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  1. Dearborn is not a terrible area, although the part west of Southfield, which includes the little downtown, is better. There is a large Middle Eastern community , so if you enjoy that cuisine I would plan on eating there. From Niagara Falls, check whether it looks better to go via Cleveland or via London. if the latter, check the bridge vs tunnel into Detroit for the quicker crossing as you get near.
  2. faded but unpitted chrome trim is desireable. the "bulls balls" taillights (the head of Packard called them that) fit several years of Senior models. If this still has the starter engaged by depressing the gas pedal, the carburetor with vacuum switch is a good part. Again , pay a visit to Packardinfo website
  3. agree. Looks like a 400 Patrician. I think you will like to visit
  4. Whatever you choose to do, it's a two door sedan (Tudor" in Ford-speak), not a coupe for any ads
  5. I'd skip the ruins of the Packard plant, because that's what it is now. The Packard Proving Grounds is a better alternative. As a previous poster said, the trip will need balance beyond car stuff. Why not stop in Chicago (lots of options on things to do), then the Gilmore or Studebaker museums make a good stop on the way to Detroit.
  6. I believe offered as a factory option on 46-47 Packard. I've seen the accessory book and one installed - slats fit the curved shape of the rear window.
  7. top down and windows up? - no, no, no. Looks ridiculous.
  8. Try Bill Hirsch - they carry an extensive range of colors, and might be willing to do a quart of custom tint
  9. A spectrophotometric match uses the pigments that that paint company has characterized, in bases that they have characterized. That's a good practical approach, but has limitations. The scan is normally from one incident (viewing) angle, so the color and its match may "travel" differently. Special effects like metallic or pearlescents do not match well instrumentally because of light scattering. There is a book of modern matches to Mopar, Ford and GM OEM codes - I do not recall if it went back to prewar
  10. contact the roster keeper for this model at the Packard Club ( and join!) head over to, pretty active site, and you'll be asked for vehicle info too. In both places you can see who else has registered a similar vehicle. As stated, for a low production car the survival rate is pretty high and the club support is good
  11. strictly speaking, "hose" is reinforced, "tubing" is not. Black vs red is the type of filler used, as most rubber types are off-white. I think the advice above to use 80 psi-rated air hose, with a cosmetic cover if necessary, is good. i don't think air brush hoses handle that high a pressure.
  12. there are techniques now for quantitative (XMet, XRF) metal analysis by pulling an analyzer gun trigger. trick is to find one that is available to you.