay of Studebaker owners is why that carb on Ebay fetches such high dollars. Hopefully someone buys the business as the current owners retire, and maybe some fresh blood will see the value in re-casting and manufacturing a reproduction uu2 body and parts.
  9. There is a company in Australia (see link below) that is has been recasting in aluminum the stromberg UX2 bodies that were originally used on these cars. Kevin Wise in Washington recently purchased on of these as a complete unit and with one slight adjustment to one of the venturi's he is very happy with the results and the fact that the car, a 1929 Dictator Cabriolet, is back to having its originality minus the headache of the pot metal Carburetor housing. This company is about to go out of business and I am also getting one of these recast housings for the UX2 for my daughter's 1930 Commander before they are unavailable anymore. https://vintageandclassicreproductions.com/
  10. To add to the conversation about rain channels, for reference these are the ones in the rumble seat area of my 1929 Studebaker President FH Cabriolet. The water runs down to the inside rear of the car and collects in an area that is at the very back under the rumble seat. There are two holes on either side of the water collection area for the water to escape to the ground, and there is about a one inch metal piece which runs the length of the width of the body to prevent any water from coming forward into the rumble seat passengers area.
  11. I'm interested. I have a 1923 Buick Model 55 tourer I need tire to use to move it around the shop. I'm at zip code 95693.
  12. There is a company in Australia that makes most all of the reproduction parts, including the UU2 lower and upper carb housing that's normally pot metal. They're not cheap but neither are original pot metal carbs. https://vintageandclassicreproductions.com/
  13. Tbtravis, a member on this forum named Frank Touts in Australia was looking for one also to restore for his '28 President and I sent him an original one that was broken. As far as I know he had a place down under cast a mold and they made a new reproduction. Since they made a mold of it, I'm sure if you contact him they can probably cast you one also. His handle on this forum is "touts" and his email is "touts@rocketmail.com"
  14. I found this on FB marketplace place if your still looking for a wood wheel for your car. It's only about 30 minutes south of me. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1394884964346797/
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