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  1. thanks JOHND1956. im going to try everything you guys mentioned and me changing out the rubber and hopefully something will work.
  2. thanks OLD-TANK I will try that and I'm going to replace the vent window rubbers also.hopefully it's that.
  3. 60FLATTOP my vent windows stay closed very tight and I had the frames all redone. that's the puzzling thing. no air comes through when driving but I hear the wind whistling anyway. the rubber is a little bit worn so I'm hoping when I change it out it will stop and I'm going to try to put that rubber seal that runs along the post from the flipper front down along that post that meets the door. gonna try anything at this point. thanks and yes to frank Duval I will use the painter's tape. it leaves no residue.
  4. thanks JOHND1956. Someone mentioned to me that there is a rubber seal that goes along that A pillar from the top of that flipper down. now mine does not have that ,so I might try to put that in there but I will try your suggestions also cause its driving me crazy.That's the funny thing, everything is tight and snug and there's no air coming inside from the vent window so like I said maybe the rubber has to be changed out.
  5. 60FLatTOP I know what your saying but hearing that wind whistling through the vent windows is driving me nuts.lol ! like I said before going to change the rubber out and hopefully that does the trick.its gotta be that because there is no wind coming into the car from the vent windows. its just that whistling sound.
  6. thanks BEEMON I'll give it a try like you said. hopefully it works.
  7. yes pacKick it drives me crazy. I'm going to try to change the rubber in those vent windows and see if anything changes but like you said right now there is no air coming through so hopefully when I change the rubber it will quiet down. I'll keep you informed on what happens.
  8. anyone experience when front vent windows closed you can still hear the wind blowing ? my front vent windows, when there closed I still hear the wind blowing. the rubber is still pretty good and has a tight seal, but I still hear the wind blowing. problem is I don't feel any wind coming into the car, I just hear it. anyone experience this and possibly know how stop the sound of the wind ? thinking about maybe changing the vent window rubber anyway. any other idea's ?
  9. does anyone know where exactly does the auxiliary door seal goes on a 55 buick century 2 dr hardtop ? anyone have a pic or diagram ? they tell me it goes from cowl to top of door hinge. a little confused here on that, and also is there a post seal that goes from top of windshield down along the post also ? any help appreciated. also if anyone is looking for nice buick parts check on buick selling. its under 2921tcomp.
  10. does anyone out there have a pic or diagram of exactly where the auxiliary door seal goes on a 55 buick 2dr century ? they say it goes from the cowl to the upper door hinge. a little confused here. also is there a seal that runs down from the top of windshield along the post ?
  11. sorry to get back to you late bluebeard but I don't always check the post's on here. yes it has the odometer on it also.
  12. bluebeard go to eBay. its listed on there.
  13. bluebeard I have a redline speedometer listed for sale if your still looking for one. its under tcomp2921.
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