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  1. Yes, probably less bang for your buck (the car business is once again changing), but a more pertinent question is compared to what alternate venue?
  2. Yes, it looks like there’s an opportunity for some banter among those who register, expert or not, as the auction progresses. Last I checked, however, they only had a paltry 18 auctions underway. The brilliant innovation BAT introduced is adding 2 minutes to the clock with every last minute bid. Think how that would impact sale prices on eBay. Brilliant for the site and the sellers.
  3. So, it looks like Bring A Trailer has some new competition...
  4. I first noticed it in October. Their last 3 photos are of my Riview article on the red one I brought to the Gettysburg meet
  5. Anyone have the build date, vin, or data plate on Andy’s car handy? I have it in my archives up north but I’m in the Caribbean now.
  6. Do we know when the very first Gran Sport Rivi was made?
  7. Yes, very cool. My favorite ‘70. Someone should manufacture that grill.
  8. Mine has been there since the original owner had it installed in the ‘70s. It gets hot here in Florida and he used to pull a boat.
  9. Bondzmen claimed his has all the options, not me. But I do have the Road wheels for it too. I’m just showing a good example of what a small emblem looks like.
  10. All snug in their beds while visions of sugarplums danced in their heads...