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  1. With all this odd weather this winter, I’ve been able to get the front fenders and hood blasted. They are waiting to be primed, probably next week , I’ve been doing lots of searching the net for parts and info. I did get some great news today though. Last Thursday, I shipped the yoke for the driveshaft out in hopes a company in Wisconsin could come up with a solution. I got an email and called the company. They are going to make a new yoke and send me it. I will need to install it and get the measurement for a new driveshaft. They will build it and send it to me. Once installed I can then take the truck for a drive ( under its own power ) and give the garage a good cleaning. I have been working for about 7 months on just the driveshaft issue and there is a lot of light at the end of this tunnel.
  2. Back then, they didn’t use torque wrenches. They just tightened till they were satisfied and lined up the hole for cotter pin. I think the lock nuts that don’t have the plastic ring would be better. Mike
  3. Matt, that’s great news and it sounds like your headed down the right road now. Keep up the good work. Mike
  4. Just an FYI. Johns place doesn’t do driveshafts. He sends then to action machine in south bend i have talked to Chicago drive line and he’s not able to help. He also gave me another place to call. I was able to call them and at least he knew what a blood brothers joint was and is checking to see if they still have the fixture to be able to balance it when done. Action machine is also looking for some options.
  5. The funny thing is that I have the parts. The problem I have is I don’t have the knowledge or equipment to do it. I do know how it should look when done. All the places I’ve taken it to want to find a premade end that doesn’t exist. It’s like they have the ability to make it, but it’s too much work and it’s a one time setup soooo we will pass. One place told me it was too expensive to make a new female splined shaft since it is one of a kind. I asked what he meant, he said he had one similar made and it cost several thousand. He also explained that making a female spline shaft is quite hard and time consuming.
  6. Since I changed the engine in my fire truck, I need to modify the driveshaft. I’ve had it to several different shops and nobody around me is able to help. Can anyone recommend a good shop to do this work? I’m located in central indiana
  7. That's fine. Does anyone know where to get a good set?
  8. I've been trying to find replacement hood latches. The ones that are with the truck are either broken or different. Can anyone tell me about what year and manufacture these were used on. Thanks Mike
  9. Since it's too cold to work on my fire truck, I've been doing something research. I've been looking for the build sheets I have say the tires were 34x7 all the way around. When I got it, it had 825-20 on one side and 900-20 on the other. First question is what size tire is 34x7? Some web sites say the 825 and others say the 900. Second question the rims I have are the 3 piece style which I'm not a posed to using. Is there a way to use radials instead of bias glass? thanks Mike.
  10. Mike, I think I would use an other bushing that is .001" less and stick it in the other side as a guide. Use the same setup as you did on the first try. That way it would hold the rod in the center to help guide it in straight. You may also make a bushing to take up any play in tbetween the rod and bushing. Just a thought. Mike
  11. Mike, Hope you get feeling better soon so you can get back to playing with the engine
  12. We got one for my youngest daughter that is a ship called the black pearl. It took her quite some time to assemble it. It looks cool!