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  1. you could put in a Pinto subframe so the Cragars would fit
  2. If Vicks keeps bugs away, what does Preparation H keep away???
  3. "V-8" when all eight cylinders are in a line. Or its slightly better variant, "straight V-8." Or the category I call "can't you read the emblem on your own car?" Packhard, Alpha Romero, Camero, etc.
  4. That dropped infinitive really grates on me - a regional specialty in western Pennsylvania, southern Ohio, Indiana. It needs fixed.
  5. I'd say the 240Z was targeted one step above the Spitfire/Spridget and more like the MGB/TR.
  6. since we've already determined there wer at leaste two, not "unique." But an uncommon accessory, also offered by other makes. I've seen a 47 Packard with the rear window fitted, as listed in accessory literature.
  7. the Museum is temporarily closed because of Covid, but there is contact info on the website. I don't think it would be necessary to ask in Flemish in order to get a reply
  8. The bus is in front of Cologne Cathedral
  9. kb7 I suggest you start a separate thread in General section for your question and discussion
  10. same comments. How compatible Glycerin is depends on the type of rubber, but the same issue of the weathering of the rubber itself
  11. It's going to depend on the type of degradation. If the plasticizing oil volatilized but the rubber molecule itself has not degraded, it can be partially at least reflexibilized. If the rubber itself has broken down from oxidation, the degraded rubber won't hold oil beyond being a gummy mess. After this long, the odds are not good.
  12. John, those old "paliochrome" type fine metallics are aluminum flake, not pearl (which use mica). The main supplier of the flake itself is Silberline. They supply the paint companies. While I'm not sure how cooperative they would be to a small request, a small sample would be enough to mix enough paint to do a car. Knowing the desired flake size would help, I'm guessing that around 1 - 2 microns would be a good starting point. Xirillic additive at first look has the right fine appearance at some angles but a completely wrong travel - not a good option. As you say these fine metallics are not very popular in auto paint anymore, but Silberline also sells into other areas like packaging and plastics.
  13. I've had a 56 DeSoto with power steering and a 57 Olds without. I preferred the feel of the manual steering, especially because Mopars of this era are very overboosted. No road feel at all. With manual steering you need to be rolling to park, but how many tight parallel parking spots do you really use with such a car these days? There was an all-vinyl interior on the Firedome at least, but it didn't look like this car's.