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  1. what does this strange handle do I may never wash this window again
  2. They not only stole my wallet ……..
  3. Geeeze, how'd this get to page 4?!!! Since first making this post I've joined Facebook pretty much for the sole purpose of selling all my Buick stuff and gotta say, having pretty good success. I was trying to cross post to here for awhile but really not seeing any interest from here on anything. Sooo, let me do this. While I joined several FB Buick groups there, I am only posting parts and cars on one, the 54,55,56 Buick Enthusiasts group. If you wish to check in on it to view my sell ads simply go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/2525571274 and search Lamar Brown Thanks
  4. Posting for a friend, Bruce Kile. Hey Lamar, any chance you could help me "market" some parts we had for Shar's Regal that had the "encounter" with the tree in Feb last year? I would prefer to sell as an entire package that's why I'm offering the entire lot for $150. Heck, I might even consider delivering them (or meeting somebody) within 50 miles of Atlanta. My phone number is (770) 977-7924. I'll be happy to "talk" to anybody interested. I sure appreciate any help you can provide. parts for a 2003 Joseph Aboud Regal GS (BCA Senior car 2015) that consists of: A full set (F & R) floor mats (obviously used but still in very good condition) 3800 "Supercharged" engine shroud (used but never greasy/dirty) (3) Correct AC Delco Coil packs (new, never on car) (2) Serpentine Belts, for supercharger & main drive (new) *(2) Belt Tensioners 1 for S.C. & 1 for main drive (used but in good working order) *(1) Original Alternator (used but nothing wrong with it) (1) Gas cap (new) (1) Valve cover gasket (new) (1) Grill (new, never installed) (2) (New, in the box from Rock Auto) Headlights (will fit Century & Regal for about 4 years) *These items were replaced because thought to be the cause of "chirping". It turns out that the culprit was a bad engine mount which allowed the engine to "sag". Installed new engine mount & "BINGO", no more chirping or squealing. I'd prefer not to "piece meal" the items. I'll sell the entire lot for $150. BTW, the coil packs alone were $125 (discount price)
  5. In Georgia, take the Bill of Sale to the tag office, register and tag it, put one of my spare 322's in it and drive it. Ifin I was a young man like you Bill.😁
  6. MrEarl

    Spam Pie

    I pass by this old mailbox every day. The old rusty box is nailed to a tree and is very, very old. After years of passing by this old relic I decided to stop and open the box to see if anything was inside. There is no home anywhere nearby the box. Just a foundation and an old cellar. When I opened the box I noticed an old letter inside as you can see in picture. The post mark on the envelope said July 7, 1903. Due to age and weathering, the addressee on the envelope was no longer legible. After pondering it for a few moments, I decided to open it up to see if there was any interesting historical information inside. Maybe a letter to mom. Or a letter from mom. Or some such. Much to my surprise and amazement, the letter inside said the following. “Mr. Johnson, we are writing to inform you that your carriage warranty is about to expire and to offer you an opportunity to extend your warranty. This is a courtesy letter and it is the last letter we will send before we close your file. Please respond with the enclosed, self-addressed and stamped envelope within fourteen days. Thank you.”
  7. Tha's not a parts car price either. priced about right considering no running gear...
  8. If you’ll aim the camera from the top and side of the picture it should help with glare and reflections. Would love to see and hear more about it. Your dad definitely had class. 😁
  9. No surprise here. And kudos to you Pete, you’ve always priced your cars, and parts too for that matter, very fairly. Remember the Texas Pete Special I picked up in Fredericksburg. 👍
  10. It really needs and deserves a better home than I could give it Ben, but that would be a fun trip either way. I'd love to fly out and drive it back home, you could be my copilot.
  11. Jeeeze Pete, this is so tempting. Love the original interior! It's a ROADMASTER!!!!!!! Very fair asking price. WANT!!!!!
  12. Just hold your hands under the dynaflow for a minute, ATF makes a great hand cleaner.... rinse with beer...
  13. Now on eBay with Buy it Now of $300 but automatic buy with Best offer of $250. I'll end the listing for $225 plus shipping. https://www.ebay.com/itm/164937656233
  14. Thank you for that lesson on Buick fobs Terry
  15. Truer words have never been spoken. but the pain of regret had you not bought it would linger forever.....
  16. When asking a premium price for a car, this should never be said. Have it charged for goodnesssakes, or are you afraid you'll find it needs a compressor or worse. I've always liked these as well as the Rivieras of this period. Always thought these looked like a cross between a Reatta and a Riviera.
  17. you may want to take your temperature Al…
  18. Thank God for the miracles of modern medicine. Glad you're OK and feeling "great" now Joel. I know it had to be scary for you and your family. Did the doc put you on a diet?
  19. Come on!!!! We can all work on the office area while you're here.
  20. Never happen, I'm done with prep and just hoping this thin rattle can paint goes on well with not too many runs.
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