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  1. Discussions of BCA Club Business/Politics Folks, we have come to a 3 pronged fork in the ol’ Buick Highway in relation to the discussion of BCA Club Business and Politics. One would have had to have been hiding under a rock if they are not aware of the disruption and disturbance that a recent thread brought to our generally peaceful and friendly forum. I have always tried to allow discussions to ebb and flow unchallenged and unimpeded but feel that I may have been negligent in intervening in a few in the past. I would first like to say that contrary to some of yall’s perceptions that I have been biased and one-sided in my efforts to moderate some threads, I ask that you please believe me when I say I have tried my best not to be and to please put aside those perceptions and allow me the opportunity to try and move us out of the ugly quagmire that we are in. Back to the forks in the Buick Highway. The fork on the left is the fork we seem to be headed toward. It is full of potholes and dead man curves filled with more fomenting, stir the pot posts, back and forth bickering, hurt feelings, lost friendships and lost members. The center fork is one of a positive environment, civility, continued old friendships, helping one another with their cars and the making of new friends and very importantly, new members. It is a multi-lane road that all drivers, pre-war, post-war, modifieds, performance, Riviera’s, Reatta’s, and Opels can drive down at their own speed. It looks to be nicely paved with beautiful scenery, rolling hills and gentle curves. The fork on the right is one that I don’t think anyone would want to be forced down. It is filled with total censorship of any Club Business/Politics discussion and would involve potential loss of communication and informative discussions that are vital to our Clubs health and growth, and ends with us falling into a giant sink hole. SO folks, I have chosen to take the center fork and I hope you will all join me as we head down it. But take notice, I see quite a few regulatory signs down that peaceful roadway we will have to abide by if we are going to enjoy the ride. Those signs include No Nonfactual or Knowingly False or Inaccurate Comments, No Speculative or Conjectural Discussions aimed at stirring the pot, No Tempestuous Arguments, No Political Grandstanding (save it for the Bugle BOD candidate issue), No Personal Attacks, No Defamatory or Slanderous Assertions, No Provoking/Abusive Language, No Threatening, Harassing or Hateful comments. And be aware, enforcement will be stricter and those unwilling to comply with those posted signs or those who post discussions that a moderator considers as to having disturbed the order, dignity and harmony of this forum may find those posts removed and themselves left behind and standing on the side of the road. Nothing really new here, just some clarification of what you agreed to when you signed up here that I hope will make more clear the guidelines I will be using to keep the Buick Highway a more friendlier and peaceful place. Drive safely my friends.
  2. 😆☝️☝️I want what he’s havin
  3. 🤣🤣🤣 Enjoyed your visit the other day my friend, keep in mind what we talked about trying out retirement, sooner than later to mind ya!!
  4. MrEarl

    Spam Pie

    I have a dream.....and that dream is...that this thread will never die. That "Spam Pie" will live forever as a thread that binds all rascally Buick lovers together as closely as the threads of a fine Daytona Weave carpet. A place for fun, mischievousness and devilish humor where no words of religion or politics are spoken, no discouraging or hurtful words against our Buick brethren are uttered. (Chevy, Ford guys your days are numbered though) But rather that it be a place of high patriotic American standards, but where also those Buick brethren from foreign nations are welcome to share the kinship and camaraderie of the greatest gathering of aficionados of the greatest automobile on the planet, The BUICK. hiccup, do I sear a shecond.... Enough of that silliness, lets get on with the show... (Mikey said that) With the high cost of annual dues, I am considering several cost cutting options to help me pay for them. I have an old set of radial tires I just took off my pick up and am considering putting them on one of my Roadmasters. Any thoughts as to this cost savings measure.
  5. Have a Buick used for camping trips? Pull a trailer with one? or just post up Buick related camping/trailering pictures from the past or present. I'll start it off.
  6. No worry about me doin that my friend, the day I got out of the Marine Corp, I swore I'd never stand in line again 😁🤣🤣
  7. Actually Ben I think everyone has been trying to keep it between the lines of the center fork I described above. Just that a couple of well meaning folks stumbled upon a dead horse and started beating it again which had it continued was inevitably going to foul up the air again.
  8. Bringing this back to the top. Not that anyone's done anything wrong mind ya...........
  9. MrEarl

    Buick PWD Website

    It is my understanding that Jack Welch was appointed by the BCA President Alan Oldfield to act as mediator in the discussion between the involved factions of this dispute. It is also my understanding that a mutual agreement from both sides has been made and that a joint statement is expected to be realized VERY SHORTLY. Therefore I see no reason for this potentially inflammatory conversation to continue. Once that agreement has been reached I ask that a board member please post the results as openly and expediently as possible.
  10. MrEarl

    Buick PWD Website

    Regrettably this discussion has been going on under my radar and I have temporarily hidden posts that went well beyond what I understand to be the intent of @Daves1940Buick56S original post. I am seeing much club political banter going back and forth and will take time to consider and determine what is appropriate and possibly where it might be more appropriately carried on, if at all. I do not mean to censor but am seeing potential for more heated discussions, discord and hurt feelings.
  11. test is this forum still active, are any bod members receiving this
  12. I see a lot of abandoned and junked Buicks posted in the May or May Not Like forum (formerly the "Don't Like" forum) and bless their hearts they couldn't help that they ended up where they did so certainly no reason for them not to be "liked" anymore. So in their honor I respectfully submit this thread and offer a few examples of these once loved but now abandoned Buicks. These are from a photo file I maintain called "Abandoned Buicks Eclectic"
  13. Good question Brian. I know some '54 colors were only "supposedly" available on the Skylark. I seem to recall the 56 Roadmaster may have had some different color scheme available but don't quote me on that. Perhaps someone here has a 56 Buick Colors and Fabric Album and can weigh in. Or maybe @HOMETOWN BUICK will come on and advise
  14. @Centurion you may want to visit the Hometown Buick site where you can actually configure a ‘56 Buick in any of the colors offered that year. @HOMETOWN BUICK
  15. MrEarl

    BOD Candidates

    and I hope others will follow your lead Jack. Seriously guys can't we leave all the horse manure shoveling in the past... This thread started with a friendly reminder from Mr Stoneberg, can we just leave it at that. The time is now to put together your application paragraph if you want to be a candidate for the Board of Directors election in April. Three seats on the board will be up for election. Interested members should put together a paragraph (include a photo) about yourself and your interest in serving the membership on the Board and send to our Bugle editor Pete Phillips by Feb. 15th. The candidates will be featured in the April Bugle.
  16. MrEarl

    34 Buick

    Posting has been deleted so looks like it may be sold. 34's are one of my favorite years.
  17. MrEarl

    Something old found in the desert...

    Speedo is fine with it just where it is, certainly a subject of "general" interest.
  18. MrEarl

    Something old found in the desert...

    Wrong, it's the missing soap dish off David Buicks bathtub , I'm sure the museum would like to have it back. Seriously, I think it should be donated to the Buick truck guru, Larry Schramm, I bet he could use a soap dish in his garage
  19. MrEarl

    53 buick straight eight and a 4bbl. Does it exist?

    weren't these the Stromberg Aeroquads, and actually some of the very first 4 bbls?
  20. OK...removed some posts, edited others. Please be respectful of each others posts and comments. If there are verifiable concerns regarding the subject of anyone's post please discuss with that individual off post through private message and or bring it to the attention of a moderator. Thanks
  21. @Bill Barry try starting a new thread and stating whether it is for sale or wanted. Holler if I can help with that