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  1. No replies, comments from the board? None of them met reserve and the Supers could not break $29k. No one seems interested here and no one really interested on eBay. I guess these have really lost value and their time has past as a collector car. So sad.
  2. I find it interesting there were three very nice 1949 convertibles on eBay at once: a very nice but somewhat incorrect Roadmaster that did not sell: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1949-Buick-Roadmaster-/283602942330?nma=true&si=IXTGWvPHET72TnPxn3%2Fv6X2K3zA%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 a Rainman Super: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1949-Buick-Super-CONVERTIBLE-RESTORED-2K-MI/193093508840 and a gray slope-back Super: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1949-Buick-Other-Tan-top-gray-body-red-interior/123898986628 Not selling too well but there are some days left. Note the spare on the slope-back - there is a skirt on the spare cover - I have never seen that before but I like it. Is it factory?
  3. How long does it take for gasoline to go bad these days? And by bad, I mean getting thick and viscose and damaging to the tank, screens and lines where you have to pull the tank to get it clean and usable again. I was talking to a mechanic the other day that I don't particularly like (he is never wrong about anything) and he said today's gas with the ethanol in it gets gooey after a year in the tank. I personally have soon this gooey jellied gas in a carb on a little Briggs & Stratton engine lately and it is like hard petroleum jelly. My Roadmaster has been sitting 1 year and 9 months and I am ready to start her up again. I am sure I should drain the tank but will I have goo in the lines, filter, pump? The gas in the glass filter bowl looks normal.
  4. It's not stainless. No idea about the stripe.
  5. Nicely done, you really got going on this project. Where did you source the retainers?
  6. Thank you, Al. I will check it out once I get her out of storage and in an open space.
  7. I have some info for you from a reply to my questiont regarding YOM on a 320 motor and Dynaflo from 1953Mack that probably helps: "FWIW: ~ The 1948-1952 Buick Roadmaster (70 Series) Dynaflow bell housings have the same part number. ~ The 1949 Super (50 Series) and all 1950-1952 Special (40 Series) and Super (50 Series) Dynaflow bell housings have a different part number than the Roadmaster Series for the years mentioned above." So, for what it's worth - you might want to look at my thread and read the reply I got from 1953Mack.
  8. Thanks - very cool. That makes some sense. I had been struggling with why the engine color was so off and it finally dawned on me it might not be the original engine as I heard later models were green rather than blue. So, the 1951 320 was painted the green as shown above? How does the '51 compare with the '49? You mentioned the water pump is different. Were there a lot of differences or just small improvements? Generator maybe? I do have an interchange manual somewhere. Would the original 1949 Dynaflow fit to the 1951 that's in there now or would it have had to be replaced as well? Thanks so much for the information!
  9. OK - I snapped a photo of the number and it is 636773I7. What do y'all think?
  10. How can you tell the exact year model of a 320 Buick straight 8? Can you decipher a number on the block? Should that number match a number on the body? I believe the engine in my 1949 Roadmaster may be from a later year but need some help in confirming that. My suspicions arise from the different color paint I am seeing as I remove parts from the motor and find light green paint as would be on later engines. Perhaps it's just changed but perhaps not.
  11. Congratulations! Not sure if you has anyone look at it but there is a transmission in the trunk, rubber coated gas tank and repainted (rebuilt) radiator in the engine compartment. Floor boards seem solid from eye-balling them. I need a trunk lid and right rear fender for my 76S if you decide to part it out. Rear glass is on eBay occasionally. I know the windshield glass is available. No line on an engine.
  12. LeBaron Bonney should have the seat covers, carpet, kick panels, etc. for the convertible. Putt Georgi, Ltd. makes the best fitting tops I have been told by the guys at Classic Cars of Houston - email Putt Georgi regarding the ARO 2000 tops at onlinesales@frontier.com. Website: http://www.aro2000.com/putt_georgi_ltd.htm
  13. Yes, I went up to look at the green machine as I live nearby. I am glad Pete got it as we all know he wanted one. I did not bid but the sheet metal is nice and the chrome is not bent and it has the rear fender spears! Pete - I do need a right rear fender and a trunklid if you have any extras.
  14. I went to a resto shop yesterday in Tomball, Texas and the owner was showing me some run-of-the-mill '66 Mustang and boring 1971 pickup in his shop. The owners had spent $85K to restore the Mustang to stock. The pickup owner slammed a 427 in the pickup and had over $100k in the labor and parts. SOOOO, $35k+ for this Buick looks reasonable!
  15. Curious to see the final price. I have never seen one go for this much before.