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  1. I had a good day. I sealed the driveway and with the family gone for the day, I finally got a chance to do some work on the truck. Since my last post, I've been able to get a working clutch and brake pedals.so today it was time to get the floor board in. I made a pattern for the area around the pedals and steering column. I think that by the time I get the rubber mat down and make or buy something to make up the area that's around the pedals and gear stick and e brake it will look really good. The next thing is to figure out the accelator linkage and get the needed measurements for the drive shaft so it can be modified to work with the new trans.
  2. Mike, could the wear on the shaft and/or bushing account for the difference in the Conrad length ?
  3. my youngest daughter really likes the 56 Chevys. She's 19 and is currently in college. She wants to own one someday. My older daughter like my 28 Boyer fire truck. She is 22. She plans to take it for a ride when she gets married from the church to the reception hall. That is if I have it done by then.
  4. As far as the level goes, how about using a rubber o ring? It would squeeze down to whatever you need and hold the screw tight. It would also give you the option of readjusting if needed in the future. I use levels all the time and they can get dropped
  5. I'm on a vol fire dept in a small town in Indiana. I've been on the dept for 30+ years now. I've seen the ups and downs through the years. As for fighting fires, a lot has changed in those years. When I started, we ran 3 medical runs to 1 fire run. Today it's about 10 medical to 1 fire. The technics have come a long way. Our dept is 100% volunteer. We are expected to know as much as a paid dept.. We just had a fire that was started by a charcoal grill that was too close to the house. We were able to save it. Pretty good for a bunch of regular joes that just are willing to put there life on the line just to help others i love the truck
  6. Just an update. After a short work week, the holiday and camping and fishing with my family and another long, hot work week, I was able to get the radiator plumbed up and filled. It took about 10 gallons to fill the radiator and engine. I also cleaned the needle and seat because there was a gas leak. I started it up to see if I was going to have to make it a pressure system. After running it for a while I checked the temp on the engine radiator outlet at 163. Then checked it at the bottom radiator outlet at 84. These were taken with the engine at an idle. I'm pleased with the results. I'm going to rebuild the carb. It does sound good, but can tell it had sat for sometime before I got the engine. It doesn't have a good throttle response to it. I also have been working on the brake and clutch. I've got the brake hooked up, but still working on the clutch
  7. Mike, I wouldn't lighten the flywheel. I like the heavy flywheels. It may take longer to get up to speed, but helps with the load you will be putting on your engine. You can, but you'll have to rebalance it afterwards.
  8. Last night I got the front engine mount installed. I needed to check the front to back alinement, so I installed the firewall and the radiator. I'm planning on 2" of clearance between the fan and radiator. I had to move the engine about an inch forward. I also need to check the hood alinement next. That will be tomorrow. Then it will be time to drill the frame and bolt the mounts in. I also got the pillow block in the mail. They will be used for the clutch and brake pedals. Just need to finalize the design. I talked to a buddy to get the name of a person/company who can modify the drive shaft to work with the newer engine and transmission. I just need to finish up the mounting of the mounts so I can pull some measurement.
  9. Today Maggie stayed after work and welded up the front mount. She also a added some gussets. I think it looks great. Mags really done a great jod making it look like something that would have been made back then. It's been about a year and a half since there has been a good engine between the frame rails. It won't be long now before I can hear it run. I've been thinking about how to mount the clutch and brake pedal.
  10. Sunday afternoon, mags and I met at her work so she could weld up the rear mounts as well as part of the front one. I spent the rest of the day cutting angles and tanking the front mount together. I have the rears in, just not bolted to the frame. The last two nights I was able to get the front all tacked up. Mags is going to weld it up tomorrow. Then it will get put back in so I can check the front to back location before I bolt it in. I'm getting closer to hearing it come to life
  11. After a long dat at work, Maggie and I tacked up some pieces for the motor mounts. I held the pieces and she tacked them. She is a whole lot better than I am at welding as that is what she does for a living. I spent the rest of tonight getting the angles figured out so she can take to work and cut them. We are planning on welding the up on Saturday.
  12. After trying to pick up the engine with my father in laws tractor unsuccessfully, I just couldn't wait. Spent the day gathering material to make motor mounts and fitting in the new engine. I did get the rear engine mount, but will need to make a new bracket to mount it to the frame. I did get it where it needs to be side to side and I think front to back as well as up and down. It really took more time than I thought it would. I have started to make the front mount, but will need to get some more material. It does sit lower than I thought also.
  13. Well after much discussion on repowering, I purchased an international RD450. The engine was located in Colorado. Well the wife and I took a road trip that started Saturday. We even got a bonus as the Cubs were playing in Denver at Coors Field. We are big Cubs fans. Bummer they lost on Monday, but was a good game. Then it was off to pick it up on Tuesday. Once we got it loaded it was time to head home. We had never driven out west and enjoyed the trip. Did get into some rain on Tuesday night and Wednesday. Other than stopping every couple of hours to stretch and use the restroom, all in all not a bad trip. Got home Wednesday about 8 pm. We made good time. We spent some time doing some time cleaning up the garage then time to unload. It's going to take some time to get it cleaned and mounted in its new home