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  1. I would line-up the witness marks on the column and wheel, then have an alignment done. That puts everything back where it belongs. I'm not opposed to 'cheating' the wheel position a tooth in either direction, but since you are contemplating the alignment anyway why not zero everything out as it is intended to be? Oh, and if you do take it for an alignment, be sure to mention that the steering wheel needs to be re-centered -- they usually check (or ask) but I wouldn't assume anything...
  2. EmTee

    1960 Torque Tube R&R

    I'm certain that Bernie has some words of wisdom on this subject...
  3. EmTee

    Steering Wheel Repair

    Congratulations -- sounds like a perfect wedding gift!
  4. EmTee

    Finishing my Buick Shop

    Ha -- I was thinking of you while I was typing my response! Between the cold & the taxes I'm thinking of moving down to Asheville with my son!
  5. OR shorten the left (driver's side) tie rod and lengthen the right tie rod equal amounts (one or 2 turns at a time) until the wheel is centered. (Assuming that the toe alignment is OK now.) Otherwise, this would be a good excuse to have the front end re-aligned.
  6. EmTee

    Finishing my Buick Shop

    That installation would never work where I'm located! I'd be shoveling snow off it this morning...
  7. EmTee

    1958 Caballero

    Well, I understand and it is your car after all -- but I'll wager what you have now is still nicer than the way most left the factory in Flint... The finish line is in sight!
  8. Standard bucket seat interior with consolette!
  9. That's a nice looking Mercury -- I presume it's a Canada only model. I don't recall seeing any like it growing up.
  10. EmTee

    Restore my buick electra 1969 :)

    Sebastien, where did you find those brake disks? I recall you saying that you have been looking for them for a long time!
  11. Or, maybe a couple 10-wheeler loads of stone?
  12. 1992 https://binghamton.craigslist.org/cto/d/corning-1992-buick-riviera/6787966429.html
  13. 1966 in northern NY: https://watertown.craigslist.org/cto/d/watertown-1966-buick-riviera-best-offer/6761814248.html Doesn't look bad rust-wise (at least on top) and does have cornering lights, A/C and a desirable steering wheel...
  14. EmTee

    Winter Buicks

    Goldie out for some fresh air yesterday...
  15. Took advantage of the sunny, 45 degree weather yesterday to exercise Goldie. Despite the appearance of this parking area, the roads were clear and dry. This time of year I need to take advantage of any opportunity!