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  1. Just an update. I wasn’t able to do anything on my barn from Sunday till last night. My wife and I were able to get 4 pieces on the end done last night. We were able to finish it up tonight. That just leaves the other end. We are planning on working on that this weekend. I did get a phone call from the overhead door manufacturer wanting to deliver them on 27th. That’s about two weeks early. My contractor is planning on coming back on the 30th to finish the roof. My wife will generally help me with just about anything, but she draws the line at going up on the roof. She doesn’t like heights. So I’m on my own on the roof.
  2. Mike, I’m just checking in to see how you are doing. The weather here is rainy, but don’t know about your neck of the woods. Have you been going to the shop and getting any work done? Best wishes mike
  3. Today was a good day. We got the south wall sided by 11. Then we started on the south side of the roof. The roof get the bubble wrap under it. It is white on one side and silver on the other. I opted to put white down. With the sun and the silver bubble wrap took its toll on us. We quit about 4 for the day. I like the way it looks color wise. My wife even likes it the color and said we have a lot of room on the side wall to put a decal. Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain all day and I’m fine with that. I’m just not use to this kind of work anymore. I think we did pretty good for 2 guys. My week of vacation is almost over. I need to go back to work to relax. Hopefully the weather will cooperate for next weekend and we can get the roof finished. I’m planning on working on getting the siding finished up.
  4. Well today mother mature didn’t cooperate. It started raining first thing. It finally quit about 1. Of course we started and had to stop. Well after a half an hour of hard rain, we started in the drizzle with the house wrap and then siding. We were able to get the north side done before the contractor had to leave for the day. I did get the lower metal trim on before I quit for the day. Hopefully we can get more siding on tomorrow.
  5. I went to town this morning. Found out that it’s a hydraulic fitting. I had them make it up with hose and new end. It cost $12.02. An hour later it was fixed. I’m just glad it happened at home instead of on the road. I guess when I’m done with the barn, I’m going to have to start replacing all the hoses is far as progress on the barn goes, we got about four hours of work done. We were able to finish up the end wall with the large overhead door. Framed up the service and small overhead doors before the rain came in. It’s to rain now until Sunday.
  6. Gossp, it’s a flair fitting. I think that it might be some type of reinforcement since it’s on the transmission.
  7. Today started out cloudy and cool. Then turned sunny then back to cloudy with some wind. We were able to almost finish all the framing. We have some above the big overhead door and frame up the service door and the small door overhead door. Then it will be on to metal. They are calling for rain tomorrow, but not until the afternoon so we should at least get all the framing done. the only bummer part of the day was seeing a puddle of oil on the ground. It turns out that a small tubing, about 6” of 1/4” tubing, sprung a leak. I’ve sent a picture to my brother that’s a diesel mechanic and he hadn’t seen the fitting before. I guess I’ll call the Allison dealer and see what they say in the morning.
  8. I didn’t call the fire department. I own that ladder truck. It cost a lot more than the $400 you spent.
  9. Well today was much nicer than yesterday as far as weather goes. Mainly sunny and not much wind. We only got the next column and beam assembled and up. It takes about 2 hours just to build it. We installed the wall girls and most of the roof perlins. We have 5 more to install tomorrow. There will be one more column and beam and them the end wall left. I’m hoping to start the metal by Wednesday late afternoon or Thursday morning. They are calling for rain Thursday till Sunday.
  10. Well today was the start of the barn building part. We got a late start and it doesn’t look like we got a lot done, but we did. The weather was cold. It rained and sleeted some. The wind was blowing as well. Tomorrow is to be warmer and sunny. We are hoping to get the rest of the columns and beams up.
  11. A friend sent me this. It’s his next project
  12. I spent the last two evenings moving ( staging ) the barn closer to the new concrete. I’ve been using me father in laws New Holland Bommer 25. I have all the lumber moved. I tried to move the roof metal, but the tractor isn’t strong enough to pick it up so it will stay there until it’s needed. I’m looking to getting started on Monday
  13. I checked the paperwork I have from the engineer. He used the same load for ground as the roof