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  1. I wonder if this one for a 1953 Chevy truck could work? It costs $64 new. The new gauge would need to be changed and the woven steel mesh cover threaded over the line. http://www.classicpartsusa.com/product/GA-T14R6_1953/1953_Truck_Parts_Speedometer_and_Gauge_Items?gclid=CjwKCAjwz6_8BRBkEiwA3p02VVxbZYvfUKFJl1tRrZRcojfQTod1tnlfh_AcaiRXkQQcpKEC3vJzYhoCasAQAvD_BwE
  2. Hello all - On my rebuilt 1949 Buick 320 we went to install the old temp sender unit back into the block and there is no brass tube on it to go into the head like I thought there should be - I saw some replacements online with the tube/sensor. The metal on the nut that screws into the head seems too soft as well and it just seems like it's not right. Any ideas on repairing or replacing these units before I spray water inside my nice new engine compartment and interior? I see Bob's has a rebuilding service for $190 which includes gauge. Seems high but what
  3. If you have not already done so, shoot some motor oil in each cylinder to loosen the years of rust and gunk in there. Let it sit a couple of days. Install fresh plugs, wires, etc, two table spoons of gas in the carb and she should fire. Those were my instructions from an old mechanic years ago and it worked first try on my '49 Roadmaster years ago.
  4. This solenoid is a very rare item indeed. I've been looking for one for months.
  5. Check out this link from Long Island Buick Club for good photos of engine colors for the different years of Buick s. https://www.libuickclub.org/buick-engines
  6. That's a nice original car in classic colors but it's still a loser on so many levels. I had 1 '58 4-door Citation many years ago. Black and silver. Folks would say, oh, so that's an Edsel! So cool. I bet it's worth a lot of money." To which I'd say, " Yes, it is! Wanna buy it?". Took a long time to sell but it went to New Zealand.
  7. Guys, I am not asking you to buy these cars - just sharing some great looking Buicks for sale that I see. What's a '53 Buick worth? I would not buy it at any price as I think they are sort of boring. I'm finally in the middle of restoring my '49 Roadmaster after holding it for 30 years and know these might not be a deal for you but are way below their restoration costs and that's what I find interesting. I realize restoration is a labor of love and can also be just a waste of money. I do see the big gap on the hood but I think the gap you see on the gas door is some chrome trim
  8. Not my favorite Buick but certainly well restored for less that $56.5k. No buyers yet. I hate to see the market for old cars slammed but the pandemic seems to have taken a lot of play money off the table. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1953-Buick-Roadmaster-/174440570488?nma=true&si=BjsKpmS8V8RHLNoyC%2BMs%2Bgjd0Pk%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  9. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1949-Buick-Super/174441790368 Seems like a great Super with a lot of originality still. Restoration alone would cost this much or very close.
  10. Looking for a turn signal lever for my '49 Roadmaster with nice chrome. I imagine they are common to other years and models. Also for '49 need a small underhood cable clamp that fits on air duct on drivers side and holds two cables in place. It's a tiny part but I lost mine and need a replacement. Could also use a trunk lid for '49 sedanette in rust and dent free condition as well as nice exterior chrome and stainless in dent-free condition to upgrade what I now have. Need decent rear seat ash trays and coat hooks with great chrome and grab straps as well.
  11. Do yourself a favor and buy that special tool. The clips can be tricky but pop right off with a squeeze of the handles.
  12. My 1949 Roadmaster has a terminal block on the passenger side of the radiator with 10 wires attaching to it. I have seen some new marine applications in black but does anyone know where I can get a new reproduction in brown, like the original? The driver's side block has only eight screws and is reproduced and sold by Bob's Automobilia - picture below:
  13. Need a nice trunk lid for 1949 Buick sedanette if you have one.
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