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  1. Thanks for the tips and videos, old-tank, JohnD1956, avgwarhawk and dyna1955.... Drilled out the spot welds on the underneath side of the valley cover for mesh filter. It was very bad!
  2. You have me so confused right now, I'll, never get It right. I looked in my drawer no oxford, no black shirt rock-n-roll new jer jersey.
  3. Can this draft tube be pulled apart from the top side of the valley cover? Or does the cover and tube have to come out as one piece?
  4. Update: Everything seems to be working good! No leaks! And the turn around time was swift..
  5. Hopefully no leaks buick5563. I'll know more tomorrow as the reinstall should happen.
  6. Here are some pics of the rebuilt power steering gear. Just got it back today.
  7. 57Buick08, Long story short. Cabellero2 sent me a prototype of the nylon piece. At the same time Buickjim57 sent me the actuall part that fits in the steering column. Both times while working the turn signal lever the nylon piece broke. Not because of the nylon piece but because of the turn signal switch on column was out of wack. The contacts inside were not sliding with the bodine wire that attaches to the nylon piece. Two or three weeks went by just by luck, found a nos part on ebay. Before I hooked it up I thoroughly cleaned the inside of the turn signal switch. Lubricated with electrical spray. And it worked fine... Hope that makes sence? Maybe somebody else can chime in and give what they experienced with that switch and wire..
  8. Oh, the power steering gear leaking. Not the power steering pump. Anyway, took the advice from Cabellero2 to take off power steering gear from car and send off to have rebuilt. It was sent off today. I asked a buddy of mine to take it off. I dont have a lift. And Im not any younger then I used to be. There were actually two issues going on the driver side of the car. Power steering gear leak, and a engine oil leak just reaking havic on the underside half way back the frame rail... The leak from the engine was diagnoised as a valve cover gasket on drivers side bank. Hopefully, this will resolve oil and power steering gear leak... Here are some pics.. Cause we all like pictures! Oh, and also some cracks in the power steering hoses, that need replaced. The third pic shows Buick green after all these years. Looks like flouresant green its just the lighting of how the pic was taken...
  9. Power steering box leaking. My question, do I go with a remanufactured , or a rebuild kit? Thanks in advance.
  10. Ok, the gasket popped! I will place the gasket on first with fresh oil.. Then the canister...The filter and gasket will be in tomorrow. Thanks for all the help!! Here's a pic..
  11. After putting new oil and new filter on. Started up car, everything sounded ok. Heard a slight "Pop" looked underneath, the top and bottom of bolt of canister oil just gushing out! Jeeze! Had gasket in place, canister seemed to go on straight, bolt tightened up like I remember the last time... Confused? About all the oil I put in is now being soaked up with floor dry.. Any thought? Thanks!