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  1. Once again, rejoicing could be heard throughout the garage! Glad it is sorted and running well.
  2. Yep, tire spinner. Just a what us tire changer guys called ourselves.
  3. I feel your pain. As a side note, a 60's Dodge wagon was pulled in on the crane. No start. Found the fuel pump was not pumping gas. I put it up on the rack and taken the line from the tank to the pump loose. I blew a bit of compressed air into the line that came from the tank to the pump . I wanted to assure no blockage as there was no gas present at all. In about 30 seconds gas came shooting out of the hard line from the tank. The gas hit my drop light that made the bulb burst. You can only imagine the flames now being fed by the tank that is gleefully dumping gas onto the floor. Said flames climbing the steady stream of gas from the line. Fortunately I was quick with fire extinguisher. No harm done to the car. I did note my coworker just stood there mesmerized by the flames. No move to help put it out. Goof.... Just one of my many stories as a tire spinner(changer), alignment tech, Technician and service manager over a 13 year period.
  4. Best I could do. Neat picture: https://www.shorpy.com/node/24123?size=_original
  5. My tidbit...after installing a timing chain on a 455 I buttoned up the entire front of the engine. Filled with oil. Turned the key and a large puddle of oil formed under the front of the engine and kept growing as it ran(about 15 seconds). I shut it down only to find I left the oil filter off.......DOH!
  6. Assembly lube is a must on any rebuild. Spilling some motor oils over the moving parts never hurts. The small amount of Vaseline is to help the pump prime.
  7. I believe the packing of grease/Vaseline is in a manual somewhere. I replaced a timing chain in 73' 455. The year was 1987. No internet at that time to Google, however I got the information somewhere that the pump should be packed with grease to prime. No, the galleries were not clogged. Very little grease is used. And I mean very little goes between the two meshing gears.
  8. I did so after replacing a timing chain on a 73' 455. It primed the pump. I had no issues with using the Vaseline.
  9. You will need to post about your road trips!
  10. Oh heck man....sorry to see this. You are in one piece and that is always the best outcome. The damage looks bad but repairable in my humble opinion.
  11. I have a rubber mat as well. It is Buick and I found it on Ebay. In fact, I was bidding against Lamar(Mr. Earl). For as old and unused it did not fall apart.
  12. Always hate fixing one problem only to have another crop up in a matter of hours after the repair is complete. Sometimes it happens and the car is not off the jack stands!!!