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  1. I had a 41, and it was still vacuum wipers. But I agree that the mechanical features were excellent for the era and price, like hardened inserts on the exhaust valve seats. Familiarize yourself with the trim differences between a P9 and a P10, the two model levels, if you have to do as much trim shopping as the photos suggest (or maybe a pile of trim came with it!). The backlite is I think curved, and is the same for P9/P10 - snag one when you find it. The rest of the glass is flat, no problem to replace.
  2. P10 Roadking (Roadmasters are Buicks). The round rear directionals look like later add-ons. It's been awhile but i believe the engine number is on the driver's side of the block. Not sure what info you're hoping to find. Two hints if you are not already aware: The wheel lugs on one side are reverse thread. The "L" in the bolt head means left hand thread. The brake cylinders are stepped bores so the piston only comes out one end. Yes, I learned those the hard way.
  3. It's a very common tree here in western Michigan. I have a number in my yard. As said, you'd need to cut it green then dry it. Not friendly to work with. Oh, and the young shoots have thorns. Ash is the preferred wood for body structure. Other easier to work woods with rot resistance like cedar and redwood are not very strong. Teak may work well, not hard to work and rot resistant, but kind of pricey
  4. Among domestic woods, black locust is very rot resistant. Such woods are usually very difficult to work with. Ash was often used because it can be formed.
  5. The West epoxy is made for boat repairs and canoe/kayak building. Excellent water resistance. Three coats sounds like overkill provided the coverage is good, but won't really hurt. Spar varnish is also good for water resistance and more flexible if the wood flexes. It is meant to be recoated periodically ("brightwork" means a different thing on boats).
  6. There's a reason for the old CRT disposal fees - there is a significant amount of mercury in them to be kept out of the ground and water.
  7. Well put. The Bupontmobile sedans come to mind
  8. Not disputing the comments at all, but do you think that the later gen2 straight 8 and gen3 V8 cars are more ordinary in terms of ornery behavior?
  9. LeBaron GTC with a V6 and stick was a pretty rare combination and a bit of a sleeper.
  10. slow, yes, but I'd say more durable engine than Ford or Chevy
  11. integrated yes. Not so much on form follows function, as trunk access function is rather compromised. i do love Derham's efforts in the late forties on Lincoln and Packard (convertible sedans).
  12. 53 -4 Caribbeans also OK. Basically, allow if factory not aftermarket.
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