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  1. I looked closer at your picture and the most rearward curved shield I don't have installed but I saw it recently so I know it's some where in my shop. Blasted and painted, I'll install it when I find it. Thanks for the pic.
  2. Mine is at the rear of the pan. Do you have two shields on the drivers side?
  3. I had to do a scratch on my then new 73 Dodge Dart,gun metal grey metallic quarter panel. It was a sharp edged scratch and I knew it would'nt come out right if I tried to touch it up with a brush or spray the spot. I went to the dealer and got a bottle of touch up paint and went home to contemplate the repair. At the time I was getting my 64 Vette in Sebring silver ready for paint and I looked at my spot putty tube and had an idea. I poured several ounces of the Darts gunmetal grey onto a small tupperware lid and let it set for a day. When it got to the consistency of spot putty I scooped some on to the plastic paddle and applied it to the scratch just like you would spot putty. I let it bake in the sun all day. The next day I lightly wet sanded that spot with 1200 wet and then light compound.The scratch disappeared. It filled perfectly on a high metallic paint. Give it a try.
  4. I cant see where it would attach to anything. Surely not the engine and I dont have any springs or other brackets. Its the hole at the trailing edge close to the block
  5. So I put these back on yesterday and noticed the one on the drivers side has an unused hole at the rear near the oil pan. Anyone have an Idea what its for? These pans are original to the car and I don't remember if something was bolted to it.
  6. In the mid 70s I had 2 1964 Corvettes,coupe 327 -300 4sp and convert,327-365 4sp. Since I was primarily a Mopar guy I didnt really know the intricate details to all the models and got tired of being corrected all the time by Corvette "experts". So at a big event in San Jose CA. my wife and I took both cars and I decided to have a little fun. I was watching a guy explainig the details of his 65 -396 coupe. I was wearing a Porsche t shirt and I asked " Is that a 283?" as innocently as I could. HeHeHe. I called another mid year a Nomad convertible.. I had fun with that for a while.
  7. Well that must be the way it was designed. I never really gave it much thought till I tried a test fit. I take it there was'nt any big sponge rubber seal there? Well I'll just make the best of it.Last early car I did was a 37 Plymouth coupe. The bottom of all the fenders are notched so the boards go under for a flush fit, I figured Buick was the same.
  8. Yep,my 40 has the same sort of gasket. There is a welded in division bar on the body. I think I'll have enough info and help by time to put it in.Thanks all.
  9. If you are the Bob from Rainier Ore. I'll be ready to put this in by next monday or tuesday the 18 or 19th. Another guy will be here too. Come on over. I'm in Lacenter. Mine does go in as you describe except it does'nt have a flap to the outside.
  10. Today I took my boards to the sandblaster today. Got them back an hour later and when I got home I decided to do a test fit. Loose on the brackets I noticed a gap front and back of about 1 1/4".Is this normal? Don't have the rubber mat on yet, Seems like quite a gap. You guys with 40s let me know.
  11. I have a friend available for that but I read somewhere that two different products are used. Glue-sealant between rubber/body and sealant between rubber and glass. Not sure what to use.
  12. Well time to put this in but I dont have a body manual.Anyone have a link or info on this? I know it goes in from the inside but thats all I have.
  13. I do have a spare 41 super box but don't know if it's the same as the 40 special
  14. How about the gear set? Was it still usable?
  15. Anyone know of a rebuild kit available for this car? Cant really find anything online. Rich