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  1. Anyone have a working clock for a 40? Have parts for trade. Rich
  2. got the yom plate,one step closer.
  3. Yes the pulley only and it would be for a 3/8'' belt. how much?
  4. Wanted, water pump pulley for 3/8" belt for straight 8. It's a 41 248 and I need that pulley cause of alternator install.
  5. I've used the burlap style on other cars in the past and they seem to rub through the paint. I'll go ahead with the rubber bulb style this time and see how it works.
  6. Is there a schematic on here that shows the order of parts assembly for a 51-3 horn button? I got the wheel to put on my 40 and there seems to be a lot more parts than I remember when I got it.
  7. In the time since I got it I've been through 6 motorhomes still have two, bought and sold 4 Buicks still have two, motorcycles too many to remember still have 2 and doing a light restore on my really nice 52 F1.Some of this activity has taken time from the 40 but as of now I'm down to front alignment, charge the a/c first time, and a really good fluff and buff. And I need a year of manufacture 40 Washington plate. All retirement fun.
  8. I went from a cellphone where all my pics were to this laptop which I haven't even figured out the camera on yet. I'll get it working shortly. Got the camera working.Are we able to do more than 1 pic at a time?
  9. I just got done installing weatherstrip to all 4doors on my "phantom" 40 today.It's a 3m product, round bulb type with self stick base. Thinking about it for hood to cowl. Being rubber I'm wondering if it would stick to the hood when it got warm. Anybody use this product?
  10. That's ok. If I win a bet with a buddy I don't collect.
  11. Morgan, I'll lay down $1000 the car exists.Wanna take me up on that?
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