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  1. read about it in the newspaper... Parris Island,, USMCRD, August β€˜69
  2. Where 😁 Keepin it on topic 😊 she’s forever πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
  3. Good question Steve. I had not seen this when originally posted. I have a couple more sets in the barn loft I'll be pulling out soon and will look see. Anybody else know more on the subject.
  4. The β€˜54 belonged to rock star photographer Bob Gruen. Not sure of the circumstances of it being used with this Blondie photo shoot but glad it did. The lady is second only to Marilyn Monroe and the Buick is second to none in my expert opinion on the subject of beauty 😁
  5. Oh I understand FULLY... and as much as you want to treat all the needy children equally, seems one or the other is always crying for more. I've finally told the wagon to hold your horses for awhile so I can help get the Century back on the road again. I literally sold the wheels out from under the Century quite some ago and just now finding the funds to re-shoe her.
  6. Coker Firestones, got ya... and I certainly wasn't suggesting otherwise. But I'm sure you realize all of Cokers tires aren't "rebadged" , some are badged Coker, hence my question, nothing meant by it. I too wish to at least keep a "correct look" vs this Which may very well be a fine tire... Possibly the same tire as the BFG with the higher price of the BFG being due to the fact the company must have had to pay heavily for the molds and rights to the names, who knows.... Regardless, since I can't find a suitable, recommended, correct size bias look radial plus all the controversy of not running radials on the old Kelsey Hayes wire wheels, I've decided to go with Willies recommendation of (Coker) BF Goodrich Silvertown 760-15 2.5 inch whitewall. Now onto figuring out what tubes, flaps ect ect and who the heck to get to mount them. But me thinks I'll start a new thread for that or perhaps one more related. THANKS EVERYBODY for your thoughts and input.
  7. Coker what's. Coker Cokers or Coker twentysomething other named tires?
  8. @Fr. Buick is referring to this picture from above. We pulled some parts out of the Super.
  9. One of my most favorite Roadmasters. If not mistaken I believe it was lost in an accident ? @Fr. Buick
  10. you may need to put your waders on while around ol' Marty @Marty Roth
  11. Thanks for all the hard work you put out over the years keeping the books, even when many gave you a hard time for it. Now go kick cancers ass!!!!! We love ya bro!
  12. This from Diamond Back Lamar, I can do the auburn deluxe in 8.20-15 ( with the bias ply look), this is equivalent to a 235/75R15. We also have our Auburn Premium 235/75/15 as well. Nothing available in either auburn in the 225/75/15 If I was looking for something for a Roadmaster, the 8.20-15's would probably work fine but suspect there would be some scrubbing in the front on the Century. So looking more like going with the Coker BF Goodrich or the Goodyear Super Cushion Deluxe both available from Summit (and hoping the Cokers aren't 5 years old already) Anybody here had any experience with the Goodyear Super Cushion Deluxe?
  13. Wally World it is then Just kidding but there's always the possibility that my foot slips off the clutch at high revs. Because I'm leaning toward running them on some KH wires and from all the negatives I've read about radials on old KH wires, I'm probably going with bias. So if that's the case it will be between the BFG (made by Coker) and the Goodyear Super Cushion Deluxe which I assume is made by Goodyear and distributed by Kelsey. Guess I need to make the wire wheel decision first and go from there.
  14. Yea there's a good difference because of shipping mainly. 242 ea and 153 for 4 shpng with Universal and 240 and 20 Summit.
  15. Right. Not really interested in dealing with Coker nor running anything Coker. Universal Tire offers the BFG and Goodyear that I'm interested in which is what I would have possibly gotten had we went to Hershey.
  16. They show the Auburn Premium in 235/75 but with 3" WW as the smallest offered. Haven't heard back yet if they can furnish either Auburn in 225-75R15 OR 235-75R15 with 2 3/4".
  17. and priced right too. What size is the WW on yours Chris? I had hoped to pick up a set of "somethings" at Universal Tire when we went to Hershey this year as that is where the store is but since no Hershey.......