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  1. As luck would have it, i have both a T-Bird (1962) and Riviera GS (1965). While a coupla years apart (so not a totally fair comparison) , I'll take the riviera every day.
  2. I would like one. PayPal? If so, send me a request for founds. If not, ?? Address sent via PM Craig
  3. Here's an option - ad still up on 29FEB20 65 Riviera right fender. Minor dings and dents, overall very straight and an easy fixer. Minor rust beginning to appear at front lower at headlight brace and in battery box area of inner wheel house. Otherwise dry! A very nice, one year only fender. $225.0065 Riviera front bumper, likely 63-64 as well, straight and dry. $75.00 For those looking for elusive parts, try This allows you to enter the item you are seeking and then searches ALL Craig's List postings. Also searches eBay with a cleaner search algorithm thus eliminating the duplicate postings. You don't mention it, but lists a BUICK RIVIERA PASSENGER SIDE FRONT WHEEL OPENING MOLDING And a 65 body (no engine / no tranny): Found these in less than 5 minutes using Search Tempest . . .
  4. This web site provides a rather comprehensive listing of cars in movies, While it breaks them down but make and model, it doesn't get down to the level of detail of "by year": Riviera's are spotted in 713 movies but you'd need to scan the 700+ entries to find a given year Craig
  5. It is widely believed that a brass monkey is a brass tray used in naval ships during the Napoleonic Wars for the storage of cannonballs (piled up in a pyramid). The theory goes that the tray would contract in cold weather, causing the balls to fall off. BUT This theory is discredited by the US Department of the Navy and the etymologist Michael Quinion and the OED's AskOxford website for five main reasons: The Oxford English Dictionary does not record the term monkey or brass monkey being used in this way. The purported method of storage of cannonballs (round shot) is simply false. Shot was not stored on deck continuously on the off-chance that the ship might go into battle. Indeed, decks were kept as clear as possible. Such a method of storage would result in shot rolling around on deck and causing a hazard in high seas. Shot was stored on the gun or spar decks, in shot racks (longitudinal wooden planks with holes bored into them, known as shot garlands in the Royal Navy), into which round shot were inserted for ready use by the gun crew. Shot was not left exposed to the elements where it could rust. Such rust could lead to the ball not flying true or jamming in the barrel and exploding the gun. Indeed, gunners would attempt to remove as many imperfections as possible from the surfaces of balls. The physics do not stand up to scrutiny. All of the balls would contract equally, and the contraction of both balls and plate over the range of temperatures involved would not be particularly large. The effect claimed possibly could be reproduced under laboratory conditions with objects engineered to a high precision for this purpose, but it is unlikely it would ever have occurred in real life aboard a warship.
  6. Surprise! I didn't realize there where options for the stand. I have the desktop version and just couldn't figure out how you wall-mounted thing thing. Now I wonder if they sell the mounts separately?? Craig
  7. Mike -- that sure is an eye-catcher. How did you mount the base to the wall?
  8. GCC -- none of you photos survived your posting. Thanx for the link to RockinRivDad's efforts Craig
  9. That was a surprisingly quick turn-around time. What was it -- about a week from order to delivery??
  10. NC -- what sort or price are they offering and what sort of timelim=ne? Craig
  11. There are nearly 1000 car/truck plaques (they do have a 67 Riviera). There are 6-7 different colors available form the LEDs
  12. I just exchanged Christmas gifts with the guy I'm helping restore a 1966 Thunderbird convertible. He knows I just bought my 1965 (Verde Green) Riviera this summer. This is what he gave me: It looks better with the LEDs turned on Best present I received in quite some time. -- Craig
  13. I picked up one of these last month.|Model%3ARiviera&hash=item542f39a086:g:zTAAAOSwR5dXROK5 Craig