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  1. OK, that's it -- I'm marking my calendar for next year! Fall Hershey has been a 'bucket item' for me long enough...
  2. This is the one other GM coupe that uses the same concave back glass as the '63 - '64 Pontiac Grand Prix. Sharp!
  3. Area code 912 is a US telephone area code serving the southeastern portion of the state of Georgia.
  4. Yep - I've been by there a couple of times over the past few years, but have never stopped-in.
  5. That makes sense, as '67 introduced the 'energy absorbing' steering column.
  6. Must be that 10.25:1 compression ratio is now closer to 10.5:1. You need to get out on the Interstate and "blow the slugs out" as my grandfather used to say!
  7. I don't know whether or not full-size Oldsmobile or Pontiac third members would interchange. My '64 GP has the sturdy 9.3" ring gear. https://www.hotrod.com/articles/1303sr-1957-1964-pontiac-and-oldsmobile-rearends/ This article does not mention Buick, so I'm thinking they may not interchange. The only way I know to be sure would be to find someone with a vintage Hollander Interchange Manual. Those books were used by auto recyclers (aka: junk yards) back then to identify car parts that would interchange between makes, models or year of manufacture.
  8. Today's gasoline is more volatile than it was in 1967. Could vapor be condensing in the vent tube and leaking out? A few drops of fuel can make a good-sized spot on the driveway... A full tank doesn't allow much room for expansion, which may explain why it doesn't happen when the tank is less than full?
  9. Please do -- was thinking just that when I saw your machine shop was in Utica. Maybe meet somewhere in-between? (I have been thinking of a trip to the museum in Norwich...)
  10. Agreed. Arguably Ford was to wagons (especially those '68 - '72s with the 2-way tailgate) as Chrysler was to the minivan.
  11. How much gas comes out? How big is the spot left on the ground?
  12. Love that picture - the wagon AND that boat! Classic Merc + trim tabs and what looks like a 2-blade brass prop = Yeeehawww!!!
  13. I was wondering where you'd been... I know how frustrating it is to be unable to definitively 'nail' the root cause (did you make a 'fishbone' diagram? ), but I agree that going with the new ARP rod bolts is a prudent move. Glad to hear that both you and the '55 are feeling better now. Welcome back!
  14. Mike, thanks for the terrific travel diary! I had a similar experience on I-81S, spending about an hour in stop-and-go construction traffic, but as you discovered, the wait was worth it! Gettysburg was also my first ROA meet, but it won't be the last. The tour was one of our highlights of the week and the stop at Half-Pint Creamery was a nice finish and provided the opportunity to chat with new friends while enjoying a sundae on a warm, Gettysburg evening. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6um3bysKECo Finally, I'll likewise thank John for capturing the week's activities in pictures -- nice work!
  15. While it's nothing I'd ever consider doing, it is well executed and I can dig it...
  16. Wow -- I'm in love! Would look good in my garage next to my white '64 GP...
  17. Nice car -- but you have to lose that American Motors windshield washer bag when you rehab the engine bay! I wonder what the heck it's doing there, as the original bottle is also present...
  18. Next I want to see the Riviera edition of this challenge!
  19. Wow -- that's cruising in mid-50's Buick style for cheap!
  20. This car must have been something to see when it rolled into the new owner's driveway in 1969!