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  1. RiKi5156B

    For Sale '54 and '55 Differentials

    Been awhile but it’s the torque tube that’s 1/4” longer,can’t tell the difference,the wheels are centered in the wheelwell.,track width is the same.
  2. RiKi5156B

    For Sale '54 and '55 Differentials

    I put a differential complete with torque tube from a 50 Special into my 40 Special,straight bolt in. The overall length is 1/4” longer than the 40.
  3. RiKi5156B

    1940 Buick Century boise craigslist

  4. RiKi5156B

    40 special PARTS

    Sorry no body parts. Rich
  5. RiKi5156B

    1940 Buick parts needed

    I don’t have those pieces but I parted out 3 40 sedans if you need any smaller items.
  6. RiKi5156B

    51 Straight 8 starter

    Anyone know how to tell the difference between a 6 or 12 volt starter by looking at it?
  7. RiKi5156B

    51 Special oil pump.

    The end of the tube where it goes into the pump is not sealed and looks like it could suck air.
  8. RiKi5156B

    ID this steering wheel?

    I have the same one on a 53 Super,51 Special and a wall hanger to go on my 40 Special. Is it for sale?
  9. RiKi5156B

    51 Special oil pump.

    Does anyone know if an oil pump pickup tube for the 51 Special has a rubber O ring between it and the pump? Looks like it should but I don’t have one on mine.
  10. RiKi5156B

    53 Super not mine

    Here’s my 53 Super
  11. RiKi5156B

    1955 buick special convertible body shell spokane WA craigslist

    That’ll buff right out?
  12. RiKi5156B

    Craigslist scam or score??

    No title
  13. Consignment, listed as sell your sport car .net
  14. 1 post from what sounds like a dealer.
  15. RiKi5156B

    51 Special radiator needed

    Mine also need a new top tank which drove the price out of sight. I’m on the list for a new one from classic radiator, about 550 + ship. Guess I’ll wait it out.