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  1. Here's the link to my '37 master cylinder rebuild: (Just touch the arrow in the upper right corner)
  2. Here are the links to the pages that deal with the springs: REMOVAL: (JUST TOUCH THE ARROW IN THE UPPER RIGHT CORNER) INSTALLATION: And this final one was just dealing with the right rear shackle bolt that sheared off upon removal, but sometime you'll see a photo that will help you:
  3. When I did my '37, I had the same problem with petrified grease in the shackle bolt preventing any new grease from entering. I replaced my rear leaf springs with new ones from Eaton so they were off the car, but I drilled out the petrified grease from the bolt Installed a grease fitting Pumped and pumped until all the old grease ran out and the new red grease came through. I'll link to the spring section of my restoration.. maybe it'll help if you decide to remove the springs. Gary
  4. Here are a few photos of my '37 pedals and the springs: Gary
  5. When I removed the listing wires from the original headliner, I used a Dremel and made small hash marks at the end of each wire to be sure they went back in the same position. The 1937 Fisher Body Service Manual states " The paper wrapped piano wires running through the headlining listings are of different lengths. If removed for any reason see that each one is replaced in its proper position." If you have all seven just loose, you may have to fit each one at a time by trial and error to get the best fit in each position. Then label them. As far as attachment t
  6. In this post I was getting the door goodies ready for installation and the handle was part of the discussion. I don't know if it will offer any new ideas for you.
  7. Good morning Bill! I have experienced this "hot soak" with my '37 Special as well. Every time I come in from a ride, the gasoline smell fills the garage and my carburetor gaskets get damp. If my car sat for more than five days, it required excessive cranking to start as the carburetor completely evaporated to empty. I posted my issue in my blog and was introduced to the term "HOT SOAK". It is not a carburetor problem. Today's fuels are much more volatile and evaporate easily and that seems to be the main culprit. If you read the last few pages of my blog,
  8. And double check the wires are in the proper firing order on both the distributor and the plugs.
  9. Here is the installation of the driver's door and everything relate to the installation... run channels, vent, glass....
  10. Hi Jeff! I restored a '37 Buick a couple years ago, and I'm not sure how much the Buick vent compares to the Pontiac vent mechanism OR how much the '37 differs from your '48..... BUT I think I have a few posts that will help you with the removal / installation of the vent mechanism AND the vertical division run channel: Just touch the arrow on the upper right and the specific vent window information will open. Touch the arrow in the upper right corner here to see how to restore / install the vertical division run channel:
  11. My '37 used three types of molding clips: 1. Studded (like above) that used a #10-24 stud. EVERY running board trim clip was of this type as was the front most and rear most clips for the hood side molding and the very rear clip for the "trunk" molding, (rear quarter) the strip all the way back. 2. Push-in style: These clips have to be able to fit the 3/16" holes in the body. (Some of the repros were too large at 5/16" and would not work.) My car had TWO TYPES of "push-in" or "snap-in" molding clips: A. The hood and the doors used the type that has the long spring ar
  12. Be sure your battery is disconnected or at least the master kill switch is off. Easy to short something out back there in those tight spaces!
  13. January 11, 2021: Four Years Ago Today I Started my Restoration: Today marks four years since I removed the bumpers and started my restoration. That was January 11, 2017. I can't believe how fast the time goes. I took her out for a nice run, and I thought this was kind of cool on the odometer: It's been a great 1,937 miles so far!! Happy New Year guys and gals! Gary
  14. my running boards were re-vulcanized back to original. That area in red is now 3/4" thick with rubber. Here's the restoration link:
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