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  1. i am currenfly negotiating with a metal fabricator to make me a pair of 1955 Roadmaster gravel guards from Stainless Steel. They are willing to make a permanent mold and provide discounts for volume. Volume meaning at least 10. I am not certain about the cost but i suspect they will be at least 1,200 a pair but definitely less than 1,800. These would be stainless and will last longer than your car. I am using my current pitted ones as a mold. In addition to the gravel guards, you would get a free auto-cad of the guards if you want to make them yourself in the future PM me if you would be interest or call 404-556-5209. I really need a commitment for at least 10 to get the price low. Thanks. Michael
  2. Try Tuscon Packard - 520-730-2246. Last time I spoke with Mike he had a few antennas in working order.
  3. So, I picked up a 1955 Buick Roadmaster parts car last week from Wisconsin. If you are looking for something, hit me up. The factory air, rear bumper and passenger rear tail light housing is called for by me. The gravel guards are shot and there is quite a bit of rust. Someone has currently asked for the carburetor but is may still be in play. The floor is rusted through. I am not looking to make money on the car. Just maybe recoup some of my $2,800 investment when I bought it. Also, I am currently missing twos part of the A/C the site glass and the receiver that sits in front of the condenser. Old Tank and Father Buick have been great resources and have helped me with the other parts and work arounds in the event I cannot find these. But if I can find OEM, I would prefer to use them. PM me if anyone can help out. Thanks.
  4. The door escutcheons for my 55 Roadmaster are the same size for both the door and vent window. I have electric windows so am uncertain if they are also the same.
  5. So. Old Buick Parts says that the 1952 - 1953 escutcheons they have wont work on my 1955 Roadmaster and I am in need of 2 to replace. I asked what the difference is and they did not know. Can anyone enlighten me? If the center hole is the same size, I think I could make them work. They sure look the same just the new ones look pretty and maybe flair out slightly more.
  6. Please PM me if you have a working one available and in decent shape. Thanks. Michael
  7. I have new rubber and am willing to take the risk on cracking if the guy knows what he is doing.
  8. I have a 1957 car and I have a new windshield for the car but I cannot find someone that will install it in the North Atlanta Area (Roswell). Can someone PM me a connection? Thanks.
  9. Staying with the original thought. Clemson or not. Its that purest in me. Everything stock as much as possible.
  10. The car's original colors were yellow and white. I have already purchased the interior so it will either be stock red or a darker red. I think stock is how I am going to go.
  11. So, Im at the paint stage of my 1955 Buick Roadmaster. Thanks for everyones help. I was able to get the gravel guards I have restored from a chrome guy in Nashville. They did a great job. So now I am at an impasse and need the forum;sadvice. I have never seen the color combinations but I had originally planned to go with Carlsbad Black, Cherokee Red, Carlsbad Black combination. My body shop guy is really pushing me to go with a redder red. He says Cherokee Red is really as much orange as it is red. What are your thoughts? My whole plan was to keep the car to an original stock. My interior is already made by SMS. Red and Black in original combinations. I could go all black exterior or another option, but am really at a loss. I have never seen the Cherokee red so I may be going blindly. Thoughts?
  12. I am going to look specifically for some Buick Parts. Tell me what your looking for and I will PM you if I see it. And if you see any 1955 Buick Roadmaster parts (particularly the gravel guards, PM me as well!)
  13. Mr. Earl. Looks the the passenger one is in decent shape. Please PM me the contact info. Thanks.
  14. Thanks Buickborn. My son is an engineer and actually I am going to first see if he can Autocad the ones I have based on the curvature of my quarter panels and what we have. We will have to guess a little on the tapering and make sure the edges will be snug. Next, I am meeting with Atlanta WaterJet. Those guys are master carvers that carver nearly anything out of metal using high pressure water. They are clients of mine and are cutting me a deal. If that works, I believe I could easily carve 10 of these and sell them tomorrow. If that doesnt work, I will definitely hook up with your buds at Sherms Custom Plating. I plated the rest of the Roadmaster at Dallas Plating here in Atlanta. I picked them up today and they look amazing and they did a Concours level job. (See attached) They are saying that the holes will need welding and that a large area has been eaten up by salt and makes them impossible to put a weld on. The only way I suspect these could be used would be multiple dips in the weak areas with a metal such as lead.
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