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  1. I did find a picture. They are wire type Corbin clamps. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I also was able to confirm castle clamps on the radiation hoses. I have these already. I could not confirm castle clamps on the heater hoses.
  2. I was fortunate to find an original on eBay.
  3. Beautiful! Nice work. Enjoy driving!!!!!
  4. Of the numerous fuel line clamps available, what is the correct clamp for 1960 models?
  5. A few things....there is a tack under the dash. The muffler appears to be a Flow Master and not a Walker. 2 inch drop? Suspect the car was raced around the neighborhood a bit? I would be very suspect of this Buick.
  6. I did have two pictures already from when I found the correct fuel bowl filter set up. Installed on the engine. See the bracket on top of the fuel bowl housing? This is were the piece that is taped to your valve cover is mounted. Now, the question is where does yours get a vacuum source. I have a 4 barrel. The vacuum source is gotten off the T at the manifold just behind the thermostat housing. I will post a picture later as I don't have one currently in my 60 Electra file
  7. I was searching the web and came upon this thread. Pete, your comment was dead on. The evaluator was nothing short of tough on the car. She remains unrestored(the items the evaluator mentioned repaired). She will be at Hershey this year.
  8. The item taped to the valve cover. There is a bracket that also holds the glass bulb fuel filter for this. This item also has a vacuum hose to it off the carb. Currently none are attached. Would you like a picture of mine so you may see what is missing and needs to be added.
  9. Yes, these do have a cut in the side. It permits movement from side to side. Does not allow the ball to bind. Mine did not have excessive wear however, the steering was much improved with new cups and springs.
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