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  1. Thanks, Bernie. That's some helpful advice. The symptoms you describe, hard starting the car after she gets warmed up, are typical of my car. I thought it was overheating or poor gas supply.
  2. I have a rebuilt1950 320 Buick engine I am preparing for installation. The distributor is in original condition. Should I service it or just leave it alone? I suppose it's in working order. Do they ever wear out? I guess the springs could get old? Any advice appreciated.
  3. Selim - I think Scott Farrington may have these chrome seat pieces. He is parting out a 1949 Buick. He is on this forum and sells on eBay.
  4. I took my old crusty door panels to a Mexican guy in SW Houston and he reproduced them for about $75 each. They look very nice. Not perfect material match but very close. Did LeBarron Bonny get bought out by some other company? Surely they did not just pitch it all in the trash.
  5. Hans - I agree the cream colored wheels are beautiful. I would think you could take a '49 compatible steering wheel and have it restored by one of those services in cream colored plastic rather than black. https://www.steeringwheelbob.com/ It would be simpler than swapping steering columns and probably cheaper.
  6. OK - somewhere up there in "Yankee Land". I'm from Texas and the world ends north of Dallas.
  7. Not mine but might be a good deal for someone in Elmira, Ohio: https://elmira.craigslist.org/pts/d/millport-1949-buick-roadmaster/7022098913.html
  8. Pete - I certainly respect your opinion and realize you have been at this longer than I have and have at least one untouched motor. I have no "proof" the 1951 (that I mistook above for a '49) was not painted green over blue after it left the factory other that what I can see. It would have to have been a very professional and thorough job to change it from blue to a uniform green on all parts including that part of the head covered by spark plug cover panel (as well as the inside of that panel) and other bolt-on parts but that could have happened I suppose. Also, I have found no blue under what I call the original green. It's a complex topic with conflicting data but others on the board (Cubeolydite?) have noted a change to green in 1951 on this board in years past.
  9. All - I have go tto update this old post as my assumptions were wrong in my initial post. The engine I show above with the greener paint I have now found is not a 1949 at all but a 1951. So, it was painted at the factory in the green color you see above. The factory calls it tuquoise. It may have faded some but not much. The fellow that sold it to me never mentioned it was a 1951 installed in a 1949 Roadmaster. I have looked at other 1949's and 1950 model engines and believe they were painted aqua blue, similar to what you see above. I pulled the motor from a 1949 and a 1950 and you can see the aqua blue under the motor mounts.
  10. SMS has what you want by the yard. I got very nice fabric from them for a 1958 Edsel. They have Buick fabric as well. They can send samples. https://smsautofabrics.com/
  11. Looking for a smooth trunk lid for my 49 Roadmaster Sedanette. Could be from a Super or Roadmaster. I also need a spring clip that holds the heater hoses to the inner fender well above the battery in the engine compartment. Mine is missing bit it's about 6" long and grips two hoses.
  12. There is a NOS piece online for $695. PM me for the link.
  13. If you still need one, I have one that was perfect until it got bent in shipping. It is not scratched or dented but seriously bent so it needs work. It has one split in the metal. I'm not sure what side it goes on or how to tell the difference. Got it from Pete Lefchek a long time ago.
  14. No replies, comments from the board? None of them met reserve and the Supers could not break $29k. No one seems interested here and no one really interested on eBay. I guess these have really lost value and their time has past as a collector car. So sad.
  15. I find it interesting there were three very nice 1949 convertibles on eBay at once: a very nice but somewhat incorrect Roadmaster that did not sell: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1949-Buick-Roadmaster-/283602942330?nma=true&si=IXTGWvPHET72TnPxn3%2Fv6X2K3zA%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 a Rainman Super: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1949-Buick-Super-CONVERTIBLE-RESTORED-2K-MI/193093508840 and a gray slope-back Super: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1949-Buick-Other-Tan-top-gray-body-red-interior/123898986628 Not selling too well but there are some days left. Note the spare on the slope-back - there is a skirt on the spare cover - I have never seen that before but I like it. Is it factory?