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  1. Can be worrisome when numbers are displayed(250-260 is HOT): This is less worrisome:
  2. My 54 has a metal shroud. 264 block.
  3. 210 degrees at a stop light is not unheard of. I have a 401 in a 60 Electra. No shroud and just the standard fan. Sure it gets hot at a stop light and cools while underway. 90 degree plus days are never an issue. No boil over. I see no issue with 210 when at idle. Is your cooling system holding pressure(ie) your radiator cap is holding pressure?
  4. What temp does it hit when at idle? This high temp just started to manifest itself at idle? If so, then it is more than just a fan change to correct the issue. Radiator my need a good flush. The cooling jackets my now have some scale needing to be removed. If the 14" electric did very little I don't see a clutch helping much either.
  5. Rockauto carries the AC/Delco gas charged shocks for your car.
  6. The 80's GM products has some of the plushest interiors in the business. Nice Buick with the sport wheels. Hope it sells!
  7. Torque tube seal is the culprit for leaking transmission fluid into the torque tube. Some will drill and tap a small hole in the torque tube by the diff to drain any that may find its way there.
  8. Concur on the gasket. I'm not sure how you installed your gasket. I will put the gasket in place(up inside where the threads are) with some fresh oil on it. Then install the canister assuring not to turn the canister as I hand tighten the bolt.
  9. I tighten until snug. Then a 1/4 turn or less. Sorry I do not know the ft pounds if there is any noted in a repair manual. Use the Dexron. I also use Lucas transmission stop slip. It thickens the Dexron trans fluid. It is to my understanding the newer Dexron fluids are thinner than the fluids used in the 50s. It made a difference in my Dynaflow as it was losing prime after sitting a week following a complete transmission fluid change.