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  1. Mike "Hubbie" Stearns

    Gas pressure

    I'm a plumber and at times we use water to test piping (usually underground cast iron) for inspectors. Our test is 10 foot of waster which gives us 4.34 psi at the bottom. Water will give you .434 psi per foot of rise. Since gasoline is lighter than water, My question is how many feet of rise is needed to get 2 psi using gasoline ? Thanks Mike
  2. Mike "Hubbie" Stearns

    1935 Lincoln K Club Sedan

    Standing back is a good thing sometimes. I remember one time when I rebuilt an engine for a friend and was putting it back in the car. I couldn't get the engine to marry back to the transmission. I tried everything I could think of as well for a few choice words to no avail. In walked my dad and he wanted to know what all the noise was about. When I explained the problem, he told me it was because the license plate bolts were loose and t needed to tighten then first. After a short discussion, I gave in to his idea. I grabbed a screw driver and tightened the dam screws and put it back up. Then I started to work on the problem. While standing on the frame rails, I grabbed the water pump to adjust the engine and heard the engine and transmission slam together. I looked at dad and all he could say is " I told you so". I didn't say a word and finished the job without anymore problems. Afterwards, I finally asked dad what the relationship was between the license plate bolts and getting the engine back in. He said it took my mind off the problem and when I went back to it, I was looking at it differently. I am just thankful for all the wisdom he gave me over the years
  3. Mike "Hubbie" Stearns

    1935 Lincoln K Club Sedan

    I have the same problem with my 28 gramm with a continental. The steering box in the way when I tried to pull the engine. Had to unbolt it and push it up and back. After some research, I found that it is the practice of removing the cylinder block and transmission. The engine can then be unbolted and lifted out. The other option is to remove the front rear spring pins and swing front axle out of the way. Slide engine front or back to clear the rear mounts and out the bottom. Either way, it seem to be a lot of work. Good luck
  4. Mike "Hubbie" Stearns

    Air cleaner size

    I finally had time to do the math. According to the math, I would need a 6X7 ( dxh) filter. Unfortunately I won't fit directly on the carb. Ill have to make something to get it to some free space. Will probably use some 3 1/2 or 4 inch tubing since the carb is 3 inch. Mike
  5. Mike "Hubbie" Stearns

    Tool restoration

    I loved the video. Just wish restoring a vehicle was that fast
  6. Mike "Hubbie" Stearns

    Merry Christmas

    I'd like to wish all of you a safe, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from central Indiana. Just don't eat and drink too much. Mike
  7. Mike "Hubbie" Stearns

    28 continental

    Bud, will do. Mike
  8. Mike "Hubbie" Stearns

    28 continental

    Bud, I tried Monties and they don't have any manuals that cover my engine. I really don't know how I found Faxon Auto Lir Sales, but they do have a manual that covers it. It's a 1930 manual. Unfortunately it's out of stock at this time. It should be available in January. I was surprised on how many items they have for sale. Mike
  9. Mike "Hubbie" Stearns

    The effort behind documentation of a restoration.

    I agree luv2wrench! There's a lot of good information in these threads and I've learned something new every time I read a post. I can't wait till the weather warns up so I can get back to mine. Thanks to all of you ! Mike
  10. Mike "Hubbie" Stearns

    Winter Driving Stories

    My first car was a 65 bug. It didn't do bad in the snow or ice. Me and my friend use to go drift bustin out in the countryside. Run it about 25-35 to hit a drift and go up and over it. I got pretty good at it until we hit one that was a good 3 foot high and about 12 foot long. We got stuck about half way through. We spent about an hour getting it out. Turned around and headed back to town. We passes the snow plow a mile down the road. We turned back around and found the snow plow stuck in the same place we were. We helped him get out. He was very great full for the help as his radio had quit working and Was on his way to the garage to get it fixed. It took him 3 times to get through.
  11. Mike "Hubbie" Stearns

    Air cleaner size

    M-mman, would you post or send me a picture please? Thanks Hubbie
  12. Mike "Hubbie" Stearns

    Air cleaner size

    1939 Buick, my engine is 6 cylinders with a bore of 4 1/2 and stroke of 5 1/2. With a rear end ratio of 6.90, I've been told it will top out at about 45 mph wide open. I'm not planning on doing that ever. Hubbie
  13. Mike "Hubbie" Stearns

    Air cleaner size

    Thanks Tinindian. Here in the Midwest, it can get quite dusty in July till September. I really don't want to run any engine without an air filter. That's why I'm open to ideas of size I should. I found a web site that said to use an air filter that is 6X18 round which seems over kill
  14. Mike "Hubbie" Stearns

    Square Hole purpose in advertising giveaway ??

    Thanks for the info. Learned something new today.
  15. Mike "Hubbie" Stearns

    Square Hole purpose in advertising giveaway ??

    I have seen the prestolite tanks before, but what are they? Or their purpose?