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  1. Does anyone else have this problem...when I click on the 3 white lines in the upper right corner to access my messages, the screen goes darker and that's it. It doesn't bring up the menu where you can click on any options. So annoying. Anyone else have this issue?
  2. Dang it! That would have saved me money! I ended up the set from Old Air!
  3. Hello Tom, I sent you a pm this morning
  4. Hi Tom, I just sent you a pm. Gene (atencioee)
  5. Those are purrrdy!!! Wow! Woyld you happen to have another set? The reason why I'm looking for another set in addition to what I have is so I can install seat belts for my back seats. They didn't come with them.
  6. I'm very certain these belts came with the car. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there were a few different seat belts/buckles used in 64 and I have seen other Rivieras with these same belts/buckles.
  7. Hello Everyone! I'm looking for seat belts for two seats in my 64 Rivi (I'm looking for the bolts that hold rhem in place too). I'm looking for the black belts & black buckles like this one pictured. Please let me know...thank you!
  8. The removal instructions I got from Jim were very helpful. Without those, I would of had a very, very difficult time! Haha, and yes, definitely felt like I was wrestling and doing yoga at times!
  9. Did the 63s only have 6 holes? My 64 has 7 and the monograms I ordered have 7 pins. If your able to break off a pin without damaging the monogram unless your able to find them with 6 pins. If your 63 Rivi only has 6 holes, I would guess that there were and are monograms with 6 pins?
  10. The cable I have is still on the car and did my best to measure it...it's around 41 inches if I measured correctly. And as mentioned...it's the heater cable for my 64 Rivi.
  11. I'm looking for the heater control cable or a clip for a 1964 Buick Riviera
  12. Perhaps I can make one or If I can find a piece of metal/hardware/etc and mend it to correct shape.
  13. I seen that...I think it was around $68 plus shipping. The thing is, I really only need a clip. However, I may end up buying the cable set from them.
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