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  1. When the project is in paint the end is near!
  2. I think it will take a lot($ and modifications) to switch over to something else since this is a 1 year suspension design.
  3. When new the 57's bottoms have 1/16" (.062 ) of up/down free play... How much free play do you have?
  4. I had to on my 54. I suspect you will as well.
  5. It's possible on older sockets to push enough where the bulb will fit no matter what way it is installed. Also, is the bulb correct for the socket? The running light and brake filament needs to be on the right circuit. Replacement of the socket as suggested is a good idea.
  6. Is the bulb in the affected side installed correctly? It appears the wrong filament is operating when running lights are on.
  7. As it would have it, my 54 was purchased from a family living in Winchester VA.
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