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  1. EmTee

    AC 46 vs. 46X spark plugs

    The "X" plugs were extended gap. The ground electrode length was extended to support 0.060" gap GM originally specified with HEI. They can't really be gapped at 0.035" because the only the tip of ground electrode would be properly gapped. The gap wouldn't be uniform.
  2. EmTee

    The Grinch

    What's that? Yeah, I can see there are real reasons for such vehicles. I guess it says something when the vehicle is a Tahoe, vs Impala and the latter is now being discontinued. Presumably that's simply confirmation that trucks & SUVs continue to provide the highest residual value.
  3. I remember replacing a bunch of those during the mid to late 70s when I worked at my best friend's father's shop in high school. I also recall a rash of 'no-start' GM cars being towed-in circa 1975 (early HEI). Replaced the burned-through distributor rotor and sent them on their way...
  4. EmTee

    Just for Laughs....

    Huh, I assumed that was the generator!
  5. EmTee

    The Grinch

    ...and that cost is apportioned across all of the cars sold (or leased) to John and Jane Doe. Sweet deal for the employees who drive a new car for free. I have a new neighbor who works for GM; he just swapped his 'old' Tahoe for a new one.
  6. I noticed that too -- does look like it could have been born that way, huh? Ditto your remark about the cloth inserts. The original cloth/vinyl had a really classy appearance. I also like the later sport steering wheel. I don't know that I'd put one on mine, but I certainly prefer that to some generic Grant or Billet Specialties hack...
  7. I swear by these: https://www.amazon.com/Genuine-GM-12378255-3634621-Cooling/dp/B000QIH3C4 The active ingredient is ginger root! These became known as "Cadillac pills" as they were the General's recommended treatment for chronic HT 4100 coolant leaks. I now drop a couple into my old cars whenever I change the coolant; just in case...
  8. EmTee

    The Grinch

    We must be out of touch around here, but it seems I can't go anywhere without seeing at least two dozen Chevy Cruzes either on the road or in parking lots. My sense is they are the only GM product that can be bought without requiring 72-month financing...
  9. A true Dynaflow -- 'good to the last drop'!
  10. EmTee

    Spam 🥧?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anwy2MPT5RE Sorry...
  11. EmTee

    92 Century Wagon

    Worm gear clamps do tend to loosen over time; particularly if they were originally installed on new hoses (which shrink with age).
  12. EmTee

    92 Century Wagon

    Maybe something like this can reach the clamp screw? https://www.amazon.com/CTA-Tools-1051-Flex-Driver/dp/B01LEXSR9C
  13. EmTee

    1967 Riviera

    Check the switch.
  14. It's a 'swash plate' thing...