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  1. I quite sure that's it. The picture, when found on the net, mentioned MI and Makinac. Yes, some strings had to be pulled. No vehicles are permitted on the island.
  2. She was part of tuning and testing. Not sure how the dog was involved with all of it. Whatever the case, it appears the Buick was at least buried up to the axles at one point. However, she powered the Buick without even engaging he 4x4 that it never had. She was probably wishing it did have 4x4. One can dream. I think Jeep cornered the market on that during those years. Oh well, back to the drawing board or still. Whatever.
  3. Measure the length. Check the diameter of the nose of the torque tube. If it is the same size as the broken portion of your current torque tube I don' t see why it would not work. Replace the entire assembly.
  4. It would be hard to get a good weld. I would pull the rear out and the tube off of the axle. Then weld. This is a integral part of your drivetrain as you found out when it broke in two. A good clean weld will serve you better than a patch job while the rear axle/tube assembly is in the car.
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