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  1. Welcome! As mentioned, oldbuickparts.com and rockauto.com are helpful, also eBay. Study the rivowners.org pages and join ROA for more info and resources. We also have an official ROA Facebook group that is very active, plus a 1968-1969 Buick Riviera Facebook group
  2. Then it’s settled. ‘65 Gran Sport is the cats meow. Except for all the others...
  3. Black looks good in the snow. Have you tried doing a few burn outs?
  4. ‘70 GS on ROA Facebook group. Black with white buckets. Apparently needs a little work
  5. She told me about the restoration process on this one. No expense spared. Top dollar all the way.
  6. My step-father bought this ‘65 Riviera off the showroom floor. It was his baby. When he died 17 years ago, his son quickly flipped it for the cash. I never had a chance at it and haven’t seen it since.
  7. Yes. Do you know whether your dad’s was built before or after Labor Day ‘64?
  8. My black ‘65 is 494475H900614, only 19 units ahead of your dad’s. So, probably built on the same day.
  9. I think there was a gal on the ROA Facebook page seriously searching for a nice ‘96 a few weeks ago.
  10. Well, we all survived the tropical storm. No flooding issues this time.
  11. Making slow and steady progress on the boat tail.
  12. The boat tail is coming along nicely. Chrome is finally ready to be picked up.
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