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  1. I had inquired in the AACA thread about possible RV/Camper parking at the RM site and received the following pm from @Steve Moskowitz Thanks Steve Steve: To use their spaces where they will provide electrical hook ups they want $50 per day. They would be close to show field and only room for 5 or 6. There is a major development with the site that will add some challenge to our event but we will make it happen nonetheless. Lamar: Thanks Steve. and water? But no sewer or pumper? Steve: No sewer or pumper for sure, not sure about water but will ask again.
  2. No sir, it was the type without the bolt that allows it to be taken apart and cleaned so I had no idea what the screen inside it looked like, could have been rusted through. Since it's hidden behind the carb and the fact I don't anticipate ever showing the car for points anyway, I went with the Wix. https://www.carid.com/wix/complete-in-line-fuel-filter-mpn-33081.html
  3. Do you mean you would have used one smaller dimension wise or micron filter wise? it is only 4 1/2 inches long by 1 inch diameter and that actually was one reason I chose it, not so "fat" as many and fit the area where I wanted to install it. If you're speaking of micron filter size, it's at 100 microns and I considered it as a prefilter for use before the Wix one on the carb which is 74. ???
  4. Went ahead and replaced the currently functioning but 20 year old fuel pump with a newly rebuilt one today. I had also purchased a new "correct with brass fittings" rubber fuel line from CARS. But after comparing it to the one that is currently on it and it being in good condition I will be returning the new one. I really didn't like the inside diameter of the new one. I cleaned the old one and sprayed it down good with Protectant 303. Will likely outlast me. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1953-1956-Buick-Olds-V-8-Fuel-Line-Correct-with-Brass-Fittings-OEM-1161564/173189704321
  5. Had a pair I bought at the PX in Camp Legeune while at Motor Transport School, thought they'd be cool to wear home on first leave. Got home nobody else was wearing such, felt like a fool.
  6. So y’all wanna see some Buick crashes
  7. If you don’t get it....
  8. @old-tank this happening this year? looking for a road trip for the wagon and Argosy
  9. Fixed, thanks for letting us know.
  10. I was hoping to see the data plate, I'm betting it originally had an Arctic White roof and I personally would have gone back same, to accentuate the roof line and coordinate with the whitewalls. For anywhere near that money it would need to have another porthole and be a 400 point Gold Senior car, I'm not even seeing Silver. But I agree @Dave Gelinas (XP-300) it is a beauty.
  11. So I had replaced the factory pancake filter from behind the carb with the WIX 33081 . But not wanting to have to deal with the possibility of having to remove and clean it on the road and deal with gas on a hot engine, I decided to install another inline "pre filter" under the front rocker panel alongside the frame that would be more easily accessible. This Earls Vapor Guard Fuel Filter is a 100 micron filter and fit in well. The longer rubber hose on the right will slip right enough to allow the one on the left to slip free of the line allowing the filter and hoses to be removed for cl
  12. Wow, you did good, REEEEAL GOOD, scored some rare pieces, a few I have but some I've never even seen. Guess I need to try and make that show some day. Congrats!!!
  13. How about that?!!!! Then you would appreciate the fact the original owner knew to have the dealer apply undercoating, probably the best $35 he spent on the car. I know I'm glad he did.
  14. perhaps same aftermarket as the one on this Chevy
  15. Only took me five minutes to get up off the ground after getting this shot
  16. Not sure why linky not worky for some, it's a facebook ad. $6,900 Ready for restoration. You are looking at a very nice 1949 Buick Super. Please be advised this car is not a Roadmaster Facebook has no listing for Super and I could not publish without a model name. This is a very solid car with no rot, some minor rust , dings and scratches but no major damage. The Interior is all complete . Some of the side glass is cracked, but the windshield is good. This car features the great Buick straight 8 engine with no knocks, taps, or smoke. The transmission is the Dyna flow and it sh
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