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  1. I have a ‘37. Ended up replacing both rear leaf springs. New set from Eaton and they are great. Be sure you torque them to spec when installed and check again after a couple hundred miles. Once all my suspension parts were restored/replaced, I think the best thing I did was to take the car to the “Front End Shop“ in Farmingdale for a four-wheel alignment. Amazing how beautifully she runs after that. Here’s how I bought the car. The rear leaf is cracked and protruding though the gaiter. search my restoration for “springtime”. The whole process is documented... just touch the arrow! gary
  2. My Buick rear tire rubbed just like yours. I replaced both rear springs and had the shocks rebuilt to solve it.
  3. The power wash won’t hurt the block and is very effective at removing all the rust, scale…. My engine was out on the driveway when I pressure washed it but I sent my radiator out for a re-core.
  4. From my '37 manual: The timing chain has marks that are exactly 10 LINKS apart. These must align with the marks on the gears. The book on the left, my actual engine on the right displaying the proper alignment of the timing chain.
  5. I've used these "Yor-Lok" tube fittings very successfully. Maybe you can research your fittings and thread and find one that will work?
  6. The Buick manual says you can expect a 2-degree change in the cam dwell angle when using new points. The manual specifies .002 to .007 end play of the shaft.
  7. Here's an old ad from 1935... "Standup" bumper jack
  8. Our deepest condolences to you and the entire Wiegand family. Sending prayers for solace at this heartbreaking time. The Wheeler's
  9. John was a class act. Always friendly, down to earth and truly a gentleman in every sense of the word. For those of us lucky enough to live here in Monmouth County, NJ, a trip to John's "Backdoor Garage" was the thrill of the year. I say garage. This place put many museums to shame! On top of the awesome cars, the amazing decor and the over-the-top hospitality from John and Jill, it was a "never-miss" trip! I took my sons to see the cars a couple years ago. Allow me to share some photos. You'll see in an instant why we looked forward to our yearly visit! John... The ultimate host! In his garage hosting our local club. The wall decor was like an old street. Club members checking out all the cars "Abraham"...... His Lincoln. They all had great names! His Duesy. Stunning Here is the Duesenberg at a local fund raising event held on the grounds of another club member. The car had a crowd all day. No words needed. My deepest condolences to the family. John will be sorely missed. Gary
  10. Much easier on the bench! Here is my step-by-step distributor restoration. Maybe it can help as you check each part is working correctly.
  11. I installed an accessory electric pump to prime the carburetor when the car sat for more than six days. I now push the button under the dash for about 30 seconds to fill the carburetor bowl and she fires right off. The original fuel pump works fine the rest of time and it draws fuel through the electric pump just fine. No issues at all. Here's how I installed the inline fuel pump. As I stated, I use it only to fill the carburetor prior to starting, so I installed a momentary push button under the dash. Step-by-Step install:
  12. When I did my '37, I sent all my gauges out to Bob's. Very nice workmanship.
  13. I just went out in the garage and snapped this photo with my iPhone: The manifolds have been on the car for over six years now, I'm quickly approaching 3,000 miles on the car and so far no issues at all. You can still see the small bead of the high temp gasket maker around the exhaust ports and the gasket still has its shiny copper look. So far so good!
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