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  1. Scammers can easily steal photos and descriptions, spoof locations (just like all those calls we get) and have stock responses to inquiries. They are only after your money, often through a wire transfer. The clues are usually evident to the careful observer. That said, I have successfully acquired 4 Rivieras over recent years; 3 Gran Sports from eBay sight-unseen, another (a convertible) from Craigslist via a Facebook Riviera group. So, it can be done. Just be very careful out there. Ask questions, get additional info and photos, talk on the phone or at least text, to make sure a real person actually possesses the particular car offered. Then, watch out for undisclosed title issues, misleading photos, critical omissions, and the like. Good luck and happy hunting!
  2. Same seller, same description but now it’s supposedly in the Seattle area. Maybe he reads this board.
  3. So Tom, in this case was it made on the 177th day of the ‘65 production cycle?
  4. Rivdrivn

    Posi unit cost

    In good shape, maybe $600-700 for the 323, $750-850 for the 342. Both are fine for the street. I prefer the 323 for the highway and the 342 for stop and go.
  5. So, it’s one of 454 non-Gran Sport dual-quad equipped cars. An early production, I would guess around 12A, first week of December
  6. Maybe we need a nailhead art thread
  7. And front seat belts were still optional until what... ‘66? I have one ‘65 that had them, the other did not.
  8. That said, I have successfully purchased 3 Rivieras and many antiques via eBay with no problems at all.
  9. Rivdrivn

    73 rivi frame stamp

    I like Bernie’s explanation. Or maybe it’s a starship in another galaxy
  10. Rivdrivn

    Happy Holidays

    Santa says ho, ho, ho, have a merry Rivmas