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  1. Update:dog knocked it over and it's a 2 piece mustache now which will make it easier to ship.If no interest it goes to the scrap trailer
  2. I have this piece which I will never use and while it needs work I thought I'd throw it on here to see if anyone feels ambitious. Chrome stripped and nearly cracked in half. Take a look and if interested let me know.
  3. I had another situation back in the mid 80s when I was hot into mopars. For years I would travel around the general 3 state area of WA,CA,OR, looking for parts. I had a 64 Sport Fury,64 Belvedere,65 Belvedere 63 Sport Fury and 63 Savoy all 2 drs. These cars were plentiful in the wrecking yards then.Started noticing the radio delete plates for these cars creeping up till they were asking 80 to 100 each on ebay. I had over two hundred of them from all my travels but never paid more than a dollar for one.So I see an ad for a mint one from a 64 savoy on hemmings for $75 which I had 15 or so of tha
  4. I was looking at a part one time for my 40 special,the chrome strip down the center of the grille. The best I could come up with was a dented one a guy in LaGrande Oregon had for $350 needing rechrome. Was'nt desperate at the time but I watched for a year, never wavered from the price. Called and got the familiar spiel( I know what I've got no lowball. I came up to $100 offer and you'd thought I had just stolen his wife and dog! So no thanks and the next day a guy in North central Washington put a 40 special and century, both sedans on craigslist for $700 and one had a perfect chrome strip. B
  5. I'm guessing this would be at the fairgrounds? Bring your popup shade cause the facility I think has two maybe three trees and it'll be 100 degrees. Goodguys has their event around that time.Do em both.
  6. I'm looking for a known working good clock.I believe 40-47 are the same.
  7. I have one bezel from some projects so I'm thinking this might be Chrysler or Desoto. Nice shape this will polish well. $30
  8. Hey gang I just bought one of the new digital hd antennas for my 40 Buick sedan and wow does this thing work. It looks like a foot long piece of cellophane tape with squiggly lines in it and the standard radio type cord. I taped it to the backside of the glove box. Talk about power and clear reception for about $14 on amazon. And no brackets to build or holes to drill.
  9. Have a real nice spear measures 52 1/2 so not sure if special or century. Left front.No dings this one will polish up nicely. $40+ shipping
  10. Just put the horn ring assembly together and it seem to all be there but I don't know where the wire from the column is connected.
  11. My 40 is getting this later wheel and I'm wondering if anyone has a photo of the pieces needed to put it on. It fits the splines,the turn signal return works. I have the wheel with the chrome bezel that covers the gap between the wheel and column and horn ring.I'm thinking there are some missing parts under the horn button.
  12. That looks right. Mine never had one. Price?
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