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  1. Good advise John. Reading the title of the thread I immediately assumed the problem was his Dynaflow wasn't leaking as it should...
  2. So, I can't believe that I've never been there... Beautiful pictures! I think it's time for a road trip with Goldie...
  3. That big table is certainly nice! You would have had to spend thousands to get a real table saw with half that work area. Nice work!
  4. Looks like a nice clean car at a reasonable price. Although I see the black one in Staten Island apparently sold for $7500. That seems like a steal! These are nice highway cruisers.
  5. "Two hoods are better than one...?"
  6. Boy, you weren't kidding -- that body was really clean! Can't wait to see the new paint...
  7. If they're like the ones on my '67 I got them from Rock Auto https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/buick,1966,riviera,7.0l+425cid+v8,1319183,drivetrain,universal+joint,2392
  8. Ha -- I resemble that remark! Why is it that every job I attempt always expands x2 (or more)... Good luck with yours!
  9. Well, I'm bothered because I notice the car is registered in New York and I happen to like those '79 - '85 Rivieras and want to see a picture of the whole car!
  10. I've been taking my '04 Silverado to Rust Check each fall since I bought it in 2012. Every other one I see around here has no rocker panels and the wheel openings are ragged with rust. Mine is still solid and I drive it every day in all weather. Oh, and the odometer should hit 250K before Thanksgiving. I plan to keep this truck as long as possible since the newer ones are simply chock-full of electronics and other crap that I don't need and choose not to deal with when it fails.
  11. I think it's likely an early '67 model year build (probably explains the '66 horn bar). I noticed it also has the same argent front parking light bezels I have on my '67. Most '67s have bright chrome in this area.
  12. Drove the GP in a fall tour today with the local Pontiac and Studebaker clubs together with the Oneida Lake AACA. There were a couple of nice Buicks in the group as well. First, this really clean little '62 Skylark with 35K miles and that sweet little aluminum V8. Last, but certainly not least, was this one of a kind '38 Century pick-up. This was originally built to haul Seabiscuit's trailer. (Yes, that Seabiscuit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seabiscuit ) According to the gentleman who owns it, the car h
  13. If it's like my '67 (and my '64 GP) the gas gauge just stays wherever it last was when the key is turned-off.
  14. If it's like other transmissions there should be a "Y"-shaped clamp holding the drive gear housing to the case, usually with a 1/4-20 bolt. It sounds like the teeth on the nylon drive gear are likely stripped. Probably because the hardware that's supposed to hold the drive housing in place is missing.
  15. I noticed that, and my first thought was that Michael let-off the gas thinking he had the race won! I'm waiting to hear that tailpipe audio!
  16. I really like that 3-piece '57 back glass!
  17. Lookin' good Kosage! So, did the utility company or city make you run a dedicated service to the garage as opposed to adding a sub-panel from the house, or was the house service maxed-out?
  18. Huh, the picture made me think you were from Australia!
  19. Funny -- I expected this to be a story about installing NOS hubcaps that spiraled into a full frame-off restoration!
  20. Exactly! It's all about using the right tool for the job.
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