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  1. Will '38 Special wheels fit a '36 Roadmaster?
  2. Can’t resist these 30’s Buicks so bought myself a Christmas present. Will be going to pick up sometime after Christmas. Planning on taking a set of β€˜38 wheels to swap out so as to better roll. I’m assuming 38’s will fit ?
  3. Absolutely beautiful Gary. Love the color , love the interior and love all the beautifully carried out custom/mod design you did on it, just the right amount! Congrats on getting her done amidst all the challenges and setbacks. Look forward to seeing it AND YOU at the Nationals.
  4. Not familiar with that color of blue for '54.
  5. Best be calling him/her, heres a gooder one for only 500 more and it IS a 55
  6. Is that a real car or a model. That door fitment 😲😬
  7. The 5 blade fan suggests it may be an AC engine so Double or triple pulley? Is it for sure a 264?
  8. Very nice!!!!Wow John, you seem to be letting go of some super nice and rare stuff these days, wish I was in a position to to take advantage of it all.
  9. or else praps you sold it too cheap. 😁 This is a nice specimen here for sure. But as I noted in our email correspondence , I'm back to spending my Buick funds in the Buick Sales and Service Garage so no $$ for trinkets. πŸ˜‰
  10. I cut a line running from the house to the well once while planting a large root ball tree and used an underground splice kit. Lasted about 3 years. Ended up trenching and laying another, this time in conduit with a nylon string accompanying the wire. Hopefully your splice was done better than mine.
  11. Breaking this forum out into a General Discussion as well as a Buy/Sell may prompt more discussion about the subject while clarifying that it can also be used for ads. Just a thought, my friend @Peter Gariepy 😊
  12. So I see this sign in the November AACA Antique Automobile magazine and wonder how the heck did I miss that at Hershey. So wondering if it might still be available or if someone here is its new owner😊
  13. I knew it was sold, I just jerkin your chain. Snoozers are losers πŸ˜‰πŸ˜†
  14. what a difference in meaning one letter makes
  15. I may can help with that as with the bolts as I mentioned above. Let me know if your junkyard visit is unfruitful