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1936 Buick Opera Coupe for sale


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Greetings all,


Looking to sell my father's Buick which he lovingly took care of for almost 30 years. 


Please see this posting. I am happy to answer any inquiries. 








Asking $14,900. The vehicle is located in Abington, MA (just south of Boston).


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I would love to own this car.  I really like 36 Buicks and this one hits it out of the park!  I hope it goes someone who will appreciate it and preserve it.

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Agreed that this looks very original as to the details with some obvious work being done. I would love one of these 3 window coupes. But from my experience the $14,900 is just an entrance fee. It appears to be in similar condition as my 1937-41 was when I bought it in 1987. Price at that time was $2,750. I was impressed that this 1936 still has the metal gaiters on the rear springs. (When I redid my springs we removed the partialy rusted original gaiters.) With my car it only took me 27 years to get it to a point that it was a reliable driver. 2 of those years sorting and resorting to work out "Gremlins" from the 6 months at a restoration shop to work it up into a promised "Driver". They estimated it would take around $10,000 to be a reliable driver. When the bills totaled over $20,000 we had to end the relationship. In the 1936 descriptor it indicates this would be a good parade car. My need was to have a car to drive to the BCA nationals. Which I did in 2013, 2016, 2017. Doing sometimes a 3000 mile round trip.

As deac said "I hope it goes to someone who will appreciate it and preserve it".

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 As some of you may know I’ve been looking for an affordable ‘36 Century coupe for awhile. Affordable, for me at least seems to be the problem in the equation though. I had communicated with Matt about the car some 3 years ago and advised of my thoughts on value etc. He contacted me again when he listed it here. 
I would love to have this car just as is, for forever display at the Buick Sales and Service Garage and local shows and parades. From what I’ve seen in pictures, the price could be right, but location and time aren’t on my side. Upon emailing the dealer and asking for additional pictures and detailed video I was simply advised there are two potential buyers coming this week with another in line, said he’d keep me posted. 🙄

I’ve entertained selling my  ‘38 2 dr slantback for room and funds but again no time for that. 

so as deac said


15 hours ago, deac said:

  I hope it goes someone who will appreciate it and preserve it


and hopefully to one of you. 🍀 

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As Larry said, I hope whoever ends up with it respects the originality and performs a 'sympathetic restoration'.  If it were mine I would first make it a reliable driver and then deal with cosmetic items by repairing what can be saved and only replacing items that can't take any additional wear without disintegrating.  From what I see in the pictures, I'd try to salvage and preserve the existing paint.


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I don't think I have been so enamored and desiring of a car this much since I found and purchased my '54 3 speed Century. 36's have truly become my favorite prewar Buick,especially the Special and Century Coupes. Such a rare car and the fact it was so original!!!! No radio but the optional cigar lighter and extra front bumper guard. 

Posting some of the pictures just for the sake of posting I guess.  


IMG_7020.JPG.jpg.45dbb6768ae691739a058c020322f060.jpg  IMG_7018.JPG.jpg.8d848eb2c7a104f376b8430ad698d43c.jpg




















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