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  1. Now, that's a LOT of Buick for the bucks! Looks like a really nice, original car.
  2. One would think that a serious seller would take photographs in daylight, rather than walking around the car at night with a Coleman lantern in one hand and their phone in the other...
  3. Hey, Bob - are you going to Gettysburg? If so, I for one would love to listen to your 'lessons learned' on this subject. Your A/C rebuild experience (IMHO) would make a terrific tech session at the ROA meet! -Tim
  4. Bob, where are you sourcing the R-12 for your car? I'd like to find some to top-off mine (seeing some bubbles in the sight glass but blows cold). I'm leery of screwing mine system up by buying some bogus, imitation garbage on eBay...
  5. Hmmmm... On the other hand, I'm think'n how nice that chrome dual-snorkel piece would look on top of my 430!
  6. With 510 ft-lbs. of torque standing by, there's no need to spin the crank above 5000 RPM...
  7. Nice work and hopefully you now have a lasting repair. Will you need to re-torque those manifold bolts after a few run cycles with those Remflex gaskets?
  8. Yikes -- that would seem to include 3 or 4 classes in many other shows! A beautiful Buick among other beautiful cars -- what's not to like!
  9. x2! Glad that considering the worst case scenario you are OK and the damage is relatively minor (though I know it doesn't feel that way). On the bright side, given the age of the paint-job they should be able to give you a good color match...
  10. Every now and then while watching the news I'll catch the live lottery drawing. Just for fun (?) I'll think of a number before the balls begin popping up. I've occasionally had that number show up, but usually I can't even get that one in six attempts...