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  1. I don't care how entrenched they are in the biz, Bobs is not the only supplier. I had the same experience with Ecklers on 1964 Corvette and 1979 Mercedes parts. Don't need or want that kind of attitude. Sayonara.
  2. Anyone know of side moulding clips that are plastic so as not to chip paint? Preferably snap in.
  3. For those who’ve asked the running board trim strips are side hood strips from a 40 century.
  4. I needed to recover the boards on my 40 special but seeing restored to original sets on cars at the Buick nats a few years ago I decided I didn’t like the agricultural look. I went to Home Depot because they sell rubber mats in a wide range of patterns and I picked the one I liked. Glued on with 3M high strength adhesive I like em.
  5. And this yard has been well picked over the years so it's looking a bit thin. Definitely call before you go. Prices in my opinion are way high.
  6. Your receipt shows August 2016. They still in business?
  7. Home depot has a good selection of rubber matting that you can cut to fit.They have a variety of patterns. I used a real nice small ribbed pattern for my 40 running boards, glued down tight looks great. Check em out online.
  8. Since I don't know I'll ask. How long to posts stay? 16 years with no reply you'd think the moderator would have a look at that.
  9. Passenger side wiper tower and link. Pitted chrome but works smoothly. Has wiper arm nut. Good for driver quality. $50 Horn button for standard three spoke wheel really nice. Original never re chromed and I don't think granny ever smacked this one in anger. $50 Steering wheel is the standard three spoke,not banjo style.$25 Sedan dome light bezel. No flaws nice,$35. Several good taillight housings and lenses. $50 a pair. Passenger side hood release,rechromed no cracks.$100Two front turn signal lenses. A couple small chips on one that the housings will cover the other is excellent. $100 both. O
  10. Would any one happen to have one stainless pointed end piece that covers the end of the upholstery strip that runs up and over the back of the front seat? It's a 4 dr sed. Can't take a pic with this computer but if you have one pm me please.
  11. Has anyone done a dual exhaust and how were the pipes run? Getting ready to do mine with a 41 super dual carb and exhaust engine.
  12. I looked closer at your picture and the most rearward curved shield I don't have installed but I saw it recently so I know it's some where in my shop. Blasted and painted, I'll install it when I find it. Thanks for the pic.
  13. Mine is at the rear of the pan. Do you have two shields on the drivers side?
  14. I had to do a scratch on my then new 73 Dodge Dart,gun metal grey metallic quarter panel. It was a sharp edged scratch and I knew it would'nt come out right if I tried to touch it up with a brush or spray the spot. I went to the dealer and got a bottle of touch up paint and went home to contemplate the repair. At the time I was getting my 64 Vette in Sebring silver ready for paint and I looked at my spot putty tube and had an idea. I poured several ounces of the Darts gunmetal grey onto a small tupperware lid and let it set for a day. When it got to the consistency of spot putty I scooped some
  15. I cant see where it would attach to anything. Surely not the engine and I dont have any springs or other brackets. Its the hole at the trailing edge close to the block
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