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  1. JSGun I pretty much get 2 to 3 thumbs-up or compliments every time I take out the T-Bird. The Riviera is sidelined while TelRiv refurbishes my carbs but I fully expected at least the same reaction once I get it back on the road. Craig
  2. JSGun -- I have the best of both worlds.
  3. I checked Hagerty but couldn't find a 64 Super Wildcat. The base Wildcat showed only a 401 w/ 1x 4bbl CURRENT & HISTORICAL VALUES View current vehicle values and see how they’ve changed over time in a 3-year, 5-year and to-date intervals. Compare these values to other vehicles and benchmark financial indices. Current Values #1 Concours$29,800 Condition #1 vehicles are the best in the world. The visual image is of the best vehicle, in the right colors, driving onto the lawn at the finest concours. Perfectly clean, the vehicle has been groo
  4. 719 in central Colorado
  5. Rivnut did a color comparison "using "Buick Green" from Classic Buicks on the left, "Buick Green" from CARS in the center, and Alpine Green (Detroit Diesel) on the right." Then elanmike posted gorgeous photos of his engine compartment "Painted with the Hirsh green paint." So -- is "Hirsh paint" one of the three greens tested by Rivnut or another?
  6. I wonder if that sheds any light on the mysterious asterisk/star in the paint code (absent in this example) Craig
  7. Bernie You asked for just the accessories to be decoded, but: 64 = model year 4747 = Riviera 2 door sports coupe FB = Flint MI Trim 608 = Black Paint SS = Sahara Mist ACC 2K = Air Conditioning 4F = Remote Mirror 5z = Seat Belts (NOTE: 5W = Seat Belts with Retractor) HTH - Craig
  8. Tom Have you a trusted friend with a cell phone? I don't use Yahoo but when I had issues with my Gmail account, they send an authentication number to your cell that you type into the on-screen login effort. Use you friend's cell number and have him/her standing by to give you your code off their phone. I say standing by cuz - with gmail, at least - the code (4-6 digit number) is good for a limited time period Craig
  9. Not at all sure how relevant this comment is, but I just installed dimmable LED light in my hobby shop -- Craig
  10. Ed I copy/pasted this thread in an e-mail to Paul. Chris was more than just a person who bought a car from Paul. Thanks for you input, though Craig
  11. Guys A favor addressed to any who knew Chris Wolfe well and is willing to reach out: My friend's name is Paul. He asks if someone who knows what happened to Chris would contact him. If so, please PM me (Craig Balzer) and I'll provide Paul's email. Thanks, guys Craig
  12. Jim -- thanx for the info. A friend of mine sold Chris a car a while back that, in hindsight, he regretted selling. I passed along your information on Chris to him. Thanx again Craig
  13. I am curious if Mr Wolfe is active on the bulletin board? Author of "Buick Riviera, 1963-1973 (Classic Motorbooks Photofacts)". or if anyone knows how to contact him? TIA Craig
  14. Jim How many 63's do you have in your database? How many 63's were made? Inquiring minds want to know Craig
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