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  1. Folks I'd like to take just a moment to say thank you ALL for the genuinely kind comments of thanks and appreciation and well wishes. I NEVER expected so much. I am one lucky guy to have such friends here, many of which I have never even met. As someone pointed out above this is one of the best and most unique car forums going. I have seen the negative results Facebook and other social media sites have had on forums such as this and feel good that we have survived. When I first started this thread I just threw out "10 years or so" as the time I have been moderator. I've been told that it's been for longer than that but can not recall when it was. I do recall that back in '04 Brian Lawrence aka @Centurion and Roberta and I worked on updating the forum format and adding some of the new forums namely Me and My Buick and I did find this thread referencing that. I also found a couple of threads where I had done some moderating tasks in early '06 so I guess at 14 years, it is safe to say "10 years or so". THANKS AGAIN from the bottom of my heart for all the kind words and expressions of thanks.
  2. And thank you Ronnie for all the upgrades you did on the Reatta forum and the fairness in which you always moderate. I do enjoy Buick Gardens and all the work it takes to keep it up, keeps me in shape to say the least. I'll certainly post about anything I can stretch to make be "on subject" Thanks for the kind words Gene, really appreciate it. Ditch witch was $200/day no half day rentals. I knocked the diggin part out in about 2.5 hours, no breaks. The backfill and compaction about 4 (including breaks) Thanks Willis, and uh, shhhhh about the WiFi hotspot, don't ruin my excuse... 😬 Sincerely, the Greek Fisherman Thanks Dave, always enjoyed your droppin in. Wow, never heard it told like that and if I did have anything to do with the unique personality which this forum does indeed have then I am humbled to have been a part of making it such. But honestly it has been all the great personalities of ALL the forum members, each and every one, over all the years that have made this the fun and informative forum it has been. I have no doubt whoever takes my spot will work to maintain it and even make it better though. Thank you Dave!! and you just gave me more good reason to make the Strongsville National Meet, it's only 2-3 hours from New Bremen, how cool is that!!! Thanks!! Well hears my thanks!! ahh Joern, thanks for those kind words. Still wanting to here more about that 3 speed Century!!! Thanks Larry and thanks for the phone message last week. Sorry I didn't return your call but as many here know I can't hear very well and especially on the phone. In face to face discussions, I generally just nod my head in agreement, but last month I committed to hauling a car from VA to GA and didn't even realize it til it was time to go.😬 Definitely hope to spend some quality time up your way though, every time I've ever been I was in a rush to pick up cars and go. Beautiful country, terrible roads.
  3. Thanks Greg, we hope to eventually make it out to the west coast and visit some of the spots I visited back in my hippie days in the Volkswagon bus, so maybe see ya there. Thanks Chris! If I consider pay as words of appreciation, looks like I'm gettin a pretty good severance pay package. Thanks for the kind words Mark. We'll add you to our list of driveways we can boondock in. Thanks Doug. Will indeed see you in OKC, Lord willing and the big muddy don't rise. I guess the Estate wagon could use a boost but don't think it will fit Want to hear them 99A's? Well here ya go. I'll be moving them up to the BS&S "some day" Turn it up.... Thanks for the kind words and thanks Paul. Always enjoy your posts and pictures. especially the blonds Wow Joel, never knew my words could turn a bad day to good (always figured they did the opposite) but thank you for that nice comment. Everything to proper scale and attention to detail is me I guess, drivers Rita crazy sometimes though. Hey, I recognize that 8! '1932 I believe, just picked this up at a local swap meet... Thanks Marty, and please drop back by sometime. Thanks Joe, appreciate it!!! Like I said, the folks here are of the highest morals one can find on a public car forum so actually the job was pretty easy peasy. But thanks for the thanks Jason!! Thanks Greg. Sorry we never got to work on the Technical Tips forum we discussed some time ago, hopefully it can still be done though, great idea.
