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  1. It’s been a couple years since I’ve been there but there’s a glass shop that I used to deliver to in Lakewood Washington named B&B glass that had a large stock of 40s and 50s NOS GM regulators. 253-588-3684
  2. I know them very well as I used to(retired) deliver glass from Oldcastle glass to them. He has every pattern for every flat glass car ever made. Does a good job.
  3. I know where Peninsula Glass is virtually down the street from me. Last time I was there they did flat glass only.
  4. RiKi5156B


    I’m needing a new windshield for my 51 Special 4 dr and wondering if anyone has any experience with the glass from a couple vendors I’ve found? Bobs and Auto city classics? Pros,cons?
  5. Been awhile but it’s the torque tube that’s 1/4” longer,can’t tell the difference,the wheels are centered in the wheelwell.,track width is the same.
  6. I put a differential complete with torque tube from a 50 Special into my 40 Special,straight bolt in. The overall length is 1/4” longer than the 40.
  7. I don’t have those pieces but I parted out 3 40 sedans if you need any smaller items.
  8. Anyone know how to tell the difference between a 6 or 12 volt starter by looking at it?
  9. The end of the tube where it goes into the pump is not sealed and looks like it could suck air.
  10. I have the same one on a 53 Super,51 Special and a wall hanger to go on my 40 Special. Is it for sale?
  11. Does anyone know if an oil pump pickup tube for the 51 Special has a rubber O ring between it and the pump? Looks like it should but I don’t have one on mine.