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  1. Yes, look for industrial belt suppliers not auto parts. I searched by size and found one on line. I will look for the numbers and supplier I used tonight. However remember that the belt only spins the fan to move air. The water pump is driven from the timing chain. To simulate proper operation, you can put a big house fan in front of the radiator. 1929, make sure that your fan hub is filled with oil. Unless it has been modified with some modern bearing. I am also making the assumption that your shutter thermostat is opening completely.
  2. I have a very troublesome 1929 Cadillac. When I got my 29 Cad I thought that the flathead V-8 in it would be as easy to work on as a Ford V-8 (WRONG!) I have a lot of car experience and it brought me to my knees. These are NOT easy to own cars. Ed helped me make it usable. He is an expert about these cars. Now FIRST: Since you have not clearly stated this so far, and we need a sense of what your experience is with these incredibly difficult cars What carburetor and fuel system are you running at this time? Are you operating the original Johnson updraft carb? Are you using an electric fuel pump? Do you understand what a vacuum fuel system is? Do you know how a vacuum fuel tank works? What changes have been made to the car from stock? The discussion about the head gaskets is serious BUT you seem to have also stated that a prior owner operated it WITHOUT ANY COOLANT??!! Is this correct? If so how long was it run that way? (hot engines can crack blocks) Ed is correct that you are trying to solve many problems at the same time. Doing so, is not going to fix any of them. Slow down and focus on one problem at a a time.
  3. After all, it is called "Resale Red" for a reason 🤣
  4. Excellent for you, but did you read where the owner is 80 years old and . . . A real old school communication situation 😞
  5. Not a Plymouth expert but likely the system in a non-servo design. (the shoes do not slide on the backing plates) If so. then YES, adjustments are not intuitive. The biggest thing is to abandon want you know about servo brakes and start from scratch and READ THE BOOK (shop manual) following each step.
  6. Looks early. . . . Vacuum - pressure. . . . . ??? My head is filled with thoughts of the control panel on a Fire Engine/pumper. . . . . Monitoring suction and pressure of the inlet and outlet is critical in keeping the many hoses flowing properly.
  7. Starting in 1965 FoMoCo used a new frame so there is no X member to impede transmission removal. Very simple. Pull converter nuts from flex plate, pull bell housing bolts from block and remove trans, bellhousing and converter.
  8. Congratulations! Lots 'O work, and just a few short posts ago you were ready to install it in the car. The engine test stand was an afterthought. Much easier to make adjustments when they are in the open. Hard, hard lessons to learn. I am still learning mine.
  9. Dont try to lowball me! I know what I've got!!
  10. A while back, there was a grandson(?) who was offering a Cad of the same era that had been dismantled by grandpa years ago. (now just a collection of parts) Mom had to approve the sale, but the exact details were never totally clear. Except that it had to be removed from the property soon. As I remember that family wanted about this same amount and this nice one has been available for a year? If you are not involved with the hobby, I guess all old cars look alike and they all hold the same value. Wonder what ever happened to the dismantled car. . . . .
  11. When was the filter changed last? What does the inside of the oil pan look like?
  12. "This vintage ’27 Mercedes is a very lucky barn find" "No German paperwork survived the 2nd world war!" He doesn't specifically mention any title, the recent issue over the legal ownership of the stolen 500K Special Roadster come to mind. Unlikely that anyone would make as much fuss over this sedan.
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