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  1. Wow, she's originally from my neck of the woods! I still take my truck to Rudy Schmid for annual Rust Check application. I also remember Sandy's Bumper Mart!
  2. Interesting (and somewhat surprising)...
  3. Is the coil spring present in the lower radiator hose?
  4. Nothing Riviera specific, but I've found them under or behind the rear seat and on top of the gas tank on other GM cars.
  5. At this point, I'm looking forward to that 4th of July cookout...
  6. If it's a bent pulley and the shaft is not bent or leaking then you should be able to remove the pump and straighten the pulley. It may be possible to do it on the car if you're careful about where you place your pinch bar and use wood or a piece of flat steel to spread the load on the pulley. Tweak it a little and then rotate the pulley by hand until it spins true. It was probably bent by someone trying to stop a squealing/worn belt by over-tightening with the aid of a long bar or tire iron...
  7. Please consider submitting to Ray Knott for use in The Riview also. I, for one, would appreciate that article! The basic design of those switches was common across all GM products.
  8. Everyone in the picture, including the Buick, seem to have the same facial expression!
  9. It's amazing when I think back at just how awful those bias-ply tires really were. Remember the cold 4-ply Nylon bump-bump-bump? Even with 'snow tires' I can remember numerous times pushing someone in or out of the driveway. And if you got 20 Kmi out of a set of new tires you were doing great! We're certainly spoiled with today's radial tires...
  10. Could be a scene from Mad Men -- it's 1963 again!
  11. Lookin' good John! Though, I will say that I'm surprised that you haven't flipped those tires around to the 'dark side'...
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