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  1. Thanks for looking, Pete. I might just have the wrong fitting in there but damned if I know where it came from. Maybe the 4-holers are different somehow.
  2. Ben - not young, perhaps even older than you! But I probably mis-quoted him on the purpose of the hole in the thermostat.
  3. I was told by my mechanic this week that 160 or 180 does not make a lot of difference BUT he did say the better thermostats these days have a little hole drilled in them to allow a gradual flow of water rather than a burst on opening. He said he would drill a hole in mine if it did not have one in the Superstat. He's got it on a dyno right now!
  4. Selim - your second photo is correct. The chrome molding should show like this. It is a continuous strip around the tops of doors and around the "top" of the body.
  5. I am trying to hookup vacuum lines etc. on a rebuilt 320 for my 1949 Roadmaster and need a favor. My vacuum line from the fuel pump goes to the intake manifold brass fitting in front of the carb BUT the fitting is two-sided (has two outlets/inlets - like a T) - there should be a second vacuum line that goes somewhere towards the head it appears. It's been awhile since I took it apart and memory is not providing the answer. My shop manual is not helping and I cannot find anything online. Seems like nobody thinks the left side is photogenic! Did I somehow get the wrong fitting? Where does this phantom second line go to? The wipers' vacuum is supplied from the fuel pump vacuum alone, right?
  6. Bill - Perhaps so. What did you use? I have found some vintage wound stainless steel bicycle cable housings that look nice. A bit more shiny than stock but I'm not going for any awards. I am trying to find out lengths from Nashbar and get a better look. https://www.nashbar.com/clarks-stainless-steel-universal-derailleur-cable-w6082/p336474
  7. Need to replace my air vent cables under hood on a 1949 Buick and do not see a source online readily. Does anyone have a recommendation? Tried Bob's CARS, Fusick.
  8. JD Barlow - Don't buy the solid metal tool - it is not going to work - at least not on a '49. The pliers work great. Approach handle from the inside of the crank handle (you will feel the tool set when it grips in place), squeeze and gently pull the handle off the spindle with your other hand. Surprisingly smooth removal. The manual shows what's going on so refer to that first for a mental picture. But if you are sure you have the clip off then apply WD-40 and wait 24 hours. Tap it with a hammer to loosen rust. Use the slide hammer idea. Use heat from a propane torch as a last resort if you have a replacement handle. You must have some serious rust if the clip is actually off - does not sound right. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0002BC082/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  9. Thanks for the advice. It's being re-cored and should be better than new. I just find it hard to believe radiator work is so expensive now.
  10. I learned my radiator is not repairable but rebuildable for over $900 - will look original. Anyone have a source for new replica aluminum radiators? I can't find one after a quick search on google and eBay. Nice original?
  11. Bedford cord - try SMS Auto Fabrics in Washington State. https://smsautofabrics.com/ FYI - They will make the grab-straps or pull handles that mount on the vertical pillars.
  12. I finally just hauled the 1950 320 engine over to Scott-Day paint supply here in Houston in a U-Haul trailer. Peggy and Tony were kind enough to match the original color found under the motor mounts, starter area, etc. perfectly, in my opinion. They can supply paint to you if you want - 713/981-4187. I have painted the engine and am reassembling components to have it tested by Eaton Balancing in Lorena, TX prior to putting it in my 76S. 2020 has been an awful year so far for the world but perhaps it will a good one for the old Buick. Here are a couple of progress pictures for you.
  13. Thanks, Doug. The bolts are 5/16" standard thread one end and fine on the other. The length from Bob's and Cars is 2". Dorman makes them and are available from parts shops.
  14. I just left town without my sample stud - can anyone tell me what size I need for exhaust manifold mounting stud for 1950 Buick 320? It's coarse thread on one end and fine on the other. I see Bob's sells them but I'd like to just get some new ones at my local parts shop. Also - anyone know a source for the manifold washers besides $4.50 each at Bob's Automobila?