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  1. Early 55's had the oil filler in the valley cover , mid year put the filler in the valve covers . Bill
  2. Sad news ! I remember him behind the wheel of the " BUICK BUG " in 2003 at the Nationals , he was in his glory ! Bill
  3. Thanks , The wheelbase of the wagon is the same as the other 70 Lesabres and Wildcats , but for some reason the mldg behind the wheel opening to the bumper is a different length . I didn't want to spent more on the mldg then I paid for the wagon . LOL Bill
  4. Back at ya ! May there be more Buicks in your stable !!!! Bill
  5. Hey Ted , So the front dish is the same as a 15 x 6 , with the extra inch on the back . They have the smaller cap hole so its the same as 64-65 wheels and 71 up wheel . WOW looks great !!!! Bill
  6. Looking for parts for a 70 Buick Estate Wagon , Quarter panel lower mldg ( rear of rear wheel opening to rear bumper ) right side. Front fender lower mldg ( front bumper to front wheel opening ) pot metal , both sides . Other parts ???? Thanks Bill
  7. What is the length of the molding on the rear quarter panel that runs from the rear of the wheel opening to the rear bumper along the bottom edge . My Estate Wagon measures 31 7/8's . Wondering if the Lesabre or Wildcat is the same . Thanks Bill
  8. Roberta , that would look good with your collection . You don't have anything that old . Hope you are having a great Holiday ! Bill