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    Then and now: where did these prewar cars go?

    This car was supposably put in storage during the Korean war, it had about 40KMI when I got it. The fellow I bought it from, went to look at a Model A that was for sale and saw it in the corner covered up of a second story barn in the late 90's or early 2000's in down state NY. It has it's original paint in the photos that I worked back to a shine but it was pretty thin in spots. Really no rust at all and loaded with a bunch of accessories. The owner went to Korea and never came back and it was his Sister that still had it and finally turned it loose. The man I purchased it from had it about 10 years.
  2. auburnseeker

    Model of Dodge?

    She might be home Curti, but I doubt she is going to look like that when she opens the door. If she does, she better bottle up whatever she is taking and sell it.
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    The toy box and the big shop, my New shop Build.

    Though I don't post daily, I do peck away at my garage build. With one this size, working all alone, it takes a long time to complete every phase. I did manage to get my soffit done across the one end. Finishing up just as the latest sleet storm came in. It was the perfect day, cold enough the eves weren't dripping but warm enough the lift would start. I also tore out the extension I put on the garage door opening and jammed it out with the rough cut 2 by 10's I prestained this fall. That one on the header was a bear especially by myself, but atleast the lift acted as a dead man. I spent part of last week, cleaning the garage and organizing the tools, fasteners, as well as cutting up all the scraps and burning them. I then went on, made up all the extensions for the trusses to put the soffits up. Finished the week off bending up a bunch of flashing. I still have alot more to do. Spent one day as well making a bench for my Son's work shop we gave him in the shed, even had an old vise my wife bought at Hershey to mount on it for him. Now I'm ready to have the door installed when it comes in. I hopefully will be able to get some siding on this week. Every phase takes so long, it's hard to see any of them ever getting done. I also found with everything it's handy to make templates. Here are some quickies I made up for marking the flashing where it has to be bent.
  4. I've been meaning for some time to get a continuous thread going dedicated to my shop build and likewise the finishing off of the garage shell already on the property. My goal here is to kind of give anyone contemplating a similar project a step by step build with time frame and costs of each step as well as what was involved to get to that stage. For some time after buying an old run down diesel repair garage to work on my cars in and run my business out of up town, I realized that I would really like to find a property that would contain both my residence and my shop. Having moved to a small town lot , roughly a 1/4 acre that my wife bought right after we met I realized we would need more space to accomplish this task. Our growing family also required something a little bigger than our 1200 (that's stretching it) square foot house. So after a lot of discussion and actually a couple of years of searching for a larger property with a garage that would suffice, we decided that if we could find something that we could build one on that would work. It also meant the house had to be decent as well, as I wouldn't have time to build a shop and repair an old run down house. This meant the budget would have to be increased and even pushed to the limit, including reaching a little past a comfort zone in what we were looking for price wise. Though I told my wife trust me, she still had me show her on paper what our budget cap could really be. Like most of my cars though, it always meant so much more for so little extra that it just made sense. I did require it to have some kind of even slightly oversized garage already needed to exist on the property as I needed a place to put the cars from my shop and existing house which had an oversized garage so we could sell those. Fortunately after much searching, while having a casual conversation with a friend and mentioning my woes, he told me his Brother was thinking of selling his house and he believed the price range was right at the upper limit. We looked at it in the dead of winter and had too wade through the snow to even get to it as it has a 600 foot driveway and there was no way to see it from the road. (it was heated but he wasn't using it to live in anymore as he had, like me, moved to be with his wife. Coming from the little house we were in which needed some work, but the wife and I couldn't agree on the direction to go, she loved it and I saw the potential for where a shop could go as well as the existing garage would suffice nicely to be able to store my cars so we could sell the house in town. Then eventually the shop. I needed to come up with a pretty good down payment but the owner was willing to hold paper as his brother had many dealings with me and gave him his nod of approval, so I decided to cull my collection to make it happen. A decision I had discussed with my wife well in advance if the right place came along. It took 6 Months but a few cars down and we had our down payment, then another 3 to 4 for the seller's Lawyer to get their end in order. Our's was exceptional and on top of everything the whole time. Now we finally had what I deemed to be a place well worth the effort to make it just what we wanted. (our dream home). With room of course for the dream shop. The house in town was originally only to be a 5 year plan house then upgrade and again upgrade later in another 5. We stayed at it for 10 but then skipped the in between step and ended up in 10 years with same result, so it worked out. It took a couple of years to finally sell off the shop, after really dropping the price and like wise almost as long to sell our small house in town. Though I didn't lose any money on the shop, because of many improvements on the house in town we came out ahead on that. Which even after having both listed with realtors, sold it our selves. I also decided it would be necessary to sell the house I bought before I met my wife after realizing we were never going to use it again. (it's more like a vacation cottage in a small tourist town). This really worked out like a savings account for me, requiring me to put money away every month which I would have just wasted on cars otherwise. This with the left over funds from the sale of the shop after paying off the mortgages would give me 100G to build the new shop.
  5. auburnseeker

