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  1. You guys are all making the same error: you are measuring the wrong thing. You are all guilty of measuring Miles per Gallon. Y'all need to measure Smiles per Gallon. I guarantee much better results.
  2. Riviera63 I an interested in 34.) Complete 1965 vacuum trunk release set up. Includes: Glovebox T-handle release switch with mounting screws, Trico trunk vacuum release with mounting bracket and attaching hardware and firewall vacuum canister with attaching hardware. Craig
  3. Greetings Bill, I'm interested in item #10. Thanks, Craig
  4. I tried to open/down load the document referenced in this posting fro a decade ago by T J Thorson. Posted October 11, 2011 The thread you referenced was mine, I went back and updated it. http://forums.aaca.org/f177/troubleshooting-hard-starting-64-a-292435.html and the system says it does not exist. Is it gone or am I doing something wrong??
  5. In round numbers the major work came to $800. That works out to $200 for the 4 pieces; but more realistically $300 for each buckle and $100 for the male end. And keep in mind, the emblems are unique the 65 Riviera GS - they were pretty dear although I don't recall the specifics. Note also -- I sent them the green webbing which they didn't use. I guess they used their own for 2 reasons: (1) to guarantee authenticity and (2) for liability reasons (they would have no idea the source or strength of the webbing I provided). I didn't really want/need the original labels (not building a show car) but after I heard the cost for the needed work, another $100 for the labels wasn't much. At least -- that's how I rationalize it. So -- $900 all in.
  6. RivNut -- I am sure you have a sense for the prices Ssnake Oyl will charge. If not -- be seated when you get the quote. Here are before / after photos of the 65 Riviera GS belts I had them do for me. Very, very impre$$ive result$ First 4 photos are what I sent -- pretty sad and one is almost unrecognizable as a buckle. The next 3 are the AFTER. They had just a few of the original 65 Riv GS emblems for on the buckle in stock; I had them replace the webbing as well as plastic housing for the retracting reels; and of course re-chroming of the metal. Oh -- and the original labels sewn into the webbing
  7. I can't believe the price of $855 per rim. That is crazy money. I bought chrome wire wheels for my Jaguar XKE (and trust me when I say "Jaguar" on the part add$ to the co$t) and paid $375 each.
  8. JSGun I pretty much get 2 to 3 thumbs-up or compliments every time I take out the T-Bird. The Riviera is sidelined while TelRiv refurbishes my carbs but I fully expected at least the same reaction once I get it back on the road. Craig
  9. JSGun -- I have the best of both worlds.
  10. I checked Hagerty but couldn't find a 64 Super Wildcat. The base Wildcat showed only a 401 w/ 1x 4bbl CURRENT & HISTORICAL VALUES View current vehicle values and see how they’ve changed over time in a 3-year, 5-year and to-date intervals. Compare these values to other vehicles and benchmark financial indices. Current Values #1 Concours$29,800 Condition #1 vehicles are the best in the world. The visual image is of the best vehicle, in the right colors, driving onto the lawn at the finest concours. Perfectly clean, the vehicle has been groomed down to the tire treads. Painted and chromed surfaces are mirror-like. Dust and dirt are banned, and materials used are correct and superbly fitted. The one word description for #1 vehicles is "concours." #2 Excellent$18,000 #3 Good$11,700 #4 Fair$4,800
  11. 719 in central Colorado
  12. Rivnut did a color comparison "using "Buick Green" from Classic Buicks on the left, "Buick Green" from CARS in the center, and Alpine Green (Detroit Diesel) on the right." Then elanmike posted gorgeous photos of his engine compartment "Painted with the Hirsh green paint." So -- is "Hirsh paint" one of the three greens tested by Rivnut or another?
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