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  1. Wanted to give an update on this. First off, I want to say thanks to Cabelaro2, 1957Buickjim and g-g-g0 for helping me out on this. The turn signals are in working order!! Yahoo!! Thank you guys!!
  2. Gary, that's a very sharp lookin' Buick' 57!! WOW!!
  3. Just replaced my coupling a couple of months ago. The rubber piece was absolutely gone. Wondered about the copper attachment also, since all I had was a broken piece? Put the new piece in, with out the copper strap, and my horn still works.. Here's a pic that I think Pete is talking about? Of the steering column? Not sure how it is for a "56 this is for a "57
  4. Cabellero, It was worth a shot! Thanks for your efforts and asking that guy about it. Richie
  5. Cabellero2: Thanks for the pic and info. 🙂 How on earth am I going to get this turn signal to work?
  6. Im going in the house have no frickin heat in my garage! Isn't she sexy lookin?
  7. No, my opiligy. Ok... Not showing the issue first. So, how is that part supposed to look like? The yoke makes the bell crank turn length wise? Up and down the steering colum by the wire attached to the turn signal switch?
  8. Caballero2, that yoke looks broken? My yoke is operating in good condition. Its the nylon bell crank Im having an issue with. Here are a couple of pics of the yoke. And underneath the yoke, is the nylon bell crank. If Im confused on this, tell me. BTW. Nice Ride!
  9. Ok, took the steering wheel off. And this is what it looked like. The Bodine Wire that turns the directional switch on and off was fine. The Yoke is in fine working order. It looks like a piece of the Bell Crank is completly gone. Like a "Tab" of some sort? That when the Yoke turns, it has a "Push/Pull" on the wire to turn the turn signal switch to left or right. Any suggestions on what route to take is greatly appreciated..
  10. Makes me feel a little bit better, since I asked the question, a week ago and no responce.? Must be tougher then what I thought?
  11. I remember the first day driving the Buick '57 home to my place, from my Dad's after he passed away. Had to pull into the gas station to fill up. That was after putting a battery charger on it, it wouldn't start. Got back on the road thru town scared to death of driving it. For up to speed, and sure enough some idiot pulled into my lane to turn into Arbys. Immediately foot to brake pedal, then it came back to me Drum Brakes!!! My butt came off that seat with both feet on brake pedal! Gave me a frickin' heart attack! Anyway, Took the front drums off, and noticed on drivers side, the shoes were completely opposite of what they should have been? Or at least I think what they would have been? Oh my gosh! The drum had deep grooves, enough to put your fingernail in.. Took it down to the mechanic shop to get them turned. Put the drum back on checked all the lines, "Hoses".. Greased the bearings and all..That was my first project with the car..
  12. Hello! New here to this Forum. This was my Dad's car, I've had it for two years now, it's been a real honer to have it in my care. Need help with hooking the wiperarm cables to the Auxiliary Assembly. If I understand correctly the passenger side cable crosses, the driver side dosent? Steel colored, and Copper colored ends of cables go on the assembly. I'm having trouble getting cables started. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, in advance.