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  1. I’m using white oak. Around here, you won’t find locust in the stores. It grows wild in fence rows and isn’t very straight. Some of the old timers used it for fence post. It can be worked easily if it’s green. Once done it dries it is like cutting steel. Some people that have a wood burner to heat with will burn it. You just have to watch how much you burn at once because it burns really hot. You definitely don’t want to put it in a fireplace for that reason. I’ve been on a couple of fire calls in the past because they put it in a fireplace and set the attic on fire due to a ba
  2. I’ve been working in my wood shop on a couple of projects. One is reproducing the wood that helps mount the front fenders. They will get primed and painted. The question is should I put on a wood preservative before the epoxy primer? If so, what should I use? Thanks Mike
  3. By all means, my dad had lots of influence on me. Dad was a high school drop out due to the need to help provide for the family of 7 and grandma. Being quite mechanically minded, he got a job working at a local service station. From what I was told, the owner was a tough old bird. He would tell dad what to do and when he did something wrong, he would make him figure it out for himself. That made him smarter and wiser. I don’t know what my parents first car was in 59 when they got married, but I do know that when I was born, I was brought home from the hospital in 64 in
  4. Just make sure your pressure washer is rated for hot water. Most pressure washers are cold water only. Using hot water will cause pump failure.
  5. Merry Christmas to all. I’ve been in the wood shop working on a cabinet for my oldest daughter. She wanted a cabinet to use as a pantry since she has very limited cabinet space in the kitchen. The two of us picked the materials this past summer. I just didn’t have time to build it. My wife has told her that with me working so many hours that it would be next year before I could get to it. My plan was to start on it in November, but I started it late. With the help of my other daughter, I finished it this morning by putting the adjustable shelves in. She is going to be really surprised when she
  6. The problem is that the majority of all vehicles on the road today use tubeless tires. We are part of such a small market that the companies who make tubes don’t want to invest anything in r&d. The design and engineering worked years ago so it will work today. They just make it as cheap as possible. So they hire China to make them. I would bet that that purchaser for the company doesn’t have an antique vehicle. I just hope that soon rather than later, that some company realizes that good quality tubes are needed.
  7. What you need is a conversion box. It will have inputs for both turn and stop and outputs a combo stop/turn wire. It’s been quite a while since I had to use one check etrailer or google turn signal conversation box. The one from etrailer is about a hundred dollars
  8. I just wonder how they got it in to the fire hall. If it was backed in, it should have been able to drive back out. So they must have been in pieces. Is there a follow up store on how the problem was solved?
  9. Sweet ride. That was the same feeling I had with mine. My daughter was all smiles. It’s a great feeling
  10. At work, which is a plumbing company, if anyone is using stainless to stainless connections, is to use the Nicole antiseeze. Stainless to brass or steel doesn’t require to. To aluminum does need it to prevent corrosion. I always put antiseeze on the rims and lug nuts of all my vehicles so when I have to remove the tire to do maintenance they will come off. I’ve seen people use sledge hammers to get rims off because they have corroborated in place.
  11. I love the winter, but hate the working in the cold. I don’t have heat in the barn, so I won’t be doing much out there. I’m planning on getting parts ordered so when the weather gets warm again I’ll have the necessary items to hit the road running and not be waiting on parts. Mike
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