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  1. oh dear. Perhaps the plebein verbs could be made into the more patrician "parry thrust"?
  2. I think these had twin cam 4 cyl. A Miata engine transplant might be a viable path forward.
  3. I'm still technically sceptical. I think the designs of the Cadillac and an MX5 are very different. An MX5 is designed without the roof being structural, obviously. It has a backbone frame connecting the front and rear subframes, which is good, but he's cutting into the windshield frame and the cross-section behind the seat, which are structural. Can it be made to fit together? - sure, but there is a reason OEM's have structural engineers calculating rigidity under applied torque.
  4. From what I heard, the musicians who played for him did not have memories of what a sweet guy he was, but it was a steady gig. Godawful "muzak" arrangements
  5. pretty challenging construction - the Cadillac is a monocoque, so there is no real "chassis" once most of the body is gone, and the Chevy body is non-structural. How do you build the new structure?
  6. on the modeling, in a reversal of actual history, you might kit bash a Continental for the Zephyr.
  7. essentially no infrastructure for H2 refueling, and some crash safety concerns remain
  8. there are a few other immediate post-war cars CCCA eligible, but a different club (aaca?) is a fit for 1980's Fords
  9. Nice lines. is this a P11 Deluxe, rather than a P12 Special Deluxe - trim seems to be that of P11?
  10. The red and yellow ones, along with some stablemates, were at Inn at St John's.
  11. Neat stuff. Why would a V12 need a longer hood than a straight six? Both are "six cylinders long." From an engineering perspective, not marketing advantage.
  12. "Sport Roadster" option included the tonneau cover and wire wheels, skirts deleted for clearance
  13. First, what kind of cloth? Chemistry matters. Wool has some good options. Wife spins and dyes. Try talking to Zeilinger's, a wool mill in Frankenmuth, MI that does small jobs. Likely cheaper in the winter, the last shearings have been finished.
  14. as far as saying "1942,", how about a DeSoto? The hidden headlights were not revived in 1946.