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  1. is there a place where i can download a pontiac Firebird Formula 1973 service manual in a pdf? thanks, Zuhaitz
  2. someone knows where i can get a pontiac Firebird Formula 1973 manual in pdf?
  3. @joe_padavano im asking about Warning lights outside the car, the emergence light when you are stop for a issue.
  4. @m-mman Thanks for your answer and help, i need to know if the warning lights they suposed to be working by 73´ to make the Technical inform here in Spain (Europe) the rest of the car is in mint condition afortunatelly, thats why i only need those two details about original condition of the warning and reverse lights. Aparently our reverse lights cables are broken i can fix that but i need to tell the inspector here called "ITV" if they have warnings light the 4 intermitence lights at the same time becouse they are going to request that on the day of the car revision for the ITV, rules here are pretty hard in EU with the cars is diferent than in the US. thanks in advance and safe drives! Zuhaitz
  5. i need some info about the lights sistem and electric circuits. did they have reverse lights? thanks, Zuhaitz
  6. where can i get the gasket kit for my Bucik Special 1955 carburator, is a Carburetor stromberg Aerotype Elmira NY? thanks!
  7. we can´t instal a Supercharger or blower out of the bonnet to drive every day on our country so im looking for the best choices to get more power and agresive drive on this engine. what are our suggestions, 2 carburators and a new intake? air intake? what is the best choice ? any suggestions? thanks, Zuhaitz
  8. Wow @EmTee man! thats and impresive work, very good detailed!! thats for share and iluminate our way 🙂
  9. someone with a Recomendation for a AC sistem for my Buick Special 1955?
  10. @M1842 can you send me a pic of the wheels? what size? are you shipping to EU?
  11. @avgwarhawk the water for the radiator is regular water or destiller water with 50% of antifrezzer? man i can´t find the master cylinder and that cover for the brakes..
  12. Thanks Chris @avgwarhawk you really hempl me my pal! is there anywhere where i can see you 54´pics? i´ll be back on the car work on monday, thanks again, i live in LA on the Winter season and sometimes i fly to New York or Philly, if is any Buick show or interesting show keep me posted. best, Z.
  13. @avgwarhawk i been cleaning hard and looks good but still need some care before we can move it safe, you know filters, oil change, wheels, brakes liquid, actually i cant find the breaks tank for liquid, do you know where is? also the antifreezer on the radiator goes alone without water right? mine is made in Flint-Michigan but im based in Benidorm (Spain, Europe) all is more complicated form here for replacements-shipping costings so thats why i need to work with regular components and buy only the original important parts, Buicks are great i love them, how´s you 54´Special, is it running right? where are you in states? have a great weekend! Z.
  14. Thanks so much @avgwarhawk thats the info i was looking for like a glass of water on the desert 😉 thanks so much!
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