  4. Oh and here’s a follow up of the ditch digging photo. The Argosy barn has lights. But nothing compared to Gods light as displayed in this photo. Thank ya Jesus, thank ya Lord🙏
  5. Jeff thanks for your comment and herd of cats would not be far off. Just kidding, this is actually one of the best mannered internet group I know of! You are correct, that was indeed "progoofoff", the cod, my old Buick road trip friend Bob Coker, may he rest in peace. Found the avatar you spoke of I believe quite a rascal he was. I knew he was making a face during this shot, see the reduced smile on my face, just not sure what Not much to miss in either of those categories I am afraid. See ya on the Buick Highway I am sure my friend. Good Lord willing and the big muddy don't rise, we'll see ya there Matt. I did eat street vendor monkey meat a few times in the Phillipines disguised as beef but never chilled monkey brain. (that I know of) Thanks old friend, see ya in OKC Thanks Billy. And thanks for the invite, I'll do it. I'll likely have a part of a bottle of Bulleit Barrel Strength I'll share with ya. We haven't started looking into Canada destinations but who knows where we might end up when we get lost. Ah, thanks for the appreciation Dave. Never sought out thanks, just a respect sufficient to do the job, which I received. Size 11's, not that big but thanks! See ya in OKC Thanks for the kind words Gary. I'm really not going anywhere, just changing hats. Ah thanks mate. Always planned a trip down under and hopefully we can once we see enough of the good ol' US of A. Indeed Bill, although we have never met in person I feel many of my very best friends are right here and you good sir are at the top of the list, SO hope we meet some day. And thanks for the kind words of the "setting". Thanks Brian. Not sure I'll ever get much earlier than the '38 ... not sure I could learn to clutch and shift one.... Semper Fi Marine.
  6. Just want to dedicate this page to in my opinion the greatest resource for literature and tech support of 1950's Buick on the world wide web. Started and maintained by a good friend in Germany Jan Olof Hansen many years ago when we were fierce contenders on eBay but finally made a pact of whoever bids first has the floor for bidding from then on. Obviously the guy was a faster draw than I. Please enjoy and please make purchases to help support the site! Careful though it has the tendency to hold you captive for hours!!! Click here to walk into HOMETOWN BUICK cc @HOMETOWN BUICK
  7. @pont35cpe in the address bar at the top of your computer screen page. just copy and paste it and it should turn into a clickable link, same with ebay items
  8. so tha's a '52 engine
  9. Most certainly the ones taken in the wagon
  10. Thanks Yung Mi. As you know I have a lot to maintain here at Buick Gardens not to mention the cars and trying to finish the BS&S, get the Argosy ready for the road etc etc and it seems I am always in an anxious mode of "never arriving and always "just getting there". I am sure I will still be checking in and posting, could never go cold turkey on that. Thanks Cal Thanks Roberta and thanks for working with me and being my mentor years ago when I first joined you with the moderating duties.Seems like only yesterday. Thanks Carl, appreciate that. Thanks for the well wishes Cadillac Carl! Thanks for the kind words, mean a lot coming from such a gentleman as you. One of my first memories from coming on here was of following your '41 Century project. Stiiilllllll following it .... Thanks my friend. Jeeze and he still calls me buddy, even considering how many edits I've made of his "the devil made me do it" posts. Must be true friendship. One of the first members I met. Plano 2004 I think it was, right before the sideways blowing rain if I recall. Thanks Ed, and tha's a for sure on the pictures It was never a Shasta after I decided not to go with the '54 Roadmaster as a tow vehicle. The '79 Estate wagon with the 10,000 lb Class V hitch you gave me should be up to pulling the 74 Airstream Argosy. And thanks for the thanks JD On Buick Pond Thanks for the kind comments Brad. I understand where you're coming from. Honestly though I have never really considered anybody here as a "trouble maker". Just rebels for their own cause sometimes who have a sometimes crazy way of trying to make their point. But I respect them and their opinions and stands and can only hope that I have not estranged their friendships with any actions I may have taken. Fred, thanks for the kind words my friend. Must say you are one of the most sincerest and generous "automotive business big wheels" (for lack of better way of saying it) I have ever met. It is no wonder TPTools is such a success. Looking forward to visiting. Do ya think there might be room in TPTools parking lot for an overnight stay in the Argosy? More responses to come but must get back to this fun little project before tomorrow’s rain
  11. I think it would be fun to at "some" national meet have a call for members with Buicks and trailers, especially vintage trailers to group together and maybe do some caravaning after the meet.
