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  1. I also found out the day after this load arrived, two other lots I have been working on came through so another 1000 pieces headed in for another $3000. It's funny I had a guy email me through a craigslist ad I had and offer me a well worn 55 Lincoln owner's manual. He said if I wasn't interested he would probably just put it on ebay. So I politely responded, that I buy to resell on ebay so he would probably get a better price just selling it himself as I wouldn't be able to pay him much for it. It's a 5 to 10.00 item at best. He wrote me back and asked why I even had my ad on Craigslist if I'm not buying stuff like his and I must not buy much literature or pay much money for it. This was right after I made the other two deals and would have spent $15,000 buying literature for the Month. I politely set him straight after that and told him to sell the darn thing on ebay, because I wasn't even interested in buying it. I don't burn bridges as the same guy with something crappy might just come across something nice some day. You do get a bit irritated sometimes though.
  2. I've sorted it all out, though alot was somewhat categorized, so I didn't have to dig through everything. I'm now resorting it into boxes by make and years to make it most manageable. Here are some close ups of the better finds. Yes there is a little muscle car stuff as well, but I really like the older brochures better. Lots of truck stuff I'm currently listing on ebay, from about 1930 and up, Reo White Mack Federal some other lesser known makes. Of course I also got a pile of GMC Ford Dodge IH and Chevy truck stuff from about 1930 right up through the 80's Which I culled off everything after about 80 to 83. Car stuff except maybe a little firebird Camaro Viper etc. all got pulled post 74. I just found out I have a chance at another lot for even more money but suppose to be much rarer and more desirable stuff. That looks like around 1500 pieces. I'm still waiting on details but need to do some serious selling to work my way back up. Not as much Packard or Cadillac stuff as I had hoped or expected. Barely any early independent stuff either pre 30. Surprising the amount of single pieces I got though. Some duplicates but lots of one of pieces. I was happy there was quite a bit of pre 60 stuff. I'm still not sure how many pieces I have that I didn't cut. Maybe 5000 or more. Atleast I hope. Now remember these teaser photos show some of the best. Lots of regular cheap pieces as well. These will all be available at an opening bid on 99% at 2.99 and no reserve. They all sell no matter how much I cry when nice pieces only get the opening 2.99 bid. Also I do combined shipping and do ship media mail. So buy 50 brochures and it's about 9.00 anywhere in the country shipped in a nice literature mailer. You can even run that tab for a few weeks to help fill the box.
  3. I was thinking a little higher maybe mid to upper teens, but it's all relevant on how good the work is that's done. Upholstery will still run you atleast 5 grand with the top. What's a pretty nice finished one bring? I think there was a really nice one for around 30K on here and that was a 32? very nice restoration in out and underneath. It didn't sell here or on ebay when they ran it through. Though it may have sold after the fact, for what I'm not sure , but probably the 30 or most likely a tad less. As mentioned, seems projects are really dropping in value fast. If you or the seller decides to sell it, please post it here with more/ better pictures and a location.
  4. You are probably right. I wasn't thinking about the decklid line like on a conventional car compared to the Skyliner.
  5. Over here no one wants to pay anything for the parts unless they are pristine unless they are crazy rare and desirable. When I started ebay over 10 years ago, I sold tons of decent used parts for good money, then moved to NOS parts as the used ones were near impossible to find in good shape then even buyers didn't want to pay anything for Nice NOS parts which I had to pay good money to buy wholesale, then identify clean list and ship everything, so I got out of parts. I also got tired of buying every bodies junk just to skin a few good parts out of the lot because I invested probably atleast $20,000 in parts books so I could find that bit of gold in the pile of coal. Felt really good to sell it all off for $1000 a truck load when I sold my shop and that's a Uhaul not a pickup. Besides you need to have the place to put 55 cars (Many of which probably have flat tires and stuck brakes) Most towns won't let you have more than 2 without a special (impossible to get) license. Even on the better cars, what do you do with 90% of the car no one wants? Once that first 10% is gone, there is no more profit to be made. I'm with Matt run fast and hard to get away.
  6. OK, 55 cars and the only photo they post is of two clapped out 59 retractables (those must be the best there)? The rest must be really terrible. Florida is good for 20 year old cars with no undercarriage rust but I wonder how great any of that chrome is, much less other rot from the damp climate.
