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  1. Am I sure, well yea, I mean after all I scrolled up to the top of the page and hoovered my pointer over it and clicked didn't I. And the chances of accidentally having done that are pretty slim I'd say. Seriously, is this something I need to be asked every time. This has just started appearing in the last couple of days since the new update. KISS
  2. Oh Jeeeze look at that original upholstery and dash. Jake or somebody, please buy this so I can get my mind off it. @Pete Phillips you seeing this?!!!
  3. I think what I said was that Arctic White was the most ordered color in Buicks of 1954. I like white, except on pick up trucks, I hate white pick up trucks.😄
  4. I emailed and asked for interior, mechanical and data plate pictures the first day Jake posted, no response
  5. OK dude, we get it, you've got new white wall tires, now go wash the blue protectant off..... Tha's a lot of trailer for a 364 to be pullin and would love to see his weight distribution hitch. And why aren't some of these Buick tow cars answering my call to gather in Charlotte.
  6. Thanks for those facts and acknowledgement. The Buick Club of America had always been very appreciative of the AACA hosting their forum and as can be seen by these numbers was a very popular and well participated in forum. Must say though, we were surprised when we became just another marque, ending our free ride. But why would the AACA host one club and not others, so we get it, I guess. I suppose that the CCCA is a bit tougher to remove, it being multiple marques and all. But don't get me wrong, we do appreciate the BCA News forum you allowed to remain, thanks for that, seriously.
  7. Actually 15 if you count the ones that were sadly crammed in under General. But hey, we like it lika that. That many are needed when you have as many daily threads and posts or else it would be just one big cluster.
  8. This should help BUICK POWER STEERING CONVERSION By Bill Bicknell BCA # 738 aka Professor Nailhead Part # 1 Driving any of the big Buicks is an enjoyable experience but can be more enjoyable if the car has power steering instead of manual steering. Buick introduced power steering in 1952. Many ’52 Roadmasters came with power steering, but the Buick literature also references this option as being available on ’52 Super models. This article is intended to give enough information to help understand the process of converting a ca
  9. @roadmaster_56 you might want to broaden your search to power steering units of large series 53 thru 55 as they will interchange fairly easily. Do you still have the straight 8? If so, that complicates things but there are work-arounds.
  10. And I can see why..... Interesting car but my first thought was the squared off lines of the rear half simply don't blend in at all with the streamlined front. I'd pay the difference and take this one over it any day, how about you @38Buick 80C 😊
  11. an oxymoron of sorts and don't forget, with help, you can hang stuff from the ceiling joists too, tha's what kids are for....,
  12. Looks great and will be so nice to have all that additional space. Thanks for sharing the build and look forward to seeing what you do on the interior!!
  13. Had it been a Sport Coupe in that condition and price I might have had to done that 😉
  14. I clicked on the CL link so as to copy and post some of the outstanding pictures but alas..... This posting has been deleted by its author.
  15. well after getting out the magnifying glass and following the tutorial on said page 4, I am impressed with what all can be found in the Member Management area, never even knew it was there. Thanks Roberta!! and that can be easily done in the Member Management area under My Vehicles 🙂 I just deleted a 54 - 41D and a 54- 72R and added a 79- 4BR35 🙂 Cool......
  16. where might that be found 'berta, I've just spent a while on the BCA website looking for it.
  17. Oh, you've got this all wrong. After retirement, there's nothing in the bank to stop for. 😩
  18. I take it that this comment in the sellers description sums up the Marvel carb concerns?
  19. Love these slant backs and the color. Can't believe it's still available after 27 days being posted and the reasonable asking price.With the description and these videos all that's needed is a short phone conversation, hooking up the trailer and stopping by the bank on the way for cash.
  20. Spent my birthday Saturday at a BOPC Car Show with the love and joy of my life. About 200 miles round trip. Other than a leaky power steering pump she performed great. oh and Rita was there two Spent a day and a half cleaning the Wagon from top to bottom and was so sore I had trouble getting out of the chair at the BOPC show. I wasn't expecting to win anything and so wasn't a bit disappointed when I didn't. After all, this was, believe it or not, my first time entering a car into a show and was only done after being prodded and encouraged t
  21. So with the big seven-o fast approaching, I took a drive in the Wagon today to a little town known to be the Granite Capital of the World, Elberton, Georgia to get my drivers license renewed. After gaining permission to drive for another year I took the opportunity to drive around the little town awhile. One building I looked for was the old Bradley Buick dealership as was brought up by @garynofishing in the thread Ralph Crisp . After driving around the downtown area awhile and not finding it or any old building that looked like it might have at one time been it, I headed to the outskirts.
  22. and '55 guys, check out this even more rare '55 color and trim catalog. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1955-BUICK-BODY-COLORS-INT-FABRICS-TRIM-MATERIAL-CATALOGUE/363139935857?hash=item548cd3ae71:g:ShcAAOSwCFlfhat9
  23. It's a nice one ain't it?!?! Nicer than my current one, so we'll see. Depends on how bad my friend and eBay competitor in Germany wants it, LOL. Thanks for the heads up Gary, hope you're doing well.
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