    1931 Packard Series 826 4 Door 5-Passenger Sedan

    I just looked around the For sale section and down in the Packard section but didn't see the Roadster. It might be worth posting a link here to it, especially after seeing the quality of the work on the Sedan. Extra marketing never hurt. Good luck. Hopefully a few good cars like this will be available when I finally finish my big garage to put it in.
  6. auburnseeker

    1931 Packard Series 826 4 Door 5-Passenger Sedan

    I'm not a sedan man, but that one is quite nice and the level of works looks very nice. I wish I was looking for a project like that where you can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  7. auburnseeker

    Hudson Big Boy Project Truck

    I figured Xander would Chime in. As far as I know they didn't make 8's in them. Though this one is a bit rough there are alot worse being rebuilt as they are pretty popular. Everything from the doors forward is the same as the car. Though I will tell you as far as potmetal chrome bits, they are very hard to come by in good shape and nearly never come up on ebay in decent usable shape. Those fender lights are near impossible to find and mine came courtesy of Xander. The bumpers are different car to truck, but you can use the car bumper. The rear fenders are also passenger car with a filler panel. They are really long and low when compared to a similar 47 Chevy Ford or Dodge truck. Mine is a nice driver as is, though it has a 1949 full oil pressure 262 with a a 54 wasp twin H setup on it and a Ford 9 inch rear with 3.0 gears so it goes down the road good. They don't come up in decent shape real often, They are usually rough like this for 10G or less, or 40G and up in nice "restored" shape. I searched long and hard all over the country to find mine (priced well under restored but above project state) and finally found it through a wanted ad I placed on Craigslist, purchasing it from the estate of a man that owned it 20 years. It still wasn't as good as I wanted but a fair compromise. I did have to do all new brakes and tires along with carb rebuilds as well as will be getting a new exhaust in the spring.
  8. auburnseeker

    Car Vending Machine 7 stories tall in Indiana

    My luck, the Ferrari I pushed the button for would get hung up and the smart car would fall out instead. Just like the candy claw at the Arcade (my Daughter's favorite) every play is a winner.
  9. auburnseeker

    1932 Buick 50 series Victoria Coupe

    Looks like it was a pretty nice car that got neglected. The base clear paint is peeling, the interior has water staining and the top insert is pulling away so you will really want to look close for rot, wood and metal because of that. Would still be a fun car to play with, jsut a shame they let it go to pot before parting with it. or putting it in the garage.
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    Car Vending Machine 7 stories tall in Indiana

    How would you know about that Xander?
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    Wanted-1935 Ford Phaeton

    I've seen a pile of 36's in both phaeton and convt sedan, but surprisingly very few 35's. Must be a lower survivor rate on them.
  12. auburnseeker

    1936 Chrysler Airflow on Hemmings

    I had a 48 Caddy with that type of paint. I doubt it's original but probably the original style lacquer. I wet sanded very lightly the whole car out and buffed it. It came up quite well. Not quite show car, but very presentable, which in today's world of patina and crazy expensive repaints, would be welcome by most even if it is an old repaint. I wish I was closer, I would go take a look. That interior is quite nice.
  13. auburnseeker

    1936 Chrysler Airflow on Hemmings

    I just found this over on Hemmings. Seems like a good buy for a an Airflow. I know some of you seem to have a soft spot for them. It's not my car but would be a strong contender if not already in my garage if I was looking for one. Sorry for the bad photos but I had to copy them from google not Hemmings. Lots of good Photos on the hemmings listings. "1936 Chrysler Airflow C-10 4 door, Straight 8 with overdrive, older restoration, engine condition excellent, body is sound, excellent wood grain dash Price: $16,500 negotiable "
  14. auburnseeker

    1936 Chrysler Airflow on Hemmings

    A good detailing would probably push this up a full number on the scale if done right. If I wasn't broke because of my shop build right now, I would look into it.
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    NC pole barn

