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  1. With all that third person phrasing in the text, it is difficult to know who is actually offering the car. . . . . .
  2. 1934 Packard LeBaron Aero Fastback Coupe Rare and elegant ~ the Packard 1934 Le Baron Fastback coupe 1/4 scale (3 ft approx in length). 1 of 4 built. We are offering the incredible styling model in black with a sunroof as well. These models did not depict an interior. $15,000 Vehicles Listed 12 weeks ago in Eureka, CA
  3. Maybe the VIN numbers on his title match those on the car. . . . ? I have seen and experienced cars where the VIN numbers DONT match between the car and the title! That is serious.
  4. Certainly unique. I wonder how 21st century attitudes about hunting wild animals on a Safari (Guns are displayed with the vehicle) would be a significant turn off factor. I think I would down play or completely drop the gun part and describe it only as a "photographic animal observation vehicle".
  5. So you are an upholstery shop with a huge surplus of red velour. A guy comes in and wants his classic redone and isnt concerned about much beyond just the price. You see an opportunity to both reduce your inventory of unwanted stock and make a sale. Two birds, one stone. 😊
  6. More interesting is that power steering pump??? Seller didn't mention it, maybe he thinks P/S was standard? Wonder about the modifications that were done to add it. Could be a little or a lot. . . .
  7. Seems like a good entry level car Sadly you can only reply through the Craigslist email No phone number listed. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ank/cto/d/sauk-centre-1953-pontiac-chieftain-268/7231060659.html 1953 Pontiac Chieftain Deluxe, 66,500 miles; Original 268 cubic inch straight 8 flathead; Runs excellent. All mechanical systems rebuilt, including all four brakes and master cylinder. Newly reupholstered seats and blue front and rear carpet. Wide whitewall non-leaking radial tires (worn). Gas tank removed and cleaned with new gas lines and
  8. Yeah that's my feeling too. Strange how many people are soooooo picky about paint and want it perfect without runs or orange peel, but then seem oblivious to the same level of detail in an interior. Whether they are selling or buying, Sad. . . . It take a lot of time to make a perfect paint finish. I would say the it takes at least as long and maybe longer to make a perfect trimming job.
  9. Its the adjustment for the automatic headlight dimmer. (should read: "Early-Late") You might be familiar with a knob on the back of an "Autronic Eye" but when the eye is under the hood, behind the grille, you have to put the adjustment elsewhere.
  10. https://sacramento.craigslist.org/cto/d/sacramento-1934-buick-victoria/7231475196.html Have a 1934 Buick Victoria 50 series powder coated rims new tires. Clean body clean interior. All new chrome. Original license plates clean title pink in hand to much to list 916-224-8493 Franco info call or text 20 k .. obo Posted as a convenience to AACA readers, I have no personal interest in the sale of this 34 Buick. If interested please contact the seller.
  11. Expansion valves are also essential parts of an air conditioning or refrigeration system. . . The small in and out ports look too small for steam, but seem the correct size for refrigerant.
  12. This was also the type of car that people bought when you commonly paid in cash and if you didn't the law restricted any automobile financing over 3 years. Not the 7+ year automobile loans that people get today.
  13. Yes they are "vents" but that's not why they are there. FoMoCo wanted a windshield that wrapped around AND OVER the passengers. (better than everyone else's wrap around glass) The top corners needed some structural reinforcement. Then then needed to decorate it and make it look intended, hence the little antenna thing. . . . . Yes, there is a lever that opens a metal flap to admit air and there is even some lovers to (supposedly)direct the air flow, however they don't actually work. I had a 57 TC for a long while. The opening near the antenna is covered (supported?) with a sc
  14. Not really. Kinda like Model As, once you get in among Edsel people, you can typically find what you need in their parts pile. 1959 Ranger sedans and 1959 Villager wagons are the most common Edsel. They are durable and easy to fix. 100% Ford mechanicals (and most all body parts too) that are available everywhere. On this car, all the "rare" Edsel stuff is there. (although rare isnt the correct word) Lots of door panels have been removed over the years, and are hanging out in people's parts piles. The buckskin interior on this one is the most common color so
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