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  1. When my girls were in 4H, I'd spent a weekend tuning up the table saw, jointer, and planner. It really makes a big difference on the quality of work one can do when the tools are aligned properly. I love over all the attention to details you do. Thanks for sharing them. Mike
  2. The wife and I like going to them. We always go to the covered bridge festival in Indiana. It's in October. Only problem is it keeps smaller and the old stuff is being replaced by new junk. I mean brand new stuff. I remember spending all day at one place. There are 3 different areas, so 2-3 days to see it all. Now we can see in 1 day. I think the older venders are retiring and the younger ones don't want to do it
  3. Mike, I was just thinking that would it be better to make a jig to hold the crank at the bearings than in the lath? I would think it might flex the flywheel by putting pressure on it from end to end. You've said that it's quite heavy and it would require some pressure to just hold in the lath. I was thinking of a jig with a vee cut in it so it would self center itself. Then use the jig to go off of for your dial indicator. Just a thought. Mike
  4. I'm also a woodworker. The planning and setup is what takes most of the time. The actual time it takes to do the cutting is quite small. I've spent days planning, making jigs and setups to do 1 cut that took about a minute to make
  5. I did read about using pinesol, but not straight. 5:1 ratio. Also several others that are up to about a hundred a gallon. I was going to get a hf unit, but the reviews aren't the best. Looking at a taihanthat is a 10l unit. It has good reviews and not pricy. The one article I read wanted you to buy a 2K unit that holds about 5 gallons. I'm only going to use once in a while when needed and don't want to spend that much
  6. I'm going to purchase an ultrasonic cleaner to clean carbs. I'm just wondering what all of you use and what solvent. Thanks Mike
  7. Yesterday was my 30th anniversary. My wife will help me with just about anything. She works in an office so she likes to work outside as much as she can.
  8. Just a quick update. I've been working with a company to get the my drive shaft to work with the newer engine. After a month or so of waiting and calling each week or so, they are unable to find either a female end with the correct diameter and splines, a male end, or a tapper/diameter. So my daughter picked it all up and now I'm going to see if the machine shop can make the tapered end and weld the correct yoke on it. Then they can make a whole new drive shaft. Time will tell. Mike
  9. I personally don't like stop leak for anything. My advice is to just bit the bullet and put the radiator and have it fixed. You'll be better off in the long run. Mike
  10. They aren't just a " look pretty". They are guite functional. They really filled a void. Think about it, the cooling systems back then used water or water and alcohol. They were open loop systems and would evaporate while just sitting as well as while being driven and would need to be filled back up when low. Depending on weather, tempture, and driving conditions determines evaporation rare. It gives the driver a heads up on engine temp. I think they were accurate in the top of the radiator as that is the top of the system.
  11. Does anyone know what diameter a truck/tractor motometer is? I've not been able to find anyone or info on the truck size. I do know the senior is 3 3/8" diameter. Also does anyone have a lead on one for a truck? I have found lots of the seniors, just not the truck size. Thanks mike
  12. I've lived in Indiana all my life. I've been to the Indianapolis motor speedway for the practices for the 500 and brickyard. I've not been to any of the actual races
  13. Yes we have hills. Newport is located on the west side of the state about 30 minutes east of the state line and about the same as the north side of Indy. I've been through pa and your hills are bigger and a lot more of them. This hill is big enough for the older cars and trucks. The times range from the high 20s to 3 plus minutes. Some even don't make it to the top without help. My friend with the Kaiser did it in about 33 seconds. It's just a good day of seeing old cars and talking to the proud owners. Everyone can learn something from them. I know I did.