  7. It's better than many of the craigslist hacks I see. As someone said alot of money spent and they stepped back atleast once to gauge the overall look before continuing (unlike many of the jobs I see) . Looks like something I would have drawn in Highschool as a fantasy car, though most of mine were open with split windshields unless I was drawing 3 window Ford coupes.
  8. I have actually bought and sold more cars in November maybe late October than any other time of year. Not sure why. Maybe it's a mental thing with having to get things done before the end of the year. As you know it all boils down to price.
  9. Surprising as so many are available, but if the price and condition were right it might have been the right option for the buyer. This car I don't see anyone wanting to tack another 2G minimum on to get at the price it's at. Making the effective price near 15G.
  10. It's a good buy. I can't believe someone didn't buy it yet. I was interested before but timing was wrong as it is now, but well worth the bump up from what it was at for all the work you have done. A few days and some 1500 grit paper then a buff would have her sparkling. That's the easy part. You did all the hard work already. I've seen these around for sale and this is the best one I have seen in your price range.
  11. That's actually a Firebird and it's even a 400. I don't really care for the Camaro but the Firebird I could find room in the garage for. I'm still trying to figure out how i could scrape the money up to buy it. I spent over 15 grand on literature in the last month. That would have paid for it, but the literature will generate hopefully ten fold so it's a better investment, though that Firebird would be alot more fun. I couldn't believe the price on that Stude either. It does say it needs some "minor" wood work in the cowl but it has no rust. I think it's a door issue. looking at the photos. Probably the hinge pulling out. Still if it's only minor, that's alot of car for the money. Of course all of these are over 100 miles from me as the crow flies.
  12. Had a 61 Tbird conv't. It was always like rolling the dice. It never completely failed but boy you were wondering. Man was it slow. I bought an original roadster tonneau for mine and a good car cover. If it rained unless it was a monsoon you just went faster. Top went up in the fall for storage and down in the spring for the summer. Only once put it up at a gas station under a canopy because it was raining.
  13. I will clarify when I said cheaply, I meant on stuff that you can be cheap about, tools and materials, etc, there is no savings in being cheap. I don't shop at harbor freight, but I will gladly buy used tools as far as hand tools. MAc Snap On etc. You can buy for .10 on the dollar if you really look. Cordless tools I buy new, usually Dewalt Milwaukee or Hitachi.
  14. I wonder how many watching are members here, not me, interested to see if it sells? I agree low count, but with Model A's I think you are only going to have local serious bidding as it just doesn't make sense to buy these and ship them across the country with so many available and the shipping costs running 15 to 20 % of the value of the car.
  15. I saw one other one a while back that was a partially completed restoration with some new chrome, but can't recall where. I almost think it was on here and the guy was asking for advice on pricing. Most either need alot more work than this and running is a huge bonus with these or are more finished. nice original cars in the upper 20's.
  16. So what was the price? We have been kind of left hanging in the dark here after this discussion.
  17. That's the problem, if I started looking for a Model A, like I did for comps to your car to see about pricing, I stumbled across a 1929 Studebaker 8 Victoria that needed work but wasn't a huge project for 6500. I don't care how hard parts are to get, this sucker wins hands down over a model a tudor sedan or vicky which would be priced equally or hire at this point in this shape. Boy it's easy to get distracted. I like pre war but get distracted easy and this is somewhere on the bucket list as well. a 68 for 14G. I should have already figured out a way to go look / Afford this one. Then there is this super clean 58 Buick hardtop for 19500 asking. Just way to many distractions at all different but affordable price points. This is just a sampling from my local craigslist. Maybe it really is becoming a buyer's market. Bad for me selling my 40 Ford coupe, but good if I decide to liquidate it to buy something else.
  18. I would also put a for sale sign in it. It doesn't need to be a huge one. You might not sell it to anyone in the neighbor hood but people mow lawns in the neighbor hood pick up trash, come to visit, including parents and though they may not buy it, they may know the old car guy that they tell about it, will. Paint jobs are also huge killers. then you end up with restoring the whole car before you are done. Any paint work is a huge nail in the selling coffin. I would rather sell a car with beautiful paint and no engine than one that looks shabby and needs paint but has a brand new engine and tranny , driving like it just left the factory. I know first hand. Been there and done that with both a 36 Chrysler Convertible and 48 Plymouth Convertible. Sold a beautiful looking 59 Tbird convertible that looked almost new with fresh paint and interior with really nice chrome and new top, but had an exhaust leak, crappy brakes and some other mechanical issues toe the first guy to look at it. He didn't care because it looked brand new and was priced not cheap but very reasonable. It actually got bought and shipped overseas.
