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  1. It’s undoubtedly the best mz on the planet. The car really deserved a more professional video production. Growing up in the studios and working on film crews in the ‘60s and ‘70s it’s painful for me to watch the amateurs who don’t do their homework ahead of time, have no script, and improvise as they go along using only ambient light and one handheld camera.
  2. Thanks, it’s cascade blue. The car came from the factory in triple blue. As much as it pains me, I am going to put a dark blue vinyl top on it so it will look factory fresh again.
  3. Visitation today was encouraging. The boat tail is looking good. Still waiting on the chrome.
  4. Greetings: the 15” road wheels are good looking, relatively inexpensive and widely available. You’ll want a 895 code from most any full size 1970’s Buick. It’s also easy to go bigger but I too prefer the stock look.
  5. Hey, I’m finally coming back to Rockford in a couple of weeks. Anyone interested in seeing this car?
  6. Small emblem Gran Sport from November, I think, until mid December, then the larger size after that. Only a few hundred were produced with small emblems
  7. 11B production, so right after the UAW strike was over
  8. Beautifully modified car. Love the wheels and stance
  9. So, how did that first iteration of the turbo V6 actually run? No intercooler, no sequential fuel injection, last year for the distributor, too. Anyone know?
  10. Right, the fifth digit in the vin is a W and it comes with posi and a chrome air cleaner lid, and the wa code engine has the bigger stage 1 exhaust valves. So, a GS is a stage 1 of a sort, but not quite equal to a Skylark GS Stage 1 of the same year.
  11. And here’s a couple more from that very hot day
  12. Clear coated. Waiting for chrome, glass, and polished stainless trim
  13. But why? You can get the real thing for half the price.
  14. No, that’s just the base coat. I’ll post pictures again once the clear coat is on.
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