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  1. Good news. I believe Auburn Coupe has come through for me. Thank you to everyone. I spoke to Glen Cechine, one of the owners of Oldbuickparts.com about making a purchase of some spare stone guards if I use these to make a mold. He said he was interested. If I can get cast made, I will let everyone here know and only charge my cost. Im not out to make money on the deal, only to help out the Classic Buick Community. Thank you again Suburncoupe.
  2. Still in dire need of both stone guards. As you can see, mine are shot due to salt from those hard Minnesota winters. Those are my final parts needed for my restoration project. If anyone knows anyone, I am willing to pay $100 finders fee. Trying to finish this project by the end of the year. I am restoring this car for my Dad for his 90th birthday next year. It was the make / model car that my parents were married in 67 years ago. All parts are chromed as of this week, SMS is putting the finishing touches on the door panels and seats.
  3. Looking for email addresses and contacts of people that have parts cars. Preferably in the Southeast but I'll take anywhere.
  4. I am working on a restoration and need 3 parts. 1. I need a right grille extension. It is made out of pot metal and mine is broke in two. I found a left one online but not a right one. Part Number is 1166508. 2. I am considering replacing the front grille totally. I would love to fine one is great shape if possible. 3. I am looking for the fan that is under the drivers seat. Working condition.
  5. I believe my original question is in the wrong place. So I am asking in this forum as well. I recently purchased a 58 Ford Fairlane and want to swap out the wheels and get wire rims. I was able to find 14 x 5.5 Thuderbird wire rims and they appear to be identical to the Fairlane Rims. Can anyone confirm that they are interchangeable? Also, if they are, does anyone know where I can get the Ford center cap? Thank you.
  6. Recently purchased a '58 Ford Fairlane 500 Skyliner and wanted to update to the chrome wire wheels. I found a place that sells the '58 Thunderbird Wheels online in the right size, 14 X 5 1/2. They appear to be the same save for the center cap. However 1) I do not know if the lug nuts holes are the same distance nor do I know where I can get the Ford Emblem center caps to replace the Thunderbird Emblem. Can anyone provide me some answers? Thank you!
  7. I have the knob just like Mr. Cokers. It just spins freely with no grip. I know I can use epoxy and make it stick. However, it would make everything permanently unremovable and that scare me.
  8. Agreed on the manual. I have one. It will be interesting. I was able to research and found a NOS washer motor assembly still in nox. (Pretty sure the last one in the world). Once I get the wiper motor fixed, I'm going to try to put it together off car and see if I can understand it. Once I do, I will report the outcome. Thanks.
  9. Nick, I will be in Albany this Tursdaybthrough Sunday. Give me a call tomorrow. 404-556-5209
  10. While I am getting my wiper motor rebuilt, I need help understanding how the switch works. All of my words have faded and I need a new one. However, there are clearly three things you can do with the wipers / washer. The bottom one is off / on, the middle button you push for washer fluid, but what does the top on do and what is attached behind it? Mine currently freely spins. Also, my rear speaker knob is missing and I really want to stick with OEM style knobs. Can anyone help? Any
  11. Im not taking any chances and sticking with the Black / Red / Black combination. Who knows, maybe one day I will compete.
  12. Have you sold the chrome? If not please call me at 404-556-5209
  13. I know very few things under the hood are stock but was wondering. Does anyone know if he used stock colors?