  19. I still say regardless of what some say a 4 door model a is a slower seller than a sportier model which you are competing with for Model A dollars. 49 pages of 1930 model A related cars or cars themselves come up on hemmings when I d oa search under cars and put 1930 Model A in the title. That's your competition.
  20. To sell your car needs to be better than the rest to justify the same or more money to actually sell, or cheaper than the rest. Basic economics. (I'll be going through it with my 40 ford coupe. Lots of competition in my price range of 30 G so though I want that I will probably have to sell for south of that to actually get it sold. I'm guessing 27,500. Meanwhile the money I invested in it and time, I could have bought other nicer cars that are also on my bucket list, but I had to pass because my money was tied up. Walk around the car and make a list of everything it needs to be compared to others for sale at the price they are at. I haven't looked real close at your car, but if things are rusted or pitted, customers will most likely make a mental ding in the price for each item they see needs addressed. I did notice stupid stuff from a quick look like tired exterior door handles, rust on the radiator cap, the paint issues on the bottom of the cowl, is the chrome peeled on the front bumper? Stuff like this a buyer is going to want a reduction for. A good day detailing it would also help, The yellow tires look old, whether they are or not, The kind of faded paint looks unkept. A buyer sees all these things and thinks maybe this car just needs alot of work or you don't care about it's condition as a seller. That 29 is still for sale as far as I know, and other than the faded looking splash aprons shines in and out and that's at 10G. The same with the coupe from what I could see at 12500. I don't want to put a price on your car but I have a hunch of what the number will be that finally buys it. The fun of old cars ends when you have to sell one. Even the nicest ones get picked apart and often those aren't even obvious flaws. Buyers are usually very picky and many will run down everything they need to do to make it the way they want it, whether the car needs it or not. I often tell them don't tell me what you think is wrong, just look it over and give me the offer you will pay for it today. If it works, take it, if not tell them thank you for the offer but you don't want to sell it for that. Good luck. I would detail it out and get some new photos.
  21. Real hard to say. I always guess wrong as I ebay everything I think is worth 1.99 or more and it all starts between .99 and 2.99 with very few exceptions and never a reserve. What usually happens is some piece that almost doesn't make the cut and just short of the recycle bin, ends up selling for 100 or more dollars. Even at this stage you would think I could call it, but it's tough. Regardless there are some nice 30's Caddy spiral bound pieces, A few Studebaker big thick data books from the late 30's, a neat Packard henney Hearse book that's pretty thick from 1939. Alot of truck stuff from the early 30's forward. Some nice 30's Lincoln Pieces. Pretty much all makes are represented right back to 1930 and maybe earlier. Lots of neat stuff. I'll try to shoot a few photos of some of the more unique pieces tomorrow and post them just so you can see some of the variety. Lots of newer stuff as well that's not making the cut. If there are any literature collectors just starting out I would gladly give you a nice selection of stuff from the 70's forward but it's a pick up only deal to get your collection going. Much of this stuff is very clean and the collector collected all the Ford or Chevy or Dodge, etc. Brochures for the year, most likely right from the dealerships. I kept very little newer than 73, and then only truck related stuff to the early 80s. There is also a bunch of foreign stuff, but I pulled out all the air cooled VW other than that most of that goes back to the late 60's. It's stuff I just don't deal in and will never get around to selling.
  22. Those are both within 200 miles of you. There is also a 1928 Dodge victory 6 sedan for 8500 as well as a Chrysler coupe and some others in your price range. I'm not sure there are as many guys fanatical to have an A as an old car as there used to be. I remember 20 years ago when every car show had the model A club show up and there were 20 model A's at a 100 car show. Now a 1000 car show and there are often not even 20 models A's. often only 5 or 10 in attendance at most.
  23. As well as this 30 Coupe for $12,500
  24. You are also competing with stuff like this for the potential dollars. This is $10G OBO. I know it's not a 4 door but it's still competition. I saw good looking coupes in your price range as well. It's all competition in a tight market.
  25. If it's leaching a smell, then seems like it might want to blister the clear coat. Have you tried polishing it. Might help seal it in. I've used mother's mag and aluminum polish to polish NOS steering wheels before and it works quite well. Not sure it will seal it but it might help.