  12. I fear I might be corralled into the Secretary position. 😬
  13. Tom, I understand, this was sent out from the Dixie Chapter and just thought I'd post it here. here is the letter that accompanied it. This is my brother-in-law's 1965 Buick Riviera GS. It's a black beauty with an off-white interior. He has owned it for more than 35 years and restored it to what you see, Sadly, his health is failing and he needs to sell the car. This is one of 2300 produced with the 425 "Nailhead" V-8 with DUAL 4bbl. carbs. The odometer reads 58,000 miles. The car has the long console with the rear armrest, giving the impression of 4 bucket seats. There are 5 Buick 'mag" wheels, including the fullsize spare. Much has been done, including new suspension and tires less than 4 years ago. This car has power seats, power windows, and power antenna. The real wood veneer has also been re-done. Full disclosure items : The car has manual vent windows (instead of power vent windows, although the "regular" windows are powered). The cruise control is present but not currently functioning. The remote trunk release is present, but not currently functioning. Highlight item : The famous "clam shell" headlamps are fully functioning ! The car is currently with a consignor in Dania Beach, FL. Here is the link: Please spread the word with all the car folks we know. I appreciate the help, Jon Goff 678-230-5551
  14. Low mileage GS
  15. Wow very nicely done👍 @Alfred55 please cosider showing us mor down in the Me and My Buick Forum
  16. Unless it’s Buicks, Trains and Airstreams 😊 There are several farms in the area that offer boondock camping @Buick Regal GS Are y’all familiar with any of them.
  17. Got a KOA space reserved in OKC then Sunday taking Route 66 for 4-5 hours on over to Amarillo to another campground and take in this. Anybody care to join us @Ben Bruce aka First Born
  18. And you’re not in the running for the board this year why? I’m actually confident there’s a good reason, just thinking that with that kind of rationale and open mindedness, you’d have my vote. In fact I would pose the same question to Willis Bell @NTX5467
  19. Interesting info about the two different plants and what was built where
  20. TP Museum, Fred and Miss Nancy are certainly at the top of the list. What a wonderful collection of Buicks you have amassed.
  21. Dear friends, Yesterday I submitted my request to Steve Moskowitz and Peter Gariepy to remove my status of BCA Forum Moderator and thanked them for the privilege of doing it for the last ten or so years. I have not received a reply, but feel it important to go ahead and announce it so that a new moderator can be selected/appointed. For a couple of years now I have not spent much time with my cars and tried to make up for that by starting the My Buick Sales and Service garage thread but now I'm not even able to spend time with that. I think it is important that a moderator be more into the subject for which they moderate than I currently am. Additionally my wife and I plan to start traveling a good bit in our newly acquired Airstream and will at times be boondocking off grid where there might not be internet service for several days at a time, therefore creating days of dead space in regards to effectively moderating the forum. Sadly there are other circumstances going on behind the scenes here that also helped with my decision but I will spare you those explanations here. Do know though that it has nothing to do with the current club political controversy, I never back down from a fight. I want to thank every one of you for your support over the last 10 or so years. I have worked to try and build the forum with interesting thread subjects, subforums etc in an effort to maintain interest and keep the forum alive and dynamic. I have tried my damnedest to be as honest, upfront and fair with any editing or removing of posts that I thought improper or hurtful to persons or the forum as a whole. No doubt I got some wrong and I am sorry if so. But God, hasn't it been fun!!!! Watching the builds of cars from rusty shells and of garages from cut up power poles and scrap steel. Following road warriors on their annual trips cross country to Buick meets and the fun and camaraderie they had when there. Hearing happy stories of new Buick purchases and sad ones of when they were lost in a wreck. Believe me when you peruse these accounts and posts thoroughly EVERYDAY, they and the people behind them become a part of your life. And a part I would never want to forget. Not sure how the process of bringing in a new moderator will go but I know there are some good prospects out there, very qualified folks who will be up to the challenge. So anyhow, tha's it my friends. Love ya all, every effin one a ya. Buickly, MrEarl cc @Steve Moskowitz @Peter Gariepy
  22. Fred, sorry I have not given more attention to this sooner, a few life matters have popped up. I would highly recommend canceling that order and having the original wheels restored. No issue with originality that way and you will know what you have. Have not thoroughly read all this post but if no one has offered a vendor to do the restoration I would suggest posting another thread asking for such. They are out there. Hope this helps. Again sorry for the delay.
  23. Sorry for the laughter imoji, I guess you'd have to be a moderator to see the humor, life should be so simple. But best of luck with it though.
  24. And I am so so sorry this happens my friend. Every year I attempt to edit and keep the comments as close to factual, non conjectural, non slanderous etc etc and above all as civil as possible. But when the AACA Senior moderator, who outranks me, makes what I suppose to him are well meaning posts whether new or in response to others, which he considers OK because they are his "opinion" which in turn incites others to express their "opinion" in their own way, well what the heck am I to do. I do want to thank everyone for keeping it all fairly civil thus far, regardless of the controversy. At least everyone else has the option to read or not read, but brother, just think about me, I have to read everyone of them. Or wait, maybe I don't.....
  25. I have been advised that I was in error in referring to Mr Hinson as Division President. He is the Editor.