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  1. I was hoping that Jon would chime in on this one!
  2. Try Fatsco Transmission Parts (https://www.fatsco.net/)
  3. Nice work - it's good to see the progress!
  4. If I need say, three screws such as those, I'll typically find two of them after digging through the bucket of miscellaneous nuts, bolts & washers that I've accumulated over the last 40+ years. Then I'll begrudgingly go to the hardware store...
  5. Hmmm, I remember the following: (1) ballast resistor failures, (2) "Lean Burn" issues and (3) "hardware" problems (i.e. stuff loosening-up and falling off, breaking and falling off, or loosening-up, breaking and then falling off)...
  6. When I say "whoa", I mean WHOA! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBhlQgvHmQ0
  7. I'll second the suggestion for Redline MT oil. I put that into my GP (has a B-W T10) and it shifts 'like butter'...
  8. When I painted my engine I sprayed the paint from the rattle-can into a small cup and used a brush to apply. That allowed me to place the paint exactly where i wanted it without masking anything. The Dupli-Color (red im my case) flowed nicely, much as Tom T stated above. The only pieces I sprayed (from the can) were the valve covers.
  9. I just bought one at Lowe's for about 30 bucks. It's quite a nifty tool (right up there with my IR thermometer)! I used it to check my front wheel camber settings. It is exactly what you'd need for driveshaft angle measurements.
  10. Check all of the vacuum hoses connected to the engine. You'll likely find one split on the bottom right where it attaches to the hose barb. The computer sees low vacuum/high pressure and starts dumping fuel to compensate...
  11. Wait --- what the, where am I...? Hey, this isn't Etsy!
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