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  1. Looks like a good time by all !! Personal problems kept me away this year . Bill
  2. Just looked at the map . WOW BIG place!! Haven't been to the fall meet in years , where do you park ??????? Bill
  3. I feel the problem with a car like this would be it is worth more in parts then together . Cost to restore this car will be twice the value of the car when finished . My 55 model 48 is the same way , you just enjoy the car and keep dumping money in it !!! Bill
  4. If anyone needs a shipping company , I have used the Grace L. Ferguson Store door and Air Line Company . Bill
  5. Check the body plate under the hood on the passenger side firewall , should read model 56C . Don't think they made a Special conv in 49 . Bill
  6. link said 42000 original miles Looks all original, couldn't build one for that ! Bill
  7. Sold but not forgotten 9.90's to 10.0's , 133 to 135 mph It was FUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bill
  8. Welcome , It looks like the nameplate on the side of the hood says CENTURY ??? Good luck with it , very sharp ! Bill
  9. I like the Merc but the RIVIERA "WHY" ?????????? Bill
  10. Johnnyrock 70 , 1951 and 1952 Buick Special rear bumper is the same as 1953 Buick Special . This should help in finding one Bill
  11. The original rear should be a 3.91 ratio because of the standard trans . Wish you were closer to Maryland !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bill