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  1. Just looking for the chrome strip? I saw some in my pile but they probably need chrome.
  2. Thank you Terry and Wayne , that explains why I could not find a vehicle specific reference.
  3. I found some similar online but what year make model would these running lights fit ? The cigarette lighter and other dash piece were in a box of 41 Packard parts but are nothing like mine.
  4. Driver quality not perfect so only asking $20 plus shipping for all of it or I throw it away which is sinning! but wait there is more I just realized there is a pair of Elco Deluxe gold license plate frames in the same box -free !
  5. One is very nice $200 obo the other lens has chips and small split in metal $50 obo . More pics on request. Shipping UPS your dime. text or call 802-274-5101
  6. I’ll start googling that, I looked at Stearns, Stuz but did not match any of those.
  7. Found with other misc part but no label what this fits . This group has a lot of knowledge and is a big help going through an estate of items.
  8. Anyone recognize these ? Looks late 30’s early 40’s . Thanks in advance!
  9. Uncle had a Daniels touring car from the 20’s maybe 24? Tired of storing it. pics on request. Text or call 802-274-5101. Radiator is in Southern FL.
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