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  1. Well based on your rear body lines, and the body lines on the yellow coupe, it would be my guess your's was from a 28/29 Studebaker Coupe. Thats what it looks like to me.
  2. Frank, For comparison sake, the yellow car is apparently a Dictator coupe, these pictures are the rear end of a 1928 President FB Roadster.
  3. Pictrues of this car were posted in a Studebaker Facebook group back in November 2020, from a Facebook marketplace Ad, as a discussion as to what it was. The general consensus was it was a 1928 Studebaker and Richard Quinn commented "I believe the car is a 1928 Dictator model GE 3rd design"
  4. P.S. My car is a "Survivor" and I'm trying to keep it looking that way, so I want original factory parts and do not wish to make anything.
  5. #1 - I'm looking for the "flywheel housing plate" part #166727 that goes on the bottom of the transmission bell housing right behind the Oil pan. See pic. #2 - I need either the entire unit, or just the set of "Sun Shade" (Sun Visor) brackets that attached to the front windshield posts. See attached pics. I believe it is the same on most all models. There was a thin piece of metal that slid into a grove on the bracket and was then covered with top material oil cloth. #3 - Battery box, part #39954 Battery box support assembly, part #166995. Battery Box clamp, clamp Part # 35331. See pics.
  6. Dave, Mike McManus had a used car Dealership called "Atlantic Auto Sales" in Gardena. Here is the update on the car your Dad missed.
  7. Rex, Its been almost a year since the post on this subject and I'm trying to help a fellow hobbyist in Australia, Frank Touts, who is currently having his 1928 President FB motor rebuilt. My question is, are the dies you have for the water manifold useable for the FB Motor? If so, any updates on how close you are to producing these? And if not, do you know who may have a FB water manifold, Oil pump housing, and I believe he is also in need of the main camshaft gear, a new cam as the distributor gears on the camshaft are stripped. He can be contacted at touts@rocketmail.com if anyone reading this can assist him in his restoration. Time is of the essence as his engine is in the shop waiting on these parts.
  8. Zolate, Any updates to your post, pictures and in response to Studeq's inquiry as to serial and body numbers as I am curious as well to know the numbers and see photos, since I too own a 1929 President Cabriolet.
  9. Wayne, I also noticed another individual posted on October 5th in this forum he is having handles and cranks made doe his 1928 President. You might want to contact him if he is also doing what you need for your car if the handles are the same as yours. See screen shot of his forum post.
  10. Tom, You are correct, it's not old. I have a few myself I bought back in the mid 70s and these were readily available and being sold back then and were common place at Studebaker activities and shows I went to then. But then again, maybe they are old, at least as old as me, I just never thought of myself as old .... until now .....lol
  11. Wayne, Which series 1928 President do you have? They made running changes the entire year, 1st, 2nd and 3rd series and there was an "FB" Model and an "FA" Model. Do you have any specific pictures of what your handles are supposed to look like? I have a set of spare doors in my barn that were taken off a 1928/29 President. Regards, Shawn
  12. John, If you run across another interior door lock please let me know. I too am in need of one for my 1929 President, identical to the one you were looking for, so if you run across another, please let me know, Regards, Shawn.
  13. Looks like is sold for $18,500. Thats a damn good price for a restored car even if there are incorrect items on it.
  14. Well good news Frank, I was going through my Touring files and ran across a correspondence between me and Peter Limon back in March of 1999 and I have his frame serial number and engine number on that letter. In that letter he said he knew of no other President Tourers in Australia, but oddly enough, I also ran across another email letter dated June of 1999 where I was talking to a man named Warren Thompson in Australia who said he was in the process of restoring a 1930 President Tourer with 6 wire wheels. I will message you all those details in a bit.
  15. Ben, does your car have a rear floorboard heater? The section cut out off your exhaust pipe right before it gets to the mufflers is for an exhaust bypass valve. When you wanted heat to the rear passenger quarters, you would pull a lever mounted on the driver's side floorboard, this would divert the hot exhaust from the muffler, through another pipe that led to the floorboard heater, the hot exhaust would run through a series of tubing in the floor heater and then out a second exhaust pipe on passenger side. This is how my 1924 Model 51a Brougham is. Which is why I posted the original question because I couldn't figure out why there was a plug in the elbow. Attached is a picture out of the 1924 "Book of parts" showing the exhaust pipe with the cut out for the heater exhaust bypass and the bypass that fits over the exhaust pipe.
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