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  1. don't forget the red polyester velour upholstery
  2. It's not an issue of scale, it's the terms and actuarial risk of the policy. The low cost hobby insurance programs are not meant to cover daily use and clearly state it, although the definition of "occasional use" varies by company. When I used an antique as my daily driver I insured it as such. Just get an agreed value.
  3. Your original upholstery is wool. You are not going to "upgrade" with newer stuff - price wool if you don't think so. The sheen and pile of synthetic blends is very noticeably different from wool. Most of the cost of upholstery is labor. I'd advise using striped wool, in the original pattern/pleating. Upholstery weight is not the same as wool broadcloth for suits. Whether you get exactly the same pattern or something close is up to you. You are fortunate to have the original as a reference. If this expense needs to be deferred, I'd put on seat covers for now or a blanket over the tear rather than waste money on cheap fabric. This can be a strength of your car instead of a very obvious detraction. As far as non-visible insulation, my car originally had a tar-paper-like material, in poor condition. For the floor it doesn't matter a lot what you use. I used the original type tar paper with jute padding, which is also inexpensive. For the "ceiling" I used insulation with a single sided foil, and the recommended 3M adhesive applied exactly as recommended. This worked very well. my two cents
  4. The prior posters have explained body differences in detail beyond my knowledge, but isn't the left hand drive a rather obvious difference?
  5. Chicle and Copra are more brownish shades. See Model A Fords
  6. (1.5 m.kg)x (39.37 in/m) x (1 ft/12 in) x (2.204 lb/kg) = 10.8 ft.lb always multiply by "one" to convert units The metric one should really be in N-m anyway
  7. my friend's sister's car wouldn't start so we told her to put in gear and when we had it rolling, let the clutch out. We did this unsuccessfully several times. Fortunately, because when we looked inside she had it in reverse.
  8. I was thinking Packard 356 also
  9. FedEx, DHL, UPS know, to some degree, that if they screw up enough, people will use their competitors' services and they will lose their jobs. USPS still acts like a monopoly. They do not meet the on-time delivery target they set - see anybody concerned about it? What happens when you miss your metrics in your job?
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