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  1. You can bring the trim into line easily enough. I’ve done them this way. The nut holding the end clip has to be loosened, take a small 1x2 piece of pine wrapped in cloth or tape, hold it against the bottom of the trim and tap up slightly with your plastic hammer. There is enough wiggle room to move it.At the least it’s a difficult car to restore and you’ve done a fine job.
  2. Not that much sure but I have 2 others ahead of it and I’m just now starting to feel my age.
  3. La Center Washington about 20 miles north of Portland Oregon
  4. Have a really nice project that I’m not going to get to anytime soon. Has a fresh rebuilt engine,new clutch pp and throw out bearing. I heard it running on a stand but haven’t fired it since. Rebuilt carb,6volt electric fuel pump no stock pump. New 6v long narrow battery and cables.New US Radiator. Real nice body never wrecked or rusted from central Oregon since new. All body gaps look correct, doors open and close solid. All windows open and close correctly including all the wings. Nice black/gray cloth and vinyl interior redone in the 70s and still looks nice. No radio installed from the factory but I have one in a box. Rubber mat. All lights work including backups.Needs a windshield thanks to a little kid and his slingshot the day before I got it. Chrome is straight but faded from being in the desert so long. Really this will need a little tinkering and a good fluff and buff. About 84,000 miles. Tires are junk rollers and in the trunk are old never used wide whites.$4500 Take a look. La Center Washington just north of Portland Oregon.Rich @ 360-263-1022
  5. Anyone know what this is and what it does? I have a 40 Special,51, Special and 53 Super. Must go to one of them.
  6. It’s been a couple years since I’ve been there but there’s a glass shop that I used to deliver to in Lakewood Washington named B&B glass that had a large stock of 40s and 50s NOS GM regulators. 253-588-3684
  7. I know them very well as I used to(retired) deliver glass from Oldcastle glass to them. He has every pattern for every flat glass car ever made. Does a good job.
  8. I know where Peninsula Glass is virtually down the street from me. Last time I was there they did flat glass only.
  9. RiKi5156B


    I’m needing a new windshield for my 51 Special 4 dr and wondering if anyone has any experience with the glass from a couple vendors I’ve found? Bobs and Auto city classics? Pros,cons?
  10. Been awhile but it’s the torque tube that’s 1/4” longer,can’t tell the difference,the wheels are centered in the wheelwell.,track width is the same.
  11. I put a differential complete with torque tube from a 50 Special into my 40 Special,straight bolt in. The overall length is 1/4” longer than the 40.
  12. I don’t have those pieces but I parted out 3 40 sedans if you need any smaller items.