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  1. Thanks for the replies! I do have StaLube 140 but it is GL-4. I have it in my 1940 with no issues, but that trans was completely overhauled with mostly new gears. I did find one example of 140 weight GL-1 that isn't only sold in 5 gal pails: https://www.amazon.com/Millers-Oils-Green-non-additive-bottle/dp/B06ZYGFXF4 So I will order this and try it out. On the not-so-good news front, I drove the 38 about 60 miles on Sat. It drove really well, but I do have an exhaust leak that got somewhat worse, as I expected. It almost sounds now like it may be under the hood, which woul
  2. I finally got the interior finished and have been driving it more. Now some of the more minor issues can be handled. 2 things I noticed: 1. After the trans is warm, I am getting "biting" on the 2nd and 3rd syncros as I shift in (especially on 3rd). Quiet when cold. Do I need heavier oil? I think I have 85W-90 in it now. 2. Sometimes when I let my foot off the gas I get soft popping out the exhaust. It did this on the old carb as well. Ideas? Cheers, Dave
  3. Very nice and welcome!
  4. I have taken apart 3 speedo heads from this era. It's a bit daunting but I also work on clocks, so some similarities. But I would look at the speed head *last.* If it were me doing this: 1. Inspect and lube inner cable. If any rough spots, replace. Sounds like you have done this. 2. Try and straighten out the kink. Using the unconnected trans end, put a variable electric drill on the cable and spin up and down in speed while "massaging" the kink and see if any difference. If so that is your issue and you may have to replace the outer cable housing if you can't stra
  5. Peter: First....BWAH-HAHAHA! You are in for some fun! Second. Neil is right on. And I can tell you that seat is *heavy,* I did it this summer with myself and one other person, but 3 people might be better. I did my panel without removing the seat, but probably will not do it that way if I have to go in there again. One additional suggestion: pull the steering wheel, it gets in the way. And cover up the steering column or it'll get marked up. And yes, that top left stud is a witch! Since I was repairing/rebuilding my wiring anyway I added extensions on all ap
  6. Cool. And with your open plan, you could easily add later if you want. Cheers, Dave
  7. Earl: Since the ceiling is open, how about a sprinkler system? That would answer the fire issue. Or did I miss that and you already put it in or are planning to? Cheers, Dave
  8. Well I just got a flag about political posts. Let me be clear: this is not political, I don't care about how this is implemented, or not. What I am talking about is physics and engineering. Period.
  9. Understand. First, I was talking about power required on fast charge. Spreading it out does mitigate that like I pointed out. And as far as the transpo of fuel, of course, but I was focusing on the increased load on the grid. Most of what you mentioned doesn't impact that. Shifting to EV will reduce the energy required but a lot of that is off-grid. At least some refineries generate their own power, for example.
  10. Good question. The issue is that suddenly you are adding a 1 MW load. And then in 20 min it goes away. The housing developments etc have the same energy requirement but spread out in time. It's the instantaneous power not the energy.
  11. All good points, but most people don't understand anything about electrical power generation beyond the sockets in their walls. For those that deal with these issues, some of the numbers you quoted should cause concern. A 250kW additional power load, even if for only 15 or 20 mins, will be noticed back at the gen plant directly on that branch. And plug in 4 vehicles at once and you will really create a bump! Consider that our nearest plant here in DC is at Dickerson and is currently totals a little over 300 MW when adding in the adjacent cogeneration facility. A sudden load of 1/300 of the tot
  12. Interesting. Lou Wildt, quoted in the article, was one of the owners of my '38! Perhaps he redid the dash woodgraining and got rid of the chevron. My interior was originally tan mohair and when the interior was redone it was changed to gray Bedford cord. Perhaps he redid the dash then although it was pretty difficult to get it out which made me think it had not been removed since the car was built.
  13. Ok, I do remember seeing pics of this before. I am kinda, no actually very glad mine wasn't like that, I like the Butt Walnut in which I redid mine. Original panel was like Matt's, kind of straight grain. I also have an extra dash with a amateur-applied straight grain, not real good. I finished installing the clock today. All done but the rear view mirror. Cheers, Dave
  14. Do you have any pics of the chevron pattern? Thanks
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