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  1. Trailer brakes. That’s the first thing I took out of my ‘71. But I guess a boat tail is good for pulling a boat.
  2. Ed, an easier way is to just add a zero to everything. What cost $20 in the 60s or early 70s is now $200. A $5,000 car is now $50,000
  3. Yep, the early models were a relative bargain by today’s standards. Now people spend $50K for something that just blends in.
  4. Here is rare photographic evidence of Riviera eating up the competition
  5. Tell your friends. Times running out; not everyone is going to have the privilege of driving a Riviera before they die of Coronavirus. Just saying...
  6. I think it’s the same as 1969. eBay used to be a good source but I haven’t checked lately.
  7. Nice looking Riv! I think the right-side mirror was the same option for all the full size Buicks in the early to mid 70s. But I could be wrong.
  8. About one third of them are offered up by Gateway or Streetside Classics
  9. Yes, cascade blue. I’m doing this one bone stock since it’s a well preserved 71 GS. Toughest decision was keeping the vinyl top.