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  1. I know my '67 430 is 1-1/8"
  2. I have long rectangular flat digital bar tach, maybe 7/8" thick, mounted with double sided tape below my barrel speedometer. I bought it decades ago and didn't install it until about 10 years ago. It's next to perfect because it sits so inconspicuously there. I could never imagine a large round tachometer bolted anywhere in my '67 spaceship.
  3. And no doubt, just when you think "you've got one completed", something else will occur and your trustworthy classic car will be down and in need of help. They're no different than us in that respect. πŸ™„πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜‰
  4. I have a '67 Riviera and replaced the original regulator with a solid state unit from JC Whitney some 30 years ago, and it's worked fine all this time. Note: our ('66 & '67) regulator is a "generic" GM (1963-1970) unit fit for those same GM Alternator applications, even though sellers parts indexes don't reflect it. It doesn't matter whether or not the car is factory equipped with an ammeter; the Blue & Pink wires at the connector plug is what matters. FYI
  5. I like them painted. Here's a great looking example.
  6. What happens when Exhaust Manifold Gaskets are used on BBB's? They're less likely to leak.
  7. I agree with Tom T. I "plugged" the holes under my '67 Q'jet carburetor 30+ years ago simply by using high-temp silicone. Especially living in Texas, this is not necessary at all. Also, consider the fact that by 1969 (possibly 1968 too), Buick did away completely with that under carb heat tunnel, so it must not have been providing the positive results they anticipated.
  8. I don't trust OPGI either, but more importantly, my friend is restoring his '69 Riv and he ordered new mounts from CARS after ordering first from OPGI. The so-called "correct" right & left mount(s) CARS sells are the same GENERIC ones everyone else sells. They're all the same. He became quite frustrated with the whole motor mount hunting expedition because essentially they are ALL the newer, so-called universal design, and they DO NOT fit correctly as the originals do. Is it just our '67-'70 Riviera's that encounter this fitment error with this universal one-size-fits-all design mount? My friend ended up modifying the passenger side mount considerably to make it work, and the 430 still doesn't sit exactly right.
  9. I colorized this Fisher Body diagram awhile back. Hope it helps.
  10. I agree with JZRIV as to a high probability it is a broken wire within the rubber door conduit. However, I cannot recommend cutting the rubber conduit. My dad did that to ours in the late '70s to repair our Riv's wires also. Keep in mind the other wires are not far behind. That said, I highly recommend the door wiring harness be rebuilt / restored with new high quality wiring, at least and especially through the condit bend points. I did this last year replacing dad's and my earlier attempts at patching various sections. I did that because the power seat wiring finally broke. These wires are extremely brittle today and are not conducive to patching easily. If you're rubber conduit is in good shape it is very much worth keeping it whole and not destroying it. While there, Visually check the switch contacts at the harness plug-in point for looseness, etc., nonetheless, I seriously doubt any switch is the problem, except possibly at the harness connection point.
  11. I really dislike (say hate) how this site/page operates. It's one of the most difficult, user unfriendly forums I've ever experienced! Navigation within, through, and all around it is nothing but frustrating to me. Rant over. Sorry I missed your offer Pat, on this and your Tilt Steering Column.
  12. On the Team Buick Reference Library page: https://www.teambuick.com/reference/index.php Try picking the model year you're looking for, (and look under "options").
  13. Wow, even a (basic) "non-remote" outside mirror --- that's just crazy! Of course I thought you must be joking, and I didn't realize that because our sticker lists the remote control mirror option. I also would've thought (in the '60s) that a drivers side rearview mirror would've been a government mandated safety item. What's also equally strange is how they listed all the Riviera "Standard Items" at the bottom, which normally would be considered optional items on other vehicles. For example, why they wouldn't make the Tilt Steering Column an option, and make the Whitewall Tires a Riviera standard item is just bizarre. It was obviously nothing but pure marketing strategy; albeit very strange in today's automotive sales strategy.
  14. 54 years ago this May, my dad decided it was time to splurge a little and bought this 1967 Buick Riviera Luxury Sport Coupe for the family to enjoy. He never imagined I'd still have it today, still giving it the Robinson touch of TLC as needed. Dad bought our Riviera new in Dallas in May '67 after completing his postgraduate masters work at SMU, ten (10) years after graduating from Georgia Tech. He loved the 2nd generation Riviera styling and said the choice in picking out his Riviera was an easy decision, since the Gold w/White vinyl top perfectly matched Georgia Tech colors. He traded in our '62 Chevrolet Impala. He drove it daily to work throughout his career at LTV (Vought / Northrop Grumman) until 1982 w/~106k miles. It was then relegated to '2nd-class' street parking for the next few years while he was working out-of-town... (something to do w/a new, top-secret bomber). I drove it some while finishing high school when I needed to work on my '69 Le Mans, and I also drove it to college for a time. In the mid-late '80s I did an extensive on-frame restoration, culminating in our first post-restoration "golden years" excursion to Golden Colorado in 1989 to a Riviera Owners Association (ROA) meet where I won the People's Choice Award. In 2019 I showed it in the annual Dallas new car show, just a few miles from where dad originally bought it β€” that moment was very gratifying for both of us. - The Original (Roberts Buick) Window Sticker - Price: 5,803.29 (dad had penciled in the dealer invoice cost of each item). He traded in a '62 Chevrolet Impala. - Question: Why was the most basic AM radio available in a Riviera listed as an optional cost item, same goes for the rear seat speaker? I'd bet $10,000 that there wasn't a 2nd gen Riviera built (on purpose) without a radio & rear speaker. What do you think? Same goes for "Whitewall Tires", because they didn't come with black wall tires when new, did they? Now some GS models may have had the Redline-wall tires, and were surely listed as a higher cost item.
  15. Just realized you asked about the Owners Manual: http://oldcarmanualproject.com/manuals/Buick/1967/Riviera/Owners/index.htm - http://oldcarmanualproject.com/brochures/Buick/1966/Riviera/index.htm I didn't see '66 listed, but these are great resources nonetheless.
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