    Do you normally get much snow where you are? You could always add another bay in the future across the back with a side door if you don't normally have the sliding snow to worry about. A gutter would keep the water from splashing against the garage door and possibly coming in the garage. Snow is a whole different game. That's why I went shingles and no breaks in the concrete on the sides, only the gable ends where you won't have the snow and drip issue.
  16. auburnseeker

    NC pole barn

    No that never happens. I'm at 60 by 72 and could use a little more. As long as someone else pays for it and does the work.
  17. auburnseeker

    NC pole barn

    You are lucky you can start right away. Up here winter grinds everything to a holt or atleast a dead crawl. I try working out in the garage every day jsut to make a little progress but it's so darn cold. Yesterday was suppose to be a high of 30 but I doubt it hit that. The garage inside I'm sure (without the garage door) was at the overnight low of teens or less. Send us some of that warm weather when it returns your way.
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    NC pole barn

    You'll be happy with the decision, just don't under budget. Everything (especially the little stuff) add up to so much more than you expect. Though, once you get the shell up and enclosed, you can always peck away at the rest as funds come in. That's the way I did/ am doing mine. I just bit the bullet and bought my Garage door. I was going to just build swinging or sliding doors, but because of the size and probably $1000 in materials I did the math and decided to invest the $1000 in the door instead and be done with it. Of course I just saved up enough after selling the crap out of stuff on ebay to have just enough to pay for it. It was $4300. It's a custom Carriage house style door though that's 16 by 14 feet with extra glass. I even had to go without the opener as I don't have any power in the building or the extra 1000 for the Heavy duty opener for the door. I figured I could add it when I come up with some more money though. I still don't have a floor either. You can see my build with costs over on my garage build thread. Good luck on yours. It's nice to get into a bigger garage. Looks like you were smart to go with the extra length? My brother went 24 by 24 and regret it every day as it's just a little too short with a work bench.
  19. auburnseeker

    Big find in the south of France

    The video did work later for me. not sure why it was down the first time. Surprisingly even with the garage fallen in some of the ones didn't look too bad that were somewhat sheltered. I would suspect anything outside is pretty much toast. I decided a long time ago, if I couldn't keep a car in good storage I wouldn't buy it or atleast keep it to let it become iron oxide. I wonder some times, unless actually purchased from the scrap yard right before it was heading into the crusher, if the person who bought and squirlled away cars years ago in poor storage didn't do them a disservice. Someone else may likely have bought them and been a better custodian to them. Often the guys that squirlled them away would never part with them until their estate did or the town made them, by then they were rarely usable for much more than a few random bits and pieces.
  20. auburnseeker

    Wanted 49 Pontiac Fastback

    Unfortunately I just found a 50. Too bad it wasn't one year earlier, you might have a match. 1950 Pontaic Fastback two door. Orignal Car, original paint, in patina condition. Runs well, Straight 8, with hydromatic trans. Nice original chrome and stainless, right quarter has a dent in body and stainless. nice tires, visor, skirts included. $13,000.00 OBO
  21. auburnseeker

    Big find in the south of France

    The video wouldn't work for me, just a black screen even when I clicked on it
  22. auburnseeker


    I would still go the parts car route. lots of bits crazy Cord guys have been fed a line are worth near unobtanium when there is still a good stock of them are had on a parts car and by parts car, I mean decent partially restored stalled restoration or the like, not some carcass that hasn't turned a wheel left to the elements for 50 years. The one on this forum last year would have been a very good choice/ candidate. When the known engines have a price tag of 20G They are just waiting for some restoration shop to come along with someone's blank check and write in the appropriate zeros. Not my kind of purchase. I don't have the funds so I have to buy somewhat on the cheap, but in cheap I mean value for the dollar not just cheapest price. I have already bought many parts for less than the cost to restore them. Replated bumper guards cheaper than the cost of plating, etc. Lots of other stuff the same way. I wait for something priced right then buy it. The parts car would be the same.
  23. auburnseeker


    Well atleast I don't have this mess to deal with. interesting article in Hemmings on this Cord? It was for sale on Craigslist for a while in MA or CT. for 30K I believe.
  24. auburnseeker

    NC pole barn

    Welcome to the fun. We have been dealing with this since the beginning of November. The kids built snow men from the first storm and they are still standing, so that tells you how nice it has been since that first storm, with 2 more following it. Hopefully you have a good shovel, or better yet a snow blower. When you find some warm weather, send it my way. I try to plan my days around which ones are near freezing so my lift will start.
  25. auburnseeker

    Static Collector - Do these actually do anything?

    They sometimes sell well on ebay. Not crazy but with the Buick bags, maybe 30 bucks or so. There are two sizes so you need to list that.