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  1. I’ll bring it to Branson and entertain offers. I’m already about $35K into it. We’ve had to pull and rebuild the motor after all, so it’s not quite ready yet. Appreciate the interest.
  2. I just drove from Tampa to Ocala (180 miles round trip) in my ‘65. Similar gas mileage, no trouble, but it did run a little hot in the 90 degree Florida sun.
  3. I haven’t owned a Corvette since I wore a young man’s clothes
  4. Enjoyed the NPD Classic Car Show in Ocala, FL this past weekend. Brought two cars but never expected to win two top awards. Thanks, Bob Wannall for organizing us into an awesome Riviera team that received a lot of attention and took a total of four top awards.
  5. I hadn’t driven any of my Rivieras in a few months. This one started right up and hasn’t given me any trouble at all. I forgot what a pleasure it is to have a Riviera as a daily driver.
  6. It’s a Ford ranger part, if I recall correctly. Yardley is at 1badriv.com
  7. Correct for ‘65 Riviera Gran Sport only, but looks great on any car.
  8. Mine is a bit of overkill. Deadens sound nicely but does make the trunk harder to close. Ain’t nobody getting out of there alive, but at least I won’t have to listen to the screams. Lol
  9. Try TA Performance in Arizona. I have their 2.5 inch exhaust with shorty headers for a great performance sound.
  10. I believe number 3 is the correct answer.
  11. Believe it or not our beautiful, hand-made, high-quality Rivieras came from the factory with a cheap cardboard package shelf. It’s inexpensive to replace it with the same but not very satisfying. I, and many others, prefer the much sturdier vinyl over fiberglass which may require some modification for the best fit, but is vastly superior and more appropriate for the car.
  12. Welcome! As mentioned, oldbuickparts.com and rockauto.com are helpful, also eBay. Study the rivowners.org pages and join ROA for more info and resources. We also have an official ROA Facebook group that is very active, plus a 1968-1969 Buick Riviera Facebook group
  13. Then it’s settled. ‘65 Gran Sport is the cats meow. Except for all the others...
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