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  1. So, I noticed an intermittent mild vibration in the seat of my pants at about 60 mph last fall. I suspected a driveline fault. Last week I was backing Goldie out of the garage and heard a muted 'squeak-squeak-squeak...' from under the car. I pulled the driveshaft today and found the culprit - the forward U-joint in the rear CV assembly has a torn seal and is eating itself. These's visible slop as I flex the joint. The forward U-joint at the transmission feels dry and tight, with some binding, so I think that one needs to be replaced too. The center CV assembly and center bearing look OK and feel smooth. There's a little end play in the bearing, but it spins smoothly. I have replaced U-joints before, so I feel confident I can replace the joint at the transmission. I'm a little concerned about attempting the rear CV assembly simply because I see there's some sort of an axially mounted coil spring/plunger gizmo inside the cage and I'm wondering how many hands are required when it comes to putting that plunger assembly back together while assembling the U-joint and keeping everything lined-up as I try pressing the caps onto the joint... Plan B is to just drop the whole thing off at a local driveline shop and pay them to rebuild the whole thing. Has anyone out there installed new joints in their 2nd-Gen Riviera driveshaft?
  2. Sounds like you need a catalytic converter 'test pipe'...
  3. Beautiful venue -- the Limited will certainly make for some grand wedding photos!
  4. Lucky that the bumper appears to have been spared!
  5. Exactly like other cars of the era with cast-iron front drums.
  6. I plan to get there around dinner time on Tuesday with my wife and Goldie. I also like the idea of having some sort of forum gathering, even if just ad-hoc...
  7. Does that say "Riviera Wagon" on the lower quarter panel? As hideous as this is, it almost looks like it has a functioning liftgate...
  8. My guess is it is a power supply for some sort of 2-way radio the the owner installed.
  9. The electric (plug-in) infrastructure that can support everyone on your street charging their cars overnight does not exist, and won't without a lot of investment (think ala the initial electrification) -- or installation of a parallel 'auto-only' grid to support the revenue stream as Bernie observed. There will have to be a transition period, hence the opportunity to support both indefinitely if the all-electric solution doesn't take hold (or is not legislated as mandatory).
  10. Hmmmm, and I thought texting while driving was dangerous!
  11. Well, since sales brochures (especially on new models) have to be ready when cars hit the showrooms (or sooner), they would use pre-production cars for the photos. I wouldn't be surprised if there were small discrepancies between the cars used in the ads and those available for sale. I wouldn't blindly accept a photo in a brochure as gospel without other corroborating data.
  12. x2 on Duplicolor. I used their ceramic engine enamel spray. I removed my valve covers, stripped and sprayed them. For the intake manifold and heads, I sprayed some of the paint into a plastic cup and used a small hobby paint brush (~3/8"). It worked great -- the paint flowed-out nicely and looks as if it was sprayed on the cast pieces, without the fuss of masking everything for overspray.
  13. x2 on the progressive coil springs and LT tires - good choices!
  14. EmTee

    1957 76C

    How will you deal with the lack of title documentation?