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  1. That was standard, see the options list, about midway down
  2. 403/400 ? Olds would have been a 403 right. Never thought I'd ever spend more time on Olds and TransAm sites than here but recently that has been the case. The emission controls back then really played havoc with the muscle car scene eh?
  3. What would I do with two 403's? This one should be good to go, just doesn't have the power I would have thought it should. But tha's another thread..... Exactly and mine has had two head jobs already and precisely why I am trying to ensure it doesn't get another Why stop there, got a posi traction rear end to go with it?
  4. Really, I can't even begin to imagine that ever happening, shame on you.
  5. The only time I tested it was the day I took it to the scales for checking the weight distribution hitch set up. I went through a lot of STEEP Georgia hills and tried to maintain a speed of 60-70 so the engine was really reving most of the time. The tranny performed well, downshifting as should. Tranny temp was below 200 if I recall. That was the same day I had to get back home and get Rita to the ER so am a bit fuzzy in remembering details.
  6. Somewhat sadly you're right. Maybe I'll enter it in Modified next year in Ohio. 😊
  7. I had a full tune up with new plugs, wires, set timing etc but am definitely not satisfied with the output of the engine so at SOME point will be looking into all that so wil get back to you on it. Thanks Funny you mention that. I was looking at and measuring the radiator for replacement today and was astonished at all the gaps and space on the sides of the radiator where air could flow right through. Will definitely need attention when new radiator is installed. And yea the air dam is there.
  8. The heat sink unit was going to be used in addition to the unit between the rad and condenser before I realized I had a engine coolant temp while towing problem. Now considering removing the unit between the rad and condenser and adding a large one in front of the radiator. If I do that I'll definitely just go ahead and swap out the radiator with a 3 core, possibly aluminum.
  9. After having the transmission rebuilt I installed a B&M 4 3/4 " deep pan with 3 quart additional capacity but it hung so low I knew it was just a matter of time before it bottomed out and got busted. I pulled it and replaced with a Derale deep transmission pan that holds 2 additional quarts of fluid and has tubes running through the bottom of it to help in cooling the fluid. The B&M didn't really seem to make much difference in the transmission temperature compared to the factory pan when them with a gun. The Derale however gave a definite 15-20* lower reading. I doubt there will be much if any benefit while sitting in stop and go traffic but when on the road pulling hills and between hills it should certainly help keep the fluid temps down. I'm still working on a couple different scenarios for the engine cooling and depending on what I do with that I may do something different with the current transmission cooler set up.
  10. Ordered a mandrel bent elbow from Summit, thanks guys
  11. Not sure I'm following you. I have a transmission cooler in front of the radiator and behind the condenser. Are you saying it may be blocking air or transferring tranny heat to the radiator and to possibly move it or? I have heat sink type transmission cooler that I was planning on adding underneath the radiator shroud but have found the transmission temperatures to be in bounds.
  12. I did. At midway point which happened to be where the high reading while in tow was made, upon arrival at Jordans and then at arrival bck home. Nothing higher than 195* and that was running at 65-70 in 88* temperate with AC on normal. I'm now taking reading at top of thermostat housing vs at base. I still plan on swapping out the radiator, water pump and thermostat. Doing some research on radiators at the moment
  13. Sorry Terry, you’ve got competition.
  14. Already pulled the top of dash off just to make sure I didn't disturb a wire while working on the coolant temp light. First thing I tried was jiggling the switch JD, no sweet spot found. I'm going to verify the part number and go ahead and order a new relay. My main concern was that it wasn't something associated with the compressor since there is that wire that comes off it and goes to the relay. Thanks guys for all the help, I'll report back how it goes.
  15. and stopped by another covered bridg on the way home
  16. Drove about 200 rt miles this Fathers Day, Athens GA to Greenville SC to see my son Jordan and grand baby Etta. Car performed wonderfully. So far since I’ve started the challenge, 940 miles.
  17. Thanks for taking up the torch Matt. Looks like you found a nice shady spot. Looks mighty appetizing to me.
  18. dang, didn't realize days were that short in Oklahoma😁
  19. Works fine on Lo and Med but not Hi. Worked for a while after complete AC replacement but stopped. It also didn't work when the "parts swapper garage" replaced the compressor. I know there is a wire running from the compressor to the blower relay and am wondering what association it has with the operation of the blower. I am considering replacing the relay but need to know if there is something else I need to consider. Just thought about this, maybe I should try it with AC off and heat on......
  20. Appears I'm still restricted from reacting but can still copy and paste so