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  1. Hah. Yes, sell it as a vintage Harley accessory and you will get your money back and then some.
  2. Then there is the linseed oil treatment. Seems a little too temporary but if you want to go with original patina it's a way to see at it's best it before spraying anything permanent on the car. Anyone tried it? It looks interesting but I don't want a bunch of raccoons licking my car at night https://bangshift.com/general-news/videos/patina-shine-without-clearcoat-how-to-use-linseed-oil-to-bring-out-some-gleam/
  3. I just got a delivery of 50' of weatherstrip thru Amazon. It's made by Au-ve-co and is a very close match to what I believe is original rubber on my 1949 Buick Roadmaster 76S. It takes about 15' per door so I have a lot left over but the price is $1.11 per foot. A very different seal is used on the 1949 convertible. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CLAN61M/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.auveco.com/weatherstripping-50-lengths-bulk-4744
  4. I bought some but is it better than Kroil? Probably no way to objectively know outside a laboratory test but I'm a sucker for a potential solution to freeing rusted-stuck car parts. The bane of the hobby! I doubt I can free my rusty riser flap but it's stuck wide open so I will leave like that. Perhaps I can free the bolt on my trunk latch chrome!
  5. Do you have a link? I cannot find it on Amazon searching by that number.
  6. How do you guys connect your tailpipe to the bottom of the heat riser for a tight seal? On my '49 76S with 320 engine, I need to replace the exhaust pipe flange with one that fits better as it leaks badly. The manual just describes the flange and a gasket bolted to the heat riser/center section. Is it advisable or necessary to use a do-nut gasket for better seal or will a flat standard gasket do the job? I have a do-nut in there now as you see in photos below.
  7. REPRODUCTION EXHAUST MANIFOLDS FOR 320 STRAIGHT EIGHTS BOYER'S RESTORATIONS 1348 Carlisle Pike Hanover, PA 17331 richboy2@comcast.net (717) 632-0670 Skip makes the three sections and has supplied the "big guys" since 1980! They are somewhat cheaper than buying from the big Buick parts houses.
  8. Joe's Generator & Starter Repairs 254-666-7747 405 Enterprise Blvd Hewitt, Texas 76643 https://joesstartershop.com/about-us/ Joe and son's repaired three 6 volt 1949 Delco generators for me for $40 to $65 each. Three day turn around. Beats anything in Houston area. It's a walk-in place south edge of Waco, Texas.
  9. Major hassle to remove and replace trans cooler with the tranny in-place on a '49, It's meant to be serviced with the transmission removed. I'm not sure of other years but it's super tight space on a '49. It took me two hours of frustration to replace one with transmission installed.
  10. But where does the shorter flat rubber seal fit? Is that it on the trunk lid, I guess? I cannot see for sure really, sorry. The piece I have is 34" long and will not cover the entire short edge of the trunk lid. It looks like the flat piece wraps all the way around the corner in Wheelnut's last photo and blends in with the fatter seal also attached to the lid.
  11. Global Upholstery Supply - Carpeting, Convertible Tops and Upholstery. Global's price for Wilton Wool carpeting was half of the Hirsch and SMS price in September 2020 but verify for yourself. They carry Rayon loop to wool plus carpet pad, trunk lining too. Friendly and helpful staff. http://www.globalupholstery.com/index.html# Corporate Headquarters at: 1445 South Allec Street• Anaheim, CA 92805 Sales, Service & Support Tel: (714) 708-2220 Fax: (714) 708-2233 info@globalupholstery.com http://www.globalupholstery.com/index.html
  12. Heater valve repair service for Ranco valves in many Buicks: Joe Hudacek repaired the one in my 1949 76s for $85 with free shipping. It looks like new. His email is hudacekjj@chartermi.net. Website: http://heatervalves.net/ It's a lot easier than figuring out this spring-loaded puzzle!
  13. Don's Buick Parts - https://buick.donsautoparts.com/store 541-637-0371 Has some NOS and used parts as well as lots of weatherstrip and seals for older Buicks. The website is poor and hard to use - they have a lot of stuff that does not appear on the site, like door seals so call. Cheaper prices.
  14. Clester’s Auto Rubber Seals - https://clestersauto.com/page/buick-cars/ Great prices on rubber seals - better than The Big Boys prices. Local: 704-637-9979 1-800-457-8223 Fax number: 704-636-7390 kclester@bellsouth.net Office Hours: Monday- Friday 8:30am- 5:00pm EST
  15. Joe Hudacek repaired mine for $85. It looks like new. His email is hudacekjj@chartermi.net. Website: http://heatervalves.net/ It's a lot easier than figuring out this spring loaded puzzle!
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