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  1. The clock looks like 56 DeSoto but those instruments are gold on white, so I suspect Mopar of about that vintage.
  2. The SC300 and the IS300 both used the Supra's in-line 6. Very smooth and reliable engine( I had an IS300), reasonable power but not terribly quick. The suspension on the SC's are rather soft - make sure the handling suits you.
  3. Marketing departments have a long history of blurring clarity. I agree on the 4 door "coupes". Just because it's not a box, it doesn't change the term sedan. Likewise "all weather phaeton" for convertible sedan and now "roadster" for two seat convertible coupe with side windows. "Limousine" for seven passenger sedan without divider. Special prize to Mercedes for the "Phaeton." a sedan.
  4. regarding the cartoon. You're not paying Facebook to use it. So you're not their customer. Facebook gets their money primarily from people who pay for access to you during your time there. So in that sense you are the product being sold.
  5. I loved your "what if" explorations over in Packardland. A note from the Engineering Dept ( Styling's traditional enemy, but not as bad as Accounting). There is a minimum allowable distance between the rear seat cushion and the headliner. Consider a possible wheelbase increase so the rear seat height is not impacted by the rear axle. This will give "swoop room" for the rear slope. The V16 didn't have a lot of design cues vs the regular cars. Maybe a way to incorporate the graduated fender chrome of some years into the trim?
  6. Agree it looks like a professional car more than an executive sedan. The split front seat is interesting. Anybody know more about this?
  7. I appreciate the education - I'm not a Ford guy (Obviously).
  8. They were the main supplier for non-metallic special effects when we matched plastic to paint. A coated mica is likely to be the best approximation of fish scales. One other caution on the match - these colors are both going to use small amounts of phthalo blue pigment. The amount in the lighter one especially will be a very low concentration. Have more than necessary for color alone put in, then lightened back to the correct color with titanium dioxide. Very low concentrations of phthalo blue weather poorly, especially with special effect additives (metallic, pearl) present.
  9. Can someone ID what Fords this wheel fits? It is 15" pressed steel wheel, "Ford" and "KH" (Kelsey-Hayes?) on it, Bolt pattern about 5 3/8", traces of a triple pinstripe visible.
  10. The 1905 money pit makes me smile - I grew up in a 1907 house. It had character. It also had small rooms, a window AC, and often cantankerous plumbing and electrical. Wait a minute - that sounds like an old car.
  11. This long-running thread has had some very interesting comments (and some influence on my looking at Washington and other locations). Just looking at the cost of a house is at best an incomplete picture. Housing cost is still determined primarily by location. So a palace in a cornfield in BFE costs less and will stay worth less. I'm not saying it's not a factor, just not THE factor. It's more about entry cost than market value. One poster pointed out considering the other factors in what you like to do. Is access to cultural events and entertainment of the type you
  12. looks like a monotone from the factory - the lower curved stainless that divides the colors on the side is omitted
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