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  1. A girl in my high school shop class had one that I helped her work on. I remember nothing about the car. 😍
  2. I’m a long time car guy. Oil in my veins and all that. I like them all - US, British, German, Japanese, French, you name it. Brass era through current, although I prefer pre-‘80s. I even respect a well built custom Civic. I’ll consume almost any car media or for sale ad that comes my way. I scan my local CL at least three times a day, same with these forums. Facebook, eBay, Hemmings, etc daily. Multiple forums, even for models I’ve never owned or will own. I stopped reading BAT years ago. - John
  3. Excellent point Carl. I contacted the seller and will see where it goes. Neil, I agree on the styling. I like it a lot. I could have a lot of fun with this car. You know, 8” chop, LS swap, 24” wheels, massive amps, fake cobwebs. Just kidding! - John
  4. I like how it’s on a lift, but there are no pics from underneath. 🙄
  5. I saw the ad this morning, and I’ve been fighting an internal battle ever since. So enticing. Thankfully it’s three hours away from me.
  6. I know nothing about these, but it seems like a good deal to me. Is the valve gear really exposed like that or is there something missing?
  7. I have the opposite problem: my fear is that I die and my wife sells my bicycles for what I told her they cost.
  8. Looks like a crappy paint job, even before it was left to sit. I doubt you are going to buff that out and have it look good. That said, if I were closer I’d take a look anyway.
  9. Mine doesn’t have an exhaust leak - it has a permanent partial cutout for increased performance.
  10. Yes, that is true about the windows. As soon as the rear door starts to open the window drops about 4 inches. Pretty cool setup for ‘50s/‘60s technology. Mechanical switches and relays. Top mechanism is pretty simple in concept once you spend some time to study the manual. It’s a sequence of operations. But lots of switches and connectors to deal with. One of the most complicated is the "upper back panel limit switch.” Also one hydraulic pump, electrically controlled hydraulic valves, and a couple of electric motors too. Oh, and relays. Lots of relays. Sedans are less compl
  11. IMO, 1964. Longer wheelbase (3” added to the rear seat area), still the crisp clean styling. Cleaner dashboard than the earlier ones. This was the year they went to flat (not curved) windows but they still look great. 1965 added disc brakes and had basically the same interior but the front end got a little busy. Full disclosure: I have owned a ‘64 for 21 years now. I specifically looked for a ‘64 for the reasons above. I think they are all great. As Matt says, these are not for the beginner. You need very strong mechanical and electrical skills or deep pockets. Come to think of
  12. Somebody put a lot of time and love (and $) into this. I’m not into fire trucks but I love it. Looks like you could have a lot of fun with it for relatively small money.
  13. Well, I’m pretty close to Bristol so I might be able to check it out for you. Although according to the ad I will have to buy it if I am the first to see it. 😀
  14. Neat car. But it needs EVERYTHING. Denver CL but ad title says it is in MO? With OK plate in the trunk, which I guess isn’t too odd because Neosho MO is close to OK. Looks savable but you’ll be upside down from day one.
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